i'm not exactly sure if that's a good thing

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Hey there! I'm not sure if this is a weird thing to ask or anything, but is there a way to be confident in your work while youre working? I really admire your style, and its a huge influence for me, I'm having a rough time with my art, I don't feel like its good enough or that I'm improving no matter how hard I try, and I see so many people younger than me be better at drawing and animation and I went to art school too, I'm not sure, what are your thoughts, if thats okay to ask ;;

Oh man, it’s totally cool to ask this! I think it’s important to remember that everyone goes through exactly what your feeling. I’ve always gone through bouts of hating my work and laying on the floor feeling like my art career is over.

The important thing is to try not to compare yourself to others. Everyone grows in different ways and you might be surprised at how many people look at your work and think it’s more amazing than anything they could do. Even if you’re still just learning, try not to put yourself down. <3 It’s not easy to do, and sometimes we all just need to sulk and wallow in self pity, but pushing through that and continuing to make art afterward is the mark of a confident artist. (At least in my book. ^^)

I hope that helps! And I hope everyone feeling down about their art right now can still have a great day! I believe in you! <3

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I'm currently in the closet, but I kinda want to come out, but I'm not really sure how. My dad doesn't seem to fond of lgbt+ community and neither does my mom. The thing is sometimes when I tell people I'm asexual they FOR SOME REASON think that's a hint that I'm gay, even though I clearly state I'm not straight nor gay. And sorry for such a long question thing.

It’s good to start by just bringing up the subject (”did you know there’s this thing called asexuality?”) to see exactly where your parents’ opinions lie. If you deem it safe enough, you can come out in a multitude of ways. Some people just outright say it, some are more humorous about it (putting it on a cake, telling a joke, etc). If you think it’s not safe for you, I’d advise against coming out. But, you never know. Sometimes parents’ opinions change when their child is involved. As for your friends, that sounds frustrating. Maybe use a metaphor? Mod Paula had a good one about hotdogs :)


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My boyfriend is really good looking and sweet and funny, but when I try making cosplays for him, I feel like I'm not getting appreciated enough (like how Sylar is for you) :(( I suggest to make things out of cheap material like craft foam and he feels it's not good enough quality for him. What do I do?? Advice on couples supporting each other when cosplaying?

You HAVE to communicate with him. You have to tell him exactly what you told me. You have to. And make sure to stress that its not that you wouldnt LIKE to do quality stuff, but its just not something your capable of, and he needs to tell you thats okay.

“Look, I think you don’t appreciate the work that I’m doing. I just really wanna cosplay with you – but the process your asking for is out of my skill level right now, so it makes me feel stressed.”

“If you want your cosplay a specific way, and its a way that I’m not skilled at, you need to try and make it yourself or get it commissioned.”

Sometimes if Sylar looks at something and tells me, “But in the game its hyper detailed and gradient dyed.” I usually just say to him back “Yeah and now its not, because I don’t know how to do that. And if you want that, you do it.” Then Sylar usually just laughs it off and agrees not to complain. Because he knows he can’t either. And in the end, he wants to BE the characters more than he doesn’t. And he would rather go inaccurate than not at all. 

But remember too anon, if he doesn’t care that much and would rather go without a cosplay at all – Cosplay might not be for him. 

Don’t let someone who isn’t passionate about the hobby make you feel bad for how you do it. Even if its your boyfriend.