i'm not even tired and it scares me

Another thing we need to talk about is Frank’s tone of voice when he says “Just this once? Wh…No, No, Red, That’s…That’s not how it works. It’s…You cross over to my side of the line, you don’t get to come back from that. Not ever.” Because damn.

Why are so many morty’s traumatized?

I just want him to be happy.

And it’s always ricks fault. Try and tell me it’s not.
What is the fate of a rickless morty?
Is it really much worse without a Rick, or do Ricks just need to make themselves think it’s worse?
Are Ricks scared that Morty’s will realize they don’t need Him even half as much as he needs them?

i don’t want to hear about him anymore, if you know he didn’t treat you well then why do you want him back to begin with?? all he does is take advantage of you, you acknowledging that doesn’t mean you should give yourself a pat on the back if you just keep doing what he tells you to do. i’m so tired of hearing about him just stop… give your attention to someone who’s actually deserving of your time because i’m so sick of the way you keep talking about how much you love him when we both know that he did you wrong


This is me without makeup vs me with makeup

The “you look exhausted” thing starts to make sense

Just so you know, I don’t wear makeup to please others, I wear it to make myself happy and to feel pretty

So if I’m gonna really gain up some self-confidence, well, there I am and look nearly 90% of the time