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😭 It's really bad but I like this boy at my school and I've known him since the fifth grade (when he first moved here) and I'm falling for him so hard. It's even worse because I've already said multiple times that I'd never like him and that he was too pale and Irish for me to like him (an obvious joke) And now here I am, liking him. What's weird though is that he sat at my lunch table twice in the past week, something he never did before, and now idk if he likes me or not, and im confused halp

oh my lord, you are talkin’ to the queen of boy crushes. I’ve had so many crushes I couldn’t count them on both hands! A man can smile at me and I’m like damn, what’s your number??? well, I think that, on the outside I’m all red and too busy trying to avoid eye contact to get a number.

So you like this boy, you’ve known him for a long time but you’ve made it clear to him that you’d never like him? what u doin girl/boy!!! I assume you’ve just recently started to like him, and that maybe you were just friends before? Anyway!! How many other people were at the lunch table? Does he talk to you specifically?? It could defo be a sign!!

When I’m trying to figure out if someone likes me, I just look for signs! So, the next time you see him, or the next time he sits with you at lunch yo’ gotta watch him. Does he look at you when he thinks you’re not looking?? (ugh, I used to have the biggest crush on this guy in my English lit class, and we’d always awkwardly catch eachothers eyes, sighhh) Does he position himself closely to you?? I’ve noticed sometimes people will like ‘groom’ themselves, eg. touch their hair, adjust their tie, flatten shirt etc. When you’re in a group, mayb at lunch?? do you feel like mayb he treats you differently to everyone else there? Like, does he focus in on you?? o o  also! does he ever look nervous around you!? annd finally, watch his friends when you’re around!! if he likes you he might’ve told them, they might smile or smirk or whateverr :))

But tbh!! The only surefire way to know?? Is ask him!! Now go get that pale Irish boy! xo


THE KIDS, part. I

the violinist  •  the primadonna  • the idealist

the scientist the aspiring dj  • the bartender

the lawyer  • the gamer  • the architect

are people really criticizing carrie hope fletcher for covering Burn???? 
I thought we established it was OKAY to cover songs from Ham even though you’re not poc, sINCE EVEN THE CAST AND OFFICIAL ACCOUNT OF HAMILTON ARE OKAY WITH THAT. Like the videos they rt and upload with kids OF ANY RACE singing songs from the musical??? SO WHY ARE YOU MAD

Carrie even made it clear she’s not going to audition for the role since she knows it’s reserved to poc people sO SHUT UP
(You can be mad at people saying that she should audition bUT NOT AT HER)

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Absolutely love all your preacher stories. You write really well and I feel like the characters stay true to themselves in your writing. It still feels like them. Even though I've finished the comics (and have a very vague idea where the show is going) I like to think the road trip would be kind to them. Jesse and Tulip back together with a kid and Cass softer than he's willing to admit.

Thank you so much, anon!! 

And oh, I really hope the same. Just because you have a violent, hard-hitting narrative doesn’t mean that you can’t have softer moments too - as well as a happy ending (or perhaps bittersweet, given the tone and genre). I am hopeful, honestly. Yes, its only been a season, but so far the show has (in my opinion) done an excellent job of walking the line between staying true to the feel of the comics and fulfilling modern viewer’s expectations. 

Then again they did just make us fall in love with a whole town of people just to obliterate them in the finale, so idk maybe they just want us to suffer lol 

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So yeah, I really like Kirsikka. I saw her introduction post as I was waking up and when I read that she likes Sorrel, the thought of them being on Team Fancy and bumping into each other popped in my head.

Now…Sorrel likely joined because of Cyanthia and we know he’s oblivious to Kirsikka’s crush, but hear my out… Maybe a evening under the stars, everyone dancing to the Squid Sisters could change that? Huh~? e v e

Or I’m just a hopeless shipper who wants to see poor Sorrel be happy.
Please go easy on me, I’m still learning how to colour digitally.

Kirsikka & Sorrel are @tamarinfrog’s adorable kids.
※ Please do not repost or use my art. Thank you.

I have no idea how, but my boss somehow figured it out and came up to tell me that he’s scheduled garden time this week, even though the kids aren’t into it. He smirked and said, “I told the gardener that one of my counselors is really into visiting the garden!”

I hope he’s joking about saying that because I’m literally the only counselor who doesn’t try to go to sleep in the garden. There’s no way she can’t know who he means!