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Dating Jonathan Byers Would Include


  • Photos. Let’s just get this out of the way here and now.
    • Photos of you, photos of the two of you, photos of you with his family –
    • According to Jonathan, there can never be enough photos of you
      • Well, he never outright says it, but you can assume such from his actions
    • Depending on how you are with getting your photos taken, there can be a mix of what kinds of pictures of you Jonathan has an abundance of
    • If you enjoy it, you model and pose quite a lot. There’s plenty of goofy pictures of you that were done to make him laugh
    • If you detest it, he tries to respect your wishes. Honestly, he does. But sometimes you just look so beautiful and natural and that profile of yours looks so right in this lighting and just –
      • *click* “… Did you just take a picture of me?” “I’m sorry..!!”

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Can I request a MC +RFA and Saeran going to the hospital because MC felt really bad that night and she has to stay for a week in the hospital because of her illness? I'm actually in that situation and I wonder how will they react. Thank you and have a nice day!

Oh, poor thing! Hope you’re home and feeling better now, sweetie.

I also hope this brings you some comfort:

RFA + Saeran with MC staying at the hospital


  • He will definitely ditch work to stay with you, be sure of that
  • If it’s something contagious, it will take the whole hospital staff to explain to him why he can’t be with you in the same room
  • But he’ll sleep every day in the waiting room and send worried texts disguised with sweet words.
  • Until you reassure him you’re fine and actually would like him to go back to work, he’s not pleased but will obey, he’ll do anything you ask him in this state.
  • If it’s not something contagious, he’ll stay with you, sing lullabies, read his scripts to entertain you and even impersonate RFA’s members to you.
  • He’s so happy to see you laughing at his Jumin’s impersonation, it’s so relieving to see your smile.
  • When they send you home, he’ll treat you like a porcelain doll. He even gave you a little bell so you can call him whenever you need something.
  • “What I really need is you right now…” his heart flutters, he’ll cuddle with you and stroke your hair until you fall asleep, now he feels like he can finally relax.


  • He’s even more scared than you, to be honest
  • He’ll call all your friends, family and co-workers, he’ll say exactly what the doctor told him, but there’s something about his tone that makes it sound a lot worse than it is.
  • But at this point, everybody knows your boyfriend and how he easily freaks out.
  • He’ll want to know everything about your eating habits there. What they serve for your meals, what time, if it’s good, etc.
  • If you’re not on some kind of restrictive diet, he’ll bring you bento boxes, or ask his mother for her miraculous soup that will definitely cure you.
  • He’s so scared because it’s so painful and nerve-wracking to see you like this, but if you ask him just right, he’ll stay by your side every single day.
  • You make him a lot of questions. How was his day, how is college, his family, everything to make him feel comfortable and just act natural.
  • Back home, it feels like the hospital sent a personal nurse just for you (and a very cute one, by the way), because he’s always making sure you have fresh water, comfortable pillows, books or a tablet for your own entertainment… actually, he’s better than those nurses.
  • He doesn’t want to bother you being too clingy, but you keep telling him how much you want his company, so he finally gives in and lays with you in the bed.
  • And it’s almost healing to watch him finally sleeping after all those tiring days…


  • She’s a little scared, but will never show you. No, she needs to remains calm and make sure you’ll have everything you need
  • She respects all the instructions given by the doctor or the nurses, it’s for your own good, after all.
  • Never leaves your side, NE-VER! If you move a little, she’s looking at you and asking if you need something.
  • She’s also very honest. If you have to stay there for a little more time, she’ll tell you right away.
  • People can see as a cold treatment, but you really appreciate her honesty, yeah, you’re not a kid, you deserve to know everything that’s going on.
  • But she’s not a robot, so there are those moments when she waits for you to fall asleep so she can take a deep breath, hold your hand, stroke your hair and whisper softly: “please, get better soon, please…”
  • Sometimes you were just pretending to sleep just so you could hear this.
  • You told her this when you got back home and she’s so flustered. Inside, she’s really happy that you still manage to act like your usual playful self.
  • She follows all the instructions for your recovery process, she’s even more strict than the doctor.
  • Okay, not that much, she’s cuddling with you and telling how happy she is that you’re fine, now she is making sure you’re awake for this. Yeah, no doctor in the world could be that sweet.


  • He won’t show it, but he’s panicking!
  • Will pay anything it takes to get you the best doctors, the best medicines, the most comfortable room.
  • What he would really want to do is turn some of his guest bedrooms into a  small hospital station, but you told him to calm down.
  • Now he’s beating himself up. Hell, he should be the one calming you down, not the other way around!
  • After a very long and detailed conversation with the head physician, he manages to go back to his usual stoic self and focus on what’s best for you.
  • So, like Jaehee, he’ll follow every instruction given.
  • He reads to you, tells you about his day (after a lot of insistence from you about him not missing work) and shows you pictures of Elizabeth the 3rd
  • “See in her eyes how much she misses you and is worried for you? Get better soon for her and for me, my love.” You… don’t really see it, but yes, how can you not go along with him being so sweet?
  • He’ll definitely hire a very good nurse to help you through recovery at home.
  • And he doesn’t hold back a deep sigh when he’s able to dismiss their services because you’re finally better.
  • Now all he wants is to cuddle with you while patting Elizabeth. Actually, it’s adorable how she manages to go to your lap instead of his. Okay, she really missed you, now you’re seeing it.


  • Also panicking, but trying to stay cool
  • He also has his ways with money to get you the best treatment, so don’t you worry!
  • The nurses like him because he’s very nice to them. He brings them flowers and chocolate, but it’s not bribe to make sure you’re being well treated, no, it isn’t!
  • The doctor, on the other hand, doesn’t like him that much, because he’s always questioning the treatments, telling some of them are outdated.
  • Yes, actually he researched everything about this new experimental treatment that’s been proven very successful in Cuba and… oh, the doctor hates him!
  • He makes sure you’re never bored, he brings you books, games, everything. But he can’t help feeling a little guilty, he should be the one entertaining you, not these gimmicks…
  • But he’s so scared, so he doesn’t really know how o comfort you. “Just stop arguing with the doctor and stay here.” Okay, he can do that!
  • So he stays, and he tells all his plans about the space station’s marriage, he tells you other stuff, but you keep asking him to tell about this again.
  • Back home, he’s not ashamed of being clingy. He missed you like this so much, why would he hold back? The doctor said you should be fine… not thanks to his outdated treatments, but still…
  • “Just let it go, Saeyoung.” and he finally does as he finally can sleep by your side again, that’s all that matters.


  • He hates hospitals, obviously
  • And he doesn’t really like being around you. Not because he’s afraid of getting sick (though his immune system can still be a little weak…), it’s just… too much painful to see you like this
  • And he hates how he can do nothing about it! Ugh… so frustrating!
  • Due to his own health issues, yeah, he can’t be too long in the hospital with you, but he managed to install a camera in your room, so he’s always watching you. ALWAYS!
  • Also, he’s constantly calling you, usually you’re the one to talk a lot, it calms you both down. And he listens every single thing you have to say, or even if you’re not saying anything… the sound of your breathing while you sleep is music to his ears.
  • He doesn’t like all the instructions, but he’ll follow them, he can’t risk losing the most precious person of his life.
  • When they send you home, he is still a little reluctant to be around you, what if you’re not completely okay?
  • He believes ice cream solves everything, so I hope you’re excited to taste all the flavors the convenience store have, because he bought them all.
  • He won’t cuddle, but he’ll be close enough. He scolds you: “Take care of yourself from now on, don’t be irresponsible and don’t fool around with your health, you hear me?” and then he whispers when he thinks you’re not listening “I would hate to lose you.” Once a tsundere…
Random thoughts about Call the Midwife Series 6

I can’t believe that it’s only 8 weeks ago that we got to meet Sister Ursula and were aghast at her taking the TV away.  It feels like forever, and yet I also have no idea what I’m going to do with my Sunday nights until Christmas. (Who am I kidding? - writing here I come!)

Anyhoo - here are some random thoughts about our girls overall in the series.  It’s quite long so I’ll put in a break

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I'm feeling very tired right now, and my whole body hurts from stupid cramps 😭 Could you do a scene of Ethan taking care of the reader on her period? 💙

ahh! yes i can try to write this!! hopefully i get everything right, i hope you feel better bha and tysm! i’m slightly peeved because this is the second time this draft has been deleted, but i love the prompt,,

On Your Period

You’d felt horrible for the last couple of days, but this was the worst. You were curled up in a tight ball on your bed, trying to alleviate some of the pain in your abdomen. It felt like something was burning inside of you, and you hated every moment of it. You’d burrowed under your blanket, with a pillow on any side of you, your eyes screwed tightly with the absolute pain you were in.

You’d been trying to get some work done, but everything was blurring together because of the heated pain in your stomach, so your laptop was on your pillow while you laid in a mountain of blankets. It was going to be okay, you knew that, it just didn’t feel good now. However hard you concentrated on working, something was never quite right, and it was beginning to frustrate you how much time it took to do such simple tasks.

Of course, you also felt bad for Ethan, because you’d snapped at him earlier because all of your emotions are out of whack, but that isn’t a good excuse. You’d profusely apologized, both in person and over text, and he’d promised up and down that everything was fine and you were still absolutely adorable in his personal opinion.

Speaking of your boyfriend, he’s been working some pretty late nights lately, trying to get everything done. Some editing, some recording, some streaming; he’s been doing it all, and you love how passionate it is but wish that it didn’t have such a negative effect on his health. Everything felt really slow and syrupy in your head, but you’re sure he’s racing at a million miles a minute to try and finish everything.

Speak of the devil and he shall arrive; Ethan came walking into your shared bedroom as soon as you thought of him. “Hey, Y/N,” he grins, “mind if I lay with you for a little bit?”

“Hey, you,” you smile back, though you’re still hurting pretty bad. Ethan looks absolutely exhausted. “Did you stay up all night again? Come take a nap, love, you’ve earned it for sure.”

He comes over and lays beside you, on his back, but he keeps on making motions to hold you. You wouldn’t normally brush him off, but you really want to finish this project and you’ve felt so unproductive compared to him lately. Especially when he’s waking up early and going to sleep at the same time; his days are basically twenty hours long at some points, and you’re trying to discourage him from doing that.

Eventually, he gives up on making you give in, and instead hooks an arm under your hips and pulls you on top of him, linking his arms around your waist (and pulling all of the blankets with him) and, of course, trapping you.

“Ethan, I’m busy,” you try to complain. You really do make an effort to try to seem like you don’t care that he’s warm, or his skin is really soft against yours, or that he’s so nice and warm and his bare skin is like a heating pad on your stomach. You definitely try to ignore how cute his lips are, smiling at you, with his glasses falling down his nose and his bright blueberry hair so delightfully messy.

And you totally ignore the way he basically purrs when you scratch his head, and lean your head against his shoulder.

“You know exactly how to make me happy,” he giggles, and it’s priceless. “And I know exactly how to get you to relax for a change. I know I’m kind of a hypocrite, but you’ve been pushing yourself to do a lot while you’re hurting really bad.”

“I just want to try to be useful, instead of just a blob of attention-seeking and whining,” you pout in return, and he takes the opportunity to kiss you swiftly.

“But you’re not,” he insists, “you’re being what everybody should want to be, because you’re you, and I love you.”

“You really need to take a nap, Ethan. You’re practically slurring your words together trying to take care of me when you’re the baby blueberry.”

“Pfft,” he snorts in a little giggle, covering your face in kisses. “I’ll only sleep if you do, too. I have a hard time getting to bed without you.”

“Okay, just this once. I hope I don’t bleed all over you.”

“Ew,” he crinkles his nose.

“Hey, I could just lay next to you instead of on you.”

“I guess your bodily fluids are just a small price to pay to have you be comfortable for a change.”

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Hey there :) I'm sorry that you're angry and upset but where exactly is CC queerbaiting? They never advertised it as "Scorbus" (don't know how I can express this) if I recall correctly or what exactly are you upset about?

Oh anon, Oh, I’m glad you asked.
Queerbaiting: the perceived attempt by canon creators to woo queer fans but with no intention of actually showing a gay relationship.
Still, it’s more heteronormativity than queerbaiting that frustrated me, I will admit.
To begin with, I’ll have you know, I’d never even given Scorbus a thought before I read CC (a small lie, I’d heard of it, just didn’t like the idea). Hell, I loved the idea of Scorose. And then, I read the book.
So, no, I’m not being partial, not favoring queer relationships. I even tried to not ship it, you know, because I love drarry which makes shipping their sons a bit strange to say the least.
I would have been happy enough with Scorose, it had OTP potential for me. But either J.K. / Jack Throne do not know how to portray romantic relationships –-or the billions of fans that read/watched CC have the wrong perception of reality. You know which it is? Neither. Because the love – love that exceeds the friendship criteria – between Albus and Scorpius is clear as day to the most oblivious of people.
Anon, this is not to say that they don’t share the most profound friendship – that is undeniable; they share the same mutual affection and adoration like that of the marauders, and that is the greatest praise any friendship can receive. They are best friends before they are lovers, but they are lovers all the same.
If Scorpius had identified with the female gender, everyone – everyone would have been certain they’d end up together – as I believe someone has already mentioned earlier. But why didn’t they end up together, despite the fact that each of their interactions holds romantic connotations? Because they’re both guys, duh. Figures. Haha, they got us yet again. Surprisingly enough.
Yes, they didn’t advertise the book with “Scorbus”, so to speak – of course they didn’t. They’d lose their audience if they did that! (do note the sarcasm) But they queerbaited fans who had already started reading the book or watching the play into thinking that there was a possibility of a queer relationship between two leading characters and perhaps – perhaps, at long last, it didn’t matter enough to be publicized, or rather, for the audience to be “warned” about - that two boys falling in love wasn’t abnormal or anything out of the ordinary. Ha, I wonder when it will be logical enough for us to think like that. By the pace at which we’re going, not anytime soon.
I do not want to be one of those people who replies rudely to someone who was just curious, but the fact that the question you asked had to be asked is proof enough of how unseen the lgbtq+ community is in mainstream, popular media. So unseen that people don’t realize when people of seemingly the same sex fall in love – or, you know, stay in love – right before them.
See, personally, I’m not someone who speaks out about these things often, or even really pays heed to them. But I feel like this was the last straw, this time people had crossed the line.
Rose and Scorpius have next to no chemistry, and let’s be real, their relationship existed only to reiterate the fact that Scorpius was into girls. (As if) for fuck’s sake, Scorpius gave up a kingdom to just have Albus with him, and Scorpius was Albus’s ‘weakness’, in Delphi’s indirect words, and ‘all that he needed’, in his own. I’m not even going to get into all that ridiculous and heteronormative Albus-has-a-crush-on-Delphi thing because honestly, it doesn’t deserve my time. And my time isn’t even that precious.
There was so much build-up, so much – plainness of romantic feelings, that I doubt even homophobes would have been surprised if there had been, after all, a long due Scorbus kiss. I realize that this wouldn’t have gone down well with some more – uh, conventional people, but I am 100% sure that no one would have been surprised. Well, for any other reason than an actual gay couple existing. On the big, not especially “gay-themed” screen.
Also, this is hardly the first time J.k. has done something like this. I know she’s seen as this great, wonderful celebrity who is a prominent lgbtq+ ally, but really, I just don’t see it. She’s all talk, all offense. She has never once taken any opportunity – and she’s had quite a few – to maybe add even negligible lgbtq+ representation to her writing. There was that time with Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, where, when people started catching on, she KILLED one of them off and got the other married off to some random young chick who had had no chemistry with him whatsoever in the past because, you guessed it, everyone is heterosexual and don’t anyone dare get the wrong idea and stop reading her damn books. Oh, and that time with Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas when she’d totally intended for them to fall in love but alas, it would take too much fucking “attention away from the plot”. And that other time with Draco and Harry, or Luna and Ginny, or Teddy and James, or ANYONE who had more chemistry with someone from the same gender than with whoever the fuck they actually heterosexually ended up with. Even Grindelwald and fucking Dumbledore.
If it still doesn’t make sense, try thinking of everything Albus and Scorpius did with and said to each other as if they were saying it to or doing it with someone from the other gender. See it? Looks like a bunch of cliché, heterosexual romantic novel tropes, doesn’t it? So there you have it – I could go on, but my time isn’t that not-precious. And do forgive me, anon, I’m aware you were just asking. This rant wasn’t intended for you. I’m just angry. Sorry.

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31. Hollstein

Sorry this took me so long, the fic took an unexpected turn into bittersweet territory and I wanted to get it right. Special shout out to @monicaoakwood for the help!

31. “Stop it, you’re embarrassing me.”

Carmilla fidgeted uncomfortably on the sofa. She felt odd sitting here alone, in the living room of Laura’s childhood home. At least meeting Laura’s father went well. Carmilla had been nervous all week in anticipation, knowing that Dan Hollis was quite intimidating and overprotective of his daughter, but the two hit it off immediately. He was so much like Laura, it was hilarious. She now knew exactly where Laura got her quirky personality and mannerisms.

Dan had called Laura into the kitchen to help with dinner a few minutes ago, and despite Carmilla’s offers to help out, Laura had insisted that her girlfriend wait in the living room and “make herself comfortable” because “she’s the guest.” So, Carmilla remained in the unfamiliar living room, waiting for her girlfriend to return.

Her eyes began to wander, taking in every detail. Evidence of Laura’s presence was strong here; it was easy to imagine a younger Laura running around the house in Batman pajamas or eagerly watching cartoons, sitting as close to the TV as possible. Those mental images brought a smile to her face.

Suddenly, a framed photograph on the other side of the room caught her attention. Carmilla stood and made her way over to the end table where it had been placed. Now that she was closer, she could see the image more clearly.

There were two people in the photo. Carmilla’s eyes were immediately drawn to the woman on the left side of the photo. Her light brown hair was being tousled by a gentle breeze, and she was staring at the camera with bright eyes and a warm smile. She was absolutely stunning.

Carmilla was truly intrigued, though, when she glanced over at the young girl in the photo. Her tiny arms were wrapped around the woman’s neck, and her face was stretched into an expression almost identical to the other woman’s. She was sporting a big, toothy grin, and the the sunlight hit her big brown eyes in such a way that they appeared to be glowing.

Carmilla would recognize those eyes anywhere.

She picked up the framed photograph, gently tracing her fingertips against the glass. So the older woman must be Laura’s mother.

“Hey, Carm, dinner’s ready! My dad told me to tell you that we…oh.” Laura lost her train of thought as she noticed what Carmilla was holding in one hand.

Carmilla had so many things she wanted to ask Laura about her mom. It wasn’t a subject Laura talked about often, and Carmilla never wanted to pry at something so personal, so she always gave Laura the space she needed. But now that she knew what the woman looked like, she was especially eager to learn more about her.

Despite her curiosity, Carmilla didn’t say a word. Instead, she and Laura both stared silently at the photo for a moment, then Laura reached over to hold Carmilla’s free hand and intertwined their fingers.

Finally, Carmilla broke the silence.

“She was beautiful.”

Laura nodded.

“And she looks just like you.”

“I wish you could have met her, Carm. She would have loved you,” Laura whispered back.

Carmilla was overwhelmed with emotion over the fact that Laura was finally opening up to her about her mother. She leaned over to place a kiss on her girlfriend’s cheek.

Just then, Dan walked into the room.

“I thought I told you girls to get ready for dinner! It’s getting cold,” he said. “Ah, I see you’ve found my favorite photo of Laura and her mom! I’ve got a whole album of Laura’s adorable baby pictures upstairs. How about I bring them down after dessert?”

“Dad,” Laura said, annoyed.

“I’ve got this adorable photo of baby Laura in the bathtub, and a picture from when she got her braces, and another one from that time she—”

“Stop it, you’re embarrassing me!” Laura whined.

Carmilla set the photo back down onto the table and followed Laura and her father into the kitchen. She couldn’t help but laugh as Dan continued to list as many embarrassing stories as he could while Laura tried with all her might to make him change the subject.

Later that night, after flipping through page after page of photos and listening to Dan further embarrass his daughter in front of her girlfriend, Carmilla found herself alone in the living room again. Laura had excused herself to take a shower while Dan returned to the kitchen to wash the dishes, once again refusing to let Carmilla help clean up. Naturally, she returned to the photo of Laura and her mother. There was just something about the image that was so enthralling to Carmilla.

She spent a few moments taking in every detail of the framed photograph, but looked up as she heard footsteps entering the living room. Dan Hollis stood in the doorstep, smiling.

“She really was a great mother,” he said. “Always so much put passion and love into everything she did. And now I see so much of her in my daughter. Sometimes it scares me how similar they look.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” Carmilla replied, smiling.

“I saw a change in Laura when we lost her mother. She doesn’t like to talk about it much, but the loss hit her really hard. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her this happy, and I know it’s because of you.”

“It’s been a long time since I felt this happy too,” Carmilla admitted. “Thank you for inviting me to stay here. It’s been a pleasure meeting you.”

“She loves you so much, Carmilla. I can tell in the way she looks at you with so much adoration. It’s the same look her mother used to give me.”

That left Carmilla absolutely speechless. She was barely able to choke out a response before Dan wrapped her up in a huge bear hug. “I love her too, you know,” Carmilla whispered.

“Good,” Dan said as he released her from his grip. “Because you two were meant for each other, and I think my wife would agree. Good night, Carmilla.”

“Good night, Mr. Hollis.”

“Please, Call me Dan.”

“Good night, Dan.”

Carmilla rounded the corner and climbed the stairs to the second floor where Laura was waiting for her in in her room. For the first time in a long time, she truly felt like she was home.

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Yo maybe a members reaction to you walking down the wedding asle lol I'm on my wedding grind rn sorry


thank you for requesting anon! also, my friend Adri helped me with these and gave me ideas so most of the credit goes to her! :)



  • ok but can u just imagine how happy this lil bean would be to see his gorgeous wife standing at the end of the aisle
  • probably has sweaty palms
  • smiles for days
  • legit his smile never leaves his face
  • gestures and points at you to his big family as if to say, “wow I’m marrying this beauty, can you believe it?”
  • most likely teased by the younger members about how, “Hyung is not attractive enough for her”
  • Jinyoung slaps their heads
  • despite their teasing, each member is happy for both of you
  • isn’t quite nervous but excited since you two are finally coming together as husband and wife
  • can not stay still if his life depended on it
  • like Jackson literally has to pat his back in order to calm him down
  • gulps when you finally get up to the alter
  • “She’s a beauty isn’t she? We’re definitely having a big family together…”


  • also a big smiler like Mark but his smile is towards the ground bc NERVOUS AF
  • his standing there and he hears the music start and he’s like omfg…this shit…is rly fucking happening
  • shifts his feet nervously because he cant believe this moment has finally arrived
  • just when you think he will be staring at the ground for the whole reception, Jinyoung pinches him and gives him the famous glare
  • “stop being so nervous bro” , “she’s too perfect for me”
  • and boy is Jaebum glad he did
  • once he sees you walking towards him in your gorgeous gown, glowing with the smile on you face, he feels his heart pick up and practically shares the warmth of the sun with you
  • mouth immediately drops and he laughs cutely at you all blushy like snsksnks
  • “I’m ready to continue my life with her by my side”


  • receives a pep talk  from every member AND himself
  • “You got this! You’re finally committing, you’re a man! You’r-”
  • freezes when he sees you in a bone-white dress smiling at him
  • ya know the famous Jackson scream when he holds his cheeks and screams? yea well he’s doing that but on the inside
  • mixed with nervous and excited
  • always hypes the others so when you are walking down the aisle, its their turn
  • “woooooooooooooooow” which makes him smile more, if it were possible
  • looks at his mother and mouths, “I finally found the 2nd most important woman in my life”
  • are those tears?
  • yes, they are tears
  • not full on sobbing but has a few happy tears


  • isn’t exactly nervous or calm but is most likely the calmest
  • once his eyes lock with yours, his widen and a blush appears on your cheeks
  • “what about JJP”
  • “what about jinson”
  • “Shut up, don’t ruin this moment”
  • you began sparkling in his eyes and he cant believe anyone can be as beautiful as you are
  • “aiiishh why is she so lovely”
  • lifts his arms up to the audience in sort of a cocky way as if he was saying, “I made it, I am the winner because I married the most beautiful woman on this earth”
  • continues to tell you, “we are going to be the best married couple”


  • legit asks to play games on his phone while you guys wait
  • I feel like he is proud of himself and you and how far you two have come together
  • laughs nervously with the boys but stops as soon as the music starts
  • once he sees you come out, he puts on an awkward poker face, which makes you laugh in response
  • when he hears your laugh, the corners of his mouth turn up, and he looks at you with a genuine smile
  • thinks to himself, “She looks gorgeous in that cute white flowy dress”
  • Jaebum shakes him slightly to get rid of his stiffness
  • is the most nervous member but is thinking about you in the long seconds it takes for you to walk up there
  • “I made the right decision to keep her by my side, she loves the way I am and I love the way she is, omg she is getting closer, ahhhh she gets cuter and cuter every single day!”


  • looks at yugyeom and smiles, “this is gonna be easyYYyyyYyy”
  • yugyeom gives him a serious look and nods towards the aisle causing bam to sigh
  • his breath catches in his throat when he sees yugyeom was motioning towards you
  • all his confidence leaves his body and he starts playing with his hands, eyes on yours
  • I can see him doing something goofy like making a heart with his arms, causing you to blush
  • got6 teases him by saying things like, “wow what a beauty!” , “She is out of bambam’s league” , “He can barely even stand to look at her beauty!”
  • “yah!” He whisper yells causing the boys to snicker
  • turns his attention back to you, noticing how close you rly are
  • his eyes examine your body and your dress
  • “You are so damn beautiful”


  • is actually rly excited and confident like his eldest hyung
  • despite his height, stretches his neck to see over the crowd to watch you walk in
  • smile spreads across his face as soon as he sees you
  • like not just any smile
  • but that one smile when he’s laughing so hard with his hyung’s except this smile is all for you
  • he screams in his lil maknae scream, which causes all the other members to scream as well
  • starts swaying his head and body side to side while he waits for you
  • “ahhhh, I cant believe this, can you?”
  • waves and smiles like a child
  • whisper things to you about how excited he is and how beautiful you are as soon as you arrive at the alter
  • “I cant wait to act like young lovers for the rest of our lives, even when were an ugly old couple!”


thank you for the request, and once again, while some ideas are mine, the majority of this imagine is my friends ideas, for some reason I couldn’t think of anything :)

anonymous asked:

I'm sick today ;-; So can I ask for how the dragon slayers would deal with their sick s/o? Love you ;-;

this is so relatable since i was sick during christmas and new years
clenches fist

Natsu Dragneel:

  • is a little flustered on what to do at first since he’s not really well with dealing when people are sick, mostly because he’s never really been sick himself so he wouldn’t know
  • but don’t fret, he’ll be all fine after a day and he’ll take care of you really nicely and well, you want something? you’ll get it natsu will make sure of that 100%
  • he’s actually really clingy when you’re sick, meaning he will not leave your side no matter how much times you tell him he can go on a job or do something

Gajeel Redfox:

  • surprisingly enough, he’s actually really good when someone’s sick and taking care of them. he knows exactly what to do and what to give you, it’s (again) really surprising
  • he’ll probably stay up late just making sure you’re okay and you’re sleeping fine, you only find out two days later that he’s been doing it and curse him out for it
  • he says he won’t do it anymore, but don’t believe him, he’ll still do it just because he wants to make sure you’re okay. and he tries to hide it better than he did before

Laxus Dreyar:

  • he really doesn’t know how to take care of the sick, poor boy is so confused on what to do and how to take care of you that you have to coach him through it
  • it really only takes about one day of you coaching him through it before he actually has some sort of grasp on what to do and when to do it, but just remind him once or twice so he really remembers
  • he’s also surprisingly clingy when you’re sick, usually shooting down any ideas of going on jobs when someone asks him if he wants to go on one since he thinks taking care of you is priority

Wendy Marvell:

  • she knows exactly what to do, she’s so good at taking care of you and making sure you feel up to your best very quickly. though she gets embarrassed when she feels like she’s done something wrong
  • wendy’s not really afraid to leave your side if your sick, she knows that sometimes when you’re sick you want to be alone so don’t worry about telling her since she just knows when you want to be alone for a little
  • it’s not really surprising that you’re up and about after a week thanks to wendy, just don’t thank her because she will get really flustered saying you shouldn’t thank her

Rouge Cheney:

  • he’s really good at taking care of your sickness, he knows what to do since he’s usually the one to take care of frosch (or sting) when he’s sick so he knows what to do
  • though he might ask sting for help once or twice if he really needs it and the times are extremely drastic, otherwise he won’t take any of sting’s advice
  • absolutely will not let frosch near you, he doesn’t care if you have an adorable hard-to-resist pout because of it. you’re sick he doesn’t need frosch to get sick either

Sting Eucliffe:

  • poor boy is so flustered on what to do, he gets stressed out over the smallest of things and things you should just go to a hospital since it could be (and you quote), “life threatening”
  • he’ll probably get rouge to help him cure you to health, but will not let rouge actually do anything near you since sting thinks its him that has to take care of you
  • he’s really clingy and holds you a lot when you’re sick, don’t even bother telling him that he’ll get sick because of you. he won’t listen to you, he’ll still hold you till he gets sick. he gets sick btw


  • he’s dealt with meredy being sick a lot, he has some sort of grasp on what to do, but he is a little flustered on what to do sometimes. coach him a little if he needs it
  • don’t coach him too much though because he’ll get really flustered, he usually says that “he doesn’t need you’re help because he’s fine”, but he’s happy that you’re helping him
  • he’s not really clingy when you’re sick, cobra knows you need space when you’re sick. so if you want alone time just think about it and cobra will get the idea, dont worry, he won’t get offended
Life lesson #2

Hello everyone, i am back with another life lesson tonight. Today I’ve been thinking about what i would write about when all of a sudden it came to me. And normally it takes me a while to think of things to write, but today i knew exactly what i wanted to talk about. A topic that we are all sensitive on.


We all think about it, we all worry about it, we all dream about it. It’s a sensitive topic to talk about honestly, i mean how can you say the word “Beautiful” without feeling some sort of emotion. But tonight I’m going to talk about embracing our inner and outer beauty. 

First things first, you're beautiful. i don’t care who you are, i don’t care. Every single person on this world is beautiful. Realize it and accept it. We all have beauty, but let me just say something. Beauty comes from within. Cheesy i know, but hear me out. Whenever you show kindness, compassion, love, trust, companionship, courage, loyalty, that is pure beauty. And when you show those things on the inside it shows out onto you. So whenever you message someone and brighten their day, that is beauty. Whenever you upload a new chapter to your fan fiction that people were craving, thats beauty. Everyone on this site is so kind, and i find that very beautiful. Kindness is the purest form of Beauty.  

Don’t judge your bodily flaws. Try not to be so hard on yourself.We all have the moments where we just hate everything about ourselves. You have your flaws for a reason, embrace them. Make that flaw your own and find acceptance in it. Maybe you have a lot of freckles and you hate it. Freckles are adorable! Freckles are so pure and innocent, and not many people have them. Making you very very special. You might not think they are and you know why? Because we as people in this world are trying so hard to become someone we aren’t. We have been brainwashed into thinking that if we don’t look like a certain image then we aren’t “pretty” or “hot.” Men and the public eye are now the deciders on whether or not we are beautiful. And i call bullshit on that. Because the only person who decides if we are beautiful or not is ourself. Screw the men who think your body isn’t beautiful, screw those girls at your school who mock your fashion sense. Don’t try to fit in with the “Normal” people, make yourself happy. Make yourself feel loved. Because at the end of the day you’re in your body, no on else’s. Don’t try to be someone you aren’t.  Listen, your body is beautiful in every single way. Please love yourself, love your body, love your face, love yourself. I promise its the greatest thing you’ll ever do. That is beauty.

Smile. Always smile. That is beauty.

Stop judging others. We all do it. And i feel like it’s always going to be a natural response for all of us, but lets try to stop it yeah? Lets lift others up instead of emotional tearing them down. Never judge someone for how they look or act, no matter how mean or scary they look. I get judged all the time from everyone. I’m a cheerleader, what’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of cheerleaders? Yeah, not good things. I can’t find people at my school who will get to know me because they already think I’m a “stuck up cheerleader.” When in reality, I’m not like them. I don’t fit in with them. Im not one of them. So see? Lets try to stop judging others and instead lets welcome others with warm arms. Everyone needs someone who accepts them instead of judges them. That’s beauty. 

Find peace in the inside. Like i stated yesterday, positivity brings happiness. But it also brings beauty. Let your soul rest and be at ease. Don’t be so hard on yourself because you don’t fit in with others. Who cares about them? They’re nobodies. You’re not them and you never will be, stop being obsessed with everyone else and start becoming obsessed with yourself. Be your own biggest fan. Love yourself. Please, please, please love yourself. That is true beauty. 

Heres some quotes:

“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to heart, the place where love resides.” -Audrey Hepburn

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.” -Zoe Kravitz

“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.” -John Ray

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” -Anne Frank

“The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.” -Johann 

“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.” -Audrey Hepburn

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” -Ralph Emerson

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” -Marilyn Monroe

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” -Rumi

“Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.” -Jenn Proske

I challenge everyone to love on their flaws. Whether its not the inside or on the outside. Loving yourself and accepting yourself is a step closer to happiness. 

As always i want to tag some people, but let me make it clear. When i tag you that doesn’t mean you have to do anything like this or feel like I'm pressuring you. I just want you to know i was thinking you of. 

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I love you all. 

anonymous asked:

I'be had the roughest 24 hours ever. I'm getting kicked out of my parents house because my lifestyle (LGBT) doesn't line up with their beliefs. Can I pretty please have the most sappiest, lovey dovey, Sterek story where Stiles just showers Derek in absolute, 100%, most feely, craziest love he's ever be given since his mother died in the fire? Or maybe even a link to a fic like that? Anything would do really

*snuggles you* I am here if you need to talk, okay? I’m not entirely sure if this is what you had in mind, but it is sappy and lovey dovey and all about Derek getting nice things, so I hope it makes you smile, even if just for a few minutes. 

“Happy Derek Day!” Stiles yells.

Derek opens one eye, and then the other, sighing. Why can Stiles never just stay in bed and spoon him like a normal person? Why does there always have to be things? “Happy – what?”

“Derek Day!” Stiles says again, grinning, waving a giant box in front him like the five year old he is. Twenty three, Derek’s ass.

Blinking again, Derek stares at the box, noticing it for the first time. It’s big, for one; wrapped in soft pink tissue paper with little kittens chasing blue balls of yarn on it. It’s…cute. Derek isn’t sure whether to be wary or excited about it.

“I don’t know what that means,” he eventually says, trying and failing to look away from the box.

He kind of wants to touch it, but he’s afraid what might happen if he does. The last time he opened a pink box, Laura jumped out of it wearing a vampire mask, scaring the hell out of him. He was six. It took several cupcakes and cuddles from his mom just to calm him down. Derek knows he isn’t six anymore, but that shit stays with you and he’s pretty sure there aren’t any cupcakes on standby if something bad does happen.

“It means, dumbass,” Stiles says, jumping onto the bed, “this day is all about you!”

Derek frowns, sitting up a little. “Why?”

Stiles splutters, looking offended. “Why? Do I need a reason to shower my boyfriend with love and adoring affection?”

Derek squints. He may not pride himself in his ability to read people. Gods know no one should pride Derek on that, he thinks sadly, but he knows Stiles. He knows. “Just tell me what you did wrong, Stiles.”

Stiles narrows his eyes but the outrage on his face falters a second later, a flicker of guilt replacing it. Derek wants to smirk, feeling smug, but –

“Ugh, fine. I may have accidentally washed my red hoodie with your white workout vests, okay? But in my defence, pink looks great on you.”

Pink looks-

“How is that a defence?”

Stiles sighs, long and suffering and dramatic. “It just is, Derek. Look, I’d give you a blow job to say sorry. After all, my morning blow jobs are the best blow jobs. You can’t argue. Your words, not mine, but I think you’re going to like this even better.” He waves the box again, like it’s an optical illusion and Stiles is the world’s most excitable magician.

As Derek said, five.

“Should I be worried?” Derek asks, sitting up fully, taking the box from him.

“Derek-” Stiles starts, only to lean in and kiss him softly on the mouth instead of finishing.

It catches Derek off guard and he blushes, looking down, only to have his chin tilted back up by two, gentle fingers.

“It’s nothing bad. I wouldn’t do that to you,” Stiles whispers, kissing him again. “I promise, Der.”

“I know. Sorry, I-”

“Don’t be. I get it. This – you and me – we’re a learning curve.”

Derek swallows. “I guess.”

“Yeah, well, I know.” Stiles rolls his eyes. “Let that be enough.”

It’s a question – nervous – not the statement Derek knows Stiles wants it to be and Derek nods, because it is enough. Stiles is enough and perfect at the same time, and it scares him as much as it comforts him most days.

Learning curve. Right.

Rolling his eyes in return, although mostly for show, Derek carefully begins to open the box.

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anonymous asked:

prompt!! carl is being extra snappy towards everyone until tara goes up to him like "dude. u gotta stop" and he actually admits to having a crush on ron and not knowing how to deal w it and she gives him gay relationship advice. ron is the same thing, but with denise. (then they both confront each other and makeout)

Thanks for the request, anon! :D hope you enjoy ^^ happy rarl prompts is good for the soul guys

also warning: Tara is a gross mom. Denise is just cute.

Tara was on her way to visit Denise when she caught sight of Rick and Michonne talking amongst themselves quietly outside of their house.

It seemed as if they were in a heated argument over something, Michonne shaking her head and rolling her eyes as Rick said something to her. Triggered by the urge to help, Tara reluctantly backtracked, figuring that her sweet girlfriend could wait if she could possibly fix whatever was going on there.

Slowly strolling up to the two, Tara interrupted the ranting Rick with a soft, “Hey guys, what’s up? You both seem upset.”

“It’s nothing…” The Grimes muttered under his breath with a hint of annoyance.

“It’s Carl,” Michonne countered.

Usually, that never meant anything good and Tara couldn’t stop herself from thinking the worst case scenario. “Huh…? Wait, what?” She rasped. “What’s up with Carl? Is he okay? Is he bit?!”

“No, he’s not bit. No need to freak out, he’s fine,” Michonne assured her quickly after, having realized that her short explanation hadn’t been the best. “He’s just been lashing out lately.”

Tara blinked, caught off guard by the small problem and glanced between the two. “What do you mean?”

“Carl has been extremely snappy towards everyone since yesterday. Daryl, Enid, Glenn, Maggie…” With the way Rick faded, Tara came to the conclusion that the list went on much longer. “It seems like nobody can get through to him at all. He won’t even talk to me or Michonne about whatever it is that’s bothering him.”

“Maybe I can help?” Tara tried.

“I don’t know…”

“Let me try,” Tara suggested. “Sometimes it’s hard to tell the people that you’re super close to your problems because you’re afraid of being judged. Trust me, I know about that feeling all too well…as you can imagine.” She looked at them both, hoping they’d catch on without her having to explain. “He’ll probably have an easier time telling me what’s going on.”

It was obvious they didn’t need the explanation because they were quick to take her word. After a short glance to Rick, Michonne nodded. “Alright…” She said. “But remember if he snaps at you, don’t take it personally.”

“I’m too sassy for that. If anything, I’ll snap back.” Tara responded, making a point of her statement by snapping her fingers jokingly. She effectively put a smile on the worried faces of both Michonne and Rick when she turned and boldly sauntered away as if she belonged in a Mean Girls movie.

It didn’t take very long for Tara to find Carl. He was sitting between two houses under the shade, hunched forward with his head buried in his knees. After glancing around carefully, she quickly jogged over and joined the mopping kid, throwing herself down beside him and clearly startling him.

“Hey, Carl.” She sang, snuggling close beside him.” What’s up?”

Carl didn’t hesitate to snap. “Go away, Tara.”

“So it is true that you’ve been rude to people all day today and yesterday,” she murmured, more as a remark rather than a statement.

“All the more reason to go away.”

Tara cocked an eyebrow at the younger one, finding it unbelievable how sharp and impolite his tone was. Now she could understand why Rick and Michonne had been so irritated about this earlier. “Okay. Dude, listen,” she growled. “I’m going to be straight up here. You gotta stop this.”

Carl didn’t even bother to make eye contact, opting to stare at the grass instead. “You don’t understand.”

“Then make me understand,” Tara replied, nudging Carl’s shoulder with her own. “I was a snappy teenager once too, you know.”

After a few seconds passed, Carl looked up and turned his head, locking gazes with Tara as if considering something. Then, he opened up his mouth slowly, though no words came out right away. “….I think I have a….” A reluctant pause. “….a crushonRonandIcannotdealwithit.”

The last part had come out in such a fast, jumbled mumble that Tara felt as if she had just been mind fucked.

“….What? Slow your roll, kiddo.”

As if that had been the hardest thing he had ever done in his life, Carl sighed, long and hard. Then he opened his mouth again, this time blatantly trying to speak slowly. “I think….that I have a crush…on Ron.”

Having expected something much worse, Tara released the breath that she had unconsciously been holding before looking away with a grin. It was entertaining how Carl was so bothered by a little crush, on Ron Anderson–no less, that he felt the need to snap at people because of it.

In fact, Tara was so entertained that she snorted. “And…?”

“That’s.. It….” Carl muttered sheepishly.

“Okay, so what’s the problem?” Tara inquired, half-jokingly because she already had an idea of where this was about to go.

“He’s a guy!” Carl cried almost immediately. “I just…I don’t know how to deal with it!”

Tara eyed the Grimes kid in hopes of finding him to be joking. She didn’t; he wasn’t. “What do you mean ‘how do I deal with that’?” She sputtered in a hysteric whisper. “It’s the same thing as having a crush on a girl!”

Blinking his blue eyes, Carl stared at her and made it obvious that he didn’t believe that.

“Okay, it’s not exactly the same, but it’s not all that different either,” Tara added in correction. “The only actual difference is the gender. Trust me, I am a walking, credible ball of gay who also used to like guys. It’s like when you crush on a girl, you see her and you go…!” She held up her hands and grasped at air. “I would squeeze her soft lady lumps so hARD.”

Carl’s face grew red. “Tara!” His cry was in vain; she continued.

“And then–AND THEN. You see a guy, in your case, Ron…and you go…!” After a split second of confusion, the brunette lowered her hands and fondled the air again as if grabbing something. “That ass is grass and I’m gonna MOW it. Or you know, the other way around if you’re a catcher.”

Tara had never seen Carl look so horrified.

“I’m kidding!” She said, throwing her shoulder into his playfully. “But you know, there’s really nothing to it. You’re blowing it out of proportion and snapping at people for no good reason. If you don’t do anything about it, then it’s going to eat away at you, and you’ll just keep being moody.”

“What do I do?”

Tara shrugged. “The same thing you would do if Ron were a girl. Admit your feelings to him. You can say it,” she murmured. “….you can show it.”

“Show it how…?” Carl asked.

“Denise kissed me. It’s an entire confession in a single action. In most cases, it saves you from stumbling over your words because you don’t even need them.”

Carl closed his eyes and sunk back against the house miserably as if that were the last answer he wanted to hear. “Easier said than done…”

“Yeah….” Tara hummed quietly in agreement. “Yet better than never knowing, especially in this kind of world.”

“Carl having a crush on Ron….” Denise murmured under her breath as she stocked newly bought medicine from boxes. With a small smile on her face, she nodded her head in amusement. “I see it and honestly, I think that’s adorable.”

“It is. He was all blushy and shit, too,” said a grinning Tara, who was leaned against the white wall near the door with her arms crossed. “Never thought I’d live to see Carl like that.”

“Wish I was there,” Denise pouted softly. “So when is he going to tell Ron?”

Tara raised her shoulders in a shrug. “Not sure. He didn’t tell me a specific date. Guess we’ll have to be patient.”

When she glanced down at her watch, she jumped upright and off the wall. “Oh shit, it’s almost time for my watch. Gotta go!” Tara bounded over to her girlfriend and managed to peck her on the cheek before running out the door, passing by a familiar brown-haired kid walking in. “Hey, Ronald! Bye, Ronald!” She called, ruffling his hair as she hurried past him.

Ron Anderson had been completely startled, freezing by the doorway with his eyes wide when his hair was messed with. “Oh….bye.” He whispered softly, turning to the other female in the infirmary who was looking on with a big smile. “….Hi, Denise.”

“Hey, Ron,” She chimed, going back to rummaging through the boxes of pill bottles. “Need something?”

“Yeah. Medicine for an aching heart.”

Denise stopped and looked at Ron with a more serious expression, seemingly analyzing him for the meaning of his words. “Um, I don’t think we have that. But sometimes talking is great treatment. If that’s fine with you, I’m all ears.”

“….Don’t laugh at me, okay?” He asked timidly.

Leaned against the table, Denise raised an eyebrow at that. “I’m offended that you think I would laugh at your heart break.”

Ron took note of the door that had been left open by Tara and closed it. Then he crossed the room quickly to get close enough for Denise to hear his low whisper. “…..I like somebody who might not like me back…”

“Is this somebody named Carl Grimes?” Denise inquired, nodding her head as soon as Ron’s eyes grew wide. “Righto, okay. Listen, I’m not all that great with giving relationship advice, but I can tell you one thing. You’re going to regret not saying anything. Letting it stay the way it is now isn’t going to heal your little achy breaky heart.”

“But what if he doesn’t like me back…? I don’t think Carl…rolls that way.”

The question made Denise think back to Tara; how she had kissed her, how things might have been had she never kissed her. Then she said, “but it’ll be a weight off your shoulders for sure, regardless of Carl’s response.” She had to hold herself back from telling Ron what Tara had just told her.

“I don’t think I can… “ Ron replied, shaking his head. “I’ve been avoiding him as much as I could without worrying him, but…”

“Oh no, that’s not okay.” Denise muttered, more to herself than anybody.

Ron seemed startled by that. “What’s not okay?”

“Well, hey,” she started, completely ignoring Ron’s question. “Carl has been really snappy lately so obviously something is bothering him. At least hang out with him today.” At this point, she was ushering the Anderson towards the door. “Like right now, maybe. Then come back later, after Tara’s shift has ended. She gives great advice and I’m sure there’s something she could tell you that I can’t.”

Allowing himself to be pushed out, Ron responded with a reluctant, “….Sure. Thanks, Denise.”

“No problem at all!” When she was sure that he was gone, she whispered, “go get asked out, kid. It’s now or never.”

Sitting behind one of the unused houses, Ron and Carl were side by side, shoulder to shoulder, leaning against the wall of Alexandria. The sun was bright and practically in their eyes, so they didn’t have much places to look besides the back of the bland house and, every now and then, each other.

“So… you’ve been snapping at everyone lately, huh?” Ron asked after what felt like an hour of silence between them.

“Yeah,” Carl murmured. “And I feel bad about it.”

The Anderson grimaced at that and sighed. “I get that. I’m in the same boat right now. The only difference is that I’ve only snapped at my mom and Sam since I practically locked myself in my room all day.”

“I probably should have done that, too….”


After that, they were accompanied by more silence. It might have lasted a minute, two, five…maybe even ten minutes, but it didn’t last long. Eventually, Carl would speak up.

“Hey, Ron…?”

When Ron turned towards the sound of his name, Carl cupped his face with both his hands and stole his lips in a kiss. The sun was blinding and had allowed for Ron to be taken by surprise, but the longer their mouths latched together, the easier it became for Ron to accept what was happening and kiss him back.

They only pulled back for a second in which Carl straddled Ron’s lap and captured his lips once more with Ron’s arms wrapping firmly around his waist.

In the midst of their crashing mouths, Carl snaked his arms around Ron’s neck and shifted his body to find that Ron wasn’t going to let go that easily. His grip was extremely tight and it made Carl smile into their soft kisses.

Tara had been right; there were many words being exchanged in their little actions.

It seemed like Ron was saying, “I’m not gonna let you go.”

DEAN/CAIN WEEK Day One: Those old cliches
Fake dating AU

Swanky hotel bars aren’t usually Dean’s scene. He prefers dives with sticky floors, loud music, and cheap beer. But the hotel is near his office and he knows the bartender, and the guy makes a mean cosmo. He also doubts that at his typical haunts, he would meet a man like the one he’s been flirting with for the past fifteen minutes. He says his name is Cain, and he has a full beard speckled with gray to match his hair that Dean wouldn’t mind feeling against his thighs, and downright offensively blue eyes.

As it turns out, Cain has a room upstairs. There’s a gorgeous view of the city, but what Dean finds more important is sprawling out on the large bed with its plump pillows and clean white sheets, and shortly after he does that, he finds out that the scratch of Cain’s beard against sensitive skin feels even better than he’d imagined. What he couldn’t have imagined though was Cain pulling out his wallet afterward and asking “How much?” It’s not that Dean’s offended, exactly. It’s more that he’s sort of shocked. Shocked that this guy would ever need to pay for sex, and shocked that they made it this far without Dean realizing Cain thought he was a prostitute.

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glassdoe  asked:

Hi :) Could you write how companions (+Nick, Deacon and daddy Maxson) react to SS putting their hands on their face, looking on them with a smile and telling how much they love them? Yes, I am fluff adoring trash :)

Of course! This is an adorable prompt. 

Piper: She’d blush and bury her face in their shoulder, smiling. “Bluuueee..” but when she lifts her head up she  just pulls em’ in for a kiss, smiling against their lips the entire time before pulling back to say “I love you too..” She’s so happy and that smile stays on her face for the entire day. 

Preston: His entire face would light up like you just gave him the best news in the world. “I love you too, babe.” He would give them a little peck on the lips before hugging them close to him and just holding them for a little while. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Nick: He’d be a little awkward at first. He’s not used to this kind of thing but then slowly he’d smile back and relax against them. “Don’t know why you want to be with an old bot like me but.. I’m glad you do.” He’d probably raise his good hand to their face, returning the gesture. “I love you too.” 

Danse: It depends on where they are. If it’s in public he’d probably scold them because ~decorum~. In private he’d get so flustered. He’s not used to being given so much affection but eventually he would find his voice “I love you too..” He’d let them snuggle against his chest, closing his eyes as he simply enjoys the intimacy of it all. “I don’t know what I’d do without you..” He hopes he never has to find out. 

Maxson: Depends on where they are. If they’re around other people he’d probably be like “Not here, soldier.”  Decorum and all that but if they’re in private he’d probably try to keep a straight face but then he’d smile back and do something really adorably chivalrous. Like..raise their hand up to his lips and kiss it before holding it against his chest. “I love you too.” It’s so lame and adorable and Sole melts. He can be a gentleman when he wants to be. 

Maccready: He’d blush and get super embarrassed but a huge smile would spread across his face. “Aw, stop it..hey, wait why did you stop?” He laughs and pretends to try to get away as they try to pepper kisses on his face. Finally he surrenders and allows the kisses, “Seems I’m at your mercy, boss..” 

Deacon: He’d joke about it of course. “You’re not about to give me some horrible, soul crushing news are you?” But he’d grin and let them fuss over him. “You’re not so bad yourself- ow- okay, I love you too.” Then he simply laughs and pulls them closer into a big, bear hug. 

Hancock: He’d grin at them and wrap his arms around them. “Well, well..aren’t you sweet.” He never gets tired of hearing it and he never gets tired of telling them that he feels the same way. “I love you too. You’re the best thing I’ve got.” Then he plants a big wet kiss on em’  

Curie: Beams at them and tells her much she loves them back. She adores this kind of thing. She’s so sweet and cuddly with Sole, wrapping her arms around their neck and hugging them. “Always teasing poor Curie.” She’d nuzzle against their chest or shoulder and just hold them.

Cait; “Don’t get all sappy on me now.” but she’s smiling as she says it and promptly she pulls them in for a kiss. What Cait lacks in eloquence she makes up for in passion and she will show them exactly how much she loves them. 

X-6: He’d be a little taken aback when they place their hands on his face but he relaxes a little when they start talking. He’d give an awkward little nod and place a hand on their shoulder. “The feeling is mutual.” Coming from it’s a really sweet sentiment. 

Bonus: platonic companions

Codsworth: “Mum/sir! You’re too kind..you have no idea how good it is to hear you say that. I love you too.” He’s so happy. Sole should give him a kiss on the head and tell him they love him every night before they go to sleep. He’s my precious robot son and deserves to be loved. 

Strong: He’s uncomfortable with them grabbing at his face and just picks them up and moves them backward. “Why human touch Strong?” When they explain the sentiment behind it he just looks at them for a minute. “Strong follow Human always..” 

Dogmeat: He can’t stay still, wiggling and wagging his tail. Then he jumps up and licks their face before knocking them over onto the ground. It’s cuddle time, right?

anonymous asked:

Hiiiii I love your blog!! I was wondering if I could request an angst scenario where Jaehyun (NCT) is going out with your friend but flirts with you and you two accidentally kiss? Sorry if this was long I'm bad at explaining. Much love💞💞

Hi, thank you so much love!! You aren’t bad at explaining at all! I’m not sure if I did exactly what you wanted, but I hope you enjoy it, ily ♡

He Deserves Better

Pairing: Jaehyun (NCT U) x Reader

Genre: Angst with lil fluff at the end

Word Count: 1,869

Summary: Jaehyun is dating your friend, but she doesn’t treat him, or you for that matter, very well. One day, when you are over, she blows up at him over nothing and tells him they’re done. He runs out, obviously hurt, and you follow him to comfort him…

Originally posted by trainingpanda

The circular ball flew up into the air, spinning a few times, before falling back down into your hand. You threw it up again, but this time it missed your hand and hit you right in the face. “Ow,” you grumble, rubbing your cheek.

“Dummy,” Your friend says chuckling from where she was sitting at her desk.

You push yourself up into a sitting position and glare at her from your position on the bed. “I’m bored,” you complain. “What are we going to do today?”

“I don’t know,” she says just as her phone chimes. When she looks at who the message is from she squeals, causing you to roll your eyes.

“Is that your boy toy?” You ask in an unamused tone.

“He’s not my boy toy,” she says, giving you the stink eye. “But yes, it’s Jaehyun.”

A disgusted look comes onto your face without you even meaning to make one. You feel your nose scrunch up and your eyebrows knit together. The way your friend acted about and around Jaehyun was enough to make you puke. You didn’t have a problem with Jaehyun, in fact he was a very nice guy and though you would never admit this to your friend, you also found him very attractive. It was your friend who had started to bother the crap out of you, especially recently. She was different when she was around him and you hated it, not only because it was irritating, but because she wasn’t terribly nice to Jaehyun.

She would boss him around a lot and though she said many times how much she ‘loved him’, when she was actually around him, she gave him very little attention. To be quite honest, you weren’t sure why he stayed with her. And you weren’t sure why you still hung out with her. It wasn’t like she was the greatest friend to you either.

“Jaehyun says he wants to come over,” she says excitedly, making your disgusted expression deepen. She furrows her eyebrows at you. “Why do you look like that?”

“Because I thought we were going to hangout just the two of us, not your boyfriend too,” you say cautiously, not wanting to start any unnecessary argument.

“Well if it’s that much of a problem for you, he doesn’t have to come over,” she says, attitude and sass lacing her every word. She wasn’t happy that you had said that. You internally groaned, knowing she was going to be pissed at you the whole day if you really insisted that Jaehyun not come over.

Sighing, you say, “No, whatever. That’s fine.”

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always-a-marvel-fangirl  asked:

I'm more of a lurker on tumblr and I don't follow you (fixing that now), but I had to tell you your scientific kissing post was so perfect yet heartbreaking. I loved all of it, I'm just so happy other people get so invested in ships like I do. Would you mind sharing your favorite Skye/ward fanfic?

Haha I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! Isn’t science great?! (In case you missed it or, you know, want to do science again…)

This is THE BEST question tbh. Because I have MANY fave Skye/Ward fanfics. And many fave authors. So, now that I think about it, this is also THE WORST question. But oh well. Also, I am bound to forget someone. (IF I HAVE FLAILED IN THE COMMENTS OF YOUR FIC, KNOW I LOVE YOU AND YOU HAVE MADE ME SO HAPPY EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT ON THIS LIST.)

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anonymous asked:

All right, I have to ask - why Cullen? I'm sort of mystified here, it's not like I hate the guy, and I even romanced him myself, but I thought it was just okay and not really anything special (don't hate me <_<). I didn't play DA2, is that why I Don't Get Cullen? What's the appeal?

Hold onto your hats, kids. This one’s going to get long.

(You know it’s bad when I don’t even pretend I’m going to be brief. Also: I know absolutely nothing, really, about any of the other romances, so please don’t think I’m critiquing them. I am only speaking about my experience with the Cullen romance.)

Spoilers under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

I'm having a bad day and really wanna read some jily oneshots or drabbles. Do you have any really good ones that a lot of people may not know about? Thanks

I’ll be completely honest with you and say that I wasn’t actually planning on answering this as I’ve also had a pretty shitty day and all I want to do is curl up and watch Gossip Girl. But then I remembered that I have homework to so it was either this or homework. Be happy, you bet out bio ;)

A Little Bit Futile - James and Lily discuss Valentine’s Day. LJoneshot

The Girl in the Upstairs Bedroom - Nazi Germany. Lily is brought to the Potter’s household when she is twelve years old, to go into hiding. James doesn’t take much notice of her until she is sixteen. But secrets can never be kept forever, and the consequences of this one being discovered can be particularly deadly.

Textbooks, Time Scarves, and Tea - Lily visits the coffee shop because Sev works there, even though he’s got a completely obnoxious coworker with admittedly fantastic hair.

A Compromise - ”And what woman do you expect to carry seven of your offspring into the world?” He takes a moment to consider this. “You, probably.”

Just Stay Here Tonight - AU. Lily Evans isn’t a witch.

And the Wolves All Cry - AU. if a certain person doesn’t hear a prophecy, does it still come true?

Intricacies -  JL, oneshot: “Because no matter what happens, no matter how many games they play, he’s always too captivated by her to stop taking part.” R&R

Language, Potter - ”Language, Potter. You’re about to have a baby. Don’t want the little tyke exposed to such foul words. Unless it’s my doing, of course.” Rated T for language. might add another chapter with James.

How Do You Call Your Lover Boy -  ”Nuh-uh, Evans. No way would Prongs skip out on Quidditch with me just to shag you.”: Lily and Sirius make a bet for James’s attention. L/J. One-shot.

The Early Morning Toast Brigade - In which Lily Evans makes the best of insomnia, with the help of her womanly wiles.

Invictus - In which Lily tells James she’s pregnant.

The Quidditch Jersey - Lily wears James’ quidditch jersey after a late night working on a charms essay. Literally 2,000 words of fluffy nothingness.

Gamble - If it wasn’t Evans, he’d call it off and let them stew in it. He’d snog her senseless and be done with the whole thing. [JamesLily. Marauders era]

Disrupting a Muggle Affair - ”You can dress him up…” At Petunia’s wedding, everyone’s favorite wizarding couple causes a bit of a scene.

When in Manchester - A power outage in the Evans’ home leaves Lily and James in the dark over Christmas holiday.

Perpetually Never Ending - Professor Minerva McGonagall survives seven long years of James Potter and Lily Evans

An Umbrella of Persuasion - Lily doesn’t like the rain, but unfortunately for her, she has managed to choose a boyfriend who adores it.

Key Limes - In which Academy Award winner Lily Evans discovers the periphery of internet fandom and the existence of Prince James’s gold star system.

That Potter Boy - For six summers, Lily’s parents hear all about that Potter boy. Then comes the seventh.

Midnight Happenings -  Lily’s having some trouble sleeping but of course, James is there to ‘help’ her. One Shot

Epithet - She’d listen with abated breath to the nicknames others gave her, hoping she’d find the answers in them. In all her short life, she’d been called many different things, and she was determined that at least one of them would fit.

Up to Speed - Once best friends, Lily and James grew apart during their years at Hogwarts James, the popular prankster, Lily, the knowitall bystander. But will their past bring them back together? One shot. Full summary inside.

Transfiguring Views - The story of Lily and James through the eyes of Professor McGonagall.

Transfiguration Mishaps -  James looked as though he didn’t know whether to laugh or try to protect me. Obviously, he opted for laughing. LJ Oneshot.

I wasn’t sure exactly what you were looking for (fluffy, heart-wrenthing, funny, etc.) so I just added a little bit of everything. Enjoy! 

P.S. I hope you day gets better :)

Sickness (A TinLamp Story Part 6)


Larry’s eyes snapped open as he shot himself up. Sweat was dripping down his face, and dark circles hung from his eyes. He looked at his arms, which had these IV tubes hooking onto something. He gasped and panted for air, trying to remember everything that went down in his head. He gritted his teeth in pain as he felt a huge wave of dizziness hit his head, and layed back down, putting a hand on his forehead.

“Hey! Look guys! He’s up!”

Larry looked weakly at the little book who was hopping up and down in excitement.


Larry felt his bloodshot eyes water.

She was alive.

The teachers dashed into the room, looking worried and just as worse as he looked. They all started talking at once.

“What the hell happened?!”
“Are you feeling okay?!”

Larry raised his hand. His hand was trembling, with all the tubes and stuff.

“F-First….before y-you ask me a-anything…tell me…w-what the…hell happened…”
Larry muttered groggily.

Steak Guy crossed his arms.
“Well, we warned you multiple times to NOT HAVE A DRINKING CHALLENGE at the party Larry! We all knew this would happen!!
He let out a sigh.
“ But what’s most important, is that you’re awake. Ever since the party, you’ve been in a coma for FOUR DAYS! We were worried sick about you, Larry!”

Larry looked up at him. He remembered the last part of his dream, when Steak Guy ended him once and for all. He could still clearly hear him saying,
“Rest in pieces, you son of a bitch.”
Larry gulped and nodded.
Steak Guy looked down, and saw a star on his chest that was glowing a deep shade of red. He lifted an eyebrow in concern.

“Hey, you seem scared bud, what’s the problem?”
He put a hand on his shoulder.
Larry looked up at him in shock. He seemed….nicer.
Nothing like his dream.
A little.
He was sometimes grouchy and angry, like in his dream, but he was a gentlemen at heart.
Larry sighed and felt his eyes water again.

Steak Guy let out a sympathetic smile.
“Hey, you have tears again! When you got knocked out from the beer, we realized that you haven’t drank anything in days besides beer! You needed water!”

Larry sighed and dug his face in his lampshade.

Colin stood by his bed, staring at him. His eyes went all different colors, until he finally spoke.
“It seems that your are afraid and relieved, Larry. What’s bothering you?”
Larry glared at him.
Colin let out a smirk.

Tony walked by his side and squeezed his shoulder.
“Enough, Colin. Anyways, what has been on your mind, Larry?”

Larry wiped his eyes.
“I had the….t-the worst nightmare..e-ever…”

Shrignold swooped by his head.
“And, may I ask, what was it about, Larry?”
Larry looked down, his eyes pale, but glossy.
“I-I had a dream….w-where Spinach C-Can…”
Spinach Can.
Larry’s eyes widened as he shot yo and tried to get off the bed.
He began to hyperventilate, worried and scared that she might have REALLY been dead.

Fridge gently sat him back down.
“Woah there, pal, calm down.” He whispered comfortingly.

Larry sat there, with his hand clenching the sheets.
“Where is she….?”

Fridge patted his back in sympathy.Larry began to tear up as Bread Boy came hopping next to him.
He was alive.

“She’s been sick for a few days Larry. She got the flu ever since the party.”

Once Larry heard that sentence, his heart dropped into his shoes. His face turned even paler than it was, and his tears began to spill out of his eyes.

Everyone looked at him in shock.
“Oh Larry! Don’t cry!” Said Fridge.
He wrapped his arms around Larry, who was now trembling with fear.

“W-Where is she…”

Bread Boy looked up at him.
“Oh! She’s in my room resting! Her fever went down, and she’s stopped puking! Would you like me to get her?”
Larry nodded.

Bread Boy hopped out from the room and down the hall.

Larry sat there, his eyes widened and scared, remembering everything that has happened. He laid back down, closing his eyes, hoping that this pain would go away. The teachers stood by his bed, glancing worried looks at one another, until suddenly….


Larry’s eyes opened when he heard the familiar voice. The voice who scolded him for drinking. The voice that died in his dream.
Spinach Can.

Spinach Can hopped into the room, then onto Larry’s bed, looking a bit pale, but not as pale as in his dream.

“LARRY!!!! GET UP!!!” She yelled.

Larry slowly sat up, only to be embraced in a huge hug. Larry looked at Spinach, who was weeping on his shoulder.
Larry felt tears streaming from his eyes now. He hugged her tightly, not wanting to let go. He was so afraid that he truly lost her, and that she was gone forever, but now…
She was here.
And crying on Larry’s shoulder.

Larry stroked her messy spinach hair, embracing the feeling of it, afraid that he would lose her again.

They both stayed that way for a while, before Spinach Can decided to finally let go and look at Larry.

“O-Oy Larry…! Why a-are you *sniff* cryin’?” She whimpered. She wiped a tear falling down his cheek.
Larry looked at her, with pain and relief in his eyes.
“I-I had the worst nightmare….w-where…you got r-really ill…a-and…you…”
He gulped.

Spinach Can gave him a pained look.

“A-And then…Sketchbook and Bread Boy killed th-themselves to be with y-you….”

Bread Boy looked up at Fridge and Steak Guy, who looked at each other in shock. Sketchbook looked at Shrignold, her eyes widened with shock and pain as well.

“A-And…I-I tried to s-save Bread Boy…b-but then… S-Steak…h-he…”

Larry began to weep. Spinach Can hugged him tightly in her arms.
“Oy Larry! I-It’s okay! I-It was just a nightmare…it wasn’t real..”
She stroked his lampshade.
Larry shut his eyes in pain. He had never experienced this much pain and fear. It felt so…

Steak Guy cleared his throat quietly.
“Uh…pardon me for asking…but, what exactly did I do to you, Larry…?”

Larry squeezed his eyes shut.
“Y-You killed me! You beat me up! You stabbed me! You smashed me to pieces! All because you thought I killed Bread Boy! ALL BECAUSE SPINACH CAN WAS DEAD!!!!!
I M S O S O R R Y!!!!”

Steak Guy stood there in shock.
“Larry…I…I don’t know what to say….”
Larry looked up at him when he felt arms wrap around him. Steak Guy let out a sad smile.
“It’s going to be alright though, Lar…”
Larry let out a small smile.
Soon, everyone joined in for a group hug.

Larry let out a small smile. Everyone was here. No one was sad, scared, or dead.
He closed his eyes, feeling a huge weight being lifted from his chest.
His eyes got heavy as he let go from everyone.

Spinach Can gently stroked his hand.
“Are you alright, Lar…?” She whispered in a sweet tone. Larry smiled and placed his hand on top of her small hand, rubbing it gently.

“Y-Yeah….I’m fine….”
Spinach Can looked at him, with her trademark smile on her face. She gently lifted Larry’s chin and slowly got closer to his face, until her mouth touched his lips.

Larry’s cheeks turned pink as he realized what was going on.
Spinach Can was kissing him.

Larry’s eyes closed as he embraced the kiss. He slowly wrapped his hands around her tin body as she moved her hands to his cheeks. They stayed that way, until they realized everyone was staring at them;some in disgust, and some in happiness (Especially Shrignold).

Eventually, everyone left in relief and joy. They were all glad that their friend was awake. The only one who stayed was Spinach, talking to him about the dreams she’s had, and the constant fear she went through for the past few days, thinking that her boyfriend was going to die. She scolded him as well for drinking, warning him that his teeth were gonna go grey, and he laughed. They both stared into each other’s eyes as their foreheads touched. Larry smiled and stroked her cheeks.

And now he knew, everything was going to be okay.
It’s been a week since he woke up, and everyone was happy and enjoying each other’s company. Larry made sure to take care of Spinach; if she coughed, he would go crazy and continuously ask if she was feeling okay.
Spinach Can found it adorable-she knew he truly cares about her.
Spinach Can also made sure that he was careful with drinking-she was terrified that if he drank even more than last time, that would be a instant death wish. She always asked how many drinks he had-and scolding him again about drinking.
But they still helped each other; through good times and bad times. Through sad and happy times.

And to matter what, they still held on to each other. Their love still carried on.

And nothing,
Not even death,
Could change that.



G R E A T N E W S!!!!

This was really fun to right, and this story was supposed to have two endings-
But some this was depressing, so I gave you all the good ending!

I’m not sick anymore!
And I’m not getting surgery! (I think)

Hope you enjoyed this story!!

P.S : This isn’t the last fanfic I’m gonna write

I Will Wait Chapter 7

Previous Chapters - [6] [5]

(Please open chapter 5 for links to 1 - 4)

Day 51 (Since Stefan said he would wait)

The sound of Caroline’s giggles greets him as he enters the apartment. Whatever the joke, he’s happy to have caught her smile.It’s moving day for Caroline and Bonnie. The place is abuzz with people carrying furniture and cardboard boxes. He doesn’t recognize most of the faces doing the heavy lifting. He sees Matt debating with a stranger on where the TV should go. His gaze wanders back to Caroline. She has on a pair of shorts that is almost camouflaged by her baggy T-shirt and her hair is in two pig-tails. She is beautiful, he smiles to himself.

“Hey”, he says alerting her of his presence.

“Hey, you’re here..”

“You sound surprised”. Why would he be anywhere else he wonders.

“Yeah Damon told Bonnie something about you being busy today…”

He has no idea what she’s talking about.

“Well I’m glad you’re here, we can use all the help we can get. You can be on boxes duty.”

He smiles.. “Yes ma’am “ he teases. She smiles back.


He comes out of Caroline’s room after putting away her last box. He sees Damon standing by the little counter island that separated the kitchen from the living room. He looks bored. He walks up to him.

“Ah finally, the man I’m here to see” Damon smirks at Stefan.

“What’s up?” Stefan asks as he leans back on the counter.

“Well you ran off before I could…

His brother’s words are lost to him as another conversation piques his curiosity. A stranger is talking to Caroline and she’s smiling.

“You look really cute today, by the way…not that you don’t look cute everyday..just..well…you know what I mean..”

Stefan’s brows furrow. Cute? Did some stranger just call her cute? This man has no business flattering his girl.. besides, cute is not a compliment befitting Caroline Forbes. He doesn’t notice her dismissing his words. He is annoyed that this stranger has beaten him to the punch. That should be him wooing her. He wonders who this guy is. He has never seen him before, and yet here he is talking as if he knows her. His jaws clench involuntarily. The curiosity that nudged him to eavesdrop is ousted by a nagging, uncomfortable sensation that he can’t seem to subdue. He reaches for his flask and takes a swig at it.

Bonnie comes over to grab drink off the counter.

“Who’s the new guy ?” Stefan asks her immediately.

“Oh that’s Will, he just started working at the bar with Matt and Caroline”

Will.. where has he heard that name before… He recollects Matt calling Caroline’s admirer who left her a note at the bar, Will. “You’ve gotta be kidding me” he mumbles to himself as he continues to sip his bourbon rolling his eyes at his luck, or the lack thereof. 

“Nope, I kid you not brother..” Comes Damon’s timely retort.

Stefan turns to look at his brother’s smug face. Damon is still talking. Only Stefan has no idea what about. 

“Look, it’s not like I’m asking you to sleep with her..”

“I’m sorry WHAT?” Stefan is visibly irritated.

“What, what ?? Your blast from the past..I just..”

“Damon.. just.. I can’t do this right now…” He walks away from his brother, over to where Caroline is standing with Will.

“Hey, so the boxes are all done…what next” He asks, hands in his pocket giving her a slight smirk. He stands in front of her, blocking her view of Will. 

“Thanks. “ She smiles at him. She does seem genuinely happy to see him. It helps subdue the annoying feeling that had crept up in him.. “Damon said he needs you..”

‘Nope.. he doesn’t need me” Stefan cuts her off.

“I do actually.. .you think you can spare him for a couple of hours…”

“yeah sure…”

Damon yanks Stefan off to convince him to get information out of Genevieve. 

Caroline walks up the stairs to her new apartment. She sees Stefan sitting on the stairwell waiting for her. She is in a yellow lace short dress with her signature denim jacket on. Her hair flows down her shoulders in loose curls. 

“Stefan !” She exclaims. She looks surprised. Well more like she has just been caught doing something…the reaction surprises Stefan.. but he decides to put it out of his mind. He walks up to her grabs her hand and leads her  up the staircase, away from her door. 

”Come on..”

She enters the roof. She never bothered checking the roof out before. 

 “Dance with me” he says giving her a lopsided grin and pulling her towards him.

Caroline is surprised. She plays along. Its been a while since she danced. 

“You stole my iPod” she accuses him gesturing to the little thing playing its heart out by the edge of the roof

“Borrowed it” He corrected her. 

“And you got the little lights” her smile widens as she looks around her.

“Obviously” he says grinning. 

He looks at her as she takes in the sight of the lights surrounding them.. “Why the little ones” He asks. 

“I donno… “ She is still looking at them, thinking about his question.. “You know how the stars look like little lights, but they are so far away..?” She wonders out loud and turns back to look at him. She catches the unmasked adoration in his eyes and for a minute she is lost in the green staring right at her. “ The lights are like stars, but only.. you can reach them…” He finishes her sentence.. He still cant take his eyes off her as they sway to the soft melody that floats through the night sky.

Caroline breaks eye contact. “So I’m guessing you didn’t go see Genevieve like Damon wanted..” She asks making small talk. 

He smiles rolling his eyes lightly at Damon’s master plan. If Damon wants information out of Genevieve, he can fetch it himself. Stefan is too preoccupied to play along.

 “So… moving wrapped up pretty fast huh?” He continues her small talk.

“ Yup, and then Matt, Will and I went for drinks. I figured I owed them a few beers after all the heavy lifting”

“Hmmmm” he says avoiding her gaze.

“What?” She picks up on the change in Stefan’s demeanour.

“I just.. I don’t trust him”

“Who ? Will? Why?”

“Caroline… with Genevieve and Lily, I feel now wouldn’t be the best time to trust random strangers . .What if he is compelled ?” The words come tumbling out.

“Compelled . to do what exactly?” Caroline’s trying to make sense of it all.

“Caroline..” He sighs in exasperation. “Why even take a chance..”

“What’s happening..” She looks at him studying his features and its current movements.

“What ?”

“Stefan..?” She asks lovingly..  “Are you jealous of Will?”

“What?” Comes the knee jerk reaction from Stefan. “NO.. I am not.. I.” He looks away.. who is he trying to kid here.. she knows… He looks back at her,… His eyes are forlorn as they search hers’ for answers he is not sure he wishes to know..

“Does he make you laugh…” He asks softly. There is a well hidden anxiety in him that only she can see. 

“Naah, he’s not that funny” She replies giving him a reassuring smile. 

“Liar” He whispers lovingly into her ear as they continue dancing. 

“Why would you be jealous of Will?”

He turns to look at her. He sees that she is asking in earnest. Her blue orbs confused and looking for clarity.

He remembers those very blue eyes drowning in sorrow as she said Then stay…” . He didn't stay, he walked away. He could hear her crying. He still walked away…

He remembers her with her humanity off.. “…only took a couple of years, cancer to devour my mom, for me to switch my humanity off, but you finally spit it out”

He remembers her words “…all I needed was for you to tell me that you felt something for me..and you didn’t..”

“He.. he hasn’t hurt you”, He says.. “or.. let you down…”  He swallows. There is a lump forming in his throat, threatening to silence his words. He wills it to go away as he continues, “he is not complicated..and I..we..are complicated..”

Why would she want complicated when she can have a clean slate…a fresh start..no emotionally crippling baggage..

Her gaze is unwavering as she speaks. Her voice is soft, reminiscent. “Not-Complicated did not die to save me from a hybrid traveller..” She pauses to let it sink in and then she continues, there is a hint of regret this time in her tone. “Not-Complicated .. wasn’t the one who almost died to get my humanity back”.

Stefan’s world spins on its axis. This an affect only she has on him. One minute he knows what he is doing, what he is thinking; he is in control, and the next - he is overwhelmed. A plethora of raw emotions surge up to override thought and reason till all he can do is feel. And at this moment, all he feels is the girl before him and all he wants is to taste her lips and the listen to her heart skip a beat as he takes her breath away. He shouldn’t. He said he would wait. But he finds himself inching towards to her anyway…

He is jolted out of his trance by Caroline’s phone ringing. They are both startled. 

“Its..Bonnie.. we should go down..”

He follows her down the stairs. She is waiting for him by her front door.

“Caroline..” He starts as she opens the door.

“SURPRISE!!” Bonnie and Damon yells ! Alaric forces a smile. Matt raises his bottle of whiskey to him. 

“Happy birthday in advance brother” Damon says clapping his brother’s shoulder. 

Stefan doesn’t know what to feel any more. 

Author’s Note: I'm ending this chapter here, otherwise it will get too long. Next chapter will begin from this exact point, so the surprise b’day party won’t be skipped. :-)

 I’ll post it in a few days. Enjoy !