i'm not even sorry about all the posts about her


a journey of Noodle’s first mite treatment. some of the medication still hasn’t arrived yet, and i won’t be doing another round for two weeks, so we’ll see how well Nix alone holds up.

i was very concerned this morning, and wasn’t happy about having to leave her. i whined a lot during my morning shift, and eventually my manager just laughed at me and told me i sounded like a mother.

Noodle was very sweet, throughout all of my man-handling. she got a bit clingy at times, and puffed herself up once or twice, but there was never any hissing or an attempted strike. considering she’s due to eat this weekend, it speaks volumes of how mellow she is.

also, after close scrutiny of her butt, i have confirmed that Noodle is in fact female.

I love how everyone in Liam’s life loves Sophia too. Like his family absolutely adore her. Karen has said she’s the perfect girl for him. His sisters absolutely love her. She’s become so close with Eleanor, Lottie, Lou, Gemma. Liam’s unofficial big bro, Paddy always takes such good care of her when she is around the craziness. They are they’re own little squad. All of Liam’s friends 100% support her and Liam’s relationship. Even Julian wrote a freaking song about her! And she’s got the boys singing about her! Niall and Harry are pretty fond of her. Scott Mills spoke really high of Sophia and said she was lovely. And last but not least, Liam is 1000% gone. Like he’s so crazy in love with her. It’s the cutest thing. 💕

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sociallcasualtyy is a cupcake and so nice and i love her even though we’ve only talked a couple of times
sittingoutdances-on-the-wall is so funny and coooool, she’s awesome
kickdrums-and-bass whenever i post something complaining about my lame life, she tries to make me feel better and for this I love her and thank you ♥
hey-young-bloodss her ex and Let’s Kill Tonight brought us together, she’s so sweet
cherryblossumhair LOL his name’s bonjour xDDDDDDD and he’s really nice

Today I finally opened up to my mom and told her I was dealing with depression and anxiety. We cried together and we also blamed ourselves, me for not telling her sooner and for thinking wrongly about everything and her because she not only feels sad that she couldn’t help me sooner, but because she feels she made me this way through the issues we faced in the past. To know that she cared so much to the point where she even cried made me feel good, not because she cried, but because she was willing to show me a side many think of as “weak” and that she understood and cared…but it also made me feel sad that I didn’t tell her sooner. She told me that every day I should be positive, even if that positivity is as small as a grain of sand, because it means that I am moving one step forward.

So on my mom’s request, and because I want to get better, I’m going to start thinking more positive. That means that from today on I’m going to give myself a challenge and try not to post any negative thoughts on this blog. I’ll also try to think positively on a daily basis, not just regarding this blog. I don’t think it’ll be easy. In fact, I think this will be one of the most hardest things I’ll have to deal with, but I want to look back to my old posts, or think back to how I was, and see how I’ve tried my best to move forward. I want to see progress. So wish me luck! And for those who are going through something similar, or even different, good luck to you too!

Favorite thing about Klaudia? That she was a brilliant woman and really knew how to rein in her brother while also really caring for him and taking her time to learn about different cultures and explore new things she didn’t know.

hellfirekhaleesi replied to your post: *loud sigh* If my professor could stop…

:c it’ll be like 100000% incredible when you’re done tho!

eh I doubt it. idk I’m just so frustrated with it and she also gives me like a day essentially to work through her corrections before she wants to see me (she sent it to me yesterday evening and I’m meeting her tomorrow)… how am I supposed to fix the errors in a day wth