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((I can’t believe my most popular post on this blog is a freaking shITPOST))

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Hey Karamatsu! Love your blog so far!!! I was wondering of you could give Choromatsu a hug? He's not as popular as the other brothers and I feel kinda bad because I personally like him the most for his attempt of trying to be the straight man. As his bruzzah, I'm sure you know Choro does try his best to do what's right, even though he still ends up the same as the rest of his brothers. I think you two should bond more since you both seem to desire to be more noticed and appreciated by your peers

Though others may think he tries too hard, he’s a good man. He’s probably likely to be the first to leave the house and get a job (and keep it this time)

Lets hope the staff gives everyone more suiriki moments, heh~ ✨


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Hello Jess! I love you and I'm sorry to say this but I agree with your last anon..you may not want it, you may not think your words doesn't have an impact on your followers/viewers but it does. Your blog have millions of visits and Like a popular celeb/actor/singer the words they say have a much more impact. I will continue to like you even if I disagree with you sometimes. Have a lovely day

I’m not saying my words don’t have an impact. I’m saying that what other people do and say has nothing to do with me. I’m responsible for myself and only myself. I shouldn’t have to repeat that everyday. Are you responsible when your friends or family members say and do things you disagree with? No, you’re not. I’m my own person. I will not shoulder the blame for things that I haven’t done or said,

My followers aren’t sheep. They don’t read my words and think that because I said something, they have to believe that way and that’s that. That’s not how the world works. I express myself on my own blog. Being read by millions is not something I ever planned for. I set up a blog and joined the fandom like the rest of you. I’m not a celebrity. I don’t get paid for this. I’m not in the public eye. Just because I have more people reading what I have to say it doesn’t mean I should turn into some sort of leader who needs to censor myself. This type of mindset is incredible unhealthy and just downright unfair. I have enough pressure on my shoulders. I refuse to put any more there. I will never change who I am for other people. Please accept that. 

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Not a Bella question but i'm curious on how you know so much about the fashion industry? I'm so interested in the fashion industry as well and i don't know where to start to learn more about what's going on. I really just go on your blog and know when fashion week starts lol. Like is there blogs or even igs you follow that give you an insight on what's happening?

Hfconfess on ig helped me a lot in learning names and popularity and opinions. Following fashion lovers accounts also helps you learn a thing or two, following fashion blogs on tumblr will also help you learn names. I like @lelaid @gulcayn @empress-empire @leah-cultice and @driflloon. The fashion spot, models.com, and bellazon are also good resources for editorials, campaigns, models and industry info, and opinions (not on models,com but the forums have lots of discussion). Google is your friend, too. I would say find one or two models to follow closely and every time they work with someone, look up who that person is and learn about them. Build a web off one model, thats kind of what I do with Bella. I’m still really learning though, like I know so little so I might not be the best resource for resources.

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Can I just say FUCK YES this is not your problem. You're sort of queen of our ship. Whether you want the title or not you are haha. People love your blog. They (I know realistically not all but hopefully most) respect your opinion. How is it a popular fan blog is expected to take more responsibility in keeping peace than Sam himself took when HIS fandom was going to shit? I'm sorry but no. Hell. No. Not even a little bit. You especially with what you dealt/currently deal w/ as 'Queen shipper'...

I refuse to take the title of Queen Shipper. How gross would I be if I put myself on that pedestal and acted like I was above any of you? I’m just a fan with a blog, no different to the rest of the people in this fandom. I don’t think I’m better than anyone. But YES to this sentence “How is it a popular fan blog is expected to take more responsibility in keeping peace than Sam himself took when HIS fandom was going to shit?“ 👏👏👏

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Heyo! I'm looking for some secret identity!AU fanfics, know any? Thanks for this wonderful blog!

Hello! Thank you. I wasn’t sure if you wanted like government-spy sort of secret identity fanfics, so these are… kinda the opposite. Still along the lines though!

Spinning Our Tale
Summary: Eren Jaeger, soon-to-be college student, loves reading. His favorite author, Ackerman, is known only by their last name. No one knows what they look like, or even their gender. Extreme popularity seems only to make the author more secretive. But once Eren meets this author without realizing who it is, he eventually manages to break down Levi’s shell of secrecy.
     But Levi, living a quiet life away from attention, has a much bigger secret than his identity. His own health is in danger, and only Eren can get him through his illness.

Summary: Eren is a draft dodger during WW2 hiding his identity by cross-dressing as “Ellen” and accidentally ends up as a pin-up model who crosses paths with the famous actor, Levi Clift.

The Little Titan Cafe
Summary: Eren works as a barista in his mother’s café, specializing in latte art. And then there’s Levi, who’s not exactly your typical patron, because, well, he’s blunt and rude (which Eren supposes isn’t that much different from regular customers) but mostly he just confuses Eren’s poor little homosexual heart.

On Branches of Sakura, We Write
Summary: Upon entering the higher ranks and the Imperial Court, Yeager no Eren is oblivious of the plot to assassinate the Emperor and his wife. Smith no Erwin along with Ackerman no Levi design a plan with the Emperor and Empress to reveal the identity of this foe by having Levi go in disguise as the Empress’s newly appointed lady-in-waiting.
     Nicknamed “The Shining One” among the court maidens, Eren is love-struck when he accidentally comes across Levi and mistakes him for a woman.      It’s bad enough that Levi has to disguise himself and try to pass himself off as a woman, but when the most popular bachelor courtier begins sending poems of love in hopes of courting Levi, life among the female aristocrats will get a lot more difficult and scandalous.


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That victim-that-speaks person that replied to one of you're more recent posts mentioned that younger antis aren't allowed by the more popular anti blogs and like. I don't know where they got that from. I'm thirteen too,and in a bunch of the discourse, and I've interacted with popular antis and they all are cool with younger antis...

yea!! like idk what fuckin antis youve been talking to but even ones in their 20s (s/o to no shit on ice) are pretty damn respectful about younger antis. plus, from what i’ve seen most antis tend to be kids anyway

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Sometimes I play with the idea that Luna/Noel grow up to be the ones who quest and find a way to bring back Venti. I'm actually not sure if that's a popular idea in the RF fandom, but I just got Luna ingame and it's been rattling around in my mind. Sorry for the random headcanons, your blog's super great <3

I think it’d be cute if they went to search for Venti even tho they wouldn’t know what the heck she looks like and go on an adventure with their gut feelings LOL

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I still don't understand how you got so many followers and shit. Why is your blog so popular? How? It's YOU. I know you irl and it's weird because I'm going through your blog and you have like a thousand notes or something but then irl you won't even make Hamilton references unless I do first

To your first question, it’s bc Hamilton fans are fabulous and Know quality posts(or I just have good luck but they’re fabulous no matter what)
And to your second question I gotta save my hamilton juices for creative things, otherwise I’ll get burnt out

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I'm just curious if being a popular author on a largely fandom-based website has any unexpected sides to it. Are there certain things you're not allowed to post or talk about? Does your publisher or agent or whoever owns your writing get a bit twitchy or do they even care? I'm thinking of going into PR as a career, and these kinds of image and brand issues interest me.

Dear itakemymenlikefinewine,

No one is the boss of me.

Because I already had a fairly popular art blog when Scholastic signed me on, they already knew what they were getting into. Stiefvater was loud and messy and razor-edged in 2008 and weather conditions have not changed. I hear tales all the time of authors being asked to change their platforms or blog more, but I’ve never had that in eight years of publishing. Possibly this is because Scholastic likes me and I like them. Possibly it is because at the beginning they said ‘be yourself’. Possibly it is because I’m a freelancer, not an employee.

There are legal things I am not allowed to do according to copyright law — I am theoretically not allowed to post more than a certain percentage of my published novels online, but practically, that would never come up as their wishes (to not give away the book for free) line up with my wishes (to not give away the book for free). I coordinate things like cover releases with them. Does that count? I blog as Maggie Stiefvater. Not Maggie Stiefvater, product of Scholastic. 

Side effects of sharing space with fandom? I am intensely aware of being both idolized and hated; it’s unavoidable. My inbox is full of messages praising me as a queen, and my number of followers on all platforms grows ceaselessly. I likewise get plenty of messages informing of me of my many shortcomings, and Tumblr’s mysterious algorithm means that the recommended posts on my timeline often include posts that refer to me as m*ggie and were not really meant for my eyes. When you exist alongside fandom, you cannot help but see yourself through their eyes at every turn, and the image you see is often quite startling. Is that how my hair looks from the back?

Brand-wise, I try to do precisely what I have done in my real life for the last thirty-four years: make the outside of me telegraph the inside of me as clearly as possible. Scrubbing off the hard and peculiar edges makes a brand look corporate and impersonal. I’m not Target.com, an entity designed to offend no one. I’m Maggie Stiefvater, an individual with specific tastes and priorities. I won’t change that to get more followers or sell more books. I’ll just try to explain my interests in a way that makes them inclusive instead of exclusive. I know those who refer to me as m*ggie will sneer, but I’ve worked hard to become a person who I’m proud of and who I like, and my goal is to blog from that point of view, not become someone other people might like better. Rather than trying to change to make myself palatable to everyone on the internet, I instead have focused on making my content entertaining for those who do like this particular asshole I have become. That’s what I do with my novels, after all. I don’t need everyone in the world to like them, and they’d be crappier books if I tried to satisfy everyone.

O! the peculiar joys and perils of placing your lumpy heart-parts on the internet for professional display. 



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Can I ask you to publish this please? I know it's long, I'm sorry. But Lately I've been seeing a lot of whitewashed voltron fanart in my dash, even from people who claim to be allies (or who are poc themselves). I'm tired of posting about this endlessly, of reblogging posts that explain this, and of having to call out every single artist and person who does this, often more than once. I'm tired of having to explain that the filter doesn't matter, that using the eye drop tool doesn't matter (1/4)

not when the end result is the character looks three shades lighter. So what I’ve decided to do is to reach out to the fandom like this. I’m sending this to every popular blog I can think of, so that it reaches as many people as possible. I’m hoping it will spark a change or at least raise some awareness. I’m not going to explain why whitewashing is wrong bc poc have done this so many times before. Instead I’m going to ask people to seriously think about this. (2/4)

To think twice before you post or reblog literally anything that involves a poc character, especially if they’re dark skinned. To pay attention to their skintones, if they’re truly as dark as they are on the show. To please, for the love of god, stop defending yourselves when someone tells you your art is whitewashed or you’ve reblogged something that is. To please stop asking us to explain why it’s wrong, and to hold you by the hand while we do so. (¾)

In this day and age this shouldn’t be happening at all. And if it does, a simple “x is whitewashed” should do. We shouldn’t have to be exposed to this, or your excuses, your guilt, and we shouldn’t have to do all this emotional labor. I’m very tired of doing it, and so is everyone else. So please just… wake up, fandom. (4/4)

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I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to anything "pop". Not just music, but even popular people. So when a friend of mine started talking about Harry Styles & he's going to be in a film & yada yada yada, I was curious and Googled him. I'd heard of him, but didn't really have any interest in One Direction, so I never took note. That was a week ago. As you can see, my world has turned upside down & now I'm on Tumblr scoping out Harry blogs like...what just happened to my life? Is there help for this?

you’re so fucked. welcome to hell, get comfortable

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Why do you think Buffy is such an important character? And what makes you say that she is not a perfect character? (BTW i'm a huge buffy fan, i just want to know what you think because i love your blog and majorly respect your analyses) anyways, hope you have a FANTASTIC day!!!!

Awwwww, thank you friend. When people say things like that, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

[casually takes this opportunity to ramble about BTVS]

Hundreds of essays and even entire books have been written on the significance of Buffy Summers in popular culture and the fictional canon. (I have a lovely anthology on Whedon in academia on my shelf right now actually.) It’s one of those things that I’ve already written on in my academic post-secondary career and I hope to again because the topic is so rich.

Having a popular show with a strong female lead is so important. I’m cautious to say strong female character, because society has warped that term to assume that Buffy is only strong when she’s staking vampires and kicking ass. Buffy is incredibly strongly written and complex though.

We need more characters like Buffy. Someone who fills the hero role in every possible way and if often saving her less competent male allies (I love you Xander but….) Someone who little girls everywhere can look at the screen and see a strong woman kicking ass. But also someone who is flawed and can’t always save the day every time. Someone who relies on the people around her when she needs it most. Someone who gets knocked down and gets back up again even stronger. All of that was so important and revolutionary and still is. 

Buffy Summers is a hero of a generation.

On a personal level for me, being a kid growing up in the early 2000s and raised by a single mother, I remember that a Buffy rerun was on every day at 3 pm on MTV and I always watched it with my mom. It was like religion. That was such an important thing to be exposed to growing up, all of that strong and vulnerable female characterization that is so largely lacking in television as a whole. 

Buffy changed the way that female characters are written. Sarah Manning wouldn’t exist the way she does without the legacy of Buffy Summers. Olivia Pope. Daeneyrs Targaryen. Claire Underwood. Piper Chapman. Alicia Florrick. Selena Meyer. In recent years our tv screens have become populated by more and more complex female characters. There’s a reason that the Emmy category for lead actress in a drama is arguably the most competitive this year — there are more and more complex women for amazing actresses to bring to life. That is a legacy owed largely to Buffy.

No character is truly perfect, and the fact that I can find several notable characters that I would argue are better written than Buffy is a testament to that. This is nothing against Whedon or Buffy or whatever — I am as big a Whedon fan as you’ll find. She’s just….flawed, as every person is. Her execution can be read as flawed, as every character’s can. It really all is personal preference. If I come right out and say that Buffy is written perfectly, someone can pull example of how in certain instances she was imperfect to them.

That’s the lovely thing about reading characters, we all see and relate to different things and different things sit differently with everyone.

I doubt anyone could name a perfectly executed character. The world has it’s Walter Whites, Atticus Finches, and Jean Valjeans. It also has it’s Buffy Summerses, Elizabeth Bennetts, and Anne Shirleys. There are important characters everywhere, but no one is flawlessly written to everyone. That’s the wonderful thing about fiction.

I could write for ages on why BTVS as a production revitalized tv and changed our scope from episodic story to serialization and the concept of the Big Bad and all of that stuff, but from a character perspective yeah, I think Buffy Summers is flawed but so fundamentally important to television as we know it. 

Really my personal opinion more than anything, but I will defend the importance of Buffy to pop culture to the death, haha. 

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one of the worst things about being a sasusaku, naruhina, and shikatema shipper is that it feels like you have to love the ending. even tho it's absolute shit. I have a lot of sasusaku shippers following me and I know that if I start posting shit about the ending I'm going to get so much hate for it. Like I'm completely aware of the fact SS and even NH have development problems. I'M SO AWARE OF THAT AND IT'S SO FRUSTRATING WHEN THE MAJORITY OF THE SS FANDOM DOESN'T ACKNOWLEDGE THIS.

I feel this so hard trust me i feel it SO HARDDDD

there’s just this??? unhealthy hivemind/groupthink phenomenon that goes on in these fandoms??? and it makes me really uncomfortable that there are thousands of people that collectively follow these popular blogs and dont question a single thing that is said???

I used to just not question what the majority of the fandom (like, the popular bloggers) would say and I would just ignore it…. but when they claim to be speaking for the entire fandom when they makes gross/obnoxious claims THATS when I have to speak up about it……

like it’s hard not to call out every instance of problematic behavior I see in this fandom (cause since this is the nar fandom that’s all i’d do if that were the case) but I’m jsut gonna have to stop censoring myself like I reaaaally don’t care anymore if it costs me followers or mutuals cause if we were really friends you’d understand why I say the things I say ://///

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Hiya, I came here for.. help. You seemed like a really nice and popular blog so I really wanted to talk to you about this. I have a blog that keeps losing followers and I'm not really sure what to do. I have only a little over a hundred, and it makes me upset to lose followers. If you can help, thank you very much!

Sure, no problem!

Losing followers is something everyone on tumblr goes through; even popular blogs see their fair share of people who stop following them. We all lose followers for various reasons, and it’s usually hard to pinpoint those reasons. Sometimes, people we follow delete their blogs. Other times, we lose followers because they have fallen out of the fandoms you’re in. Or, we may post something that is out of taste or hurtful to some people, and they unfollow. Inactivity can also cause people to unfollow.

It’s upsetting to anyone, especially if you’re new to tumblr and not used to it. But it’s always important to remember that your follower count isn’t everything. You know what’s most important? You.

You are a special person. Even if you have a little over a hundred, those hundred followers may see you as this amazing, wonderful being. They look at your blog, they’ve memorized your icon and name, and every little day they feel touched by you in some positive way. Maybe they were having a bad day, and seeing a post by you made them laugh. Maybe they can relate to you and understand you. Maybe you are the only one who posts a certain type of post and makes their entire blogging experience worthwhile. Whatever the reason, you are appreciated.

Sure it’s saddening to see some of these people go. I know, I have seen some good friends unfollow and move on, and I can understand how you feel. But you should never see your follower count and say that it’s a measure of how important you are, because contrary to what some people might say, it’s not.

Now with that being said, there’s nothing wrong with trying to prevent losing some followers, if that’s what you truly want. As I said, you can be satisfied with whatever follower count you have. But, if you want to try to retain some followers, I’ll give you a few tips.

  • Always be kind, courteous, friendly, and helpful. I know some blogs get by with posting nothing but negativity and being hateful, but I’ve always found that having the aforementioned traits makes your blogging experience a lot happier and more fun, and it is probably more attractive to your followers (or potential followers).
  • Keep an active blog. Even if you post just a few things a day, keeping an updated blog lets your followers know that you’re still around and still posting things they might be interested in.
  • In your blog description, list your fandoms and the things you post! It’s a good way of communicating your interests to your followers and potential followers. (I know usually when I check a blog out, that’s the first thing I look at.)
  • Follow a ton of blogs that post similar interests! There are lots of cool people on tumblr, and sometimes it just takes a little courage to follow them and meet them. You might find new friends! Also reblog their posts, comment on them, like their text posts, and just be open to them.
  • Be original! Make your own text posts, post a little about your day, and sprinkle your blog with a little bit of personality.
  • When you feel as if you’ve posted something wrong and you lose a ton of followers, such as posting an inappropriate slur word or saying something offensive, just learn from your mistake and correct it. I know I’ve said some hurtful things in the past, and I’ve started up some tumblr fights I probably shouldn’t have even dealt with. But you just have to learn to accept culpability, become a better person, and move on.
  • Be cautious when you post about things like religion, politics, social justice, etc. There’s no law saying you can’t post those things, but just be aware that engaging in posts of that type may be read by someone who doesn’t agree with what you believe in. 

And…that’s all I can think of right now! Hopefully, those tips can help you. :) I’m sure you’re a sweet person, and you’ll be fine.