i'm not even british

  • Leo: I wanna do it
  • Jason: don't do it
  • Percy: don't do it
  • Piper: don't do it
  • Annabeth: don't do it
  • Hazel: don't do it
  • Leo: don't do it
  • CHB: don't do ittttt
  • Gods: don't do it
  • Obama: don't do it
  • David Cameron: don't do it
  • The Queen: don't do it
  • Percy: oh, look you even got the British mad at you now
  • Frank: don't do it
  • Percy: and the Canadians! Gods, Leo - just don't do it.
  • Frank: ???
  • Leo: I'm gonna do it.
  • World: WHY
The Marauders in terms of tea
  • Peter: he’s a lemon tea. like an herbal lemon tea with honey, great for when you’re sick and need a hug. comfortable and unobtrusive, but vaguely reminiscent of your grandmother’s house.
  • Remus: english breakfast tea. proper and feels like home. when he was little, he’d put cream and sugar in his tea, but as he grew up, he’d become exponentially more lazy. black tea all the way. no cream, no sugar, just tea. all the time. perpetual tea.
  • James: he is a social drinker. often that means firewhiskey, but before 5pm, chai tea all the way. and by all the way he really means just a little bit of chai and a whole lotta honey.
  • Sirius: he’s the one to be adventurous with his tea. mostly because he likes to be different, but secretly it’s because he feels bad for all of the under-appreciated types of tea. he’ll always come back to mint tea though. fresh and sharp, but easily sweetened.

inspired by remussiriusetc and her english teatime tea. which she may or may not have spilled…


Everyone has that one something in their past that they’re ashamed of and wish that they could change.

This is mine.

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Finally got an ao3 account, so if anyone has yet to read my drunk!Sportacus fic it’s up there.

(I’m still working on those prompts, don’t think I’ve forgotten about them.)

Me: *ugh these solicitors need to stop calling us this is the last straw*

Me: *picks up phone*

Guy: …Hi, I’m with [blah blah], we’re conducting a public opinion survey and would like to ask you a few questions.

Me: *in most obnoxious Cockney accent* I’D LIKE TO ASK YOU WHY YOU’RE PHONING WHEN DR. WHO’S ON

Guy: Sorry to bother you. *hangs up*