i'm not even manipulating anything here

anonymous asked:

Hey, Maya.. I feel like you shouldn't post this ask. Don't want people coming after you and it's just a rant anyway. So.. I'm just really numb I mean.. It's so hard to just sit and watch because I feel like I'm being manipulated if I do nothing. But figuring shit out and trying to understand is so tiring and emotionally draining. And the passive-aggressive posts here are driving me insane. I'm not even sad, I'm also not happy. I'm just.. What do they want me to do? I don't understand anything.

Hi, anon!

Whatever we do, we’re manipulated, there’s no way out. 

I have personally given up trying to understand the super complex web of info, connections, signs behind this all. It’s too big and too complicated. Only thing I’m sure of is that the actual situation bts is as awkward and messy as we perceive, maybe even more. I don’t think we have a way to get a proper, correct idea at the moment, so I’m not even putting an effort into it anymore. I suggest to simply sit back and wait. Take a little break until New Year or just hang around without stressing too much, just letting the flow of pics and articles and confusing info come in. I am not particularly worried about their well being right now and I won’t change my mind unless something relevant happens. 

It’s all weird and unusual and unnecessary, yes, so very tiring. But as soon as you let go of the necessity to undesrtand and find a meaning to this all, it gets better. A bit disorientating, maybe, but safer, in my opinion. Because there’s no way we can make this out at the moment. It’ll probably reveal an aim or a sense some time in the (near) future.