i'm not even in the dr who fandom though


A mutual: Dr.Flug has a silly name don’t you think? And so does his alter ego, Dr.Slug? What were we (the fandom) thinking? Like WhiteHat makes sense because duh but really

Me: Isn’t it like 4am ish where you are

Dumb person who needs to sleep: That’s not the point of this conversation, we need to talk about the absurd name choices the fandom came up with

Me, An Intellectual : Wait Flug means flight in German

A praised Mutual: Oh no your thinking of things I’ll go to sleep please don’t think

And so Fallen Angel!Dr.Flug with wings (and also Headless!Flug w/ the smoke
coming out because yes) Because that airplane is literally symbolism and just imagine the floof and softness of his wings or even better their like wilted but yet still beautiful in that “broken but it’s perfect” kinda way
Think about it
(I have a need to write a fanfic about this)

If fangirling was a disease...

‘Fangirling’ is a highly contagious disease, normally caused a celebrity/tv show/film series, otherwise known as 'fandom.’ This is an extremely serious condition which can have major implication on the sufferer’s education, family life and social skills. If any of these symptoms are detected please follow the treatments provided immediately. 


-Inability to control emotions

-Erratic outbursts of tears, otherwise known as feels

-Complete lack of social skills

-Fits of the disease can be triggered at the mere mention of chosen fandom

-Shows clear signs of denial

-Inability to see that anything is wrong 

-May begin to use language such as 'OTP’, 'I can’t even’ and 'What is air?’

Treatment: Once the infection is caught there is no cure, however several measures can be taken to manage this condition.

-Frequent consumption of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and chocolate

-Segregation from outside world where possible to prevent the spread of the disease

-Avoid insulting the patients fandom at all costs

-Remove anything that could potential trigger a 'fangirl’ episode