i'm not feeling like me

Jake Gyllenhaal told my cousin that he likes his beard today so I guess the move is to finally watch Nightcrawler.

I’m watching Supergirl and I’m not blind I know how the straights work and I can tell when they’re setting up another unnecessary romance like COME ON Kara is obviously supposed to be with James like who tf wants her to be with mon el??? Honestly thank god for Sanvers, the whole reason I started watching this show….Like sorry straights but I’ve had enough love triangles thanks 🙅🏻

Make Me Feel Like I’m Real (5/?)

Title: Make Me Feel Like I’m Real
Pairing: T.J Hammond x OMC
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: swearing, increased hate for tabloids? Otherwise none
Spoilers: spoilers for Political Animals (esp. the last couple of episodes)

I am so sorry I flaked out for MONTHS. I got caught with the nastiest flu ever in mid-November and didn’t shake it until week after New Years. In between better and worse periods of being sick, I had a very untimely case of writer’s block, so all in all a shitstorm as far as writing was concerned. Finally managed to finish this baby tonight, and I hope you all enjoy it! Let me know if you want in on the taglist.

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I lit dont know what I’m going to do when voltron ends and they don’t stay together. Like. The most shipbreaking thing this season was when they talked about what they’d do after they defeat zarkon and it wasn’t “settle down together, help pidge find dad and matt, help keith find out about his lineage, meet Lance and Hunks’ families and get Shiro a dog.” Like they’re planning to go separate ways and I’m like

but guys

what about the power of friendship

that moment when you start to wonder if maybe you’re on the aro spectrum but you also know you’ve only attempted dating like three people and that’s hardly enough of an idea

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I want to prove someone wrong.

Yuri on Ice x Ciel in Wonderland ( •᷄ὤ•᷅)?

I don’t know what this is… but I know for sure that I want to thank you all for your love and your support! 

Many voices feel silenced today

(If you ridicule me and/or this comic, you’re only proving my point)

He’s not my president and he ain’t my damn vice president either fuck that from now on I’m calling them Don and Penis like take all possible power from their names

Listen, listen. The fact Eliot Spencer’s response to Parker being upset and asking if they could kill the guy who upset her was a shrug and, “Yeah. I mean, I could.” will never, ever not be important to me.