i'm not even tired and it scares me

i wish to pause my existence
i do not wish for death
i wish for an escape
before i drown in the sea of deception
before the darkness consumes me whole
and i am no longer my own person

i do not wish for the last breath
i wish for a pause
while i mend and heal
while i become whole
but time waits for no man
and i am not an exception

i have to be brave
i have to be strong
no matter how hard
or how they thought i was wrong

it won’t be easy
but i’ll have to try
because my only salvation
lies in me, myself and I.

Another thing we need to talk about is Frank’s tone of voice when he says “Just this once? Wh…No, No, Red, That’s…That’s not how it works. It’s…You cross over to my side of the line, you don’t get to come back from that. Not ever.” Because damn.


When I was young, I called Dad whenever I got scared. But now, I call out a different name. Do Min Joon. For the first time, I got a person I love more than you, Dad. From morning till night… I got a person who I want to do everything with. Even if that person keeps pushing me to go away, I can’t take my step. Even if I try to hate him, I can’t hate him. Again and again, I keep dreaming sad dreams where he loves me. Again and again, i’m dreaming a sad dream.



this was during tris’s fear landscape where she is suppose to be all scared/not into it and shit. SHE LOOKS VERY INTO TO IT TO ME. AND IF YOU DON’T SEE IT.



Ugh, this ship will be the death of me.

What if Dan just suddenly confessed his love to Phil and he’s getting all emotional and scared and Phil just replies with “mhmmm”

and Dan’s all offended and shaky bc he just pulled his heart out and Phil doesn’t even look up from his laptop screen.

bUT WAIT when Dan’s all wtf Phil just kinda shrugs and replies with “Well yeah, duh, I love you too. I know you’re in love with me and I’m in love with you I just thought it was very obvious at this point haha.”


Why are so many morty’s traumatized?

I just want him to be happy.

And it’s always ricks fault. Try and tell me it’s not.
What is the fate of a rickless morty?
Is it really much worse without a Rick, or do Ricks just need to make themselves think it’s worse?
Are Ricks scared that Morty’s will realize they don’t need Him even half as much as he needs them?


This is me without makeup vs me with makeup

The “you look exhausted” thing starts to make sense

Just so you know, I don’t wear makeup to please others, I wear it to make myself happy and to feel pretty

So if I’m gonna really gain up some self-confidence, well, there I am and look nearly 90% of the time

  • me when ennoshita steps onto the court: who...the fuck...
  • me five minutes later: i love ennoshita chikara my handsome boy who works so hard i'm so glad he's here to help win the fight

i talked to my brother today and i was trying to explain to him about my violent thoughts and impulses and he’s like “everyone experiences that, everyone has violent thoughts” and I was like ?!?!?!?! are u not listening to me???!? i KNOW it’s normal to sometimes have violent thoughts but not the the extent that i have them!!!! that’s why!!! i’m always scared of opening up!!! about!! anything!!!!!

i feel so lonely cause i can’t even tell one of the people i trust the most about what i experience because they just cut me off!!! he kept talking over me and not listening to what i had to say!!! I’m so tired!!!


Title: Airport
Pairing: Harry x reader
Warning(s): Don’t read if you’re scared of flying

Requested: No

Harry POV

I hate having early flights, unfortunately as a YouTuber having early flights was often the case. The hosts of the event often booked the tickets and they wanted us to land as early as possible which meant even earlier flights. Me and the rest of the sidemen were travelling to …….. where we were going to attend Insomnia. Yet somehow we had managed to loose each other and I was only left with Vik. I was already quite tired so I didn’t really have the energy to go looking for the others but Vik insisted. After about 10 minutes of looking we remembered that we had our phones and could’ve just texted them where we were, so we went to check in our baggage and texted them to meet us there. It didn’t take long before I heard JJ’s voice and when they had spotted us I thought it would be funny to pretend like I thought I had lost them forever, so I ran up to JJ but just when I was about to give him a hug when he pushed me backwards with such a force (a/n: Use the force JJ) that I tumbled backwards and fell over someone’s suitcase.

“Are you okay?” A/n: I’m not okay (I promise) A woman with the most angelic voice asked as she looked down on where I was laid on the ground. “Need a hand?” she asked, and when I nodded she stretched her hand out so I could take it.

After she helped me up I apologised for tripping over her suitcase and told her I was okay. “Are you sure? Because I’d only rate that trick a 5/10” she giggled.

“Ouch” I said while taking my hand to my heart pretending I was hurt. That made her giggle even more. “I’m Harry”

“I’m Y/N, nice to meet you Harry, I guess you could say you literally fell for me”

We both laughed at that for a while. After a while of talking to her I could see the boys were getting impatient so I decided to go back to them so we didn’t miss our flight.

“It was nice meeting you Y/N” I said before walking off to the boys.

“It was nice meeting you too Harry!” I heard her shout after me which made me smile, thank god she couldn’t see that.

~skip to when they enter the plane~

I asked the others for what seats they had, turned out I was going to sit with two complete strangers as all of the others had seats next to eachother, great…
I made my way to seat 17B and prayed that I’d sit next to decent people. When I arrived to the seat row there was only one person sitting there, she seemed kinda familiar. As I was sitting down it hit me: she was the girl from earlier!

“Hi again, it’s me” I said, internally chuckling to myself.

“Oh hey Harry, can’t get enough of me?” She smirked.

“Oh get over yourself, I bet you payed to change your seat so you could sit with me” that made her laugh, she had such a cute laugh.

Y/N and I continued talking for a while, I told her I was a youtuber which led to us sitting and watching my videos, she refused to see the new ones and said she would only watch the old ones (I think that was to bully me).

We were having a blast when suddenly the plane started shaking a lot and a warning noise started to beep. I felt Y/N grip onto me and snuggle her head into my sweater. She began to lightly sob so I started stroking her hair, not only to calm her down but to calm me down as well. The plane started dropping at a major speed, everyone was panicking yet the staff wasn’t saying or doing anything.

Suddenly I heard Simon shout my name, he was probably looking for me so I shouted back so he could follow my voice. He made his way down to my row and sat down in the empty seat next to me. The alarm was beeping like crazy.

“So Harry as it seems we’re going to die I need to tell you something I’ve always been afraid to say, I-” he started but I cut him off.

“I’m sorry Simon but it has got to wait because if we’re gonna die I need to do something first” I grabbed Y/N’s face and moved it closer to mine. I connected our lips which lead to a deep long kiss, she was an amazing kisser.

After a while we had to stop to catch our breaths, she laid her head down on my shoulder. I turned to Simon “what were you going to say?”

“Oh ermh nothing important” he answered, he looked kinda sad what was that about?

The plane was almost at the ground, we were going to crash. Y/N and I wrapped our hands around each other and closed our eyes.


A/N: I know you have to wear those oxygen masks but this is fictional and it wouldn’t have worked with the story so shush