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Name: shelby

Nicknames: shelb/s, fluffy (don’t ask)

Gender: female

Star sign: leo♌️

Height: 5 feet and 7 inches

Sexual orientation: straight

Hogwarts house: idc about harry potter but I took a quiz and got gryffindor so whatever that means

Favorite color: pink and Panther Blue™

Favorite animal: any puppy

Time right now: 7:58

Cat or dog person: DOGGO

Favorite fictional character: carrie bradshaw hands down

Favorite singer/band: j cole & carrie underwood

Dream trip: punta cana or bora bora

Dream job: I want a late night sports show but like pti or around the horn but I’m the main girl and we talk about sports and I have famous athletes as guests!! but I am going to college to be a petroleum engineer because I want to be rich and also preserve our lands

When was this blog created: no clue I think it was like early last year it was after we lost the super bowl

Current number of followers: 121 I think lmao I don’t follow a lot of ppl

What made you decide to make a tumblr: i just wanted to talk about sports but none of my irl friends care like I do. plus I wanted to be the big panther fan on this website, but I’m more like the ONLY panther fan. besides some of my mutuals lol

Why did you pick your url: i love cam but I didn’t like the way camnewton has the m and n so close together so

I tag: @eliteqbalexsmith @anthonyvincentrizzo @thetrulygruesome 💕💕