i'm not even halfway through this show yet

I'm doing a show of Circus Olympus with school right now. Here's some glorious out-of-context overheard quotes from backstage.

“All heil the Holy Glorious Iron Fist Of Canada.“ 

“Zeus, you useless f*cking walnut.”

“Medusa really needs to stop objectifying people.”

“How do you even pull a uvula through a nose?”

“Zip me, daddy.”

“Just so we’re clear, dabbing is stupid, and we are not having it in this show.”

“Why is Medusa dressed like sleeping beauty today?”

“Okay, flip him over and pin him down.” “That’s a bit kinky.”

“What a dissapointing fruity breadstick.”

We’re not even halfway through rehearsals yet, and we’re already spouting gold like this. 

- @bad-news-in-black-leather