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PSA. child FC trend.

okay so I’m online for a little bit before I’m gunna hop off and finish packing, but basically I just wanted to make a small PSA about this new trend I keep seeing in people’s rules and updates. Lately it seems that a lot of people I follow/read their pages seem to be saying that they refuse to RP with child FC’s. While I personally don’t understand why there is this sudden aversion to the use of child actors (FC’s 18 and under, specifically) I do want to say just two things. 

One, I use a child FC in Caspian 2 of Caspian’s verses (Cursed Son –– Kaizer Akhtar && American Noise –– the young Avan Jogia). Honestly, I just wanted to say this because I want people to be aware that I do this, I won’t cease doing this as this trend grows in popularity, and so that if it makes them uncomfortable they can either address it with me or unfollow. I don’t mean to sound harsh, because while I personally don’t understand the reason behind this trend, I’m not going to be mad at anyone for leaving because something I do makes them uncomfortable. 

Second, please keep in mind that not all muses are above the age of 18. A perfect example is the character that is Caspian’s Daughter (played by the blog @morningxnoonxnight) is a young child, and thus has a young FC in order to accommodate this. Child muses/OC’s are already isolated in the RP community, and I want those who follow this new trend to realize that you are further isolating these unique and fun characters. Again, I’m not saying this to be rude or to try and change your mind, I just want people to be aware that this new trend has affects on people who have child muses.

Again, this post is not to single anyone out, or to make anyone feel bad about their decision. It’s simply warning you that I do have and use a child FC for Caspian in certain verses, role-play with child FC’s, and also feel like this trend could be harmful to some of those who already feel rejected by the role-play community.

i was tagged by @jiminslilmonster for a tag thing (thank you!!)

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name: amanda

nickname(s): panda, sarah (long story), mandy (ew), manda, manders (ew again). yeah

zodiac sign: pisces

height: 5′5″

orientation: asexual or demisexual probably but like hetero-romantic if that’s what you want to call it idk and idc anymore

nationality: american

favorite fruit: s t r a w b e r r i e s

favorite season: summer (seeing everyone complain about the warmth is hilarious to me bc i’m like y e s bring it on. srsly i could be in 100 degree humid weather and still be like yes i’m fine this is fine summer is the best. i have learned to tolerate the cold and i mean sometimes i get used to it but i h a t e it and winter is so bleehh except for christmas and fall barely lasts a month here. and spring is basically summer since the snow doesn’t melt until may anyway. lmao)

favorite book: percy jackson, rangers apprentice series, the lunar chronicles, unwind series, the book thief idek

favorite flower: lilacs!! crab apples are pretty too. and gladiolas. lilies are nice as well. i love flowers

favorite scent: flowery scents, vanilla, fruity scents, smell of summer rain, freshly cut grass, the ocean, nature in general, fresh bed sheets, coffee, cakes and cookies and freshly baked bread

favorite color: pastel sunset colors

favorite animal: penguins! and tigers and wolves and horses and whales

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: coffee

average hours of sleep: 8 or 9 usually

cat or dog: d o g s

favorite fictional character: we’ll just go with spider-man to make it simple

number of blankets you sleep with: right now, 3

dream trip: i want to go on a road trip to western united states also france, italy, australia, new zealand, japan, idk just everywhere basically

blog created: this one i created late may of last year (almost a year old)

number of followers: 3.6k about

idk who to tag so i’m tagging anyone who wants to do this also @sugashark and @bultaoreuneboys

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