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Let’s repeat after me:

  • People can have sex without feeling sexual attraction
  • People can have kids without feeling sexual attraction
  • People can have kids without having sex, especially if they come from an advanced civilization
  • People can understand and make innuendo without feeling sexual attraction
  • People can yearn for a connection/intimacy/companionship without feeling romantic attraction or desiring romance
  • People can enjoy romantic stories without feeling romantic attraction

Literally none of these things are a valid reason to tear down somebody else’s headcanon. Is it really so terrible that some people think that [insert character you like] is asexual and/or aromantic?

a study in some of the one shots this season

and how they all 

kinda look



Damian getting a dumb crush on a family friend of the Wayne’s vigilante kid because they tore him a new costume by telling him it wasn’t enough to be strong or skilled if he wasn’t smart or compassionate enough to carry the weight of his skills
Damian’s crush lasting longer than it should’ve until he’s a teen and certain he’s in love and he constantly tries to show them how much he’s grown

I know many of you will unfollow me for this but it's just how I feel....

How can people be so blind! all these “JMo said Swan Queen” “JMo posted a Swan Queen pic” I’m not fucking buying it, like did you all forget what she fucking said in the CC!!!! seriously I love her but enough is enough she shouldn’t be forgiven so easily just because she is pretty and is a good actress and shit, I mean come on, after all that happened she is now suddenly ok with SQ! she made a lot of people feel bad and wrong and ashamed and that is not cool…. but hey she’s only human, she makes mistakes like everybody else right? no, she is a public figure and like such she should have realized what a major impact her words have on fans and people’s lives in general.
Another thing that bothers me is people saying that if Lana had tagged the pic or if Lana had mentioned Swan Queen, nobody would have a problem with that, and you know what, your fucking right because unlike JMo, Lana never put SQ down NEVER! she has talked about it in the past BEFORE THE CC SHIT so to me Lana saying SQ stuff is NOT DAMAGE CONTROL is just her being fucking awesome!

PS: Me not liking JMo’s attitude has nothing to do with the fact that I love SQ. I ship the characters not the people so one thing is not directly proportional to the other.