i'm not feeling better know

Election stress at Threat Level Midnight? Soothe yourself the best way we know how. One Direction.

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He woke tho


Why doesn’t anyone talk about this stage anymore????


LETS PLAY - Spot the Difference.

1x02 - Sherlock charming Molly to get her to let him look at the bodies by complimenting her hair.

3x01 - Sherlock thanking Molly for her help and wishing her happiness after helping her that day.

I was just struck by the parallels of the shots, even the clothes, and his smiles meant to charm her vs. his genuine smile of affection for her. I just really love the development here.

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

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Once, when his uncles asked him what gift he wanted for his nameday, he begged them for a dragon. “It wouldn’t need to be a big one. It could be little, like I am.” His uncle Gerion thought that was the funniest thing he had ever heard, but his uncle Tygett said, “The last dragon died a century ago, lad.” That had seemed so monstrously unfair that the boy had cried himself to sleep that night.

Also I’ve been distracted with school and books but I’ll try to finish the Amren portrait soon. After that I think I’ll just do some smaller, quicker pieces because I really need to work on getting faster with digital art.


there’s nothing I can do

i’m helpless without you

 fancy date :D

i’ve seen a lot of people worry that the text is foreshadowing something but i don’t think it is. when i read it it felt more like a text to let us know that even has people that care about him, but that he’s not magically cured because of it

me: *starts feeling better*
my mom: not so fast *begins a hour long speech explaining why i’m worthless and useless*