i'm not feeling my best atm

ok my dudes, here’s the deal      i’m gonna be MOVING eleanor over to my multi. with my work schedule and me being tired all the time and only focusing on my multi-muse, i feel like i end up neglecting this blog altogether. i definitely don’t want to drop eleanor as a muse, so this is the next best thing. i have a day off on tuesday, so that’s when i’ll be working on moving her and adding her new bio, etc. i’ll post everything on my queue until then, and i won’t be dropping any threads, so if you want to continue them, please @tag my multi ( which you can find HERE ).

note to self: it’s really important to remember that you don’t always know what’s going on in peoples lives or in their heads and their actions are not necessarily intentionally to hurt or upset but are an unfortunate side effect of perhaps poor mental health or lack of mental energy?