i'm not even done torturing you

  • Taehyung: [y/n]!!! Where are you??
  • You: *continues to hide*
  • Taehyung: come out, come out wherever you are!!! *gets under the bed searching*
  • Jimin: *sees this* *doesn't even bother to question*
  • Jimin: *whispers to you* stop torturing him, will you??
  • You: *whsipers back* he broke my ps4!! There's no way in hell I'm gonna forgive him!!
  • Jimin: how dare he!! I'll go kick him, he's under the bed!!
  • You: No don't!!! I'll do it!! I deserve it!!
  • Jimin: be my guest...
  • You: anytime, chimchim!!
  • You: *sees V under the bed* *kicks him hard* *runs away screaming your head off*
  • Jin: what have I done to deserve this??
  • Jungkook: hyung, are you alright??
  • Rap Monster: I think he is...
  • Suga: *wakes up with a start* wha?!
  • Taehyung: *slowly starts to hide*
  • You: V did...
  • Rap Monster, J Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, Jin and You: Come out, come out where ever you are!!!
  • Taehyung: *whispers* oh, fuck...

The first episode of Gunpowder was extremely well done, but I’m very glad I chose to watch it with a 30 min delay. Ah the bliss of being able to skip those gruesome torture/death scenes. Fantastic production regardless, and yes, I thought Kit’s performance was excellent. I hope he gets the credit he deserves.

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I'm full of feelings about Harry today, more than usual anyway lmao, and decided to torture myself even more and watched that whole video of the Jimmy Kimmel sound check, you know the one where Harry was in the wool best looking like a causal model and just walked around being lovely and beautiful for like 20 minutes. Wow I miss Harry, but I'm also just excited that there are so many more moments like that coming for us sooner or later

that outfit is probably the least considerate thing he’s ever done……..

the disrespect?????

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So if the bride loves another boy, our diabolik lovers will kill the girl or torture her, hah? I see, the only one who has a brain in his head is Subaru. Okay then. I'm done. Would Mukamis do the same things?

Shu- Oh? Then what would you do if someone you loved hated you and was just faking? It’s not that simple of a feeling.

(Keep in mind these ARE past humans so-)

Ruki- He wouldn’t allow it. He might get too broken to even comprehend it right away, but he wouldn’t show his confusion. He’d tie his lover up and make her remember who she belongs to. If he really loved her, he might even brand her, or end up killing her on accident. The boy would die right when he found out though.

Kou- He’d know from the beginning due to his eye, so he’d be ready. He would be proud of how well she tries to hide her lies, but in the end he isn’t too broken up, but sad since he did come to love her lies. He’d kill the boy and hurt her in some permanent way so she’ll always be reminded.

Yuma- He’d be so confused and sad, but there’s no doubt he would track the boy down and kill him. The strange thing is, he wouldn’t torture or kill his lover, he might force her to stay with him, thinking she may just grow to actually love him, but he wouldn’t be able to hurt her. Maybe intimidate her or yell to make her scared.

Azusa- He’d be absolutely heartbroken. He would not leave his room for days, he’d cry all the time and mourn about his loss. He’d let her go, though he didn’t want to, but once he learned she didn’t care for him at all, he was too broken to stop her. It’s uncertain if he’d ever recover from this type of heartbreak.

This is random and very stupid theory but I’m the only who think that the clocks that Eto put around Kanae are maybe for his torture? 

Imagine this: It’s 3 am, you really are tired and want to get some sleep, but you can’t because you can hear a little tic tac. Annoying, right?

Now imagine that for two weeks, with tons and tons of clocks. You cannot think, you cannot sleep, you’re tired, angry, sleep deprived, and your mind begins to crack, begins to be broken. You’re vulnerable. 

Gosh, maybe that clocks have alarms… in different times. Kanae can see the time pass, he can see the right moment when his mind begins to fade. The time of every breathing, of every beating of his heart pounding hard in his chest, the time of every word that Eto says.

it’s terrible, it’s exhausting, it’s a torture. Tortures are horrible (I studied them when i was little) And the worst type of torture are the psychological ones. When your mind it’s done, you’re done, even if you have all your fingers, all your bones. If you are broken, it’s the end.

  • me: ugh i'm so done with reign i won't even watch this episode
  • canada: here's an early link. actually no, here's two, one you can download fast and watch right away and another in 1080p you'll graphic on once you're done. also these are yours like 10 minutes after the show's aired.
  • me: hey the recap from this episode of reign sounds interesting, let me downlo...-
  • canada: actually, no. we'll wait until you're in bed and sleeping before we give you a link and we know very well on friday you're out of work late so have fun torturing yourself on that kennash scene you were waiting for
  • canada: long may we reign