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“Where am I?”

“But how did you—”

“Who are you?”

When an unexpected visitor appears in the TARDIS, the Doctor has a lot of explaining to do.

I don't think they were even playing, tbh. More like he was just going through cards he thought were good, humourous playing ones. But that's besides the point. They pointed out the fact that those looked like his hands and his reflection in the window. I didn't ask you to explain the logistics of PR, just that I'm starting to waiver in my belief it is, but I'll go back and read since I didn't yesterday and am intrigued because I truly don't know what to believe anymore.
Again, unless you are looking at his palm and somehow able to compare hand size to every other man Lili knows in Vancouver, there is literally no reason to believe that was Cole. This is ridiculous. SHs find one of their “breadcrumbs” and use it at proof. It’s not, unless either Cole is visible in the video or Cole posts a video in the same location at the same time, Cole is not necessarily with Lili. I don’t know how SHs make it seem like they are 100% in the same place, but Lili posting a video with male hands holding cards, not proof of shit. Hell, she could have had a one night stand or a Tinder date. It could literally be ANYONE. Don’t fall for SHs assuredness.

Yess……this makes way more sense than the guy she’s been linked to romantically for over a year being at her pad (maybe it’s his pad, too????) late at night, chilling and relaxing, with his babe.

Nope, PR Stooge Lili is merely a tramp who has ONS that she teases us about JUST enough so we’ll know she’s fucking around indiscriminately, but not to reveal her victim’s actual identity. That’s even better than “platonic sleepover cuz they might be filming together in the AM and the studio van will pick them up anyway!”


Dialogue when you challenge Yami Malik as Atem.

So hammed up. I love Yami Malik’s “why do I ever have to explain myself to you?”

Also, interesting to note that Yami Malik refers to Atem as “Yugi”, as he would’ve in the manga or original. Although it’s been a while since I’ve watched to dub, I’m pretty sure dub Yami Malik pretty much only called him “Pharaoh”.

In a flashback Ruvik says that Leslie shows signs of synesthesia. There are a lot of different forms of it, but no matter what type he has it explains a lot of Leslie’s behavior.

Synesthesia is a condition where 2 or more parts of your brain are linked and stimulation of one sense causes a reaction in another. There are people who see colors when they hear certain noises, or taste things when they hear words. It can even cause them to feel emotions or physical sensations like fear and pain. Some people can actually feel the exact same thing they’re seeing happen to someone else. 

Leslie could be experiencing sensory overload just from being talked to. It might explain why he repeats certain things and holds his hands over his ears very often.

This is horrible.

Alright everybody, listen up. Not many people have heard of asriel-and-multiverse, but this is a warning.


Seriously, there are MULTIPLE reasons why you shouldn’t interact with this blog.


2. They don’t know the concepts of In Character, and Out Of Character, meaning they just do whatever.

3. They have made multiple posts about killing themselves then, after people started caring, said “haha, it was all just one big lie just to test u.”


5. They don’t read about OR rule pages.

6. They are a may or may not be a minor, judging by pictures of them, and they roleplay NSFW with no problem.

7. They will most likely try to guilt-trip you into roleplaying with them.

8. They don’t really know how to roleplay, they just want to have all of their characters have sexual interactions. EVEN IF THE MUSE IS A CHILD.

9. Just take a look at this: http://asriel-and-multiverse.tumblr.com/post/139265249593/beautywolf307-cocoa420-beautywolf307. I think this pretty much explains what goes on here.

A major warning to those who might be or are contacted by this blog! @exclxded-qxeen, @tylersjunk, if you can, help me here. This needs to be spread.

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I'm hearing that at the screening someone asked about TJLC and Moffat was quite rude. I think there's even a video on twitter. Anything to say about this?

Yeah. @eloquentmydear asked a question regarding “the elephant in the room” and Moffat replied to them rudely, and wouldn’t let them explain their question, answering something completely different and just screaming basically. There’s a video but I don’t endorse the blog that posted it so I won’t link it, but if you go to Eloquent’s twitter account (it’s on her blog) i’m sure you will be able to find it in no time!

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how do I fucking get over my lazyness and start a fucking workout routine and stop telling myself that I'm "too exhausted" after a day of classes, so I will finally get into shape instead of being a fucking blob lying on the couch?

I have two pieces of advice when it comes to working out:

The first is actually Terry Crew’s advice (link). Treat the gym like a spa. Go there all the time, even if you’re not working out. Just chill and read a book, but make a habit of going to the gym (if you have one). Pretty soon, getting there will feel effortless and you’ll start actually working out. He explains it better. Also, look at him, he’s fucking ripped. He knows his workout advice.

Secondly, start small. Don’t commit yourself on day one to a workout. Just commit yourself to like five sit-ups. It will take less than a minute of your time. That’s less time than you probably spend in the bathroom. Then tomorrow do five more. Spend one minute of your time each day for a week doing this. Then five minutes. Fit it in whenever it works for you, even if it’s just during commercial breaks (assuming you still watch actual TV instead of netflix). Slowly build up to a full workout. It’s a lot easier to find one minute in your day than it is to find one hour, especially when you’re not yet dedicated to working out.

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hey I'm in high school studying for spanish exams and no matter who explains it or how they do I don't understand when to use the subjunctive, or why, or how, or even what it is. Iy's used for suggestion and uncertainty but there's no distinction in english so I can't figure it out.

The subjunctive is easiest when it’s suggestion and hardest when it’s uncertainty. 

I’m going to include some links to things I’ve already done which may help since they’re a lot of example-heavy posts. If you’re not at the imperfect subjunctive, just ignore that for now.

The easiest way to explain subjunctive is to look at how you do it. The subjunctive typically involves two clauses. 

The first part is a conjugated verb; the second is a clause that’s then affected by the first one. This model is typical for wishes and desires being exacted of someone else. 

Quiero… - I want.

Lo haces. - You do it.

Quiero que lo hagas. - I want you to do it.

[So the first verb is querer “to want”. That’s the first clause; “I want”.

Because there’s more to it, and because it’s acting upon someone else and imposing a wish or demand, the second verb will have to change into its subjunctive form.

So hacer is the second verb. And lo haces “you do it” is just plain indicative - a statement.

When you combine a wish or a statement like that, the hacer stops being indicative because you’re projecting a desire.

“I want THAT YOU DO IT.”

In English there’s not much of a change: “I want you to do it”, but it exists in Spanish.

Verbs like “to hope that”, “to want that”, “to wish that”, “to doubt that”, “to require that”, “to demand that”, “to command that”, “to suggest that”, “to make it seem like”… and so on are clauses that indicate the subjunctive in this way.]

Debes estudiar. - You should study. [indicative; a statement]

Sugiero que estudies. - I suggest (that) you study. [a suggestion; subjunctive]

Really, when you see a verb + que you have to ask yourself if it’s subjunctive in some way.

There are clauses that imply NO DOUBT (and are thus not subjunctive, but indicative) like creer que “to believe that”, no creer que “to not believe that”, estar seguro/a de que “to be sure that”, no dudar que “to not doubt that”, pensar que “to think that”… etc.

The harder one to understand is hypothetical situations. These often involve subjunctive clauses or clauses that could be considered subjunctive.

Totally subjunctive:

  • antes de que = before (something happens)
  • a menos que = unless (something happens)
  • después de que = after (something happens)
  • para que = in order (for something to happen)
  • hacer que = to make it so (that something happens)
  • hasta que = until (something happens)
  • mientras que = while (something happens)
  • con tal de que = provided that (something happens)
  • es bueno que = it’s good that (something happens)
  • es necesario que = it’s necessary that (something happen)
  • es importante que = it’s important that (something happens)
  • es posible que = it’s possible that (something will happen)
  • es probable que = it’s probable that (something will happen)

And a few others like it. The ones that are partially subjunctive really depend on your intent and how much doubt you’re implying:

  • Aunque + indicative = Although (something does happen)
  • Aunque + subjunctive = Even if / Even when (something might happen)

  • Cuando + indicative = When (something does happen)
  • Cuando + subjunctive = Whenever (something happens)

  • Si + indicative = If (something happens)
  • Si + subjunctive = If (something should happen)

  • por si acaso + indicative = just in case (something happens)
  • por si acaso + subjunctive = just in case (something should happen)

I really think you should check out StudySpanish and their Subjunctive Section because it’s really useful and has a lot of examples and quizzes too.

And if you have more questions or anything specific you’d like answered, my askbox is open.

Thoughts About HTGAWM
  • a) Michaelas ring is going to be a downfall
  • b) why did they rip open the bags to look for the ring? now their DNA is in the bags. But not Wes' of course, which we'll get back to in a minute.
  • c) Connors lie to Oliver is going to be a downfall, lie carefully if you're going to lie or don't lie at all.
  • d) you can't wash of DNA with water laurel, this is going to be a downfall.
  • e) Wes choose to show up alone at the office to get the trophy and Annie just happened to be back? Coincidence? I don't think so. They planned that meeting. They probably planned the whole deal and now they're going to get away with it.
  • f) Annie is getting alibis from Bonnie, her cop boyfriend, driving by the police station, phone calls to Sam, showing up without make up and in her night robe the next day to make a scene in front of the officers etc. to cover up her ass.
  • g) Wes leaving Rebecca at a motel so that she's not getting involved with the burning of the body and so that her DNA won't be found anywhere.
  • h) Michaelas ring was probably found by Wes and he's probably going to use it against her later to keep her mouth shut.
  • i) Wes, Rebecca and Annie is going to get out of this shit, but there's a chance that they'll leave the other three behind.
  • j) why didn't Wes want to involve Asher? everyone else was up to the idea, why did he want to leave Asher out of it when he put everyone else in danger? Was he afraid that Asher would be too truthful in court or that he would be to logical and ask them to go to the police and tell them the truth since the only one who would be charge with murder is Wes and technically both Connor and Laurel could back out of it? Michaela would probably be charged for attempted murder since she pushed him over railing however...
  • k) Laurel is in trouble since she had the trophy and when the trophy becomes the known murder weapon Frank will blame her and that will give the group one more weak link.
  • l) it's just a question of time before Aiden starts asking about Michaelas ring, how is she going to explain why she's not looking for it?
  • m) is Annie going to support Connor, Laurel and Michaela in court? If not, I'm sure Laurels family can pay for her lawyers, but is Michaela expecting her new mother in law to take care of her? Is that why she's kissing ass or is it that she wants to keep the only steady part of her life in safe hands? Will the family even bless the wedding during these circumstances? We're talking about a proud family with high values regarding pride.
  • n) where is the scale hanging from the trophy's hand? I didn't see it when Frank was holding it up.
  • o) ugh, I don't want to think about all the DNA on the murder floor, I hope to god that Annie drenched the floor in bleach.
  • p) there's no way Sam killed Lila, someone's trying to use him as bait and since he's dead now he can't even prove the opposite.
  • q) i'm pretty sure Annie had someone kill Lila off (as well as Sam) after she found out about the pregnancy. Bonnie possibly?
  • r) I can't stop thinking about the scratch marks on Wes' wall in his bedroom and the law-student who used to live there, will all that get involved in the Lila case or is this simply foreshadowing and if it is, why does both Wes and Annie touch them as if they were memories of some kind?
  • s) Bonnie was flirting with that guy at the bar because he was working with some dental shit and since they burned the body only the dental recordings will survive which will make this guy important for season two. The question is how and will Bonnie sleep with him (agin??) to get him as their expert for the court? (Remember the lesson about bringing experts to outshine the other parties experts)
  • t) the door to the office is locked when Asher shows up because Wes locks the door when he enters together with the others, which once again hints on him knowing that the killing of Sam would happen, since the door is usually always open. He then leaves the door unlocked when he comes back for the trophy, because he planned to come back to meet Annie.
  • u) also, the broken USB is going to come up as a subject again, I'm wondering how this part was relevant, any ideas?
  • v) not sure about this one, but is Bonnie in on the whole Annie/Wes/Rebecca deal? That would explain why she slept with Asher (to give them both alibi) and it would also explain why she hooked up with the dentist-guy, is she in on the idea (because 1. She's in love with Annie 2. She's in love with Sam and got extremely jealous when she found our about Lila 3. She's just extremely loyal to Annie) and in that case is my theory about her killing Lila correct as well?
  • w) do you think Connor vomiting in that sink will come up as evidence? Like, did he clean the sink out after? And even if he did, will they find vomit particles together with Sams blood in the pipes? Am I going to far?

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Did you watch the TMZ live stream where Dax talked about BG, Gabi? I know you linked it (thank you!) but I wad wondering if you actually watched. Am I the only one that thinks he looks... smug when he says its "over"? Not smug even. I don't know how to explain it, but it was a "I know something you don't look". I don't know if I'm the only one that read it like that haha

Hi there, the segment was too long, I honestly did not have the patience to go through the entire thing but I cracked up when he started reading “freddieismyqueen”’s name at 21:38ish and immediately stopped lol. 

I can imagine his smug face, because he IS smug and whenever he talks about BG I can FEEL it.

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Hello. The biggest thing that is throwing me off is they had brianas grandmother pictured with a baby. Like did the really go as far as hauling around a hired baby?

Oh, anon…have you seen that family? Have you seen what they’ve been doing for months to try and get all the visibility they could? Have you seen they all registered domains with different name combinations and now auctioned the Freddie one for over 25.000 dollars? They have a girl who was never pregnant and posted for weeks headless pictures of expecting women or shady profile pictures with fake bumps. They have had paps daily waiting for them to get out and carry empty carriers around. Said grandmother was the one to announce the birth on IG, do you remember that? Can you believe that?! She was the one leaking club pics of her granddaughter with Louis, just before her own daughter started favoriting wedding and baby related links on twitter. 

Ask yourself the question again: would they go that far? You can probably guess my answer.