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Today is Fanfiction writer appreciation day! Of course I forgot because I’m the worst, so I won’t have the time to do individual recs like I wanted to.

But even if I can’t, I wanted to give a shout out to some people that you should all read/follow because they are wonderful writers and persons:

@nerdderek, @ladydrace, @pale-silver-comb, @halekingsourwolf, @mad-madam-m, @eeyore9990, @leslieknopeismyspiritanimal, @andavs, @crossroadswrite, @yodas-yo-yo, @mermaid-reyes, @cobrilee, @inell, @seanconneraille, @astolat, @wolveshowlatnight, @shealwaysreads, @dancinkatie, @cursedtruth, @suzvoy, @bibliosexual, @ink-splotch, @kellifer-k Joelawson, @theappleppielifestyle , @emungere, @eternalsterek-broughttolife, @gfdisterek, @alocalband, @poetry-protest-pornography, entanglednow

(I already know I am forgetting many and I’m sorry for that)

All these people I can vouch for, so if you need new people to read and follow, just go check on them: believe me they will make your day a better one in just a few sentences, they are talented like that.

And to all of you on this list: Thank you.

I am lucky enough to know and talk to some of you, other I just love and adore from afar. But please know that if you are here it’s because you’ve made my life better by existing and writing, and that seeing your name on my dash/in my email alerts will always make me smile, even on the worst of day.

You are all so very important, and I’m so grateful for all you do for us.

And to all the writers out there I didn’t tag: thank you for putting so much work, passion (and tears let’s be honest :p) in writing for all of us. I will never be able to express how important you a are to us all.

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WARNING‼️this is salty
  • Jon: *intense prolonged eye contact*
  • Dany: *heavy ragged breathing*
  • antis: where???? is the chemistry ?????? just can't find It™
  • Dany: *risks life and limb to save him*
  • Jon: *declares her as his queen*
  • antis still: he's using her!!!! it's so obvious !!! there's no way a parallel narrative between two characters finally meeting has any significance and I'm TOTALLY fine with throwing these characters away (even though I preach about strong female leads, and how Jon should be king even though he didn't choose to, and how "The North Remembers" like Robb wasn't a total fucking disaster, like the pride of any specific house can contribute to the bigger picture) as long as my crackship (that only reared its ugly head last season) has a chance !!!!!
  • me: I'm tired.
  • person: *talks about something they're passionate about even if I don't know much about it or can relate too much*
  • me: Listen. Listen. I love listening to what you're passionate about. It's fun listening. You don't have to apologize. It's good talking about things you like. Enjoy yourself.

someone: i headcanon peter parker as trans

anyone with common sense and basic human decency: that’s a unique and valid way to look at his character. far out, dude. radical, my guy. and even if others don’t personally see it, there is no conceivable reason why that headcanon should really bother them or be met with negativity. you do you. happy vibes, man.

The Transphobes™:


OTPs (in no particular order): Tsukishima Kei & Yamaguchi Tadashi

““How many did you miss?” Go on, say it to me. I only managed to stop one single spike. We played five whole sets. I’m so un―”

“I can think of a lot of words, but uncool definitely isn’t one of them!”

watching this and i want to scream????? 

  • apparently sanha bleaches his hair every three days ??? fantagio this can’t be healthy 
  • bin’s wearing a shirt that has ‘merman’ on it asdfjlKJAHSDLK time to cry
  • bin wanted to be a swordsman but then after that he wanTED TO BE AN ASTRONAUT BECAUSE HE LOVES SPACE I’M YELLING
  • lmao bin saying that he wants to go to space maybe when it’s possible when he’s 70-80 and the mc telling him to earn enough money first lmAOOOO
  • apparently there are three point dances to baby:
    • ‘gentlemen’ actions like spraying perfume (the first part) and cuffing their shirts (the last part)
    • ‘saying hello’ in the slidey chorus part (‘a butterfly,’ rocky says, ‘but also like, don’t come near my face’)
    • the ‘butterfly dance’ because rocky made it (i assume this is in reference to the ‘the floor is lava’ jump)
  • mj describing i’ll be there as a ‘goodnight goodnight’ song and everyone cackling and correcting him & bin: “it’s every minute u bitch” and everyone laughing again becaUSE IT’S DREAM NIGHT SON
  • mj choosing because it’s you as his fave song
  • eunwoo picking i’ll be there and lie 
  • mj interrupting to ask if he could eat the watermelon LOL
  • eunwoo telling him to go ‘goodnight goodnight’ after eating i live for savage eunwoo
  • IM CRYIGN everyone singing i’ll be there acapella 
    • but rocky just snorting to himself instead of singing and jinjin slapping rocky on the neck 
    • mc: ????
    • rocky: ‘everyone’s singing but then i’m hearing jinjin sing and he goT THE MELODY WRONG’
    • jinjin: ‘i’m a rapper!!’ :D
  • now they have games 
  • eunwoo not being able to rip the sticker off the board properly LOL
  • they’re singing baby in different styles 
    • mj about 2 sing baby in the style of troT!!! members complimenting that he’s good at singing trot
    • mj slapping him on the neck sAme
    • mj slAYING HIS TROT
    • jinjin saying it just sounds like a 變熊 version (?? idk what this is)
    • rip vivi 2k17
    • eunwoo doing an idiot version (do u remember donggu from that one astro play where dongmin put on those weird glasses and acted like an idiot)
    • astro dying of laughter 
    • rip astro 2k17
    • jinjin clearing his throat because someone suggested a nursery song style and he’s abouT TO FALSETTO IT 
    • jinjin’s voice cracking i’m cryign
    • he’s not falsettoing it he’s just screaming i’mlauggh i love jinjin
    • saucy wink
    • rocky about 2 drop a saTOORI VERSION I’M !!
  • sanha has to act something out and everyone has to guess
    • sanha flopping around 
      • everyone guessing different types of birds
      • mj: “pufferfish???”
      • sanha: yEs
    • seal sanha + doggo sanha 
    • cat sanha
      • everyone guessing ‘cat’
      • eunwoo: ‘aoa sunbaenims????’ ibtch whAt
    • sanha being a gorilla
      • everyone saying ‘gorilla’
      • mj: ‘ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY’
    • sanha being another type of monkey (?)
      • everyone guessing different types of monkeys
      • mj: ‘ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY’ 
      • sanha acting out a third different kind of monkey (i think orang utan???)
      • mj: ‘ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY!!!!!’ 
      • mc: whY IS EVERYONE ROCKY
      • also mj: ‘SANHA’ asdfasjdf
    • sanha being another bird (?)
    • bunny sanha + lion sanha + koala sanha
    • caption: “go to the zoo, you’ll fit right in” HAHAHHAHAHAHA
  • next game: astro has to pick 2 members and say 5 sentences that will move the viewer’s heart (??? flirting w the camera?)
    • bin volunteering mj
    • mj, reciting the chorus of baby while rubbing his lip
    • astro: ‘stoP RECITING BABY LYICS’
    • mj: godMAMA
      • “you believe in oppa, right?”
      • “you should only look at me”
      • mj stopping becauSE EVERYONE KEEPS LAUGHING AT HIM
      • “sunbae, i love you”
      • “noona, daTE ME PLS”
      • “aunty, you’re really pretty!!”
      • conclusion: i love mj
    • mj volunteerING JINJIN I’M CRYIGN 
    • jinjin taking deep breaths
      • jinjin: ‘darling…’, smirking then bursting out laughing a,dfjhasadh
      • bin: ‘IM GON PUKE’
      • jinjin: ‘let’s go out & get coffee!!’
      • jinjin, grabbing rocky’s neck: “do u want 2 kiss me”
      • everyone begging him to redo it 
      • jinjin: ‘next time i’ll be better to you’
      • everYONE BEGGING HIM TO REDO EVERYTHING & jinjin pretending not to hear
      • jinjin, sending a heart kiss: i love u!! and everyone finally acknowledging it as the first sentence
      • jinjin: what do you meAN I FINISHED ALL 5
    • them volunteering eunwoo instead 
    • ‘manhwa version!!’ and astro singing the shalalala~ backing track
    • eunwoo: ‘actually… i’ve liked you for a long time from afar… date me?’
    • astro clapping in defeat nobody can beat the king of flirting
    • also astro: ‘why am i uncomfortable suddenly’ saMe
  • last one: who’s the best at taking selfies?
    • nearly everyone pointing at sanha 
    • bin pointing at himself then sanha LMAOOOO
    • eunwoo pointing at himself LOL
    • eunwoo changing his vote to rocky
    • sanha getting 4 votes and rocky getting 2 becauSE HE VOTED FOR HIMSELF
    • baby sanha demonstrating his 4 cut fairy i’m so !!!!! my heart is !!!!!! he’s so pure!!!!!!
    • everyone posing for a photo and mj beaming and bin doing the three claw baby bear thing my heart is weeping i love that pose so much
    • eunwoo winking and jinjin being cute!!
  • this is singularly the most ~astro~ video i’ve watched this week i’m crying i love it 

there’ll probably be subs out there somewhere but meanwhile this is what i can do rip i wish i had translating software and time because this is the funniest shit everyone needs to watch it


HIDEO: [During the first motion capture work] we talked about how he’d stand or where he should be stationed, but Mads-san was already too cool, even though we just started. He verged from my direction sometimes and I thought “maybe we should re-do that?”, but when I checked the footage through the frame they were so good I OK’d it anyway.

It’s always the thing. We will have to do what the director tells us, but sometimes we also do something else. And then we can work together and create something completely different.

screamingunicorntblr  asked:


using this ask as an opportunity to respond to some people’s opinions about Arnie & Mia without having to answer anything rude :-)

  • No, it’s not awkward that Mia is with Arnie even though he dated her sister. If you think about this logically time-wise, Arnie and Maisie dated for maybe 3 days when they were in the beginning of their teens. Arnie and Mia have been dating ever since. There’s a big difference there. I like to imagine that Maisie and Arnie dated for a couple months when they were like 14. Now they’re all probably in their early twenties.
  • Mia isn’t pregnant (yet) so it’s not a ‘shotgun wedding’
  • Everyone’s out here calling Arnie ‘trash’ and a ‘bad person’ but this is solely because he kissed Mia back that one time. When they were like 14. Realistically, Mia is the problem in that situation. She’s the one out kissing her sister’s boyfriend. And this was years ago. I don’t think any of them are concerned about it anymore. I get that it’s a little sketchy, but it’s a thing of the past! Let it be!
  • Otherwise, Arnie is an all around stand up guy. He comes from a good family, has a good job, has been completely faithful to Mia, and they have a ton in common. And they’ve been together forever! Of the recent Huntley relationships (lookin’ @ u young Teagan + Max) this is most healthy.

Look, I’m just gonna keep playing my game regardless of how people feel about the relationship of someone that isn’t even the heir, but I hope this cleared some stuff up.

p.s. sorry @screamingunicorntblr, you just sent me a great meme and somehow ended up being wrapped up in this, but thanks for (unintentionally) letting me use your ask as a place to ramble. You’re great.

So the way I see it

Keith is Shiro’s right hand man.
Lance can then be Keith’s right hand man.
In turn Allura should Lance’s right hand man.
So of course Pidge becomes Allura’s right hand man.
And once Pidge makes Rover 3.0, it’ll be Pidge’s right hand man.

Oh yeah! And Hunk… Hunk is obviously the leg.

there comes a time in every fan’s life where you just decide “fuck it, I’m not going to pretend to defend why I’m allowed to like A Thing even though everyone thinks it is Bad Art. I’m just going to like it and anyone who wants to judge me for liking A Thing without a detailed mea culpa Explanation should try this instead: I like A Thing because it makes me happy or brings me silly joy and that is all the Explanation I care to give. liking A Thing does not have to equal an endorsement of A Thing as Good Art or Model Writing. maybe it’s even garbage, but it’s My Happy Garbage, so peace out sailor.”


@harvestmoonpeoples asked for Bo helping Kuroo fix his hair with hairbands and hairpins and this might have gotten out of hand

every time I draw a comic about Kuroo’s hair I swear it’s the last one but I’m weak and it’s a lie

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can you do a phan blog recs list because i like to find new people?? thanks if it's not too much bother

ayy i’ve been meaning to do this for a while so thank you for this!! here’s a list full of people that are really great (also quick thing: yes these are mostly mutuals only bc i don’t want to bother people with my existence!! and i love all of my mutuals so so much so if i forget you on here i didn’t mean to and you can message me if you want to be added!!)

@pinoffs // @scifiphan // @pseudophan // @doinganap // @melancholydan @plutohowell // @rawtenstall // @ratinof // @phiru // @louvrephil // @fuckinlester // @oops-phan // @wildflowerhowell // @hazyphil // @hobbithair // @nickswildes // @bluephl // @vodkagirls // @bestelitecouple // @softestdan // @qanhowell // @awrfhi // @gamingmas // @crescendohowell // @borkdan // @cafephan // @phangirlingforphan // @feministdan // @cringe-attacks // @domesticbanting // @dimpley // @skybarz // @babephil // @intertwned // @dandromedas //

Happy belated birthday to you, viria ! Here’s a precious Nico di Angelo for you, hope you like him >.< !!

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ok everyone is constantly on about neil and allison and neil and matt but WHERE are my discussions on neil and kevin?? don't even TRY and tell me they're not lowkey besties

OH MY FUCKING GOD MY GUY,,, DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED i wrote a whole fucking essay on neil and kevin trying to get into the extra josten squad i’m never ok. anyway even tho i said don’t get me started,,,, im getting started

OK. LIKE. their relationship is so fucky to start with. neil looks at kevin and sees everything he could have had. he’s just… jealous in a lot of ways. but it takes him like 0 time to realise that actually, kevin’s life has been pretty shit, and he’s IMMEDIATELY protective of kevin. like,, he’s so pissed off at kevin for pressuring him into being on kathy’s show but he totally gets where he’s coming from and as soon as riko starts being an asshat he’s just like “you know what? my life isn’t worth anything. i’ll give it up for kevin. no question.” no doubt, he’s a ride or die motherfucker and he gives it all up for kevin


he doesn’t even last two pages and then he’s just. so fucking pissed he literally can’t even let riko talk anymore. what kind of a gem

oh my god and this is just like… the start. this is the first book. this is pretty much the first time neil shows any type of care for anything except surviving this year. he was gonna run away before he even saw riko, and here riko’s not looking at him and he paints a target on his back for kevin??? i love him

alright and that’s not all. it’s not just neil adopting kevin. kevin straight up adopts that boy too. he loves neil for his exy, and he’s certain he’ll make court, but do you see him inviting anyone else to practice at night? nope. AND AS SOON AS KEVIN FINDS OUT THAT NEIL IS NATHANIEL HE DOES THE SAME THING he doesn’t defy riko or smth not yet but

HE STRAIGHT UP ADOPTS NEIL RIGHT BACK!!! and i dont even have to show u guys this quote its the fucking apex of their relationship-

OH MY GODDDDD he believes so much in neil!!!! he’s so fucking upset that neil can’t have a future. he wants that for our boy as much as we do; like nothing else that has happened has hurt kevin that much. 

and they see themselves in each other. they SEE that they’re basically just alternate timelines of each other - that one small difference could have made either one of them into the other

a BUNCH of their compassion for each other comes because they know what they’re looking at. they’re looking at themselves, if there had been one small change in their lives. and both of them know that it wouldn’t have been good either way - both routes were torture in different ways. kevin has a future, but the moriyamas will always be hanging over them; neil was free for a while, but it won’t last. they KNOW that for each other and that fuels them. there’s a bond there that just can’t be ignored ok??


even nicky comments like “kevin has CLEARLY just done something nice for neil but kevin’s a BRAT” like. kevin cares so fucking much,, he’s like “you know what? if i were in neil’s shoes i would already be fucking wasted. idk if it will help but if he wants to he should be able to. i got u, bro.” what a BOY. i love him they’re the best friends

and okay if anyone needs more- i swear i’m wrapping this post up - when neil thinks about his future, he sees andrew. obviously. BUT HE ALSO SEES KEVIN THERE.

they’re straight up best friends and brothers and i fucking love them

and as a last point, this is extra content instead of book-canon, but