i'm not even tagging this because it's awful


I’m practically taking an expression screencap from every episode lately to use in chats because they convey more than I ever could express with words

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I ship Ereri and I went through your Ereri tag because why not, you were in my suggested, and while I personally prefer bottom Eren, I was appalled by the hate you got! I'm sorry that that even happened!

Aw thank you! but its alright haha I like the hate. And I also run Erenisabottom so if you want to check that out you are more than free too. :3 

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I feel like the verse featuring Allday is a bunch of silly inside jokes that they share. Like maybe that's why we can't really explain the silliness of lines like "Pizza boy I'm speeding for ya" or "I'd panic at the disco" because they aren't our jokes, even though they are funny. And maybe that's one aspect Trye meant by specific. I mean obviously with this verse Trye wasn't tryna be poetic, I'm just sayin. But I honestly think it's so cute how goofy they sound, especially the booty line.

we can’t really explain the silliness of the lines because they aren’t our jokes

aw aW AWW I like this a lot. 


Sometimes I find words and sometimes I make images… sometimes I fail at both =P 500 words of what started only as a dialogue:

If 13

“If you could live elsewhere, would you?”

The question finds me unprepared so I stare into my morning coffee a little longer. “Elsewhere? Like… Twelve?”

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