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ultimate dragon age meme: one class


Rogues are crafty combatants who succeed in battle by combining speed, subterfuge, and a wide range of abilities to bring their opponents down in unexpected ways, sometimes before the enemy even perceives danger. Rogues can pick locks with great skill, incapacitate enemies with ease, or sneak up on targets to deliver a devious and crippling backstab.

Per Manum Flashback #1

“Well, you need a father, of course. I can get you genetic counseling on finding an anonymous donor, if that’s what you want… unless you already have someone in mind.”
“Yeah… I, uh… I just have to figure out how to ask him.”

This is all happening so fast.

She’d only wanted to know if it would be possible. Someday. Not necessarily right now. She knew that the abduction and experimentation had left her unable to conceive, and for a long time she’d accepted her fate. But lately, since she and Mulder have become intimate, she can’t help thinking more and more about what-if. It’s led her to question the specifics of her infertility: would her body be capable of carrying a pregnancy to term if she used a donor egg, for example. Simple information gathering.

But then yesterday Mulder dropped the bombshell on her about the ova he stole from the Lombard Research Facility, almost three years ago. Actually, “bombshell” is far too sedate a word. He stole her ova, secretly had them tested, never told her when they were deemed inviable, and then kept them hidden in his freezer anyway.

But despite the odds, Dr. Parenti seems to think there’s a chance. And a time window that’s rapidly closing. Which means that “someday” just became “now.” And that means she has to figure out how to ask Mulder the question she thought she might have years to plan, if she ever had to ask it at all.

What if he’s not ready for that? God, she is barely ready, and she wants it so badly she can hardly breathe. What will she do if he says no?

What if this breaks them?

She can’t ask him in person, she realizes. If he turns her down, she won’t be able to hide her disappointment, and she doesn’t want him to feel guilted into saying yes if he truly doesn’t want this. No, he needs time, and privacy, to think it over and make his own decision. She will write him a letter and drop it off at the office.

And now she still has to figure out how in the hell to ask the biggest question of her life.


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gnotblue replied to your post“look if that’s really a note keith wrote about shiro leaving then i’m…”

lol, true. Shiro doesn’t seem as interested (so far), but Keith’s look of Adoration being a crush is just the easiest explanation.

normally I just accept platonic explanations for everything, but who acts like keith does around shiro with their bro?? I mean I got 2 of them and that’s just not how we interact, nobody’s gonna be saying we’re DESPERATE to see each other lmao. keef just having a crush on a guy who mentors him seems more likely at this point. He’s waay too soft on shiro for me to buy “just buddies” anymore.

But the thing that REALLY makes me hrmmmm is that we know from the showrunners that lance and hunk have the strongest/closest bond (wondercon?? idr). Which is an odd thing to say if you’re gonna insist two other people with a very ambiguously presented relationship are ~bro power~ in an emotionally charged episode and yet don’t confide in each other even as friends would. If shiro’s like a bro to keith but they’re not even the closest members of the team, then they’re shitty ass brothers. And keith is still acting like he’s not exactly sure of his position at shiro’s side, which again is not a very bro vibe. But it is a very “i’m desperate to stay with you and not upset you so you leave me and I just love you and i don’t know or maybe even think you love me back” thing, which u know..did actually happen in the show..what i’m saying on this long tangent is that the show’s logic supports a crush more than anything else ok 

sorry to ask this, but i’m really struggling financially for several reasons right now and donations would be really appreciated. my mental illness symptoms got so severe that i had to go to the hospital (i can provide proof if needed) and miss days of work + my hours were temporarily cut. additionally, my wallet, which had over 100$ inside, is missing. the financial issues are really taking a toll on my mental health. i’m not sure how i’ll pay for things like my medication, which is vital to my wellbeing.

any help would be appreciated- even just reblogging this post! if you want me to pay me back, let me know, and i swear, i’ll repay you as soon as i can. i can also make icons (i don’t have a ton of experience, but i’ve made some before) in return! a link to donate is paypal.me/khthree!

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Do you have any hcs for villain Deku? :D

Ooh, I’m actually not that acquainted with this AU but I’ll give it a shot!


  • He’s an information broker— he’s extremely intelligent, possesses keen critical thinking skills, and can memorize loads of information if need be. He’s had villains and heroes alike contact him for help, not to mention he has quite a bit of dirt on well-known public figures at this point that certain people do not want to be leaked to the media.
  • Izuku isn’t a bad person; he’ll actually tip the police if he thinks one of his clients is going to hurt civilians. He’s just… frustrated and vengeful. He feels like he has something to prove by being a villain, he admittedly wants some form of revenge for the bullying he endured, and somewhere along the way he stopped caring about when villains and heroes got hurt due to their actions.
  • His anxiety didn’t disappear, not in the slightest. Though he knows how to use it to his advantage these days, coming off as a timid and polite young man with a tendency to panic tends to get people to either pity him or leave him alone because he doesn’t seem like a suspicious individual.
  • He’s got two ‘settings,’ so to speak. The hooded vigilante setting where he’s focused on concealing his identity, and then there’s the ‘it’s all about the presentation’ setting that consists of wearing suits and formal attire because he thinks it’s classy. It actually took some people a few years to realize that it wasn’t two different villains.
  • If you actually manage to upset him to the point that he wants to hurt you— and yes, that’s actually quite difficult to do— and you’re intent on hurting him, he’s a bit of a sadist. Despite being quirkless, he operates on a full adrenaline rush and doesn’t really realize if he’s been hurt until after he’s calmed down, and that makes him very dangerous. Even if he doesn’t have a weapon with him, he has no problems with clawing, biting, hair-pulling, and doing whatever else he needs to in order to inflict damage on his opponent.

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hey, I'm working on hamlet and just to make sure everyone knows, if you take pictures or do anything else inappropriate, we will talk about you what a terrible audience member you are over the headsets the entire crew wears and we will radio front of house to deal with you and the ushers are trained to stop this type of behavior the second it happens so don't even try. (I was perusing the rada hamlet tag trying to get a feel for what the audiences will be like and saw your post so, here ya go)

Hey so guys if you don’t want to listen to me/think my common sense advice is belittling because “not all fans,” listen to this person who I’m giving the benefit of the doubt is legit so

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[if you're still doing that meme] top 5 ronan lynch moments?

1. i honestly did not even notice the first time around but - like…. bro. bro. the entirety of the raven boys is one big temper tantrum, hAHA ADAM DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE SHIFT, blue shows up, and he like SLAMS OUT OF THE CAR. like…. chill. take a chill pill. take several chill pills. take a zopiclone and go to bed. 

2. i love thinking of that stupid obnoxious bmw roaring down adam’s drive like, especially when it came to the Robert Parrish Incident. you keep seeing these graphics where ronan is like Rugged, and Tough, and looks like a prison daddy/paris fashion week male model, and it’s like… has anyone writing/reading ya seen a seventeen year old boy, ever. ronan by rights should look like robert sheehan in misfits with no hair, kind of pale and blotchy, absolutely no upper body strength because he and gansey survive off shitty pizza and energy drinks and the fridge is in the toilet. so like, personally i enjoy this so much more for the visual juxtoposition - this angry sleek car careening up the driveway, and then ronan gets out, this pale irish boy who probably has scurvy, and everyone is like ‘this is cute but that kids gonna get his ass beat’. and then he DOESN’T.

3. ‘manibus. for your hands.’ 

i hate this fucker.

4. every interaction with kavinsky ever has me in hysterics like, babe. babe. b a b e. ‘ARE YOU FUCKING GANSEY. ARE YOU FUCKING GANSEY. ARE YOU FUCKING’ no comment. no response. no one says anything. even just that first time when kavinsky comes and drops off those bracelets like a cat with a dead bird ronan is just like, this is cool, this is fine, this is a thursday, and everyone else is like ‘……. are you fucking kavinsky’. and then later, of course, ‘LETS DRAG RACE COME ON LETS GO LET’S FUCKING GO LET’S REACH FOR SEXUAL EXCITEMENT’ ‘ronan what the fuck’

5. weird tattoo sex dream


Look :’) how far :’) she’s come since her first appearance :’) So proud of her :’) She’s so much happier :’)

Just trying this again…. Thought I’d make up a proper chart with prices and examples. Don’t forget I have lots of original black and white and colored pen drawings in my art tag if you’re interested in those.

Medical bills from being incredibly sick from Dec-Jan, including an ER visit, + spaying my cat have set me back quite a bit. Living paycheck to paycheck is really stressful, and while I could go into much more detail, I’m always anxious that it sounds like whining, so I tend not to. But I will say that I had to ask my brother to pay my electric bill for this month because it was going to be shut off. And that really sucks. If I have an emergency, I have no savings whatsoever to cover it. That’s where I am right now. And my sweet kitten really needs to be spayed so that she’s not miserable anymore, so it’s something I’ve got to suck up and do, even if it means eating beans and rice til the end of the month.

I’m sure lots of you can relate. If you’re not interested in a commission or purchase of a piece, reblogs are appreciated!

sans on a date
  • date: what's that in your jacket pocket?
  • sans: oh, that. well, uh... see, i wasn't sure where this night would end up leading and... heh. it's better to be prepared just in case, right?
  • date: oh my god sans did you--
  • sans: of course. i'm extremely responsible, so i always remember to bring a condom-ent.
  • sans: [pulls out fistfuls of ketchup packets, winking]
  • sans: never know when the food's gonna need a little something extra.
  • date:
  • sans:
  • date:
  • sans: i'm literally a skeleton, i'm not sure what else you were expecting.

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I just.. How do you even play Animal Crossing?? Since I started following you I've learned about things I've never even heard of, can you explain the professional way to play Animal Crossing?

hi nony! first of all, i’m sorry for the late reply while i put this together, but i hope this helps! i’m not sure what you mean by playing acnl “professionally” but i’m assuming you mean obsessively, hahahA. i *will* note that the way i play [trying to fully upgrade all my characters’ houses, get all my villagers’ pics, earn ALL THE BADGES] takes a lot of time. multiple hours playing every day, *every day*. it’s what *i* decided would be my goals for the game, since there’s no real “finish” to the game, so you may decide to go in a completely different direction with your gameplay. figure out *your* goals for the game: whether it’s making the perfect dream town, or growing hybrids, or filling your museum [or all of them!]. that being said, here’s some stuff to get you started and a little deeper into gameplay.

face guide for creating new characters: first and foremost, you have to create your character. other characters can be deleted if you really want to, but your mayor’s permanent. don’t end up with a face you don’t like!

growing hybrids: it’s a combination of technique and luck but this is at least a good technique

making the most of your island trips: YMMV with tree placement [i only have 3 on each side] but that’s up to you, whatever works for you!
[also, on the island, it took me an embarrassing amount of visits before i realized that you talk to the gyroid to get the tools. i kept leaving and going back and wasting a thousand bells each time because i couldn’t figure out how to get the net!]

lazy camper trick: one of the first pwps you should set up is a campsite; you can convince a 10th villager to move in with it, otherwise normally you’ll only have 9, and you can play lots of games like this and for exclusive camper items. but be warned that you can’t demolish and rebuild the campsite somewhere else once it’s built, so choose your location carefully!

diving trick to get more pwp requests

hair guide for shampoodle’s: this and this [i use both of these because the wording on the first isn’t translated right with the english game, BUT it has views of the side/back which is very helpful]. you won’t have shampoodle’s right away, but you can visit another town to change your hair before you unlock it in your town. you can only change it once a day.

plot resetting, aka the bane of my existence. you may or may not want to do this, and then you may or may not want to be super picky about where your villagers plot [only half of camelot has been plot reset, and then i still wasn’t picky as long as they stayed off my paths. plotting in reverie is a nightmare because i have specific spots i want them in.] also, advanced plot resetting techniques.

stalk market turnip trends: most of my mayor’s money has come from turnips [and perfect fruit]. i’ve only traded them a few times, but i’ve turned 100k worth of bells into 450k into 1+ mil each time

when you unlock cyrus [you have to have 100 furniture items and 50 clothing items in your catalog], you can customize a lot of furniture. customnewleaf has been really helpful with knowing what to choose, although don’t be afraid to try different fabrics/patterns if the option’s available! i love customized furniture, most of my houses are full of it!

animalcrossingus just has a bunch of really basic but useful guides, including every month’s brand new and last chance catches!

and i check thonky for pretty much everything that’s in a list [clothing styles for gracie’s fashion checks, holidays and special events, villagers’ birthday present ideas, gulliver’s destinations]

looking for dream villagers? check out this master list of cycling towns [but *ahem* keep in mind that every cycle town has its own rules so be sure to read them before trying to adopt a villager… speaking as someone who runs one of these]. my first town, i wasn’t even *aware* that you could adopt villagers from other towns [i never played the previous games online with people], so i’m always more than happy to go over that with people too :)

there’s a lot more specific stuff in my reference tag, and i’ve written up a few guides myself. and i use this app on my phone to keep track of everything!

i’m not sure if this is what you were looking for, but if it’s not and you have any specific questions about anything else, don’t hesitate to ask! there’s a *ton* of stuff to unpack in the game, which makes for never-ending fun, but i can’t really detail it all in a single post :D

Ghost Elements and Healing

I’ve been thinking about when the gas tanker blows in the final fight of The Ultimate Enemy and I’ve come up with this headcanon: What if a ghost- if exposed to enough and for enough time- could be healed/revived/strengthened by their core element?

Dan was hurt by the Specter Deflector, coupled with getting knocked through a tanker, and the previous shot from the Fenton Peeler; you’d think that tanker blowing up with him smack dab in the middle would have kept him down for more than 15 seconds.Hell, getting knocked through a building later in the ep did more damage, and it doesn’t make any sense: by comparison that explosion should have fucked him up

But instead, he walks out of it just fine, he even has the strength to rip off the Specter Deflector. And then I saw this

What if he had been hurt, but being surrounded by his core element (if you accept he’s a fire core) he was channeling the flames you see on his body to restore what had been damaged and catch his second wind.

TL;DR: Ghosts may be able to convert their respected elements into energy or even into ectoplasm, like we do with food or plants with sunlight, to heal and regain strength.

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The lovely @ladynorbert tagged me for the WIP thingy. Thanks! :) Post the last sentence you wrote and then tag others. Easy enough!

“I even started to develop feelings for him, for Fen’harel, but then after what I saw in Redcliffe, I knew I couldn’t do anything about it.”

…*weak laugh* Ahaha…yeah, so I’m working on the next chapter for Monachopsis and it’s already almost done…

Alrighty, who to tag? @for-the-love-of-solas, @buttsonthebeach, @thevikingwoman, @adventuresinastrangeworld, @dirthamensbird annnd anyone else who would like to do it! I know a lot of you get tagged in this every week, so if you don’t want to do it, no pressure!

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I'm doing a story for NaNoWriMo and I'm not sure what to do next. I almost have everything ready for it, the characters, personalities, plot (sorta), etc. But now, I still want to plan it and am not sure what else I can do. Any tips?

It’s Not Even October Yet And NaNoWriMo Is Already Breathing Down My Neck: What To Do

  • Outline. Take that “sorta” plot and make it a “got it down to the last letter” plot. Get hyper organized and make sure you never lose anything when it comes down to crunch time. Cruise through the organizing, tools, outlines, and snowflake method tags for ways to get super prepared before November rolls around.
  • Check over your story’s timeline and consistency. Look through the time, continuity, and plots holes tags for ways to timeline your story, check for inconsistencies and plot holes in your story, and spend some time repairing any holes before you jump into the story itself.
  • Write prompts. Go through the prompts and inspiration tags, find some writing or flash fiction prompts, and sharpen your skills with some short pieces. Get to know your characters and their voices, the finer points of your world, and maybe discover some new details you want to add in November. 
  • Do some research. Learn about biology to create more real-world plausible magical creatures. Delve into history and figure out how people dressed way back when. Look into weapons, Brazil’s local flora and fauna, how photographs were developed in the early days of cameras, how on earth coal mining works, anything you think you might need for your story, get the research done now so you don’t need to slow down in November.
  • Prep your writing space. Clean up your desk/desktop. Dig up your favorite socks and pillow and keep them on your chair. Stock up on writing snacks (I like popcorn and cookies but if you have a sweet tooth, maybe wait until all the Halloween candy goes on sale).
  • Get excited about NaNoWriMo. Find a NaNo calendar desktop wallpaper. Design a cover for your novel to put up on your profile. Jump into the NaNo forums and meet other writers, or join up with your region and connect with writers early.
  • Get started! If you feel ready, there is nothing wrong with diving right in. NaNoWriMo just needs 50,000 words—you can write anything you want now, and write the next 50k when November starts. Go wild!



Hello everyone! I’m here to invite you all to participate in the weekend of 25th and 26th of July, a whole weekend dedicated to these two dorks!

The main theme is SUMMER and everything related to it – ice-cream, beach, festival, ocean, sunset, even sunburns will do! – so just bring out your best swimsuits and share your edits, graphics, fics, videos, art and everything else that comes to mind! The only rule is have as much fun as possible!

Be sure to tag all your posts with the tag #murahimusummerweekend or just #murahimu as one of the first FIVE TAGS, so that I can see what you post. And if you have any further questions just send me a message!

Welcome to the summer season and have fun!

2016 so far: Nearly Daily Cockles. Richonne becomes cannon. Leo wins an Oscar. ::wipes tears:: This is the best year ever. we are blessed.