i'm not even going to bother tagging my feelings


-taps mic- Hello, my name is Barvs, and apparently I’m -sobs- still a Naruto trash. Wanna see my AU ‘five~ years later’ epilogue?

Uzumaki Naruto and all related characters © Kishimoto Masashi
art by barvs

[edit] I friggin hate this shipping war. Don’t drag me and this piece into it. In case you didn’t bother to read my tags: #up to you to decide who the mother of Naruto’s child is#or if it’s even genetically his#shikatema is confirmed in my au#i multiship sakura so i don’t have a definite partner for her hahahahaha

some hater:

>hates reylo

>willingly scrolls through reylo blogs

>writes a post about how looking through reylo blogs left them emotionally shaken

>tags it as #reylo for all of us to see

>is expecting us to feel bad about it(??)