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Top 5 free characters?

Hello! I’m always in the mood to go back to my beautiful swimming sons, so here you have my list!

1. Rin Matsuoka. Ok. My love for Rin is so big that this top 5 should be Rin in all the 5 positions. No one on this show could ever try to compare to him, he’s just in a league of his own. He’s my one and only, among all the anime boys, he’ll forever be my favorite. He’s so painfully human, passionate, broken, hard worker and loving. I don’t even know how to describe him, to me he’s just…perfect.

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2. Makoto Tachibana. Makoto is the friend everyone should have in real life. He’s so nice, polite and concerned about his friend’s well-being, while taking absolutely no shit from anyone. He’s sensible, incredibly self-aware and a true hero. There’s something about him that always somehow breaks my heart, but I don’t even know why. 

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3. Nagisa Hazuki. MY LITTLE SUNSHINE DEMON. He’s strong, fierce and incredibly genuine. He’s not afraid to speak his mind or to show his emotions. We owe him basically anything that happens in Free! and would literally die for any of his friends. He’s a pure bean and I love him so much. 

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4. Rei Ryugazaki. Oh Rei, selfless and unstoppable Rei. He’s a character that surprised me so much during the course of the two seasons. He put himself on the line and gave his best, taking a leap of faith and filling a very hard place in the team: Rin’s place. Actually, his relationship with Rin is one of my favorite things that ever happened in Free! They could have hated each other, they could have been jealous of each other, but instead they did everything to help the other in their darkest moments, becoming the beautiful and supportive friends that we saw in the OVA. Bless. 

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5. Ikuya Kirishima. I loved my baby emo and distrustful son since the very first time I saw him. Despite his attitude, he’s a cinnamon roll and I’m SO looking forward to seeing how much he has grown in the movies. 

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- bonus: I can’t leave out my precious bubble gum son Kisumi, he’s free! Mr. Refreshing <3 

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Ovi brought vodka to the asg in a water bottle ????

I meannnnn, listen, you know those gifs of him mama birding his ASG teammates with water?

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have you ever watched the video? Watch Simmonds’s and Tavares’s reactions. That ain’t water, friend.

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Someday I’ll explain it to you, why they came, why they won’t ever go away. But I’ll tell you how I survive it. I make a list in my head, of all the good things I’ve seen someone do. Every little thing I can remember. It’s like a game. I do it over and over. Gets a little tedious after all these years, but… there are much worse games to play.

I think I will only accept a lion shuffle if it’s literally everyone ends up with a different lion.

Like, oops, Allura was actually TOTALLY FUCKING WRONG about EVERYONE because she had literally just met them 20 minutes ago.

Black - Lance (sure okay why not let’s give it a shot I’m down to clown, develops leadership qualities, this is reminding me of the pirate captain from Stardust for some reason, ‘the heart of the team’, Will listen to everyone and make the right call (eventually))

Yellow - Keith (Really works with his impulsiveness tbh?, The yellow lion makes him slow down and think b/c he can’t just bolt in, Will pull back and make everyone think twice, Sees the Big Picture better than everyone else on the team, No your family/Allura are not more important than the rest of the entire universe guys)

Green - Hunk (nosy, interested in learning, wants to touch EVERYTHING, will steal and read your diary and go through your files, crazy smart and eager to question)

Red - Pidge (I’m gunna BREAK INTO THE GG and SIT AT YOUR COMPUTER AND READ YOUR FILES then SCREAM AT YOU, openly impulsive and quick to temper, often takes the bullheaded approach, Will do her own thing regardless of what others think)

Blue - Shiro (The one that keeps the group together and calm, Moral support and there to listen, Will encourage you and make you feel like you can do anything)