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→ Paper Doll (pt. 3)

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pairing → Jungkook x Reader

genre → idol+singer-songwriter!au, drama, slight angst, smut

word count   → 4.8k

summary   → When the nation’s little sister, IU, gets into a huge scandal, your agency seizes the opportunity to thrust you into that now vacant spotlight. Your self-composed song Paper Doll becomes an overnight sensation, and soon people are itching to find out who was the one who broke your heart. All hell breaks loose once netizens discover that you used to date popular idol, Jeon Jungkook. Little do they know that it wasn’t him who left the relationship unscathed –  it was you.

alternatively: a story on the consequences of a hit break-up song

part i | part ii | part iii | part iv (coming soon!)

a/n  → so this has become a fake dating au? .. i should be sorry. 
& THANK YOU for all the responses so far !! everybody’s been so nice, giving me advice and willing to help me navigate tumblr :’)) esp @gxtsmxt bc she feLT my frustration writing this mess. im sry the angry bj scene got cut btw. 

He always came alone, looking tired and a bit worn-out, ordering the same medium sized pizza with a large coke. You wondered if he was one of those people who didn’t like variety. He always ordered the same thing; surely he would be sick of it by now? The pizza here wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t deserving of him visiting every week.

You didn’t mind. In fact, you looked forward to your Friday shifts. The restaurant was hardly a tourist attraction, not with its peeling wallpaper and old ceiling fan that did nothing to air out the greasy smell of pizzas wafting from the kitchen. The people who wandered in were generally the ones who couldn’t afford the seasoned fried chicken from the place down the road. You didn’t mind the slow work days. The owner even let you read books or do your homework when there wasn’t anyone to wait on.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Jungkook was the highlight of your job. Of course, his physical attractiveness was undeniable, but you had seen handsome men before and none of them were as interesting as Jeon Jungkook.

It hadn’t been love at first sight. The reality was different from the books you read – there had been no stars aligning or time slowing down, no epiphany that he was the one. But perhaps this was the most dangerous kind of love; the kind that creeped up on you, slowly, without you even knowing, so that you had no other choice but to accept it as a part of you.

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Ok but like, It’s been days since he last saw the kid (assuming he did while in LA, following narrative), months since he mentioned or posted things about him, the articles aren’t talking about, his family doesn’t care and is shading like crazy… Why they don’t just end it? Just you know, do it, at this point no one will even bat an eye

okay but tater is absolutely the biggest baby ever when it comes to scary movies. we’re talking even the slightest hint of a scary scene and tater just nopes the heck out of there. like, he still can’t watch the hunchback of notre dame all the way through.

but he is definitely not going to mention that to kent. especially since he knows that kent loves that he’s so big and strong and tater’s pretty sure that ‘screams like a little girl at cgi monsters’ does not fit that description.

except it’s a date weekend and kent’s put on his netflix list of 'quintessential american films that you need to watch tater, how have you not watched these you weirdo’ and then. gremlins comes on. and tater is excited!! gizmo is so cute!! but then the actual gremlins come along and look. tater is a Big and Strong hockey player. he is definitely not scared by evil reptilian dolls. no siree.

it takes kent approximately 2.3 seconds to notice. 'babe,’ he says slowly, 'are you scared?’

'no way,’ alexei 'no pokerface’ mashkov forces out. for a second all kent can do is stare at his giant, russian teddy bear of a boyfriend before he basically lifts tater onto his lap. 'how are you this cute??’ he grins with a face of brown curls. and while tater is pretty terrified he’s also?? all warm on the inside??? because this gorgeous, talented, loving man is His Boyfriend

(that night kent is woken up by tater shaking his arm and plaintively whispering, 'hey…can I be little spoon now?’ and kent just MELTS. tater doesn’t mind scary movies too much after that.)

Things your character could say to another character when they’re in pain:

“Ssh, ssh. Just try to relax.”

“Take deep breaths. That’s it. You’re doing great.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry it hurts.”

“You’re so strong, I know you can get through this.”

“Don’t focus on the pain. Just focus on me.”

“It will pass, I promise.”

“It’s ok to cry. You don’t have to hold back.”

“You don’t need to talk.”

“It’s nearly over. Just hold on a little longer.”

“Listen to the sound of my voice.”

“There’s no need to be scared. You’re gonna be alright.”

Jack is a certified douchebag

     Neil could handle Kevin’s condescending critiques toward his exy’s performance. He could stomach Aaron’s resentful glares and could even deal with hates and sneers from public. But he couldn’t stand anyone shit talked on Andrew. Especially when it was Jack.

     Jack had been in the foxes’ team for months. Most of the foxes could barely stand the sight of him. Jack’s first day being recruited and he already rude to the original foxes.

     He said “I’m not a fag” to Nicky when Nicky greeted him and killed his enthusiastic smile right away.

     "Women should not be the lead of a group. They should stay quietly behind.“ Such an insolent remark almost earned him a backhand from Allison but Renee stepped in front of her just in time. He even dared a daring once-over to Andrew which Neil thought was stupid and brave both at the same time. Thanked to Andrew’s indifferent manner, he didn’t give a shit about it. 

     And Neil, too, had gotten low blows from Jack. He and Sheena, another exy player of Palmetto State University with vulgar mouth, always sneered whenever Neil opened his mouth and snickered at Neil during scrimmages. He snapped at some point but he would calm down later. 

     But that didn’t happen on one Thursday afternoon when Jack had gone beyond the limits. 

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“After the final, let’s end this.”

Ok, so my emotions are still all over the place, I’m still not really sure what I feel about this episode. BUT. I was thinking about Yuuri’s observations of Victor during this episode and his little declaration in their hotel room. He’s thought before that he’s taken Victor away from the competitive skating world, and during the SP he saw Victor’s interest and focus on all of the skaters’ performances. I think, even with the rings, that Yuuri still plans to retire after this season and let Victor go so that he can return to his rightful place on the ice.

BUT, I don’t think Victor feels the same at all. After all, we just saw in episode 10 that at Yuuri’s side he’s found life and love. He talked about skating for 20 years and doing nothing else, and being tired. He also just saw Yurio beat his record. I don’t think Victor wants to return to competitive skating, so we can all relax. I think they left that cliffhanger to give us some angst and tension and make us freak out until next week.

I also still have really high hopes and faith that we will see Yuuri preform his best “Yuri on Ice” skate yet for next week’s episode.

Journeys - (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader) - Prologue

Summary: When Lin asks you to work on Hamilton with him, you’re absolutely ecstatic. But you may be in for more than you thought with deadlines, stress, and complicated feelings for Lin.

Warnings: mild cursing, drinking mentioned, sex scandal mentioned, terrible pick up lines

Word Count: 1620 (oops that’s a little long but oh well)

A/N: Hello! So this is basically my first imagine ever. You have been warned. But even though I’m an amateur, I’m excited to share this with the rest of Tumblr. Please feel free to leave feedback, and to let me know if I should keep this going or not. And if this somehow does get continued, then the next parts will most likely be more interesting, since this is just the prologue. Also, huge thanks to @secretschuylersister for her feedback. You’re the best! Oh, and also: there may be some inaccuracies, as I only have a vague idea of how Broadway works. I hope you enjoy!

Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

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You applauded politely as the man onstage finished his poem. It was about the stars and fate or something like that. You weren’t listening to him all that much.

You checked the time on your watch. You were one of six students from NYU chosen to go to the White House Poetry Jam, which was a pretty big honor. But besides the fact that there were a few recognizable poets and stars there, it could get pretty boring. It wasn’t exactly your idea of a fun night out.

As you stared absentmindedly at the floor, you noticed a few heads from your group turning out of the corner of your eye. Another man took his place on the stage. You looked up, hoping that this one would be even the slightest bit interesting.

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My human version of Prince Sidon for what its worth. I still have so many other things I need to work on, but this forced its way onto paper this morning. I splashed some really rough color on it in PS, but might go back and make it a vector illustration instead.

I see your Cute Dragon Age Dads Letting Daughters Braid Their Hair headcanons, and I raise you Cute Dragon Age Dads Teaching Their Daughters to Be Badasses headcanons:

  • Alistair taking her to important meetings, breaking down the talking points for her, asking for her opinion. Helping her to be fair minded in a heavily prejudiced world. Showing her it’s ok to make mistakes, that even the End of the World might not be the end of the world.
  • Zevran teaching her how to pick locks, how to disappear, how to stay in control of every interaction, but also how to know when to let go. Making sure she knows that she is her own person, that she doesn’t owe anyone anything, but also how to know when she’s found a just cause, a worthy ally, a friend. 
  • Fenris taking her on little quests, only the safe ones at first, but tougher ones as she learns and ages. Teaching her to observe power dynamics, how to tell when an innocent is overpowered and needs help. The importance of being brave, for her own sake and others.
  • Anders with a mage child, determined that she will learn to use and control her power without the Circle. Guiding her through the dangers of the Fade, making sure she never feels the guilt of accidental destruction.
  • Sebastian bringing her in to see petitioners and diplomats. Showing her how to lead by example, the importance of listening, courtesy, compassion. Showing her that sometimes kindness is the fastest way to reach a person. Giving her a little bow so she can practice like daddy, looking forward to the day he can pass his grandfather’s bow on to her.
  • Cullen giving her a wooden sword and shield when she asks to train like daddy and taking her out for lessons every morning. Taking her into the war room to teach her strategy, asking her for more and more input as she learns. Teaching her that it’s ok to question, that quitting isn’t the same as failing, that it’s ok to try a new path.
  • Blackwall making sure she knows the importance of standing up for others, of standing up for herself. Teaching her the value of saying “no” when something feels wrong. Building her up so she will feel confident enough to do it when the time comes. 
  • Iron Bull letting her run wild at first, a fierce, grubby warrior with a pointy stick. As she grows, showing her how to control her strength for greater impact, how to spot weaknesses, how to honor a worthy foe. The value of a challenge.
  • Solas meeting her in her dreams. Introducing her to his friends there, raising her with a new perspective on the world, one without the prejudices of those who fear the Fade. Teaching her to approach both spirits and people as individuals, to give them the benefit of trying to understand them as they are.
  • Dorian showing her the importance of trust, loyalty, friendship. Letting her flip through “safe” books when she’s little, but showing her tougher, more important works as she grows. Asking for her help when he’s researching, proving to her that her presence, her thoughts, her perspectives are important. 

The northern girl. Winterfell’s daughter.

sansa stark + people’s perception or expectations of her
(requested by @sansaspride)

having a little art block, so here’s a little shameless destiel scribbling

the second one is when they’ve been together a while and cas just crowds on in there so they can just both look at the phone, even though sam could probably just send the stuff for the case to each of their phones

Little Spoon

Featuring: Jeon Jungkook (drabble)

Written by: Admin M

You looked at Jungkook in surprise, not having quite processed his request in your mind.

Taking this reaction as judgement, his face colored, and he buried his face in your pillow.

“Never mind, forget I even asked. I know it’s dumb.”

The two of you were lying side by side on your bed, just talking the day away as was your custom on rainy days. He had been facing you and you had been looking up at the ceiling, tracing the constellations that the previous tenant had left there.

“No - wait, babe,” you turned your body towards him fully and tried to cajole his face from the pillow.

“I’m not judging your or saying no. I was just surprised, that’s all.”

Jungkook only shook his head, still refusing to look at you.

“Jeon Jungkook, look at me.”

At his, he peeked one eye out at you, his face still solidly beet red.

You scooted closer to him, one hand reaching out to brush the hair away from his face - or what little of his face you could see. Your eyes locked and you gazed at him steadily, waiting for him to come back to you.

Little by little, he let go of the pillow, and his face came into full view. You could still see the slight embarrassment on his face, and leaned forward to kiss him on the forehead.

“I love you,” you whispered.

“Love you, too,” he mumbled, still reticent.

You laughed. “You big baby.” And when he opened his mouth to protest, you kissed him quickly on the nose, startling him.

“Don’t pout, I didn’t answer you yet.”

Jungkook nodded, watching you silently, and you could read the quiet fear in the depth of his eyes. Sometimes you forgot, especially because of how far he’d come, the darkness that faceted his entire life when you first met him.

“Of course you can be the little spoon tonight. You can be little spoon any time you like, or all the time if that’s what you really prefer.”  

And suddenly you were being pulled into his embrace, his arms tightening around you as he crushed you to him.


“You promise?” he asked, his voice tinted with an emotion you couldn’t quite place.

“Of course.”

He buried his face in your neck, breathing in the scent of home.

“I love you.”

Actual Conversation with My Son: Something to Chew On

My son flagged me down in the driveway as I was leaving for work this morning, and this conversation happened… 

Me: “What’s up, buddy?" 

Son: "If you see somebody alone today, give them some of your gum, OK? They might be an orphan." 

Me: ”…“ 

Me: "I’ll do that." 

Son: "Thanks, Dad." 

Me: "Hey, you know what?" 

Son: "What?" 

Me: "I really love your heart, dude." 

Son: "I love you too, Dad." 

Situational comedy where Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are living in a flat in London trying to blend in with the muggle neighbors

•Using magic around the house for small things- secretly having to obliviate some kids who saw through the window oops
•Little old ladies in the building asking Sirius to take their dogs out because “they’ve taken such a liking to you, you sure have a way with dogs” - Remus snorts into his tea
•Idk how you even hide a werewolf every month in a small flat in the city but hoo boy can you imagine?

OK, I’ll admit: those motherfuckers behind ASoUE on Netflix got me. Even after reading the series years ago and declaring it my favorite book series of all time. Even pouring through each page to write my own time line of the Baudelaire misfortune. That little reveal in episode seven broke my heart. God damn it.