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In this dark time of art block, I bring you…

Baby Reigen

Not even ageswap, just for whatever reason/by some accident he’s a little kid for awhile. Yeah. More to come probably.


Well… she did know how to open it… (Anna and Remington (my ocs) and 2017) Happy New Year!

Briana and Olivia’s periscope in April 2016:

“It just hurts so much when they say Freddie isn’t real, because he is! He’s just the sweetest thing! He’s so precious, and—”

dangerscully  asked:

19, 27, and/or 29 for the cuddling prompts, depending on how much you wanna make me cry!

Ok, first of all: thanks for these! I’ll do 19. at some point, but somehow 27. AND 29. spoke to me just now so here you go. I’m sorry. (And I really should be working and not writing fanfiction) 

!Warning: Character Death!

27. + 29. First and last cuddle

“Hmm, you smell good, Scully”

“Oh shhh, Mulder.” She coos, cuddling closer to Mulder’s weak, slight frame. Her hand is on his chest, making sure it still raises and falls, raises and falls in a steady rhythm. It hasn’t been steady for a while, she reminds herself; the sad reality constricts her throat as her hand caresses him.

“Hm, but you do. I can’t really… see you…but I can still smell you.” He takes a deep breath, causing Scully’s own to hitch in fear of the inevitable, and then chuckles softly. Soft puffs of air tickle her cheek. His eye sight deteriorated last week and as much as he still smiles about it, Scully knows that he is now almost completely blind. Last night, when she could no longer hold her tears at bay, watching him from the doorway just laying there unmoving, his gaze on hers, that’s when she knew. His eyes were on hers, as always, but they were no longer seeing her. Maybe in memory, or maybe in his dreams; she can only hope.

“Should have done this… more often.” Mulder murmurs against her. His voice is so raw, so weak. She’d tell him to be quiet, but she’s also selfish; before the silence takes him, and buries her, she wants to listen to him like she used to do for the last decades. Soon, way too soon, there will be only silence to listen to.

“You’re right. We didn’t do this nearly enough,” Scully closes her eyes, buries her face in his chest; still raising, still falling. Ever so gently, but still there. Still holding on. He’s always held on, always refused to let go. She’s the same, she knows. When her hand tightens around him, afraid to let go too soon, she feels his ribs poke her; there’s not much left of him, now. The disease eating away at him, continuously. “Do you remember the first time we did this?”


“Do you remember, Mulder? The first time we cuddled.” Her eyes still closed, Scully wishes herself back; both of them so young, still wary of what had always been between them.

“Tell me, Scully. Please tell me.” His hand is on her back; there’s no pressure, just a reminder that he’s still there. It feels clammy, foreign almost; and Scully presses her eyes shut, to stop the flood of tears, and to keep reality far away. She’s never been one for nostalgia, that’s Mulder’s forte, but now…

“It was after Donnie Pfaster,” she begins with a soft voice, not unlike the gentle words she used once, so long ago, when she told their baby boy about his miracle conception, “After the first time we crossed paths with him. I was shaking so much. You kept your arm around me. Even when the police came to question me, you never once left my side no matter how often I told you I was fine. You knew I wasn’t. You always knew it. There was no way we were going home that night and so we went to a hotel. Remember, Mulder?” He doesn’t answer and Scully goes on, trying to conjure up the moment again, and tries to hang on to it.

“I told you again ‘I’m fine, Mulder’ and I expected you to huff, or say anything, but that’s not what you did. You know what you did, Mulder? You took me into your arms. You just held me while I cried. I don’t remember… you always remembered the little details better than I did, Mulder. I’m sure you could tell me exactly what I was wearing, how my face looked, things you and I said that night. I don’t. That’s not what this was about. You let me have the bed, of course, and I told you I didn’t want to be alone. When you held me that night, Mulder, for the very first time… I felt so safe. You always made me feel safe, Mulder. No matter what we were… I was always safe when I was with you. I wish… oh Mulder, I wish you’d remember that night.”

His chest under her face, still now, no longer raising, no longer falling. Still now, like his heart, the memory is all that’s left. Now.

Why do people hate JJ?

The entire point of his character is that he’s completely opposite of Yuuri in personality and to some extent skill. He placed gold for both of his Grand Prix events before the Finals. He was the guy everyone was sure was gonna win this year. AND HE DIDN’T. Yuuri was the EXACT opposite, this year and last year. He struggled to make it to the GPF. He had a little growth but he was still up and down this year, meanwhile JJ is just solidly at the top. You’re supposed to think of them as completely different.

JJ is surrounded by people who love him! His parents became his coaches because they were the only ones who understood his “style,” his gf turned fiance travels with him, his fans fly everywhere for him! He is LOVED. He is CHERISHED. His dream is a dream others want to see come true.


Yuuri placed sixth last year and the crazy thing is…sixth out of how many skaters IN THE ENTIRE WORLD? You know who placed sixth this year? PHICHIT CHULANONT. Do we think Phichit is the worst? No, frick, we think he’s still the BEST. We feel sorry for Yuuri in the beginning because he’s an unreliable narrator that makes you believe that he’s the worst of the worst. Untalented. BUT HE ISN’T. Do you think Phichit is the worst of the worst? NO. But that’s because you got to see Phichit’s journey. We didn’t get to see Yuuri’s journey last year. So we start where he wants you to start, at his lowest. And we feel what he feels, which is his lowest.

Yuuri had NOBODY with him at the GPF last year. Only his coach. Same as Phichit. But you remember that conversation in episode 4 about how he realized he had people in Hasetsu who loved him no matter what? He had the Nishigoris, his family, his dance teacher. He has fans! His posters are everywhere in Hasetsu. He isn’t a nobody but he couldn’t believe it because his confidence was so low.


Bless JJ, man. Please appreciate his character because it is SO IMPORTANT IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND YUURI’S JOURNEY.


@koitoshi asked for Kenma and Kuroo wearing glasses and i was like siGN ME UP

So I have this little headcanon of Felassan’s spirit, like, “haunting” Solas whenever he’s in the Fade:

recapping his days, things he said to Lavellan and then Fel’s Deadpan-Snark Commentary on every little thing. 

But, at the same time, Felassan’s also hardcore like–
“…Seems like this little thing with this Dalish babe is going pretty well, hmm?”
“–She seems super good for you, buddy!”
“So!! Lavellan seems like a p. good reason to forego the whole world-annihilation plan, yeah?”
“A ‘Rare and Marvelous Spirit’, huh? Dayumm!!….
Wait, you didn’t actually say
those words, right? …Like, TO her?”

And is slowly like building Solas up to the whole Tell Her You’re THE Dread Wolf thing, building up Solas’s confidence and INSISTING that Lavellan will handle it super well, and they plan the whole Trip to Crestwood….

And then Solas comes back after The Scene—just, Blank-Faced, looking exactly like a man who’s just seen his whole world evaporate, and Felassan is just like

And then pretty much every night since, cause Fel is True Homie

(idk, sorry. I never sleep or talk to real people, so I got lazy on grammar.)

Coran and Altean age theory under the cut

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spewingobsessions  asked:

What do you think Dark's relationship with Ethan and Tyler is like? Could you maybe write a short fiction or a list of headcanons on it? (Love you btw)

You know, I hadn’t thought about that. Wade and Bob would be an entirely different situation since they’re not in proximity to Dark, but Ethan and Tyler get the full effect.

  • It’s a very difficult balancing act. Dark has to figure out what things Mark would say, how Mark would act, while still retaining some sense of self.
  • He hates it, honestly. Mark acts a lot more immature than Dark would like to, but it’s necessary.
  • Ethan and Tyler still notice something’s off. “Mark” doesn’t smile as much, and when he does, it seems weird, or it’s at a strange time.
  • Ethan is constantly asking if he’s okay, but Dark has to realize where he went wrong before he responds, lest he seems like something is wrong and he’s just saying he’s fine so Ethan won’t worry.
  • Tyler also asks, but not as frequently. He watches closer to what Dark does rather than what he says vs Ethan, who pays more attention to words.
  • The two of them probably try to hang out with Dark more frequently than before to see if they can either figure out what’s wrong, or to see if the weird problem clears itself up.
  • They’re both very suspicious, and Dark isn’t too happy about it. But it’s not like he can do much.
  • Dark’s walking on eggshells nearly all the time.

a tiny comic for christmas that i posted on twitter~

Lena: “You’re too good and accomodating, Kara. You should say ‘no’ sometimes.”
Kara: “What?? I’m not good!”
Lena: “You aren’t?”
Kara: “Well… I mean, yes I am, but not that good, and I can definitely say no if I want to!”
Lena: “Ah-ha, sure.”
Kara: “Lena, I can do that!”
Lena: “Then prove it: I dare you to say no to everything for a whole day.”
Kara: “Wha-… That’s just silly!”
Lena: “Is that your way to admit your inability to say no?”
Kara: “No! See?? I mean, heard?? I’m perfectly capable of saying ‘no’ whenever I want!”
Lena: “Sweet, then that’s gonna be the only answer you’ll give today.”
Kara: “But-”
Lena: “No objections allowed.”
Kara: “Uff… Fine! Then if I w-… No, when I win, you’ll cancel all your appointments for tomorrow and you’ll be at my disposal all day!”
Lena: “That doesn’t sound like losing to me, but I still can’t do that: I have some important meetings tomorrow.”
Kara: “Oh, it’s okay to shy away, Ms. Luthor. I understand.”
Lena: “Ooh, no way I’m gonna do that. Plus, you’re never gonna win, so I’m not even worried.”
Kara: “Pfft, I could nail this if I wanted!”
Lena: “I doubt that. So! Let’s see what I’d like as winning prize…”
Kara: “Tsk, don’t waste your time daydreaming.”
Lena: “Uhh, I know what! I want you to tell Alex about us. Today.”
Kara: “WHA-… T-that’s… That’s not a fair thing, w-w-we’ve discussed about-”
Lena: “About not being openly together yet, but Alex is your sister and she’s the most important person in your life, your best friend, and I think you should tell this at least to her.”
Kara: “But we never talked about… like… me also liking girls! She doesn’t know! H-how could I ever be able to-”
Lena: “Hey, what’s the problem? You just said you’re gonna nail this.”
Kara: “I-I could if-”
Lena: “Then you have zero reasons to panic now, right?”
Kara: “… Right.”
Lena: “Then it’s a deal!”
Kara: “… It’s… It’s a deal.”
Lena: “Good.”
Kara: “… Good.”
Lena: “Okay. Now, can you pass me my coat, please?”
Kara: “Sure, here it comes!”
Lena: “Aaand you lasted five seconds.”
Lena: “Can’t wait to know Alex’s reaction. Actually, is that your phone?”
Kara: “I-… Yes, why are you as- OH NONONONO!”
Lena: “Awww, you have me as one of your fave contacts! How cute is that? Oh, here’s Alex’s number.”
Kara: “Y-You are not gonna do that for re-”
Lena: “I think it’s ringing.”

i noticed i never really draw oikawa so here he is


EB: here’s to hoping 2017 won’t be nearly as bad as 2016 was!

TG: god i hope so


… while an unhelpful boyfriend member offers no support…

And just when I think it’s OTP heaven…

OT3 makes its appearance!

What can Jun-kun and all the rest of us do but join in the merriment?

└ According to Sakurai Sho, the first thing Jun does upon waking is…

*cough* And how might you have known that Sho-kun? *cough* *cough*.

Cr: VS Arashi 17.11.2016 Opening Talk