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INTP Mistakes

INTP: *High energy and having a good day.*

ESFP: Hey! INTP, I know you aren’t exactly the social type, but we are having a happy hour this weekend and I though I’d at least TRY to invite you.

INTP: You know what? I think I’m up for it! I’ll go!

ESFP: Wow, that’s unexpected. Well, great! I’ll see you later.

That weekend

INTP: *In the middle of a sea of dancing drunk people* Hour four: I have nearly emptied the entire punch bowl. I am unsure of what I’ll do after that. Things are not looking good. I leave all my organs and money to science.


Axl Rose imagine (requested)

It was friday night and you knew exactly what lay ahead of you: going out with the guys to get drunk and eventually one of them would try to pick up a girl. After so many times you were tired of the usual routine and decided to bring up an idea what to do with the evening instead.

“We’re not twelve anymore, (Y/N)” Slash said and shook his head chuckling. “Hey, we’re not going to play it the way kids do” you protested. “We’re always going out. Why don’t we stay home once and do something fun instead?” Duff sighed. “Alright. As long as you got some vodka at home I’m fine with it.” You grinned. “Ha! I knew it would be easy to convince you, Duffy.” “I guess it could actually be fun… let’s give it a try” Izzy said. “I’m not in the mood to go out anyways.” You gave Steven a pleading look. “Please say yes! I’m sure it’s gonna be fun!” Steven sighed. “I couldn’t say no to those puppy dog eyes.” With a winning smile you turned to Slash and Axl who still didn’t look very happy about tonight’s plans. “I’ve played truth or dare when I was ten the last time, I think” Axl murmured. “Time to refresh your memory then” you grinned. Slash shrugged. “You know what? Let’s play this game. Everything can be fun when you’re drunk.” “That’s the spirit” Duff agreed.

You all sat down on the floor in a round and Duff placed the first already empty vodka bottle in the middle. “Who starts?” Izzy asked. “Always the one asking” you said. By now Axl was the only one who still didn’t want to play truth or dare, the other ones seemed to be getting into it already. Izzy spinned the bottle and the cap eventually pointed in Slash’s direction. “Oh, are you fucking kidding me?!” he exclaimed, which caused everyone to chuckle. He took a mouthful of vodka before deciding for truth. “Alright” Izzy said “How ‘bout that one: did you ever have a threesome with a girl and one of your snakes?” Duff and Steven looked at each other and burst into laughter, you couldn’t help but giggle. “What a way to start!” you cheered. Slash groaned. “That has nothing to do with a kink, I swear.” “Is that a yes then?” you asked, only to tease him. “I advise you not to be that cheeky, maybe you’re next.” “Stuff I’ve always wanted to know” Axl commented. Before you continued playing the game everyone took a swig of vodka and you could feel yourself already getting drunk. Duff was the next one and for the enjoyment of everyone he chose dare. “I was hoping for that” Slash said with an evil grin. “Alright, I got one for ya Duffy; you’ll knock at the neighbor’s door and you tell them you’d like to have sex with them - no matter who opens the door.” Steven, Axl, Izzy and you grinned when Duff got up immediately without any doubt. “That’s an easy one” he claimed. Of course you followed him to the door to see if he would actually do it. Duff knocked right next door and you tried real hard not to laugh since you knew that a family lived there. Soon the door opened and of all things the husband stood in front of Duff now. “Good evening, Sir” Duff slurred “Sorry for disturbing you at such a late time but I was wondering… I’d really like to have sex with you.” The second he had said those words out loud the door was shut and we all held our sides from laughing. Duff got back inside, laughing as well. “You should have seen his face! Ha!” “I’m proud of you” Slash said and patted his back. “I didn’t think you’d actually do it.” We sat down again. Duff spinned the bottle and you laughed when it pointed at Axl who still didn’t seem like he enjoyed the game. He covered his face with his hands, groaning. “Fuck you” he said. “I’ll take truth.” Duff smirked. “Oh-oh. Bad choice, Ax boy” he warned. “What happened last time you tried to pick up a girl?” Duff and Axl seemed to share a secret story because Axl’s face turned bright red and he shook his head. “Okay. Once again, fuck you” he spat. Duff chuckled, too drunk to care about Axl’s attitude. “I ain’t gonna tell that story to anyone.” “You have to, killjoy” you said “Or you decide for a dare.” Axl rolled his eyes. “I’d rather take dare then.” Steven handed him the bottle of vodka. “You could use some of that.” Axl whipped it out of his hand. Everyone else was already drunk, Axl was only tipsy but that would change soon since he swallowed everything that was left in the bottle.

Duff looked at you and back at Axl. “Oh god, I’m scared” you giggled. “I think you’ll be anything but scared soon” Duff predicted. “Axl, I dare you to do a lap dance for (Y/N).” It was silent for a second before everyone burst into laughter except for Axl and you. You stared at Duff, partly amused and partly shocked. “You gotta be kidding me!” you exclaimed. “I’m leaving. I’m not doing this.” Axl got up but he staggered a bit and sat back down again. “Come on guys, it’s all just for fun!” Steven said. You nodded slowly. “Steven is right” you agreed and smirked at Axl. “If any guy in this room could pull of a lapdance, it’s Axl” Slash claimed. “I doubt that. I don’t think Axl could move like that” you countered and gave Axl a challenging look “But I understand that you’re afraid to do it, Axl.” Duff raised his eyebrows. “Well. Then you gotta tell us your funny story instead.” Izzy and Steven still couldn’t stop laughing. Axl looked at you, then he pointed to one of the chairs around your kitchen table. “Take a chair and sit down” he ordered. “Ooh, bossy” you said giggling whilst you did as Axl had told you. All of the sudden the situation was not funny to you anymore. You have seen Axl on stage many times and you knew he could move his hips like no other guy. “Wait!” Slash got up and walked over to the stereo system. He searched a bit through your CDs. “We need some music.” Eventually he inserted the only Alice Cooper CD you owned. “You ready?” Slash asked. Axl didn’t avert his eyes from yours once. A few seconds ago you thought the joke was on Axl but now the tables had turned and the way Axl looked at you got you all nervous. “Fuckin’ ready” he said. When ‘You’re my temptation’ started playing, Axl strutted around the chair with slow steps just in accordance with the rhythm of the music, placing his hands on your shoulders. The little bit of body contact was enough to send shivers down your spine. He slowly lowered himself to the ground when he was back in front of you, biting his bottom lip and gripping your thighs, making your skin prickle. Your heart was racing by now. You heard the other guys wolf-whistle but you only paid attention to Axl who now got back up, moving his hips in a circle and letting one hand glide down his body until he lightly started touching himself. He looked up at you and smirked when he noticed how turned on you were by this sight. “I know you want me, baby” he whispered so only you could hear him. Slowly, so slowly you wanted to do it yourself, he pulled up his shirt and eventually took it off completely, showing off his perfect, well-toned body. In the next second he placed himself on your lap and wrapped his legs around the chair whilst putting his arms around your neck. The weight on your lap didn’t bother you at all; not as long as Axl would continue moving up and down, almost rubbing his bare chest against yours. He brought his face closer to yours until there was hardly any space left between your lips. Just when you thought he would kiss you the song came to an end and Axl pulled back to get up from your lap. “Sorry, honey.”

“See? I knew Axl could do it!” Slash exclaimed, the other guys applauded and started laughing as well as Axl who sat back down on the floor. Only you were left completely baffled on the chair. You were confused by the effect Axl had on you, his lapdance got you turned on so much you wished you could be alone with Axl for a while.

“I think (Y/N) wants more, Axl” Duff said and smirked. “She’s horny as fuck.” You rolled your eyes. “As if.” Your cheeks were burning and you were sure you just blushed madly. “I need something to drink” you said, Duff held up the empty bottle. “Sorry, (Y/N), it’s empty.” You knew that already, all you needed was an excuse to leave the room and have some privacy. You didn’t want to admit to yourself how horny Axl’s lap dance actually got you.

When you opened the fridge you suddenly felt someone’s hands on your hips. You turned your head back to see that i was Axl. “I think this has gotten a bit more serious than we actually intended” he spoke under his breath. “Maybe” you simply said, still feeling nervous around him. He pressed his body closer to yours and you could feel that he popped a boner. “I don’t wanna go back. Let’s play a game in your bedroom instead” he whispered seductively. You turned around to him with a smirk. “Sounds fun. Let’s go”

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"Pro self dx" "15" You do know that people under 18 dont get diagnosed with personality disorders bc 100% your brain isnt even mature or fully developed yet. Sure if you have a therapist that you go to at least once a week after you're 18 then you can be properly diagnosed. Just saying...

i kno plenty of people personally who have been diagnosed with personality disorders under the age of 18 but….go off i guess…..? symptoms and shit don’t just magically appear the second u turn 18 surprise they do this thing called developing thru out ur life im not about to ignore the fact i fit in to all the bpd diagnosis criteria bc i have 2 years until im 18


I’m at that point in my life where i’m so unsure of exactly what i’m suppose to be doing right now. Since high school I wasn’t really sure of what I wanted to do with my life but figured hey since i’m good at biology I went with – my freshman year of college I was confused / really wanted to transfer but I stuck with it because I was scared of trying something new all over again. So, fast forward four years later – I just recently graduated with a bachelors of science in biology with a pretty good GPA. I didn’t apply to graduate schools or physician assistant (PA) schools (what I was kind of aiming for) during my junior/senior years of college because I wasn’t 100% sold on the whole thing so instead I told myself I would take a GAP year and figure some things out. WOW. It has been a never ending cycle of stress. I’m constantly torn between trying/applying to grad/PA schools and trying something new - trying something i’m not familiar with. I spent my whole life aiming towards the medical field and now i’m having these last minute jitters thinking what if I did it all wrong? What if I majored in the wrong field? What if i’m meant to do something else? I stay up late each night frantically googling my options away looking for alternatives. I want to just drop the whole medical field deal and try something new, but I’m just too scared. I feel as though I have all these interests I want to explore but exploring them would mean leaving a stable opportunity behind for what? Figuring out who I am? Maybe that’s what I’m suppose to do. I think back over my interests and yes helping others has always been a strong point but there’s more to me than that. I love design, I love photography, I love traveling and venturing out to unknown places – I just want someone to tell me what I should do but I know that’s not how this works. /sigh

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I don't think you can save me. 《 bell 》

     ❝    you’re  insane  if  you  think  i’m  not  going  to  try.    ❞      nothing  had  changed ,   he’d  do  anything  for  her  ——      to  protect  her.  (  it  just  made  sense .  )    anything  else  was  unthinkable.  a  concept  not  even  belonging  to  another  world ,   because  he  was  sure  as  hell  that  in  every  universe,  no  matter  how  twisted,  he  would  feel  exactly  like  this.  like  a  boy  blindly  refusing  to  loose  the  girl  he  loved ,   no  matter  what  the  cost.

 ┊█ ¦ her majesty adele ,   the  meme  ! !  accepting