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wild and fluorescent, come home to my heart (chapter ¼)

Summary: It’s just Isak’s fucking luck that he’ll probably be outed before he ever kisses a boy. Fortunately, Even’s there to fix that, only to flit out of Isak’s life right after. Years later, a wedding brings them back together. (Once again, @westiris is an amazing beta and I love her.)

Pairing: Isak/Even

Words: 8,643


Sorry, baby, I have to work late. Tell Noora and Eva congrats from me! xoxo

Isak sighs, rubbing at his temples. He should’ve expected this—Wesley has a huge project coming up at work. It’s all he can talk about, but there’s very little about customer analytics or audience tracking that Isak cares for. He can hardly blame his boyfriend, either. Isak’s spent the last week cooped up in his office, grading papers or preparing for that huge conference in Copenhagen. They’d skipped their usual Tuesday date night, but that was probably for the better. Isak doesn’t have enough energy to force a conversation. The only good thing he’d get out of date night would be the sex, and he has the comfort of his own hand and his best dildo for that. It’s much more efficient that way.



Hi loves! So 2 weeks passed and I’m back with another part of my long-ass Evak fanfiction recs series, hooray! I never know what else to write here, so I’ll just shut up for now. All the fics can be found under the cut. Happy reading!

As always, the list is divided into oneshots and chaptered fics.
My personal favorites are tagged with a “ ★ ”.
Completed chaptered fics are tagged with a “ ✓ ”

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The Chamber of Secrets, a summary
  • Dobby: Harry Potter must not go to Hogwarts!
  • Harry: The fuck are you Hogwarts4lyfe
  • Dobby: *Pudding crashes and burns worse than Snape's love life*
  • Harry: fuck
  • Ron: *mass breakout*
  • Vernon: *falls out window*
  • Fred'n'George: sup
  • Mrs. Weasley: BoYs YaLl DoNe It NoW GeT yo SoRrY AsSeS oVeR HeRe- except you Harry nothing's ever your fault an btw thanks for almost getting my son killed last year
  • Ginny: *highkey stalker*
  • Floo powder: lol you thought things would go right in your life
  • Draco: *exists*
  • Harry: He'S FuCkInG Up tO SoMeThInG
  • Hagrid: *saves Harry from being raped*
  • Hermione: sup
  • Lockhart: OMG IT'S HARRY POTTER HERE TO BOOST MY HALLWAY CRED- I mean- *coughs* you have a few fans yourself, I hear- HERETAKEMYBOOKSTAKETHEMALL
  • Lucius: *is an ass*
  • Aurthur: *fights a bitch*
  • Lucius: *here have this book it's pretty and talks to you but be careful it may possess you*
  • Platform 9 3/4: *is an ass*
  • Ron: Let's just take the flying car illegally instead of just owling Hogwarts or waiting for my parents
  • Harry: k
  • Car: *eighties action music*
  • Harry: can you hear that?
  • Ron: we must be getting close!
  • Harry: hold on-
  • *music grows louder*
  • Hogwarts express with Thomas face on it: DUN DUN DUN DUUN DUN DUN, DUUUUN
  • Car: *crashes*
  • Tree: *is an ass*
  • McGonagall: Idfc just go away here have a sandwich
  • Hermione: sup
  • Shit: hello friends
  • Wall: ThE ChAmBeR Of SeCreTS HaS BeEN OPenEd EnEmIeS oF The HeiR BeWArE
  • Mrs. Norris: hanging by noose from ceiling
  • Harry Ron and Hermione: *are there*
  • Filch: Y'all killed my cat IMMA KILL YA
  • Dumbledore: Bruh you accusing the great Harry Potter?!? If it was anyone else I wouldn't care but since it's Harry SHUT UP
  • Malfoy: *is a slithery Slytherin*
  • Harry: He's the heir
  • Hermione: *starts making potion*
  • Myrtle: *moans*
  • Colin: *takes pictures of Harry*
  • Harry: ew fuck stop
  • Lockhart: StOp YoU cAn'T bE MoRe PopUlAr thAn mE- I mean *coughs* it's unwise to hand out pictures until you're as famous as me
  • Harry: *gets detention* *is worse than Umbridge's blood quill* *hears hissing* *doesn't suspect it could be a snake which is the animal that hisses*
  • Hermione and Ron: sup
  • Harry: can you hear that
  • Ron and Hermione: wtf no you must be insane
  • Harry: lol tru
  • Lockhart: *has dueling club*
  • Snape: *kicks his ass with the disarming spell*
  • Lockhart: totally meant for that to happen now give me a moment while I restart my heart
  • Hermione: *is killed by Millicent but somehow manages to get a hair*
  • Snape: Harry fight Draco
  • Harry and Draco: *fight*
  • Draco: *snakeness intensifies*
  • Harry: (to snake) bruh calm down mate
  • Snake: k
  • Snape: *kills snake*
  • Ernie: Bruh you tryina kill me
  • Harry: lol no but I should asshole
  • Ron: Harry why didn't you tell me you had a completely dead ability when you didn't even know it existed or that it was rare
  • Harry: idk snakes are cool
  • Person: *petrified*
  • Teachers: maybe we should give a shit
  • Dumbledore: lol nope
  • Quidditch: *happens*
  • Draco: training for the ballet, Potter?
  • Harry: *trains for ballet* *breaks arm*
  • Lockhart: OMG GET OUT OF MY WAY I HAVE TI HEAL HARRY IT WILL BOST MY READERSHIP I mean *coughs* I've done this a thousand times
  • Harry's Arm: *is bendy*
  • Harry: *goes to infirmary* *hears extremely important information*
  • Polyjuice: *happens*
  • Draco: blah blah blah mud blood blah blah blah poor blah blah blah whydoesntpotterloveme
  • Draco: *isnt heir*
  • Harry and Ron: well shit *get the hell outta doge*
  • Hermione: *is cat*
  • Harry: *finds moist book in a girl's bathroom* Imma take this
  • Harry: *ignores more murderous hissing*
  • Diary: hello friend no more sadness today
  • Harry: seems legit
  • Diary: here look at this memory I'm Tom Riddle
  • Harry: k
  • Memory: *happens*
  • Harry: boi why da fk you lyin
  • Hagrid: *is taken to Azkaban because we needed to introduce it for the next book*
  • Harry and Ron: *follow spiders*
  • Spider dude: We do not speak the name of the giant snake in your pipes now excuse me while my children murder you
  • Car: *is real hero of the story*
  • Hermione: *is petrified*
  • Harry and Ron: Shit
  • Hermione: *has clue casually hidden in her hand but takes weeks to find*
  • Harry: ohh it's a Basilisk dats why I can hear it
  • Ginny: *is taken*
  • Professors: *finally give a shit*
  • Lockhart: lol nope
  • Harry: lol yup
  • Myrtle: yah that sink with the snake on it. I mean, it would've been helpful to tell you about it before but whatever have fun
  • Harry: k thx
  • Myrtle: Harry when you die you should stay in here and fuck me
  • Ron: bye bitch
  • Harry: *hisses*
  • Draco: *in dungeons* *gets boner*
  • Chamber: *is opened*
  • Lockhart: I LOVE YOU HARRY! I mean- *coughs* say goodbye to your memories imma just take credit for your stories like I did for erryone else
  • *uses Ron's broken wand* *hits himself* *cavern collapses conveniently blocking Ron and Douchehart on one side and Harry on the other*
  • Ron: lol rip
  • Harry: k bye
  • Ginny: *is almost dead*
  • Harry: shit
  • Tom: *is hot* *appears menacingly*
  • Harry: sup Tom wanna help
  • Tom: lol nope *takes Harry's wand*
  • Harry: Bruh give me my wand
  • Tom: Snakey go kill this twelve year old
  • Harry: *runs*
  • Snake: *is blinded by random phoenix*
  • Harry: *stabs snake with magic sword* *gets bit* *stabs book*
  • Ginny: sup omg Harry that look like it hurts
  • Harry: *gives speech*
  • Fawkes: *cries*
  • Harry: yay I'm healed
  • Fawkes: gets them past all the boulders magically
  • All: *are free*
  • Dobby: *socks are lyfe*
  • Harry: *roast*
  • Credits: *roll*

justanotherhamiltrash  asked:

Hi there, do you have any recs for long drarry fics? I'm not very good at finding them

Hello!! I’ve done a rec list for long, slow burn fics in the past, so please check that out because I love every fic on that list to death! But OH MAN I could talk about long Drarry fics for the rest of my life, so here are some more! All very long, but not necessarily slow burn this time ;)

What We Pretend We Can’t See by gyzym (131K)- Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought.
This is the only one I am going to copy from the slow burn rec list, because I just want to rec it every day of my life. It is quite literally my number one favorite fic ever, and I am not exaggerating. Do you see how serious I am right now? I am never serious. This fic is so amazing it turned me serious. I’m not even going to summarize it again because if you trust me at all you will just go read it nooooooow.

Turn by Saras_Girl (307K)- One good turn always deserves another. Apparently. 
Of course in the middle of declaring my favorite fic ever, I had to remember Turn and how utterly brilliant it is and how I’ve reread it and it was STILL utterly brilliant the second time and have a crisis because MAYBE THIS IS ACTUALLY MY FAVORITE FIC???! Aaah help, I can never choose! Anyway, are you a drarry fan who hasn’t read Turn yet? Really? Well, in that case FUCK YOU BECAUSE I AM SO JEALOUS YOU GET TO READ IT FOR THE FIRST TIME YOU LUCKY BASTARD. *ahem* Anyway, in this amazing fic, epilogue-compliant and worn-down Harry goes to an alternate dimension in which he is happily married to Draco, owns the best pet snake ever, and makes furniture for a living (love artsy Harry <3). It’s truly a masterpiece, and as always with my recs there is a happy ending, so don’t worry!

Tales from the Special Branch Series by femmequixotic (272K so far)- (Summary is from the second part of the series, which is the first long installment: Lost in Your ArmsThree months after their brief encounter, Draco has almost forgotten about Potter–or so he tells himself. Then a Dark wizard shows up on the Auror radar and all hell breaks loose. Draco will have to choose between everything he holds dear–everything he’s worked so hard for–and a few stolen moments of passion with a certain green-eyed Inspector, once his sworn enemy and now something rather different entirely. He’ll make the right choice, won’t he? Who is he kidding? He’ll ruin everything, as per usual. Bad choices and the name Malfoy go hand in hand.
This series is a WIP, but a regularly updated one and the FIRST CHAPTER OF THE NEXT BOOK IS BEING RELEASED TOMORROW AND I AM SO EXCITED!!! I feel so lucky to be following along with it as it comes out, because let me tell you, this is an instant classic! There is lovely forbidden fornication between a boss (Harry) and his subordinate (Draco) (the prequel was written for the kink fest so you can bet the sex is SCORCHING), a very compelling mystery/case, and truly brilliant characterization! I identify so much with this Draco. And I also love that Harry isn’t the perfect flawless cinnamon roll he is often portrayed as in fics. Everyone in this series is very human, and I am just dying of excitement to find out what happens to them next! I know I’ve already gushed about this fic in several other places recently, and I’m sorry to repeat myself but I really can’t get enough! PLEASE JOIN ME IN ROOTING FOR @femmequixotic AS SHE KINDLY DEDICATES HER SOUL TO US ALL FOR THE NEXT BIT OF HER LIFE <3

Secrets by Vorabiza (395K)- Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side. 
OMG it’s the first fic I ever read!! The fic that brought me into the fandom! I have suuuuuch a soft spot for this fic, and it is just so so so good! It’s probably my favorite adventure/wizarding war plot of all. Harry is just so confident and he embraces his Slytherin side and really Gets Shit Done, and it’s SO SATISFYING. Also, I love any fic in which Draco helps with the Horcrux hunt. Also there’s a baaaaaaby (no mpreg) and mentor!Snape, which is really nice. This fic was written post-HBP, but is SURPRISINGLY accurate in its predictions. Oh, and the sex is super hot too ;)

Checkmate by Naadi (245K)- Draco has the perfect plan to get Harry Potter and challenges him to a game of Dare Chess. But is it love, or betrayal, he has in mind? A real chess game is played throughout the story.
This fic is so lovely! It’s an “alternate 7th year AU”, written after Goblet of Fire. It’s fluffy and funny and lovey and then dramatic and passionate and YEAH I LOVED IT. The real time game of chess, in which Harry and Draco take turns making “moves” (on each other) is just such a wonderful idea. Read the author’s note for more info! 

Leo Inter Serpentes by Aeternum (658K combined so far)- Just one conversation between two eleven year old boys goes slightly differently, and the world changes. Just how much will be different with Harry being sorted into Slytherin, and how much will stay the same?
SLYTHERIN HARRY ALERT SLYTHERIN HARRY ALERT! Yep, a Slytherin Harry rewrite, and a REALLY GOOD ONE. Like usually I love the idea of Slytherin Harry, and then once I start reading I either find I’m bored because everything is just a repeat of canon or I can’t get into it because everyone is so OOC. But not this one! This fic is engaging and different enough from canon to be interesting and I love the eleven-year-old baby drarry friendship that eventually turns to romance! This fic also features benevolent mentor!Snape, which I suppose is either an enticement or a warning depending on your preferences. You SHOULD be warned that it’s a WIP. But the author is currently actively posting the 6th book, and I have hope it won’t be abandoned :)

Any Instrument by dicta_contrion (131K)- Draco Malfoy wouldn’t go back to England for anything less than an exceptional case. Being asked to figure out why Harry Potter can’t control his magic might be exceptional enough to qualify.
Okay I have a HUGE thing for healer!draco and this fic portrayed him so so so perfectly. Harry is having complications with his magic after an operation gone wrong. So Draco comes from France and of course they can’t get together because Draco is Harry’s healer but OMG THE UST and then let me just say that when they finally do have sex, it’s the most beautiful, moving, heart-stopping sex scene you will ever read. Like, I felt it in my soul. And the character development is so compelling and there are literally no flaws in this fic whatsoever.

Starts With a Spin by Maxine (120K)- It started with the spin of a bottle, and now Harry and Draco have gotten themselves so far into their own game there’s almost no way out again. Except to keep playing.
AAAAH this fic has all the teenage drarry feels! They’re so in character, always trying to one-up each other! And like these constant party games are happening and they’re being “forced” to go further and further with each other by their friends until they’re actually having sex, and YET THEN THE WAR IS STILL ON AS WELL, and it’s just super well-written and great! Another classic :D

Changing of the Guard by Lomonaaeren (210K)- Need a perfect stranger? Ask Metamorphosis. Harry Potter runs the business secretly and becomes whoever’s needed for each occasion. He’s not sure whether he should be more surprised, worried, or amused when Draco Malfoy comes to Metamorphosis and requests an actor who can play his boyfriend so that his parents will disown him. Yet Harry has even more dangerous choices after he creates Brian, Draco’s “perfect” boyfriend. Draco doesn’t know who Brian is, but he’s trying to find out—and now so is Harry.
Aaah Lomonaaeren! Drarry writer of my dark, dark heart! And yet I know some people aren’t huge fans of her style and I don’t want to be reccing her fics all the time, so I try to keep the Lomon recs relatively infrequent. But if you are looking for long fics and you do like her style, I’m pretty sure she can keep you busy for like an entire year. This woman is more prolific than Steven King, and it’s a true blessing. As for this particular fic, Harry basically has Dissociative Identity Disorder, but he has been making the most of it by running a whoever-you-need-for-hire business. Only then Draco arrives, and Harry’s world had to come crashing down at some point and that point is NOW, and the drama is just so so good and this fic gave me ALL THE FEELS. It’s possibly my favorite of her fics :)

Libraries and Piragua (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You were sexiled by your roommate on a day that you’d kill just to collapse into bed. You end up passing time with someone that makes your day end on a high note.

Word Count: 1,340

Warnings: Aimless plot, mentions of sex (nothing graphic), cussing, mentions of death (but character death like Abuela Claudia’s death in ITH mentioned is what I’m saying)

A/N: College AUs are my weakness, this is a demonstration of my knack for tying In The Heights into literally anything (and making my Classical Tradition professor proud with my Sophocles reference). Also, I am obsessed with the way Lin’s eyes are so expressive and was forced to take out approximately 1,000 references to them from this fic during proofreading.

“Please [Y/N]? You owe me from that time you broke the coffee machine, [Y/N].” you muttered, mocking your roommate’s pleas as you trudged across campus to the library. You planned on mocking your own stupidity for agreeing to her request once you were done being annoyed with her. She had to pick the one day you ended up having a terrible, rushing-everywhere, everything-goes-wrong kind of day to seal the deal with the guy she’s been pining over for months. 

You yanked open the door to the library with an unnecessary amount of force before you stalked inside. You made it upstairs, appreciative of the near empty scene. There was only a few people scattered among the tables or computers along the wall. At least you knew you’d be left alone with your bitterness. 

You pulled out a chair to toss your bag onto before shedding your jacket. Once you got settled in, you pulled out your headphones and laptop. You popped in one headphone and scanned your library looking for a song that might ease your exasperation. Once you had it playing you pulled out your textbook and leafed through it, debating whether you wanted to be productive or not. You settled on not and shoved it away before pulling your laptop closer. With your one free ear you heard a chuckle and you internally sighed before turning to find its source. The table to your right had a boy who was looking at you amused. You wondered if the dark circles under his eyes meant he was as exhausted as you were.

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  • Hanji: "The Attack Titan"
  • Eren: Huh?
  • Hanji: That's what you just did. You stared into the middle distance and said "The Attack Titan" without any prompting.
  • Armin: Well I guess he did do that.
  • Levi: Who gives a shit. He's 15. He's an edgelord. Of course he's going to stare into the middle distance and say dramatic shit.
  • Hanji: Also you're free to go. Let's go see the queen.
  • ---------------------------
  • Historia: Hey bitches.
  • Everyone: All hail the queen.
  • Historia: Jesus christ guys it's still me. No need for that. Also Let's go read Ymir's letter.
  • --------Ymir's letter--------
  • Ymir: Sup Historia. Reiner's letting me write this letter, but he's reading everything I write so I figure this is a good time to mention that Reiner will never, EVER get laid.
  • Ymir: Anyways, sorry I left you. I don't know what came over me.
  • Ymir: So basically here's my backstory. I used to be an orphan but this guy gave me the name Ymir. I started calling myself Ymir and everyone started worshipping my ass. But then some guys (read: Marley) came along and told me my ass was whack but I responded "Bitch my ass fine and also I'm a goddess" even though I wasn't.
  • Ymir: Not a goddess, that is. My ass fine.
  • Ymir: Anyways, they sent me to Paradis and made me into a Titan and yadda yadda you know the rest.
  • Ymir: They are probably going to kill me now. It was a good life, though. I'm happy with it.
  • Ymir: I do have one regret, though.
  • Ymir: I never got to marry you.
  • ----------Later that day---------
  • Zackley: Okay guys so we haven't revealed this info to the public yet. Lets go over it real quick and see if we can figure out what to do.
  • Hanji: So basically everyone in the world wants our asses dead.
  • Zackley: Well shit.
  • Hanji: Also, according to Eren's flashback:
  • ----------Eren's Flashback------------
  • OKay Fuck me I'm not sure exactly what this part is saying, but basically the mindless titans were used as military might by Eldians and now are used by Marley. The First King is using the titans to keep the Eldians in "Paradise", but believes that one day all of Eldia should be wiped out, lest it wage war again. One translation says the Marley want to control the titans, another one says they want to kill the titans so they can harvest resources from Paradis. For this goal they need the coordinate. There is a debate in Marley on whether or not to exterminate all Eldians or to use them as weapons. Kruger want Grisha to steal the coordinate so that this debate will open up again... for some reason. I'm waiting for a better translation.:
  • -----------Back to present day-------------
  • Zackley: So pretty much, if I'm understanding this, if a Reiss has the coordinate then we can't use the power, but if a non-Reiss has the coordinate we can't use the power.
  • Hanji: Ya
  • Eren: *Remembers he could use it when he touched smiling titan*
  • Eren: *Remembers smiling titan is Dina, and therefore royalty*
  • Eren: *Realizes if he tells people this they might make him eat Historia to merge with royal blood and unlock coordinate*
  • Eren: *Says nothing because he doesn't want Historia to die and let's be real she probably tastes terrible*
  • -----------Back to Eren's Flashback----------
  • Kruger: Grisha, when you get to the walls, start a family.
  • Grisha: And just betray Dina?
  • Kruger: Yeah boi
  • Kruger: You have to. Otherwise we will continue to repeat the same mistakes and the same history again and again.
  • Kruger: You have to do it if you want to save Mikasa and Armin.
  • Grisha: Who the fuck are Mikasa and Armin?
  • Kruger: I have no fucking clue. Why the fuck did I say that?
  • ----------Chapter End-------------------

qveerholmes  asked:

Category 4 #5!! (Side note: I'm in love and obsessed with your mafia au omggg)

Category 4, number 5: “You just walked into my office for a job as my secretary/assistant and we haven’t seen each other in years, but sexual tension is a thing” sex.

@qveerholmes This definitely got out of hand and way too long, but enjoy? jfklj I POSTED THIS TO THE WRONG QUESTION, but here you go have some office sex.

“I have those spreadsheets ready, Mr. Katsuki,” Viktor says, as every graceful inch of him strides into the office like it belongs to him.

Yuuri startles—badly—nearly dropping his coffee onto the stack of papers on his desk and giving himself early heart failure at the ripe young age of twenty-four. As it is, a few stray drops land on the contract he’s looking at, smudging the inky signature on the bottom line. He stares at it hard for a few more seconds, wondering if Celestino will notice (Yuuri knows he will), but mostly because he’d do anything not to have to look up.

It’s a wonder that Yuuri hasn’t had more accidents like this, with Viktor around.

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morleybell  asked:

Could you please make a list of bellarke fanfictions where they're roommates/have been friends since forever and they realize their feelings? (or just tell me where could I look for it) I'm so sorry to bother you, I promise I'm this person who will leave comments and kudos and will quote your fanfic on a tumblr just help me if you can:)

Yes, of course! And thank you for being a person who leaves comments! You’re doing the good work <3

Roommates/friends since forever fic rec: 

long day by @crooked-queen

Bellarke as co-dependent roommates. Ok, that’s just the summary but Naiche’s prose is incredible and raw; this isn’t an AU in which there are elements of supernatural, but it’s still magical through and through. It’ll make your heart hurt in the best way. Trust me, read it. 

Dare Me by @arteomis

Clarke has been friends with Bellamy for eight years, and their friendship revolves around an endless game of truth or dare. They fall in love recklessly and this fic is so sweet because it really holds the essence of the kind of love that develops between your childhood and growing up. I compared it to getting drunk on rum and cherry Coke because it’s sweet, but it can still touch your heart like no other. 

and dream how wonderful your life will be by @ponyregrets

Bellamy is going through a divorce and needs a place to stay. Clarke’s got a spare room. Also, his kid is the best thing ever. Look, I squeal out loud whenever Chash posts a family fic, either with Bellamy taking care of young Octavia or having a kid of his own, and if you like found families, if you like people making homes where they thought they couldn’t - you’re going to love this one. It’s so sweet it’ll fix your whole life. 

Throw Away the Keys by romanitas

Clarke and Bellamy accidentally lock themselves out of their house. People, the banter is super strong in this one! I spent the entire time laughing and then at the end I was like “Ouch” because fluff makes my heart swell, and this was fluffy AF. 

blue skies are calling by @thejgatsbykid

Bellamy and Clarke have known each other almost all their lives. Life got in the way, but when tragedy strikes, Clarke runs away, and Bellamy runs after her. This fic is so, so wholesome and so thoroughly human that I still remembered how I needed to take a break while reading it - not because it’s long (trust me, every line is worth it) but because I was so overwhelmed by emotions and I didn’t want it to end. It’s the fic you’ll always come back to.

hey, this isn’t easy by @melika-elena

Clarke’s making plans for Prom with her best friend, Bellamy, but there’s only one tiny thing missing - she forgot to ask him to come with her. This was so. much. fun!!! They’re both utterly oblivious dorks, you’re gonna blush and you’re gonna enjoy the hell out of this ride! Also, if you’re a Minty shipper, check out there rest of Mel’s fics - she is a queen! 

a drop in the ocean (or a change in the weather) by @bellakeyblake

How Clarke and Bellamy gradually came to be. This is a canon-verse fic with multiple POVs and do you know why it still owns my ass, even though I’ve read it almost a year ago? Because Michelle managed to zero in on the very things that make Bellamy and Clarke BellamyAndClarke and this fic is overflowing with love and beauty. 

tbh i want more epsilon characterization where he isn’t just like church to fit in bc he was expected to. like s7, where he’s more upbeat and just wants to be worshipped and shoot lasers, or really anything where he’s less of everyone’s replacement for alpha church yknow?

like every member of the bgc pretty much just views him as alpha. the only main person he interacts with who doesn’t see him as church (right away, anyway) is carolina, and that’s because she never met alpha
even wash eventually just reads him as Church, and wash knew him during pfl (if u count dying as getting to know someone, i guess)

anyway in summary: let epsilon develop his own personality that isnt “replacement for alpha,” cowards

My Little Berserker

Title: My Little Berserker

Author: @aelys-althea

Rating: NC-17

Word count: 105,540

Era: Hogwarts 8th year

Summary: Eighth year was supposed to be calm. Moderated. Peaceful, even. Draco returned to escape the chaos wrought upon his shambles of a life and Harry to flee the responsibility of a world that sees him as something greater than was truly possible. Hogwarts was a safe haven, right? At least it was until Hagrid comes up with the wonderful idea to introduce some additional members to the student body of the fluffier variety. Hagrid doesn’t do moderated - where’s the fun in that?

Comment: What a wonderful, wonderful fic! I stumbled upon it in my quest to read something long, not too depressing and/or hard to deal with, and with a bit of Hogwarts in it, as it’s been a while since I read anything other than Post-War fics. The summary alone immediately grabbed my attention and I’m so glad I decided to embark on the journey this story has to offer, because I loved it. Harry and Draco are back at school for their last year and so fresh after the war, everything feels a bit uncertain. We see them trying to navigate through a world without Voldemort, and it’s gorgeous, how you can feel everything the characters experience, thanks to the writing style radiating such a perfect amount of melancholy mixed with a tiny bit of hope for what the future holds. I particularly liked the struggles Draco faces when it comes to himself and what he knows of his personality, how he’s becoming a better person without completely losing the traits that define him the most. Basically (I always tend to ramble on and on, sorry), this fic tells the story of Harry bonding with an animal—the fluffiest, cutest, most adorable one ever, I swear—who then bonds with Draco. It’s truly amazing, seeing them gradually getting closer through their “parenting”—because of course they do. Honestly, if you didn’t know what to read next and found this post, search no further, here’s your fic.

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Hi! You probably have a ton of asks, so I'm sorry if this just further bogs down your inbox, but I adore your dialogue prompts! Honestly, I've never found prompts that inspired me as much as these, thank you so much for running this blog! I was wondering if you could give some dialogue prompts for a hero flirting with a scholar/historian who is living/traveling with them? Either way, I adore your blog and I'm so excited to see prompts from you in the future!

1) “You love history. Fancy making some history of our own?”
“Because I’ve never heard that one before.”
“And that is what people in the present call a non-answer.”

2) “Are you even listening?”

“Sure. I love it when you wrap your mouth around all those long, ancient words.” The hero’s gaze flicked to the scholar’s lips, and they bit down on their own. “Speaking of long-”

Colour rose to the scholar’s cheeks. “-”-You’re an ass. This is serious-“

The hero rattled off a perfect, nuanced summary of what the scholar had been talking and raised a brow.

3) “I would launch a thousand ships for your face.”

“Oh my god, don’t even get me started on the Trojan War. Honestly-”

The hero watched their face light up in animation, hands flailing, passion spilling over and grinned. The scholar caught the look and stopped short.

“You’re teasing me.”

“I mean, if you want me to start a war for you I will, but yeah. You’re adorable.”


“I think,” the hero said quietly. “Sometimes you get so distracted by lives past, that you forget you have a life of your own right now. Present needs. Desires not satisfied by a book.” They stepped closer. “The world’s not in that tome of yours, it’s out here. With me. Take a break.”

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College au? I'll let your creativity run free from there ;D (also what the heck, I'm planning on my major/minor to be English too?)

College Freshmen Are Loud

Read it on ao3!  & send in a prompt!

Summary: The noise in Dan’s dorm hall is cutting into his sleep. Phil provides a solution

Word Count: 1.9k

Notes: thank u, ryanne. I love college aus :(( (we should talk majors)

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shimmer in your shine - Chapter 10
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: shimmer in your shine - Chapter 10: “Hello My Old Heart”

Progress: 10/?
Pairing: Leopika, Killugon
Rating: Teen (subject to change)
Warnings: veiled discussions of abusive households and the traumatic deaths of families, all canon-typical.

Author’s Note: Congrats this is a week early and would’ve been earlier if I hadn’t gone to A-kon last weekend! (The con was fantastic though, so no regrets there) I fully blame the wonderful response I got from all of my readers last chapter, because it really motivated me to get this chapter up quickly! And, well. Hah. Please be nice to me when you get to the end of this one. Contains: cuddling, monument shenanigans, and a few new arrivals :3

Also, please, save a life, reblog a fic. Tumblr’s tagging system is still shit, so if you like the fic, consider reblogging it to show it to your friends and followers too.

Summary: A roadtrip at the end of his senior year of college might have been kind of a last minute decision, but Leorio isn’t about to let himself, or any of the others regret it. Assuming, anyway, that they don’t kill each other in the first couple of days, that is.

Part Summary:  Leorio sighs, then takes his hands off his eyes. He blinks past the bright spots they leave behind. Okay. No time for this. He can mope later. Inside. And pretend as though nothing happened, because nothing did. It will be fine. He’ll make sure of it, even if his chest is caving in, falling apart like so many glass shards.

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so I've been reading your metas these past months and.... you sure talk shit a lot about other characters and trying so hard to make people understand or care about Ui, weren't you? is this out of spite? why don't you talk more about Ui's flaws?

I’m sorry if I sound slightly rude, and I will try to answer your question in a moment but please let me clarify something first. 

Number 1) It’s not talking shit, it’s talking about their flaws. I’ve said in the past, what makes a character interesting are their flaws and how the plot comes up with consequences for those flaws so that the character can realize overcome them. Most of the characters I talk about their flaws I genuinely believe that they are going to at some point during Tokyo Ghoul overcome those flaws. However, if I stopped to go “Sure, Kaneki has his flaws but here are the good things about him-” every single time I talked critically about his character it would dilute my point. 

Number 2) I’ve talked about Ui’s flaws in the past, I’m not sure what you are talking about. My last post about him, I called him a sith lord, and compared him to Anakin Skywalker. That’s not a compliment? I compared his actions to Anakin’s Skywalker’s ability to justify murdering younglings?? 

Here’s also some previous criticisms I gave about him.

Despite being introduced as the Hope of the CCG, all Ui has done so far is fail.

Ui has one of the most pronounced dehumanizing view of ghoul’s in the manga, and there’s no specific reason for it. None of his family members were taken by ghouls, like Mado, and he himself was never personally traumatized by them like Amon and Suzuya. If anything I would say his lack of empathy comes from his need for identity. There’s no better way to define yourself then to define what is not yourself, or what is ‘other’ in this case. Ghoul’s being emotionless monsters also conveniently slips into what Ui wants to perceive them as, in his narrative of Heroes of Justice. After all, a good hero, a good knight, needs a villain to fight against and take down.

Notice however, that Kijima’s plan to torture a ghoul and put it on the internet to call out a member of Rose, which is illegal and also inhumane and dirties the name of his CCG and his hero fantasy, is met with much less resistance than Sasaki’s plan to simply pretend to be ghouls and spy on them to gain information. Ui doesn’t even use his official capacity to punish Kijima or stop the plan in motion, he only shows his disapproval. That probably was because Sasaki was a ghoul, though.

The Ui shown in Re after becoming a squad leader is much more individualistic. On two occasions, in disapproving the mask operation and telling Sasaki to go to the roof we’re shown that Ui lets things like rank and advancement factor into his decisions more than thinking for the good of the whole group. He individually worries after becoming a special class, that someone like Haise will be promoted too fast, or reach his ranks. 

If you want a quick summary of Ui’s flaws though, here you go.

1) He’s a mass murderer of Ghouls
2) He has no empathy for the ghouls that he murders, the only time he comes close to showing any is when the actions of other humans against ghouls conflict with his idealistic view of a “Hero of Justice”
3) This basically makes him a person inserting a childish fantasy onto what is a life or death conflict and also getting upset when reality conflicts this fantasy.
4) Ui is bitter, and jealous in his behaviors. He gets jealous at Sasaki, not only for getting Arima’s attention, but also for being a ghoul that gets Arima’s attention.
5) Ui cares way too much about rank and advancement, to the point where he never appreciated his relationships with Hairu, Sasaki, Take, or Arima because he was only ever thinking about rank and work at the time. The suffering he feels now he completely brought on himself for not appreciating what he had when it was there.
6) Ui Koori smokes too much and it makes him terrible at climbing stairs. Part of the reason Hairu died, and Haise got his memories back was because Ui took an eternity on those goddamn stairs. (This is a joke)
7) Ui is physically rude to those around him. There’s no doubt in my mind that he deeply cared about Hairu, he’s willing to sell out everything for the chance to bring her back but this is how he referred to her when she was around.

8) Ui Koori compromised on all of his ideals of justice in about 10 seconds. All Furuta needed to do was offer him the possibility that Hairu might be revived and Ui is already wearing all black and standing on a pile of corpses. 
11) Ui Koori is objectifying Hairu in his actions. He’s treating her death like a great tragedy to himself, somebody that he needs to save, and also doing a bunch of things that she likely would not want in her name, and reviving her without her consent. 

These are just some of them, if you ever want me to clarify more about what I think of a character feel free to ask anon. 

Suffolk County Charter School: It  Actually Happened (sort of)

I haven’t seen anyone connect this any where else so I thought I would share what I found out by accident. If its old news then ignore me

Wow. Okay. So, I stumbled upon this area in my exploration of the Commonwealth Wasteland in Fallout 4 months ago before I completed my first play through. Suffolk County Charter School.

It was creepy and had a story to uncover so I went in. Im sure most of you know what I’m talking about so, no big deal. Its not secret or hidden. Just one of those cool Fallout areas that don’t have a quest attached but you feel compelled to figure out what the fuck happened.

Inside there were pink ghouls.

And pink goo.

While splattering these guys and looting everything in the facility (because Fallout) I uncovered the story behind this location. If you haven’t found it yet, SPOILERS, heres the summary:

“In exchange for funding, Principal Jackie Hudson agreed to implement the government’s experimental Nutritional Alternative Paste Program (NAPP) at the school. Participation required limiting food consumption within the school to a government-provided food paste. This decision was apparently made without the consent of faculty, students, or parents.

Per Principal Hudson’s announcements, the NAPP was launched on October 18 and any outside food was to be confiscated from then on. These announcements can be heard on three holotapes found throughout the school.”

So yeah. I just murdered a bunch of kids that were unwittingly being experimented on. I felt sort of shitty. My Sole Survivor didn’t give a fuck. She would gladly murder actual babies for that issue of Unstoppables or a bobblehead. She’s a collector, almost to the point of compulsion.

I found this area so interesting and tragic that I sought more info on the Fallout Wiki. There (and other sources/theories I’ve read) talk about how the pink goo is probably a reference to the film The Stuff (1985). 

A more popular theory is that its actually referencing “The Pink Slime”

“The food paste as a whole is a reference to Pink Slime, a food additive consisting of low-fat meat which was ground into a paste. It’s particularly infamous after being widely used as a meal alternative in American school lunches during 2012, which resulted in major controversy.”

Huh. Okay cool. I was satisfied with these being possible references. It made sense. And I never thought about it again. I mean, it was like, a year ago or some shit. I don’t know, a long ass time ago.

But then last night, while avoiding doing adult things, my ADHD kicked in as my meds wore off and I decided to hyper focus on watching weird YouTube videos covering topics like horrendous incidents, unsolved mysteries, conspiracy theories, that kind of stuff. Basically I sat there in my own world watching Rob Dyke and Dark5 videos.

Im not weird.

Anyway, Thats when I saw this and holy shit. I immediately thought of Suffolk County Charter School in Fallout 4. Something I hadn’t thought about in forever from a game I haven’t really played in months.

You can watch the video or heres a quick summary of events that took place at a school in Massachusetts:

“A group of former students who ate radioactive oatmeal as unwitting participants in a food experiment will share a $1.85 million settlement from Quaker Oats and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

More than 100 boys at the Fernald School in Waltham, Mass., were fed cereal containing radioactive iron and calcium in the 1940’s and 1950’s. The diet was part of an experiment to prove that the nutrients in Quaker oatmeal travel throughout the body.” New York Times, 1998

Yep. It happened in Massachusetts. MIT was involved.

Maybe all of this is stupid to everyone but honestly shit like this is why I LOVE video games. A simple location with no real importance to the main game (except collectibles) held a really interesting story that stuck with me, at least subconsciously. 

Easter eggs and references in games aren’t new but the fact that even after researching the in-game location I didn’t see any mention of the Fernald School (which could have been because the game was still fairly new then) and then randomly I stumbled upon what I think is unquestionably the real inspiration for this area is so cool to me.

Fallout lore is so dense and so far reaching, referencing other games, media, pop culture, and real life events. I fell in love all over again with this franchise based on this one small detail that dosent even matter in the grand scheme of the story. 

I had to share this because I couldn’t get it off my mind. That moment of being like “HOLY SHIT WAIT. THIS IS IN FALLOUT.” was something that I’m sure a lot of gamers can relate to and its exciting and interesting.

Hopefully you guys find this cool too!

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hiiii. your blog is great!! I'm wondering if you know of any fics in which Harry and Draco hide their relationship?? like when they're alone they are all cute but when in public they go back to "hating" each other

I’m so sorry for the delay! I’m not sure if in all of these fics they hate each other, but their relationship is kept secret. Also, I’m not so sure about cute, these fics can get pretty angsty - the first 10 fics are pretty fluffy compared to the rest.


Collect Your Courage (mervab)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 44,000, Summary: Potter needs control; Draco needs forgiveness. They shag; Lavender gives advice; they yell; Seamus makes muffins; they fight; and everyone else drinks far too much coffee for their own wellbeing.

Party Of Two (fireflavored)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 13,542, Summary: Drinking, sex, and a total misreading of the concept of fuck buddies.

Little Talks (femmequixotic,noeon)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 11,500, Summary: Draco’s been shagging the Head Auror for months now, and he’s sure it’s just a fling. Until Harry asks him to a Quidditch match, that is, and things go horribly wrong.

You First, Loser (zeitgeistic)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 6,372, Summary: When Harry and Draco’s “not serious” three-year relationship results in a one-in-a-million pregnancy, they decide who will be the unlucky one to tell their families in a very mature and adult fashion that indubitably proves their inherently stellar parenting abilities: with a bet over a (probably rigged, let’s be real; Draco is playing) game of Exploding Snap. Content/Warnings: MPreg

Of Love And Treacle Tarts (olimakiella)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 8,230, Summary: “Why do you keep sneaking out of here when I’m sleeping? Like I’m some one night stand you’re ashamed of?” - Harry has to figure out what he wants before Draco gets sick of waiting.

Harry Potter Gives A Shit (talithan)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 15.5k, Summary: “Where are you headed?” “No place special,” Draco fumbled, and flushed further. But then: “I can change that,” said Harry Potter.

Matchmaking (frostywonder)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 22,150, Summary: When Hermione rushes off to the Amazon, Ron is left alone in handling their brooding third wheel. Somehow, he drags Malfoy into the mix and the stupid Ferret steals the show.

Hold My Hand (bafflinghaze)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 3,762, Summary: Harry has been with Draco for a number of years now. So when Draco gets injured, Harry has to storm St. Mungo’s.

An Act Of Simple Devotion (blamebrampton)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 13,368, Summary: It’s a age-old story. You fancy a boy and you think he fancies you. Sure there are problems – attacks on former Death Eaters, crazed tabloid journalists and your girlfriend – but you have a cunning plan. Now if he’d only explain the L. Ron Hubbard-like references…

Harry Potter Is A Dirty Exhibitionist (eidheann)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 13,184, Summary: The ten times they almost got caught and one time they did.

Volunteers (Anna Fugazzi)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 52.2k, Summary: Harry, Draco, and a volunteer position that was supposed to be quick and easy.

I’ll Tell You A Secret (Just Don’t Tell) (nekarose)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 18,330, Summary: Harry and Draco are living a fairly normal life with a fairly normal relationship, except for the part where it’s, well, secret.

Change (sara_holmes)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 7,000, Summary: “Draco meets Harry’s eyes, and Harry has a brief moment to wonder how this suddenly got so serious. All he’d been thinking about this morning was being able to have enough time to get Draco’s shirt off, and now they’d been found out by his mother and were having a standoff in the hallway about their relationship and how dangerous it could potentially be, in more ways than one.”

Slithering (astolat)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 27.3k, Summary: Draco found the nest down in the Manor’s cellars, while he was clearing them out.

Running Up That Hill (hazel_wand)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 12,778, Summary: Harry had spent the first years after the war waiting and trying to fall in love with Ginny and had been unable to. It had turned out all right, sort of. Ginny had settled down with the Harpies’ Seeker and Harry, well, Harry had Draco. Sometimes.

And Back Again (Where You Belong) (eidheann)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 15,956, Summary: He thought back on their previous handshakes, and smiled faintly at the fact they always seemed to mean so much more to him than they did to Potter.

On The Couch (frayach)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 26,500, Summary: It’s a Mind Healer’s worse nightmare to lose a patient to suicide, but Mind Healer Nick Nichols can attest to the fact that a murder/suicide is even worse. If only Dr. Freud had come up with a sure cure for love.

Full Circle (charmed310)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 8,059, Summary: Keeping a relationship secret with a high-profile figure like Harry Potter isn’t easy, especially when Rita Skeeter strikes again!

A Private Reason For This (femmequixotic)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 92,189, Summary: When the wife of a star politician in the Scottish Ministry turns up dead just outside Hogsmeade, Draco Malfoy and his murder investigation team are called in from the Edinburgh Auror force to find her killer. What DCI Malfoy doesn’t expect, however, is to have an ex from two decades past end up in his murder room, endangering not only his case, but also his heart.

Twist Of Fate (Oakstone730)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 302,200, Summary: Draco asks Harry to help him beat the Imperius curse during 4th year. The lessons turn into more than either expected. A story of redemption and forgiveness.

Clear As Mud (scoradh)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 9,850, Summary: One could be said to have stretched the term ‘friends’ rather far. Content/Warnings: Epilogue Compliant

Up In The Air (dicta_contrion, kazuya22)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 8,584, Summary: When he’s out in the sun, eye to eye with the treeline, Harry can barely remember why this thing with Draco was ever a secret in the first place.

Get Some (sara_holmes)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 81,220, Summary: Harry is getting rather fed up with everyone treating him differently after the war, and catches hold of the one person who doesn’t seem to care about his hero status.

Eye Of The Beholder (pir8fancier)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 22,450, Summary: Draco Malfoy has written an explosive autobiography. Not only does lay bare his role as a Death Eater, he also makes a number of other shocking revelations. Harry Potter owls him, asking that they meet for drinks to discuss his novel. Content/Warnings: Epilogue Compliant

The One Where Ron And Hermione Find Out (EruditeWitch)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 13,107, Summary: When Harry is injured, the secret is out. Will their relationship last such a startling revelation?

Learning To Breathe (okydoky)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 18,000, Summary: Draco knew what his life was going to be like, there was never any doubt. He never expected to fall in love especially with someone who wasn’t his wife. But, he did, and somehow, Harry Potter became the thing that kept him breathing. Content/Warnings: Epilogue Compliant

Cigarettes Will Kill You (femmequixotic)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 3,810, Summary: He lights a cigarette across the pub, his hand cupped to his mouth as the tip sparks to life in a faint orange flare, and my breath catches. Content/Warnings: Ambiguous Ending

Under His Hands (skinnyrita)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 20,660, Summary: Harry’s job is in the public eye but his closely guarded private life is not. When Draco is inducted as the Quidditch physio, will they be able to prevail as platonic and indifferent accqaintances or will Harry finally prove his worth?

All Our Secrets Laid Bare (firethesound)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 149,540, Summary: Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.

Waiting For Life To Start (incapricious)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 14,266, Summary: The Tri-Wizard Tournament is returning to Hogwarts to mark the ten-year anniversary of the defeat of Voldemort. When Draco walks off the Durmstrang ship, Harry, now a Hogwarts professor, is thrown by an unexpected attraction. Over the course of the next year, he will have to deal with those feelings as well as the aftermath of the war, something he has put off for far too long.

Draco And Harry’s Illicit Affair (and how Blaise Zabini wants nothing to do with it) (veterization)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 8,435, Summary: Blaise has the luck to stumble upon his friend romping around in Potter’s pants. Multiple times.

Two Sides Of The Same Coin (noislessheart)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 117,270, Summary: Harry and Draco find out the hard way that the line between hate and love is a fine one, and that somewhere between the Battle of Hogwarts and being thrust back together as Hogwarts eighth years, they may have just crossed it.

Advanced Charms (Paraphilia)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 7,190, Summary: Awkward first time is awkward.

Nine Days Till Christmas (Rurounihime)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 45,478, Summary: Harry decides to be very straight-forward about what he wants. Unfortunately, the answer he gets is more than a little disappointing. Now he has nine days to turn things around.

Bound To Happen (JosephineStone)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 3,530, Summary: As often as the Aurors brought Draco in and demanded proof of his whereabouts, it was only a matter of time before they found about his relationship with Harry.

Everybody’s Secret (leontina)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 2,835, Summary: Harry and Draco are both professors at Hogwarts, and in a relationship with each other. They think they’re doing a good job keeping it secret — they’re not.

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Hi Capitu! Thank you SO much for keeping this blog and your LJ, it has saved me so much time and gotten me through so many boring lectures! If it's possible, could I have some creature fic recs with top Harry? I prefer long fics, but I'm starved for pretty much anything! I'd love to hear your favourites. Any creatures are okay. Thanks!

Hi Anon! I’m glad I saved your from boring lectures! LOL I kinda feel I shouldn’t be glad, but hey! I only share stories I love. :D

You didn’t say if the creature had to be Harry, so I’m some of these have creature!Draco. I marked them for you all the same because apparently I have too much time in my hands? ^^ But you might have seen, earlier I made a post with all Veela!Harry, if you’re interested. Also, I know you said top!Harry, but some of these don’t have penetration (those are at the bottom. Heh) and I figured that’s cool, too.

Also, you said you’d love to hear about my favourites, so these recs come with Notes. When I rec I usually make a note about what the story is about and talking a bit about what I liked about it. Sometimes I don’t make a note in these lists, though, because I can get self-conscious and think people don’t need to hear me going on and on, and also because some lists get long. But I guess you enjoy the notes? :)

Anyway, sorry for the long intro! Onto the fics:

Harry Potter and the Inconvenient Condition by mirabella (NC-17, 20,5K, vampire!Harry)
Summary: Harry comes back from vacation with an inconvenient case of vampirism and must learn to cope with blood, Malfoy, and recalcitrant secretaries. And if that doesn’t tell you everything about the plot you need to know, you haven’t read enough badfic.
My notes: I love that summary, and I love this fic. Harry, yeah, comes back from his vacations turned into a vampire and Draco, bloody tease that he is (I always make this pun when reccing this fic, sorry!), makes it all the harder. Er, literally, even. :D

Intended by LadyVader (NC-17, 16,8K, vampire!Harry)
Summary: Due to a little ill-meant meddling, Harry Potter is partway transformed into a Vampire and only Draco’s blood can sate his thirst.
My notes: This is Hogwarts Era. There’s a plot against Harry, and how he’s turned into a vampire who only wants Draco.  So much UST!

Blue Sunny Day by @firethesound (NC-17, 26,1K, vampire!Harry)
Summary: Years ago, Harry Potter disappeared from the Wizarding World. When Draco spots him at a club in Muggle London, well, he just can’t resist the opportunity that presents itself.
My notes: One of my favourite fics by Fire, and like, just imagine how good it is! :D It’s hot, emotional, sweet. It’s everything that is good in a fic. <3

High Priced by dysonrules (NC-17, 33K, veela!Harry)
Summary: Harry Potter discovers he has Veela blood, which requires him to have contact with his “mate” in the form of some sort of physical touching or else he will wither and die. Of course, his mate turns out to be someone extraordinarily unsuitable–Draco Malfoy, who is only too gleeful to finally have something that Harry Potter needs.
My notes: Oh, oh! The sheer pining in this fic, Harry’s desperation at wanting someone who apparently doesn’t want him back. Perfect.

The Weight of Eternity by venis_envy (NC-17, 20,8K, veela!Draco)
Summary: Desperate for survival, Draco takes what he needs from others while avoiding the one he’s meant to be with. His newfound compassion will not allow him to trap the one he loves, even if it means his own life is the price paid for Harry’s freedom of choice.
My notes: asldkfjasldkjfsds!!!! Well. Fics like this one is why we love Veela fics. Pining, delicious pining and delicious sex. But it’s not just that, the writing is beautiful. This fic has a remix (from Harry’s POV):

Time to Eternity by carlrissian18 (NC-17, 16,6K, veela!Draco)
Summary: Malfoy has wings.
My notes: I suggest you read first The Weight of Eternity. These two complement each other perfectly.

Angels and Devils by beren (NC-17, 52K, Veela!Draco, Harry!Seraphim)
Summary: Harry defeated Voldemort: his act of heroism is famous throughout the wizarding world. He’s trying to finish his final year at Hogwarts in peace, but something peculiar is happening to him, something he never would have expected. It’s all rather embarrassing and making his life very complicated.
My notes: Harry is a mythical creature, Draco is a Veela, and, well, Harry courts him. It’s super interesting, this fic.

Animal Attraction by Tari-Sue (NC-17, 19,3K, Veela!Draco)
Summary: A hex gone wrong turns Draco from one of the world’s most despised wizards into the Ministry’s most desirable Veela. Now all he has to do is learn to control Veela Allure gone haywire, try to find a cure and avoid Harry Potter.
My notes: Well, yes, a hex gone wrong and now Draco is a Veela, one who thinks Harry being friendly to him is only because of the allure. ;) Yeah, right. ^^

There’s Something About Malfoy by cassie_black12 (NC-17, 27K, veela!Draco)
Summary: Strange things keep happening to Draco Malfoy, and Harry Potter is determined to get to the bottom of it. He may end up with more than he bargained for.
My notes: This story is AU after OotP, it’s Hogwarts Era, and it’s really entertaining. Check the warnings, just in case! :)

The Living Half by maab_connor (NC-17, 26,5K, Veela!Draco)
Summary: Six years ago, Draco Malfoy nearly died. To save his own life he fled to America. And now, Agent Malfoy of the DHS has Harry Potter sprung on him for a partner.
My notes:  Very cool story, Draco is a Veela, living without his mate thanks to a potion he takes. He lives in America, but his life takes a complicated turn when Harry arrives to train the rookies.

The Arc of the Pendulum by brummell (NC-17, 30,1K, werewolf!Harry)
Summary: After his father casts a mysterious curse on Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy is forced to try to make things right.
My note: Ohh! OH! This fic is amazing! Harry’s animalistic side, all Draco does to save him. It’s simply amazing. You’ve probably seen this story recced before, yes, it’s fantastic.

Rejoicing in Their Strength by Lomonaaeren (R, 34,1K, werewolf!Harry)
Summary: Lucius went mad after the war, and he has killed Narcissa and confined Draco to Malfoy Manor while he does magical experiments on him. Draco escapes at times by astral travel. During one of his journeys, he is astonished to find Harry Potter, who vanished after the war, living in the Forest of Dean.
My notes: Mind the warnings in this fic so it doesn’t catch you by surprise, but if you’re prepared, this fic is pretty awesome. Draco’s been tortured by an insane Lucius, and Harry’s found a way to communicate with him in an astral travel. Then Harry and his pack rescue him. This fic has a sequel that you can find at ff.net: Eyes That Can See in the Dark (15,9K) and this one is about Draco being Harry’s Omega living with the pack.

The Corruption Sequence (series) by beren (NC-17, 94,1K, creature!Harry)
Summary: Voldemort has captured Harry and for his own twisted reasons has chosen not to kill him outright. Revenge in the Dark Lord’s mind requires a fate worse than death and Harry is about to find out what that is.
My notes: Voldemort thinking he’s punishing Harry turns him into a, wow, it’s hard to explain, okay, like, he merges Harry’s core with the darkest of Creatures. And now Harry has all these parts of creatures inside him. And Draco saves him and they are bonded. I know I’m doing a bad job explaining this fic, but it’s pretty amazing, trust me.

Yours is the Earth (Hold on, Hold On) by @chickenlivesinpumpkin (NC-17, 127,1K, creature!Draco) [There’s some switching in this fic, but mainly bottom!Draco)
Summary: When they first meet after the end of the war, Draco doesn’t want anything to do with Harry. But as time goes by, Draco’s growing love may be the only thing that can save them both, because after a serious accident in the Forbidden Forest, Draco’s personality begins to undergo subtle changes. At first, Harry credits this to a new enthusiasm for life. But as the days pass and Draco’s behavior becomes more and more mysterious, Harry begins to suspect that something bigger–and darker–is at work.
My notes: This fic, OMG. Okay, this is one of my favourite fics EVER. It’s mind blowing good. Yeah. I’m going to link  you to my original rec because I could go on and on and on about this fic. It gets better the more you read it. <3

And these are the ones I mention where no one bottoms:

Night Shift by ms_mindfunk (R, 14,3K, vampire!Harry)
Summary: Draco is stuck in career purgatory on the night shift in the Auror Department. The powers that be won’t let him near any important cases, but he knows he can prove himself and get promoted if he can just crack a big case. When Harry Potter shows up after getting himself banished to the night shift as well, how will he affect Draco’s plans?

Eternity With You by winnet (R, 18,4K, vampire!Draco)
Summary: One moment with Harry was worth more than an eternity alone.
My note: A fluffy vampire!Fic. :D Super sweet, featuring friends first, oblivious boys and rescue missions.

The Uninvited Guest by winnet (NC-17, 20K, creature!Harry)
Summary: Harry is cursed with an undeniable need by a spell gone sour by age and disuse, and only Draco can calm his uninvited guest.
My note: Hottest rimming scene ever. But the story is more than that, it’s just that when I remember this fic, well, that scene makes an impression on you. Harry puts on a cursed collar and he’s turning into a were-creature, one that absolutely wants Draco with all his might. Amazing.

If the Sun Goes Black by pasdexcuses (PG-13, 23K, creature!Draco)
Summary: With the perverse clarity of nostalgia, Harry remembers everything that was. The trouble is, he can’t recall anything that is.
My note: This is one cool story. :D It starts as a memory loss fic, Harry waking up to learn he and Draco are a couple and living together, but then we learn there’s something strange going on with Draco, and it turns into a case!Fic of sorts. Pretty intriguing! This fic has a remix:

There Is Always the Moon by @firethesound (PG-13, 159,3K, creature!Draco)
Summary: Draco’s life after the war is everything he wanted it to be: it’s simple, and quiet, and predictable, and safe. But when a mysterious curse shatters the peace he’d worked so hard to build, there’s only one person he can trust to help him. After all, Harry Potter has saved his life before. Now Draco has to believe that Potter will be able to do it one more time.
My note: And in this fic we see the backstory, everything Draco went through, his transformation, asking Harry for help, how they decided to live together, and it’s gorgeous, completely gorgeous. I suggest you read these two together. First If the Sun Goes Black and then this one, oh, so good!

Lord, this got long. So very sorry! <33

anonymous asked:

It's mind-boggling that so many adaptations try to push the Benvolio/Rosaline pairing. We got After Juliet, Romeo's Ex, the 2013 film, and now Still Star-crossed.

I wonder why! After reading a summary on Goodreads, I found the love plot of Romeo’s Ex rather repetitive—a Capulet and a Montague who fall in love and try to end the feud? Isn’t that exactly what Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet? If we are to create a romantic relationship for Benvolio, I would rather he loved Mercutio. (I’m still waiting for a production that follows this text post.) As for Rosaline, I do like what the canon explicitly specifies: she does not want to have anything to do with men, so let her.

I have mixed feelings about Still Star-crossed. On the one hand, the diversity of the cast makes me very happy, and it was filmed quite near where I live! (I actually found out about it because a professor from the University of Salamanca mentioned it on his Facebook page.) On the other hand, I’m uncomfortable with the whole premise of the story. It revolves around the idea that the households did not cease the violence after Romeo and Juliet’s suicide. I’ve always thought, however, that the reconciliation of the families was pretty much the whole reason why the story was even told in the first place. If you look at the Prologue, Romeo and Juliet are first mentioned because they were the ones to stop the feud: ‘A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life, / Whose misadventured piteous overthrows / Doth with their death bury their parents’ strife.’ A few lines later the same idea is repeated: ’… the continuance of their parents’ rage, / Which, but their children’s end, naught could remove.’

To me, the fact that their love defeated all the hate and violence of Verona is one of the reasons why their story is so powerful and worth telling. This is why I think the idea of Still Star-crossed demolishes Shakespeare’s play and takes away its beauty… if the households impassively continue to exert violence after their children kill themselves in a desperate attempt to escape from the feud, what is the point of their deaths? It becomes quite a desolate story, where nothing can stop tyranny and where not even ‘a glooming peace’ is brought by the morning. However, I think the play does suggest that Romeo and Juliet’s love can indeed overcome their households’ hate. This is why I’m not particularly fond of the plot of the show, not only because of the Rosaline/Benvolio pairing, but because it kind of makes Romeo and Juliet’s deaths pointless.