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just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

What’s this? Why it’s old belongs in the trash how good to see it finished. Sorry about the messy coloring, my copics like to go all over the place, and I even accidentally gave Superman a beauty mark just from opening one jfc, so I had to touch that up in SAI. Anyway, sorry uvu here’s my trash ╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯


You know what? I’m done talking about this Kylo thing. Yes, Snoke manipulated Kylo, but that doesn’t mean Kylo didn’t make the choices he did, and it sure as hell doesn’t erase the active harm he inflicted on innocent people throughout TFA. No, don’t give me that “opposite sides of a war” crap, because the only reason there’s even a war in the first place is because Kylo and his nasty First Order buddies want to take over the galaxy with the fascist ideal of Empire 2.0, which includes oppressing planets worth of people. This whole war is because of them, and the Resistance is there to make sure people remain free and safe in their own homes. Kylo is directly and willingly contributing to a fascist regime.

I’ve said time and time again that I don’t mind if Kylo gets a redemption arc, and I’ve explained in I don’t know how many ways that I can see where they’re going for the “sympathetic villain” idea, yet I’m still getting asks from his stans saying I’m “victim blaming” and need to be “nice” to him because I still consider him a villain who is responsible for his actions. And you know what? No amount of guilt-tripping will make me change my mind on this. A tragic backstory doesn’t EXCUSE his actions, it just EXPLAINS them. You’re not going to convince me otherwise just because you leave nasty shit in my inbox.

If there’s anything that’s more annoying than when video games give every female character downright improbable proportions, it’s when they don’t even bother to put any effort into it. Like, this is a AAA game: photorealistic textures, every stitch in the protagonist’s boot-leather is individually modeled, and yet I just saw that lady’s arm clip through her own jiggle physics - in a cutscene, no less. What the hell is wrong with you people?

So on Mabel’s Guide To Colors, Gompers was asked what his favorite color was.

So I googled it because, y’know, I knew it was a red but I wasn’t sure what it looked like exactly. And this was it.

Doesn’t it look familiar?

The reason why I think Gompers’ favorite color is burgundy because of Stan is because of this.

Stan could have easily sold Gompers but instead he kept the goat around. Hell, even named him I’m sure. So, because of all of this, Stan is a big part of Gompers’ life, hence why Gompers loves this color so much.

Also probably why he steals Stan’s hat whenever given the chance.

(And yes, I know Gompers only bleated and didn’t actually say burgundy was his favorite color, but if you watch him, most of the time he’s chewing on something of that color. Stan’s fez and the journal and a piece of cloth in Pacifica’s home. So he probably is fond of that color for some reason.)

You know what I love about the foxhole court?

It features a canon lgbt relationship between a gay boy and a demisexual boy, a relationship that isn’t even a main focus of the books but still manages to contribute to both the plot and the character development.

A same-sex relationship that doesn’t end tragically, that shows these two characters staying together for years to come and leading a healthy domestic life with two cats, an apartment and a joint career.

A relationship that may not start out well, that is anything but love at first sight, but grows so much through personal struggles and mutual respect, and results in something worthwhile.

A relationship that places heavy emphasis not only on mutual consent, on learning and supporting, on protection and respect, but also on individual independence.

A relationship that doesn’t cast other characters to the sidelines, that isn’t the main character’s only source of happiness, because it takes more than romance to develop a character.

A relationship with a goddamn happy ending that feels entirely deserving for both characters because this is how they love, this is how they overcome their past, this is how they grow, not dependent on each other but side-by-side.

Just a goddamn happy same-sex relationship that doesn’t end in death or separation and that involves characters actually learning to respect and love each other basically???

Alice told me what she’d seen of Carlisle and his family. I could hardly believe that such an existence was possible. But Alice made me optimistic. So we went to find them.”

“Scared the hell out of them, too.” Edward said, rolling his eyes at Jasper before turning to me to explain. “Emmett and I were away hunting. Jasper shows up covered in battle scars, towing this little freak.” He nudged Alice playfully— “who greets them all by name, knows everything about them, and want to know which room she can move into. When I came home, all my things were in the garage.

—  I forget how sassy Edward is in the books.

what if the next Finnish literary classic is called seven sisters

what if the seven sisters run off into the forest to escape the conformity of society and do whatever the fuck they want so basically exactly the same plot as in seven brothers

(including all the ridiculous hilarious scenes like being trapped on top of a rock because of cows, or running naked through the forest because of wolves)


the seven sisters do NOT return to society to become ~good citizens but rather continue to do whatever the fuck they want without being shamed for it or despite being shamed for it

(naturally this does include the possibility that one or two of them return to society of their own volition, just, you know - without the morality lesson that’s inherent in seven brothers and that in the context of a modern retelling with a female cast would be pretty gross amiright)

Really not liking this trend of acting like Chirrut is silly/dumb/childish for believing in the force. sure the “the force protected me/I protected you” bit was funny between two people who have been friends for years and understand each other but you know whats not funny? making fun of Chirrut’s beliefs and acting like his feelings and religion aren’t real

Plus why the hell is this even a trend? the force is real in star wars? shouldn’t the obvious joke be making fun of Baze for not believing in the thing that is 100% real?

Really innerving that everyone picked the happy-in-his-beliefs monk to make fun of

Enigma (Part 1)

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Kuroaka

Summary:  “Bokuto says he can’t make it,” Kuroo drawls, his voice rough. Akaashi swallows and nods, his face expressionless but his eyes twinkling and Kuroo can feel himself hoping that this could end up turning into something he’s wanted for a long time- a date.

A/N: inspired by this doodle. @nairuru is drowning in rare pair hell and she’s taking me down with her (I’m not complaining) 

EDIT: Part 2

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keep breathing
keep breathing
k e e p  b r e a t h i n g…

siren song

fandom: gravity falls
words: 2666
characters: stanford pines, stanley pines

so this is the first of what will. probably be at least several stories inspired by @thesnadger​‘s list of sea grunks prompts


Stan gets lured off the ship by sirens or some similar creatures. (Ford is immune to them because he’s ace as hell.) Protective Ford has to save him.

The sleepy lull of evening was just beginning to set in, a few wispy clouds the only obstacle to seeing the star-studded sky coming into visibility. Aside from that, though, the open expanse stretched onwards with incredible clarity.

Tonight would be a good night to pull out the telescope, Ford found himself thinking.

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This is the power of love guys, Cyclonus took down Ravage, ripped off whatever the hell this thing is off of Megatron’s bed and then bashed his head with in all in like 2 seconds

Greek Godesses ♥ Pls help me I need a cure or something like that oAo I apologize if I’m bothering anyone with my KamiAso fanart spam I just became obsessed and I can’t stop drawing these wonderful characters even if they look crappy in my style lol ….;w;

Cas didn’t go to hell and find a man being tortured; He didn’t find a helpless soul. What he found was broken but in the worst way. The things I’m sure he saw Dean do were horrendous and dreadful. The man’s soul was fading and he was well on his way to becoming just like the monsters that surrounded him. Hell, he already acted just like them. Cas still wanted to rescue him even when his first impression of Dean was him at his worst. If Cas can see that and still look at Dean the way he does, I can’t label that as anything other than true love.



So to refresh your memories, here is the body swap M!A :

The mischief Ahri caused:

And the comic that came after :
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