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The things I do for you people.

I wrote a Darkiplier x Reader fic for the @darkiplier-support-group charity event, and since we smashed our goals, I would be wrong not to post it.

First of all, this is based off of the idea of @ask-sadisticdark, and I thought it would be interesting to write a lot of angst and a liiiiiittle bit of fluff based on someone who can’t feel love. The quick disclaimer is that I am obviously not supporting abuse in relationships by writing this.

Second, I write, but I haven’t publicly written a “fic” since I was a preteen. 

Third, Don’t make fun of me too much for this. It’s for charity, okay?!

And no, there’s no smut, you sinners.

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ultimate dragon age meme: one class


Rogues are crafty combatants who succeed in battle by combining speed, subterfuge, and a wide range of abilities to bring their opponents down in unexpected ways, sometimes before the enemy even perceives danger. Rogues can pick locks with great skill, incapacitate enemies with ease, or sneak up on targets to deliver a devious and crippling backstab.

Per Manum Flashback #1

“Well, you need a father, of course. I can get you genetic counseling on finding an anonymous donor, if that’s what you want… unless you already have someone in mind.”
“Yeah… I, uh… I just have to figure out how to ask him.”

This is all happening so fast.

She’d only wanted to know if it would be possible. Someday. Not necessarily right now. She knew that the abduction and experimentation had left her unable to conceive, and for a long time she’d accepted her fate. But lately, since she and Mulder have become intimate, she can’t help thinking more and more about what-if. It’s led her to question the specifics of her infertility: would her body be capable of carrying a pregnancy to term if she used a donor egg, for example. Simple information gathering.

But then yesterday Mulder dropped the bombshell on her about the ova he stole from the Lombard Research Facility, almost three years ago. Actually, “bombshell” is far too sedate a word. He stole her ova, secretly had them tested, never told her when they were deemed inviable, and then kept them hidden in his freezer anyway.

But despite the odds, Dr. Parenti seems to think there’s a chance. And a time window that’s rapidly closing. Which means that “someday” just became “now.” And that means she has to figure out how to ask Mulder the question she thought she might have years to plan, if she ever had to ask it at all.

What if he’s not ready for that? God, she is barely ready, and she wants it so badly she can hardly breathe. What will she do if he says no?

What if this breaks them?

She can’t ask him in person, she realizes. If he turns her down, she won’t be able to hide her disappointment, and she doesn’t want him to feel guilted into saying yes if he truly doesn’t want this. No, he needs time, and privacy, to think it over and make his own decision. She will write him a letter and drop it off at the office.

And now she still has to figure out how in the hell to ask the biggest question of her life.


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sorry to ask this, but i’m really struggling financially for several reasons right now and donations would be really appreciated. my mental illness symptoms got so severe that i had to go to the hospital (i can provide proof if needed) and miss days of work + my hours were temporarily cut. additionally, my wallet, which had over 100$ inside, is missing. the financial issues are really taking a toll on my mental health. i’m not sure how i’ll pay for things like my medication, which is vital to my wellbeing.

any help would be appreciated- even just reblogging this post! if you want me to pay me back, let me know, and i swear, i’ll repay you as soon as i can. i can also make icons (i don’t have a ton of experience, but i’ve made some before) in return! a link to donate is paypal.me/khthree!


Look :’) how far :’) she’s come since her first appearance :’) So proud of her :’) She’s so much happier :’)

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[if you're still doing that meme] top 5 ronan lynch moments?

1. i honestly did not even notice the first time around but - like…. bro. bro. the entirety of the raven boys is one big temper tantrum, hAHA ADAM DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE SHIFT, blue shows up, and he like SLAMS OUT OF THE CAR. like…. chill. take a chill pill. take several chill pills. take a zopiclone and go to bed. 

2. i love thinking of that stupid obnoxious bmw roaring down adam’s drive like, especially when it came to the Robert Parrish Incident. you keep seeing these graphics where ronan is like Rugged, and Tough, and looks like a prison daddy/paris fashion week male model, and it’s like… has anyone writing/reading ya seen a seventeen year old boy, ever. ronan by rights should look like robert sheehan in misfits with no hair, kind of pale and blotchy, absolutely no upper body strength because he and gansey survive off shitty pizza and energy drinks and the fridge is in the toilet. so like, personally i enjoy this so much more for the visual juxtoposition - this angry sleek car careening up the driveway, and then ronan gets out, this pale irish boy who probably has scurvy, and everyone is like ‘this is cute but that kids gonna get his ass beat’. and then he DOESN’T.

3. ‘manibus. for your hands.’ 

i hate this fucker.

4. every interaction with kavinsky ever has me in hysterics like, babe. babe. b a b e. ‘ARE YOU FUCKING GANSEY. ARE YOU FUCKING GANSEY. ARE YOU FUCKING’ no comment. no response. no one says anything. even just that first time when kavinsky comes and drops off those bracelets like a cat with a dead bird ronan is just like, this is cool, this is fine, this is a thursday, and everyone else is like ‘……. are you fucking kavinsky’. and then later, of course, ‘LETS DRAG RACE COME ON LETS GO LET’S FUCKING GO LET’S REACH FOR SEXUAL EXCITEMENT’ ‘ronan what the fuck’

5. weird tattoo sex dream

Ghost Elements and Healing

I’ve been thinking about when the gas tanker blows in the final fight of The Ultimate Enemy and I’ve come up with this headcanon: What if a ghost- if exposed to enough and for enough time- could be healed/revived/strengthened by their core element?

Dan was hurt by the Specter Deflector, coupled with getting knocked through a tanker, and the previous shot from the Fenton Peeler; you’d think that tanker blowing up with him smack dab in the middle would have kept him down for more than 15 seconds.Hell, getting knocked through a building later in the ep did more damage, and it doesn’t make any sense: by comparison that explosion should have fucked him up

But instead, he walks out of it just fine, he even has the strength to rip off the Specter Deflector. And then I saw this

What if he had been hurt, but being surrounded by his core element (if you accept he’s a fire core) he was channeling the flames you see on his body to restore what had been damaged and catch his second wind.

TL;DR: Ghosts may be able to convert their respected elements into energy or even into ectoplasm, like we do with food or plants with sunlight, to heal and regain strength.

some of my personal favorite highlights from the Osomatsu-san seiyuu commentary on Episode 12

youkyan’s own opinions on karamatsu:

according to the others, onodai letting jyushimatsu’s popularity get to his head and adding too many adlibs…

…only for them all to be rejected:

the seiyuu of the elder matsus discussing how karamatsu might have gotten his tanktop:

youkyan apparently being the type that’s no good at making himself stop laughing once he’s started, to the point where he can’t even say his own lines:

miyu asking fukujun to read ichimatsu’s “nomination scenes” out loud, just to emphasize how terrible they are in comparison:

the seiyuu of the younger matsus commenting that ESP Kitty is maybe not as touching of a story as it seems, because it’s really rooted in bad intentions:

the younger matsus’ seiyuu trying to contemplate why totty’s a virgin if he’s “so good with women”…

fukujun’s love for the Iconic Totty Face:

youkyan pressuring onodai into saying a likely-totally-OOC adlib for jyushimatsu:

and finally, the two groups of seiyuu insulting one another:

Glee Rewatch - Pilot (1x1)

Favorite quote: “There’s nothing ironic about show choir!” (Rachel)
Favorite scene: Finn freeing Artie from the port-o-potty and giving the jocks a piece of his mind. It feels significant because it’s the first time someone really stands up for the Glee club. And even though it’s cliche, I’m always a sucker for that whole ‘Yes, we’re losers, but goddammit we won’t let you bring us down’ vibe. 
Favorite song: “Don’t Stop Believin” - I mean, what else can it be? Iconic.

Other random thoughts:

  • I literally forgot about Tina’s fake stutter.
  • I find it interesting that we are introduced to Rachel relatively late (6 minutes in). We get first glimpses of Finn, Kurt, the teachers, then Mercedes, Tina and only then are we introduced to Rachel. But she’s the first of the kids to get a voice-over (the first voice-over in the episode goes to Mr. Schue). So I guess she’s the first glee kid that we learn more about.
  • It bothers me to this day that we see pics of Rachel’s dads in this episode and then later Leroy and Hiram look nothing like these people. 
  • Rachel’s character is very ambiguous to me right from the start. She’s exhausting, sure. But her dedication and ambition are admirable and the way the others are making fun of her really makes me feel for her. 
  • Good god, I forgot how much I loathe Terri and that whole pregnancy storyline. Ew.
  • You know, it took me quite a long time to realize how messed up Schue really is. But his behaviour is questionable right from the start. Blackmailing Finn to join Glee club? Not cool.
  • Oh, so Mercedes actually did say ‘white boy’ this one time. I was always wondering where that came from in many fics.
sans on a date
  • date: what's that in your jacket pocket?
  • sans: oh, that. well, uh... see, i wasn't sure where this night would end up leading and... heh. it's better to be prepared just in case, right?
  • date: oh my god sans did you--
  • sans: of course. i'm extremely responsible, so i always remember to bring a condom-ent.
  • sans: [pulls out fistfuls of ketchup packets, winking]
  • sans: never know when the food's gonna need a little something extra.
  • date:
  • sans:
  • date:
  • sans: i'm literally a skeleton, i'm not sure what else you were expecting.

anonymous asked:

I just.. How do you even play Animal Crossing?? Since I started following you I've learned about things I've never even heard of, can you explain the professional way to play Animal Crossing?

hi nony! first of all, i’m sorry for the late reply while i put this together, but i hope this helps! i’m not sure what you mean by playing acnl “professionally” but i’m assuming you mean obsessively, hahahA. i *will* note that the way i play [trying to fully upgrade all my characters’ houses, get all my villagers’ pics, earn ALL THE BADGES] takes a lot of time. multiple hours playing every day, *every day*. it’s what *i* decided would be my goals for the game, since there’s no real “finish” to the game, so you may decide to go in a completely different direction with your gameplay. figure out *your* goals for the game: whether it’s making the perfect dream town, or growing hybrids, or filling your museum [or all of them!]. that being said, here’s some stuff to get you started and a little deeper into gameplay.

face guide for creating new characters: first and foremost, you have to create your character. other characters can be deleted if you really want to, but your mayor’s permanent. don’t end up with a face you don’t like!

growing hybrids: it’s a combination of technique and luck but this is at least a good technique

making the most of your island trips: YMMV with tree placement [i only have 3 on each side] but that’s up to you, whatever works for you!
[also, on the island, it took me an embarrassing amount of visits before i realized that you talk to the gyroid to get the tools. i kept leaving and going back and wasting a thousand bells each time because i couldn’t figure out how to get the net!]

lazy camper trick: one of the first pwps you should set up is a campsite; you can convince a 10th villager to move in with it, otherwise normally you’ll only have 9, and you can play lots of games like this and for exclusive camper items. but be warned that you can’t demolish and rebuild the campsite somewhere else once it’s built, so choose your location carefully!

diving trick to get more pwp requests

hair guide for shampoodle’s: this and this [i use both of these because the wording on the first isn’t translated right with the english game, BUT it has views of the side/back which is very helpful]. you won’t have shampoodle’s right away, but you can visit another town to change your hair before you unlock it in your town. you can only change it once a day.

plot resetting, aka the bane of my existence. you may or may not want to do this, and then you may or may not want to be super picky about where your villagers plot [only half of camelot has been plot reset, and then i still wasn’t picky as long as they stayed off my paths. plotting in reverie is a nightmare because i have specific spots i want them in.] also, advanced plot resetting techniques.

stalk market turnip trends: most of my mayor’s money has come from turnips [and perfect fruit]. i’ve only traded them a few times, but i’ve turned 100k worth of bells into 450k into 1+ mil each time

when you unlock cyrus [you have to have 100 furniture items and 50 clothing items in your catalog], you can customize a lot of furniture. customnewleaf has been really helpful with knowing what to choose, although don’t be afraid to try different fabrics/patterns if the option’s available! i love customized furniture, most of my houses are full of it!

animalcrossingus just has a bunch of really basic but useful guides, including every month’s brand new and last chance catches!

and i check thonky for pretty much everything that’s in a list [clothing styles for gracie’s fashion checks, holidays and special events, villagers’ birthday present ideas, gulliver’s destinations]

looking for dream villagers? check out this master list of cycling towns [but *ahem* keep in mind that every cycle town has its own rules so be sure to read them before trying to adopt a villager… speaking as someone who runs one of these]. my first town, i wasn’t even *aware* that you could adopt villagers from other towns [i never played the previous games online with people], so i’m always more than happy to go over that with people too :)

there’s a lot more specific stuff in my reference tag, and i’ve written up a few guides myself. and i use this app on my phone to keep track of everything!

i’m not sure if this is what you were looking for, but if it’s not and you have any specific questions about anything else, don’t hesitate to ask! there’s a *ton* of stuff to unpack in the game, which makes for never-ending fun, but i can’t really detail it all in a single post :D

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About the god spousing, yeah uh I'm a huge skeptic with your so-called conversation with Thor... A god that I do indeed worship. How do you have such elaborate communication? Never in my life or religious studies have I seen such a large amount of neopagans claiming to speak directly to the gods. What makes you so special that you think they would take the time and have these talks with you...? Especially about marriage. Rational response or I'll just assume you're schizo (no offense!!). hail!

First of all, I’ll try to respond rationally enough for you, but (no offense) I’m not even going to pretend that will affect your opinion. You’re going to assume whatever you want to assume about me anyway.

The conversation in question that I posted was distilled down from a much larger communication to begin with - much of what I said in response has nothing to do with godspousing but to things Thor has either guided me towards or pushed me to stay away from, nor did his reference to a marriage directly reference a “marriage” for the most part like most people think of it (as a solely romantic relationship). It referred more heavily to the nature of what I asked of him, which I have elected not to share. I have however, been being led toward a deeper relationship with him for quite some time now - mostly through omens and divinatory work - but also through personal communications like the one mentioned, and that became crucial in the context of the rest of the conversation. (As for how I receive that communication, usually I have to meditate to be able to hear him, or astral travel.)

And you know what, I could be completely wrong. I don’t think I am at this point, but trust me when I say that I’ve spent my fair share of time doubting things and trying for various confirmations. Because I’m not special in that way at all - not in a way that should by any means interest a god - but I’ve also had plenty of experience to tell me that what they want sometimes doesn’t make any sense from a human perspective, and that we see only a little bit of the picture.

I have had a close relationship with Him for quite some time now, but it still shocked and upset me at first. (How Thor and I relate is not how you and Thor relate obviously. I’ve spoken about him quite a bit on this blog, but I do generally leave out the more personal details of my practice and experiences, so good luck making conjectures there). The first time he showed any interest in me beyond our usual relationship, I freaked out and assumed I was just making things up, that somehow I’d stumbled into a ridiculous amount of wish fulfillment - or even that he was being impersonated by something else trying to fuck with me. I got confirmation, and it kept happening. I made a post on here a while back expressing how I felt about that pretty well: that I was terrified that I was wrong, and couldn’t let myself trust in it for Thor’s sake as well as my own. To mislead anyone about him would kill me. I drove myself crazy over this for months before eventually I decided to leave it up to him, because I trust Thor more than anything, and I’m willing to have whatever relationship he desires from me, whether I fully understand it or not.

Which also doesn’t mean that this is a done deal in any way. I am NOT a godspouse by any means, nor am I chomping at the bit to be one. This could very well still go in another direction given the time and relative freedom that I asked for in the meantime. I could refuse, he could change his terms or want me under a different sort of oath (because this isn’t just about me, but also about the work he wants me doing). Maybe I’m wrong, or misinterpreting something. It’s entirely possible. But I’ve reached the point where I am willing to let myself consider it a possibility as well, and that was the conversation that finally made me take that seriously. More importantly, my response was the reason I was pushed to post it to begin with - I am bound to keeping my word on that date even more heavily thanks to it being witnessed so publicly.

Tl;dr: There’s a lot I’m not willing to share, but I have my reasons to think that what I believe is indeed legitimate. I could very well be wrong, or have things go in a completely different direction anyway. In the meantime, I am not going to apologize for my experiences, or for sharing them on my personal blog, even if it makes anyone think I’m insane. If that’s distasteful to you, you’re welcome to unfollow or simply ignore my personal posts.

2016 so far: Nearly Daily Cockles. Richonne becomes cannon. Leo wins an Oscar. ::wipes tears:: This is the best year ever. we are blessed.

today we went on a journey of self discovery

since the semester has been winding down, some of my friends wanted to finish the semester with a bang. how would we do this? we found the answer at a local ice cream shop.

oh holy christmas.

so we all agree, our treat to ourselves for finishing the semester will be to split an extreme sundae. upon placing our order, the girl behind the counter just said “oh lord” and handed us a goddamn form to fill out.

not exactly the form i was expecting, but alright. we pick our 8 flavors and we are starting to wonder if this will be too much for the 5 of us.

uncertainty arises.

we wait a few minutes for them to make our monstrosity of a sundae and have only a few moments left to contemplate our life choices. then, the behemoth arrives.

i don’t think you can see from this picture but each of those cookie halves is about the size of my hand.

i attempt to capture the last moments of our already fleeting optimism.

ft. the boys

ft. the ladies

the first few bites were incredible. the next few were bearable. everything else was a barf inducing torture ride. but alas, we conquered the beast.

i don’t think anyone was proud of what we had just accomplished.

there was laughter,

there were tears,

there was the complete deadening of the soul.

and my god, there was so much ice cream.

8/10 glad i tried it, would never do it again.