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“You really wanna head back out there, huh?”

Hamilton Songs as things my friend said to me while listening to them for the first time
  • Alexander Hamilton: My physics teacher won't let me listen to Hamilton during the quiz
  • A Winters Ball: Why does the winter ball have the same intro as Alexander Hamilton
  • Helpless: are you sure I'm going to feel emotions?
  • Satisfied: oh Lordy
  • Stay Alive: I liked that
  • Meet Me Inside: I can see why [this is the daddy issues song]
  • Guns and Ships: I can't even say 19 letters in three seconds
  • History Has It's Eyes On You: history has its lies
  • Nonstop: How did he write fifty one essays I can't even write one
  • Cabinet Battle #1: it's okay
  • Take a Break: Alexander has a son?
  • Cabinet Battle #2: Support France
  • Washington on Your Side: With trump having won the presidency Washington isn't on my side
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: HOLY SHIT ANGELICA IS HERE
  • It's Quiet Uptown: I wanna cry

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Any chance we can get some Anabasis or DAV in celebration of Triduum/Holy Week?

Late reply is super late, but better than never I hope.

I’m working on the next DAV fic which would actually be a perfect fit for the Passover / Easter season, with its focus on themes of liberation, but it is, alas, not finished yet.

So in lieu of that (and by way of apology for being gone so long), here’s a snippet of Anabasis.

This one is pretty spoilery, tbh. But Holy Week for me is all about liberation and new life, and this part of the story is definitely that. So when I finally publish the whole of Anabasis, you all can pretend to be surprised…

[In which Anakin finds Palpatine’s collection of Sith holocrons…]


The place was dim and musty, and it clanged with the distant echoes of crumbling old machinery. Padmé’s hand drifted uneasily and came to rest on the blaster at her hip. Just in case.

The door Dinsa had stopped before was the seventeenth in a line of identical doors, each unmarked and wholly unremarkable, the sort that might be found in any number of abandoned factories or warehouses in the Works.

But Padmé didn’t fail to notice the way Dinsa stood well back from the door, or the way she and Sabé watched Anakin closely, alert and ready for any sudden directive. Anakin himself was focused intently, seemingly unaware of anyone else around him. Padmé shifted from foot to foot, watching him stand perfectly still, watching the light of memory burn in his eyes.

“Anakin?” she whispered, hesitating only a moment before placing a hand on his shoulder. Warmth bled through his clothing and into her skin.

He blinked slowly, just once, then turned from the door to face her. His mouth curled, far too vicious to be called a smile.

“This is the place,” he said. “I can feel it.”

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I just saw Logan in theaters.

Somebody hold me.

Odd liar.

A victuuri thingy based on @aina-p‘s AU post. Warning, this is awfully written but I was in a rush to finish this out of excitement. Does this story have a sequel? Maybe, maybe not.

Yuri was, to be fair, quite young when he started skating. And he did it mostly because he thought Yuko was cute, and she liked skating, so of course he had to find a way to impress her with that. He wasn’t exactly talented, but there was no denying that he had potential and talented or not, he was good at it; and he had fun doing it, which was important as well.

So years after his first time on ice, Yuri was now a skating teacher alongside Yuko and her husband Nishigori, and while teaching wasn’t as fun as skating on his own, he had no reason to complain. He was helping others and making some money in the process.

It was weird to have older students; Yuri was pretty used to deal with kids and on rare occasions, teenagers.

Not only the man that crossed the front door was older but he was also not Japanese. And he was undeniably attractive. With his silver hair, piercing blue eyes and cared figure he was drawing all the attention from people all around regardless of their gender. Yuko was obviously impressed when he approached her at the front table.

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in that drawing of Jake in an old dress, he reminded me of Maria Reynolds

Is this what you wanted?

Day 7: Past/Future

The past is the first day they wore their paladin armour. It’s definitely been a while in canon since they first found Blue as a group and defeated Zarkon, so I wanted something that isn’t too far in the past.

The future picture is after the war is won and they’re working hard on training new recruits in hand to hand and ranged weapons. They definitely swapped out Shiro’s hairstyle after the nth complaint of his that it kept getting in his eyes, LOL. 

Shiro doesn’t have a permanent prosthetic anymore. It’s thanks to Pidge, Hunk and Coran figuring out a way to remove the Galra prosthetic after it was destroyed in a battle, without causing too much harm to Shiro’s mental state or body. They fit Shiro with a new one that isn’t required to be worn 24/7 and he definitely appreciates it.

(He still kicks butt despite sometimes training recruits with only one arm.)


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Being a female working tech means I deal with a lot of sexist crap, but due to new hires, there are now 4 female & 2 male salespeople, & I'm already enjoying the moments when people come in & go, "can you get one of the men? I need some help." & I get to reply with, "there are no men here at the moment", & I watch their faces fall as they realise that they have to take help from ME, a FEMALE. And when they realise that I actually am able to do my job (funnily enough), it's even more satisfying

Victory dance! -Abby

I can’t believe I almost didn’t watch Beauty and the Beast bc of Tumblr. Because I’ve seen it today and there isn’t a single thing about it I didn’t love (except maybe for the cheesy pop version of Beauty and the Beast in the credits)

I’ve never seen so much (absolutely unjustified) pettiness surrounding a movie that hasn’t even come out yet??
Like ”The dress looks shit” “LeFou is no proper gay representation” “Luke Evans is not beefy enough to be Gaston” “lmao singing more like autotune” “Why didn’t they cast someone who can sing as Belle” I could go on

If I see this “look at how stupid the dress looks” post ONE MORE TIME I’m going to scream into my pillow for a very long time. Like, if you know a thing or two about sewing you can see it certainly isn’t cheap and wasn’t made by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Yeah it’s not the infamous ball gown, but Emma Watson explicitly said that she wanted to be able to move freely in this dress and you can’t really do that in a ball gown and corset, can you.
Also, if you actually bother to not judge the dress by one still you’ll see that it was probably sewn to look absolutely stunning when it’s moving. Because it does. 
“But even cosplayers could have done it better” And I bet that the Disney costume designers could have made an equally pretty dress, but try to put one of these cosplayers on a horse. Or make them dance for what is probably hours until the producers have enough takes they’re satisfied with.

Tl;dr: Stop calling the dress ugly and cheap, because it is not. 

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In what ways do Ne and Ti overanalyze. You mentioned it in your last post and I'm interested in the difference between how they do it.

Ti is satisfied to leave nothing “not understood.” It demands intense rationality behind everything and the higher it is, the more Ti looks at the world and the people in it through an analytical, detached “oh, this is an interesting system, let’s explore it” mindset. Ti wants to understand how things, systems, and people work. It also sees people as part of a system – it might even look for one concept through which it can understand humanity itself. And when a Ti gets you in its cross-hairs, you go under intense “study” via methods of examination, through a bombardment of questions.

Why do you think that? How is that rational? What does that even mean?

Ti is never satisfied with a simple or obvious answer; it wants more, it digs deeper, it is searching for rational truth or something that makes sense. In lower Ti users (FJs) this means the desire to understand why someone is doing what they are doing; in higher Ti’s, it is directed more at impersonal things and systems, while having a little bit of skepticism toward conventionally Fi things like “ethics.”

Since Ti is about logical precision and accuracy, a Ti will take something apart to understand it in its entirety, which can lead to what I call “over-analyzing.” (I frequently wonder, “Why does it matter to pull this apart?” around Ti-users of any stripe, because to my Te brain, they’re wasting time analyzing something that they don’t need to analyze.) This can be an object or a theory or a person. The object will be in pieces, the theory will be in tatters, and the person studied in depth, each rationality they make put under a microscope of rationality, in the hopes the Ti will begin to understand this strange mindset so foreign to them.

Ti is both searching for complexity (no simple answers) and simplicity (what is the key to this, which will unlock greater understanding of the object, system, or person? Can I refine it into a single word?).

Ne is a perceiving function, not a judging function, so it does nothing by itself with the information it gathers; that’s the job of Fi (is this right or wrong?) or Ti (is this rational or not?) when paired with it. What looks like Ne super-analyzing to other people is just Ne looking at something from every different angle, which it does without effort. The “analyzing” a NP does is either done for its own sake or to understand and relate to people (Ne and Ti and Fe) or for a greater goal or personal interest (Ne and Fi and Te).

The NTP is the purest analyst because it is using Ne information gathering and then tearing it apart in pursuit of greater understanding; Stephen Hawking is a good example of this (wrongly mistyped online as an INTJ). It is not enough to HAVE the idea, it must be torn apart and fully understood once you have it.

Today, ENTP discovered something about my belief system that set off a bunch of analytical questions, as he tried to understand my reasoning (and poked a few holes in it, but in that good-natured “aww, I still like you tho, and you should live the life you want” healthy lower Fe way). His overall method is often to argue against strident ethics; he finds my “black and white morality” a tad frustrating from time to time (and maybe a bit intriguing), because he would argue that morality is nebulous.

And then I would argue that humans invented morality at some point in the past, and society defines what constitutes as morality throughout history, which means it is an ever-changing entity, and there is no actual morality because it’s just a concept in the human mind; but then, have humans made morality REAL, because they thought it into being? And how do you define morality, if it even really exists? Where did the common perception of morality which society accepts as moral come from, and why did they think of it where no one had done so before them? (There’s Ne for you.)

Which may or may not be normal for an ENFP, but I’m a closet philosopher who can never let anyone else beat me in a moral argument (even though I do think ethics exist, and stand on mine ;).

I’m not sure that helped. Or maybe it did. Or perhaps I just threw you down my philosopher’s rabbit hole. Time for bed.

- ENFP Mod

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Okay so. This is just a little question. I respect if you don't want to do this. You probably won't but it would be nice to consider it. Could you write an alternative ending to King's Cage? It doesn't even have to satisfy Marecal but I mean it's a lot of work. It could be one page if you want to give that to the fandom. Okay this is just so greedy I really want to give up. I'm sorry Mrs. Aveyard

I’m writing another book. So…does that count?

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“I’m the only one who’s ever seen you like this. The only one who’s ever touched you like this. Made you feel like this,” reminds me a lot of canon's "I'm the only one who can satisfy Victor." Was that on purpose? And lol at Yuuri thinking Victor was embarassed sleeping with inexperienced "plain" him, I don't know why, somehow, I get the feeling Victor past the shock isn't that puset. Who knows? He might even be extremely pleased with what that means for him.

Yes, Viktor’s initial shock and panic and finding out he was Yuuri’s first and only was entirely to do with the fact that how it all went down was definitely not how he would have done it if he’d known it was Yuuri’s first time. After that though, the idea that he’s the only one who Yuuri has ever slept with? Yeah, he’s not at all displeased about that

random but i just wanted to say i love you guys and i appreciate you all so much. i’ve been having a really shitty time lately thanks to bipolar depression (gotta love it!!) and it’s just been one of those weeks where i convince myself that everyone hates me because i’m annoying and overbearing and everyone’s just pretending to care about me. i honestly don’t care about validation, i’m usually satisfied being my own support system but just lately i’ve been doubting myself. so i just wanted to thank you all for saying nice things to me, even if you don’t mean them, thank you for being there for me anyway <3

Pure - Chapter 6

Summary: I’m a survivor. At least that’s what someone once told me. He was probably right, which explains a lot about me. Survivors are selfish and despicable, although I think he meant it as a compliment. Problem is, what I’m surviving for is sometimes hard to tell anymore.

A what if Katniss had gone to Cray, alternate Panem story.

WARNINGS: RATED E (I’m not kidding about this one) for language, canon compliant mentions of child abuse, mentions of drug usage, prostitution, underage (17 years old with older partners), mentions of assault, and explicit sexual content. Buckle up. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

I’m not sure how long I’m out here when the door opens and Peeta’s heavy steps cross the patio before he sits down next to me. I immediately take his hand in mine and search his face for some kind of hurt.

“My brothers say you’re sharpening your battle axe. So who’s the enemy?”

I snort and shake my head. “Shouldn’t we talk about you?”

Chapter 6 is now posted on AO3 and Fanfic.net

We’re just over halfway done with this story and I wanted to thank all of you who’ve taken a risk on this story, given the rather disturbing opening. Hopefully, I can bring it to a satisfying conclusion for you. Since the next three chapters are already drafted, and chapter 7 has already been through the beta process, updates should occur fairly regularly from here on out. Thanks as always to @peetabreadgirl for editing and keeping me on task…even though there’s that one story idea that we’re both just DYING to write/read. ;-)

The things we do for love like this are ugly, mad, full of sweat and regret. This love burns you and maims you and twists you inside out. It is a monstrous love and it makes monsters of us all.

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do you think phil satisfies dan intellectually? as in have deep discussions with eachother about politics and philosophy? while they share many other interests, deep discussions about serious subjects is one they don't seem to have in common. (and sometimes i think they might not last as couple, or even be a couple because dan seems like someone who would want intellectual stimulation while phil is more into trivial things).

I think you’re a) vastly overestimating Dan being an ~intellectual, and b) vastly underestimating Phil as a human being. 

Over time

Title: Over time

Pairing: Lucifer x reader

Word Count: ~1.6k

Warnings: angst

Summary: Lucifer comes to see you after being away for an unusual long time. The two of you have an overdue conversation.

Request: Hey 😊 could I request a reader x lucifer where his wings are injured and he tries to hide it from the reader because he doesn’t want to seem weak, and she ends up helping patch him up? Thanks!

A/n: I tried with the request but I guess I got side tracked. Not sure if this full fills it. Let me know if you wanted something different and I try again ^^

“Lucifer?” Your voice was carful as you put your hand on the devils shoulder. He had been sitting on your sofa for a couple of hours, altering between staring at the wall and the floor. Something was clearly off but he wouldn’t talk. No matter how often you carefully called out his name and asked, he would just keep staring. It was unnerving, something you never had seen before in the usually more short tempered angel. You could handle his hissy fits by now, but this was new and you didn’t know how to deal with this side of him.

“Talk to me?” You asked softly, feeling him tense up under your touch. Lucifer had been out for a couple of days and this was the first small reaction you got out of him since he got back some hours ago.

“(Y/n)…” his voice sounded cracked like you never heard it before. This wasn’t the powerful carefree angel you had let into your life after he one day turned up out of nowhere. Something had seriously messed with him.

“You know I shouldn’t even be here. Never should have come and never should have stayed” His eyes were focussed on the floor and his body was slumped “But look at me now. A million reason’s to run as far as I can and yet here I am right back.”

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How they took the shadows photo...

This is not even a proper fanfiction, more like a scenario?, it’s not even extremely amazing, but it’s fluffy. This image of them, taking that pic, came in my mind the first time I saw it (and tried to hide my huge smile in my morning class :D). Maybe it will make someone smile :) So, here goes fluff about Jikook taking picture to post on Twitter.

Jimin and Jungkook were currently sitting on a bench on the premises of their hotel. They were sheltered from unwanted sights by balcony above their heads, and planters with small pine trees in front of them. Jimin was burrowed into Jungkook’s right side, legs folded, sitting on his knees. With left hand he was hugging Jungkook’s waist tightly, while he drew random patterns on his thigh with the right.

Jungkook was licking and nibbling onto chocolate popsicle, every once in a while offering it to Jimin, who always pouted his lips and took careful small bite, scrunching his face at the cold sensation (“Ow, ow! My teeth, ow!”). Jungkook’s heart screamed excitedly every time he did that – he just looked so adorable.

Jungkook played with Jimin’s hand that was on his thigh for a while, feeling all delightful. It was beautiful afternoon and they earned a break from rehearsing for rest of this particular day. Rays of warm sunlight were dancing in Jimin’s brown hair, causing them to look more auburn. Jungkook offered Jimin the popsicle once again, Jimin carefully taking last bite, when he couldn’t help himself and pressed sloppy, wet kiss with his chocolate lips onto Jimin’s cheek.

“Yah! Jungkook!” Elder probably tried to sound angry, but it was hard to believe him when he was laughing with his head jerked back, hugging Jungkook even more tightly. Jungkook just grinned.
“Sorry, Jimin-ah, couldn’t resist,” he spoke in soft manner (the one that always makes Taehyung to laugh at him when he hears it – but Taehyung now’s not here and Jungkook can use this voice all he wants without being mocked!).
“Mmm,” was the only response from Jimin. Jungkook pulled out his phone, tapping the screen few times, when he quickly reached his hand and snapped a picture of Jimin’s, now with one chocolate cheek, face.

Jimin jumped on the bench, jolting away from Jungkook. Now he wasn’t laughing, instead he glared at him.
“Why would you do that? I didn’t know you’re going to take it, I look horrible for sure! Delete it, Jungkook. Now.”
Jimin crossed his arms over his chest as he waited for Jungkook to comply with his request. Jungkook couldn’t help but smile over this attitude – this was one of few things Jimin hadn’t allowed even him (well, most of the time, but sometimes he spends good amount of time and effort convincing him that even sudden pictures of him are beautiful and Jimin, just occasionally, gives up).
“You looked amazing and the pic is an art piece,” he claimed, looking into Jimin’s eyes, now light brown because of the sunshine. Jimin blinked and shook his head.
“Please, Jungkookie, delete it…”

Jungkook wondered for a while, and then nodded.
“Okay, I will delete it if we take new one and post it on Twitter.”
Jimin frowned.
“We can’t do that – did you forget we can’t post selcas together now?”
“I don’t mean a selca, hyung,” said Jungkook as he stood up from the bench, taking few steps further on the gravel ground. “Look, we can take a picture of our shadows now! Couples do that, I saw it on the internet and I like it very much.”

Jimin hesitantly placed his feet onto the gravel under him, stood up and walked over to Jungkook.
“Have you planned this?” he asked, suspicion in his voice. Jungkook rolled his eyes.
“What kind of lame plan would that be? Now here, you take the picture, so you’d have time to prepare for it.”
Jimin huffed. “Shut up, Kook-ah.”

They moved for a while, looking for the best angle, so their silhouettes would be large enough. Jungkook grinned at Jimin and with warm feeling he saw him, smiling back. He stretched his arm between them and made a V sign, when he heard familiar click of the camera.
“Nice,” Jimin muttered, biting his bottom lip. Then he turned to the younger.

“Now delete it, Jungkook!”
Jungkook laughed and nodded, taking his phone in hands and tapping onto the screen.
“Done. Happy? Now let’s post it.”

As they sat on the bench for the second time and posted the silhouettes picture on Twitter, Jimin (chocolate now dried on his cheek) softly kissed Jungkook, cupping his face. And Jungkook smiled into the kiss, happy, fully melting into the sensation; knowing that the picture he did not delete at all will be his favorite for weeks.

Just until I’ll take next one, he thought, satisfied with himself, wrapping his arms around Jimin’s waist.