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  Masaomi grew excited and anxious as Saturday neared, knowing that he would soon be going on his first date with Kurashi. They started out backwards in their relationship but, well, he figured that they just weren’t a conventional couple. As long as they liked each other and had a connection, they could move forward.

  His mind remained on Kurashi whether he was at work or at home, and he even ended up calling the man in the two days that passed, missing him already. People at work noticed a difference, asking what had happened when he left for work that Wednesday afternoon. He didn’t give any details, but it was clear that he was smitten.

  Finally, the day of their date arrived. He considered buying flowers, but quickly realized that a blind man probably would have no appreciation for a decoration like that—especially one he had to take care of if he wanted them to live. Instead, feeling the need to get him something, he bought a small box of chocolates in the shape of a heart. He showed up at Kurashi’s home a few minutes before the stated time and knocked on the door, his heart racing as he waited for the door to be answered. 

  “Kurashi-san, it’s Masaomi!” he called out to clarify, figuring it would be better to announce who he was to avoid confusion.