i'm not even a little ok

ok but side note can we not use words like “threw herself on him” or god forbid slut for dot like ??? she got a little boozed up and got carried away; magnus stopped her and she respected that. you all rly do the most when it comes to woc lmao.

  • Friend: Hey are you ok?
  • Me: Yeah I'm fine
  • My brain: Can we all just take a moment and realize what life would of actually been like if Connor didn't kill himself? I mean Connor was the only one to sign Evans cast and he even said "let's pretend we both have friends" he knows that Evan isn't a very social person and can't make a lot of friends either so Connor would most likely go back to Evan from time to time. Evan would feel a little awkward at first but would probably start to confide in Connor, thinking of him as a support system and the only one there for him and Connor would think the same about Evan. After time I bet they would become best friends and probably be bullied by everyone. They would go through times where they feel like they should just go away and not live anymore but they would never do it without telling the other first because they know that the other is going through the same thing and that they will know how to help. Soon they would start dating. They would secretly think of themselves as the perfect pair while everyone just looked at them and say "those freaks are meant for each other!" But they know why they are the perfect pair. It's because they can trust one another and can be there for one another and they know that if one of them decides that they want to leave and forget all the pain in their lives the other one would never be the same. They will both stay strong for each other. For forever.
  • Me: *tearing up* I'm totally fine

*whispers* someone write a fic where Derek saves Stiles from a fire even though it’s terrifying for him to do because it reminds him of his family and then Stiles is all surprised and awed by it and Derek realizes that Stiles the secret love of his life almost died and then KISSING

Annoying tutor Jimin (but also my biggest crush)

Headcanon. I don’t even know how this appeared in my head, it just did. JK is a friend of Jimin’s brother and is terrible at math. Jimin helps him with math and he keeps being a lil shit until Jimin stops studying with him… It’s nothing much, but maybe someone will like it. :)

• „Okay now, do this equation – number five on the second page,” Jimin quickly runs his eyes over the textbook in front of him and waits for Jungkook to scribble down the numbers.

• Jungkook’s not moving in a slight way and glares at Jimin. “There’s no need. I won’t do any more exercises.”

• Jimin sighs. For almost two hours he tried to go over the math with Jungkook, and for almost two hours Jungkook tortured him the same way as he always does when they study alone. He was supposed to help both his little brother Jihyun and Jungkook, his brother’s best friend. But once again, Jihyun went on a date with his new girlfriend and left him all alone with this little punk. It was true that Jihyun didn’t need Jimin’s help as much as Jungkook – he was passing all his tests and improved significantly ever since Jimin took his time to help him with everything. Still, Jimin wished he was here, because in his presence Jungkook behaves more like a person than just an ass.

• Jimin stares right back at Jungkook, trying to control his irritation. Jungkook was just two years younger than Jimin, celebrating his sixteen birthday month ago, yet Jimin would swear he’s thirteen, tops. “I don’t care, Jungkook. But did you at least understand what we practiced today?”  

• Jungkook’s lips curls in a grimace and he groans. “No. No, because I hate fuckin’ math. And I hate you.” Jimin just rolled his eyes, same old song. “I don’t understand how Jihyun can live with you in one house! How can he even like you! You’re so annoying,” he huffs.

• Jimin is still watching him, now little disappointed, because really? Nothing fresh to use to insult him? He heard this one – about his brother and living under one roof – many times before.

• “It’s a good idea, Jimin,” his mother said. “You will help Jihyun and Jungkook can learn, too! He’s such a sweet boy.” Sweet boy his ass. Jungkook acted like sweet little angel every time he visited their house with Jihyun. Jimin’s parents loved him. Hell, even Jimin loved him at first those years ago when he met him for the first time. Jungkook was just cute. And he still is, with his big chocolate eyes, messy brown hair and smiling expression, even without actual smile. Unbelievable, how deceiving looks can be.  

• “Well maybe you wouldn’t have to spend so much time with me, if you’d check those goddamn exercises for once. But you’re still on a level of first grader, so sorry for trying to help you.”

• Jungkook flashes his eyes over Jimin’s face, almost like he was trying to stab him with bare sight. “I don’t need your fucking help.”

• Jimin shrugs, fed up with Jungkook’s attitude, and starts packing all the things. “Okay,” he says, for the millionth time in past weeks. The thing with Jungkook was that even when he was acting like little shit, his mom always paid Jimin more than enough for finding the time to tutor him, even when he helped both his brother and Jungkook at the same time. For just two hours it was nice amount of money.

• “This time I’m serious Jimin. You’re not helping me at the slightest, I don’t like you and I will find someone else!” With curious look, Jungkook waits for Jimin to react.

• “Okay,” Jimin shrugs once again before finishing packing up, says bye to Jungkook and leaves his room.

• After the door closes, Jungkook throws himself onto his bed and punches his pillow repeatedly in frustration which is not caused by math or Jimin’s tutoring.

• “So how was it yesterday?” Jihyun asks Jungkook, waiting for first class of the day to start. It’s math and they’re gonna have an exam.

• “Useless. He’s a terrible tutor and he’s so annoying. How can you stand him, being your brother?” Jungkook huffs.

• “Watch your mouth you prick,” Jihyun never understood where this antipathy for Jimin is coming from. His brother was the sweetest person to Jihyun, always helped him; was smart, funny and overall perfect. And when he explains all of the math equations to him, it really helps – that, however, doesn’t seem to be Jungkook’s case. But even though he badmouths Jimin, he never, even once, tried to find someone else to help him study.

• “I don’t want him as my tutor anymore. As much as I like you, I can’t stand your brother,” Jungkook continues and Jihyun rolls his eyes.

• “Okay, Kook. If you fail even this test, I will tell Jimin to not help you anymore. He has better things to do with his free time anyway, you know.”

• “Good.” Jungkook bites inside of his cheeks, frowning at his hands.

Not-so-surprisingly, Jungkook fails the exam, achieving five points out of thirty.

• Jihyun tells Jimin that there’s no longer need for him to help Jungkook with math, as it seems that he’s really not helping and Jungkook will find someone else. Jimin is slightly saddened – he liked the money he received for tutoring him. For a short while he can’t help but wonder if Jungkook really hates him that much – after all, Jimin never did anything bad to him.

• Jungkook gets in huge fight with his parents when they find out about his latest grade. Immediately, they find new tutor, young college student.

• Poor guy runs out of Jungkook’s room not even half an hour after he started to tutor him. Jungkook did his best to scare him off. He managed to do the same with next one, pretending he’s possessed by some supernatural force.

• He never really thought Jimin will stop tutoring him. There’s no way he will let anyone else to sit with him like that and explain all of those things to him, except Jimin. He wants him back (he didn’t want to get rid of him in first place, but it’s not like he would ever admit it to his parents or Jihyun.)

• Jimin receives a phone call from Jungkook, who politely asks him to come and help him once again, because, allegedly, “This hella guy just stopped coming.”

• Jimin doesn’t even know why, but he decides that okay, he will help his brother’s friend once again – after all, it was the first time for Jungkook to ask for his help.

• When he walks in Jungkook’s bedroom he finds him sitting on the bed, surrounded by few cans of beer and packs of salty goods.

• “What’s that?”

• Jungkook gives him uncertain look and jerks his chin towards the small empty space on his bed. “I thought I will… apologize today. Sorry, Jimin, I lied. I like it when you study with me.”

• Jimin’s not sure what to think about it, but he carefully sits next to Jungkook and takes a beer that Jungkook hands him. “How did you even get these?” Jimin asks and Jungkook just grins. “That’s a secret. Cheers.”

• So they sit on the bed, eat some junk and drink “secret” beer while chatting about silly things. Jungkook finishes his second can of the beverage just as Jimin’s telling him a story about their homeroom teacher, when he can’t help himself but kiss the older guy. Jimin just looked so… kissable at that moment, with smiling eyes, hands clutched around the can, lips wet with the beer he sipped just seconds ago.

• Jungkook’s not moving his hands at first, but then he remembers what to do and let them tangle in Jimin’s hair. His heart stops for a second when Jimin’s lips finally move against his. It doesn’t take long for Jimin to push Jungkook off.

• He’s in shock. What was that? Did he like the way Jungkook kissed him? What the fuck? Was this all Jungkook’s plan all along?

• “What the fuck Jungkook?” Jimin jumps off the bed with shocked expression and Jungkook notices the glimpse of hurt in his eyes. “Do you hate me so much you planned this as a way to… humiliate me?!” With back of his hand he wipes the saliva off his mouth.

• Jungkook feels panicked. Yes, he sort of planned this, but not to humiliate Jimin! He had no idea he will kiss him, all he wanted was for Jimin to tutor him again and for himself to stop being an ass to Jimin.

• “N-no! No, Jimin! I’m sorry if—“

• Jimin grabs his bag and shakes his head in disbelief. “You even tried to get me drunk, is that so? I can’t believe I thought for a second you’re serious about being sorry. Oh my.” Jimin turns on his heel and runs through the door. He doesn’t hear Jungkook calling for him, neither the thump of Jungkook, falling into his pillow as he did so many times before.

• Honestly, Jimin’s not sure what pisses him off more. The way he felt so comfortable with that brat after all those things he said to him in past, the naivety of his when he took the beer Jungkook gave him or just the fact that he fucking answered the kiss and almost made out with his little bro’s shitty friend (and liked the feeling of his lips on his own).

• Never before someone disrespected him this much. Jimin stormed into his house, ran up the stairs and slammed the door behind him. What the fuck. What the fuck… Did Jihyun say something to Jungkook? It was not even a year ago that Jimin came out to his family as homosexual. He thought nobody else knows – but now… No, Jihyun would never do it.

• The next day Jimin sits in his room, reading, when he hears some voices outside his door. He tries to run towards the door and lock it when he realizes that one of them is Jungkook, but it’s too late and Jungkook suddenly burst through the door, closing them behind him.

• “Jimin – just hear me out please.”

• Jimin takes small steps backwards, just to be as far from Jungkook as possible. “Get out. Get out of this room. You really don’t have any boundaries, do you?”

• Jungkook almost looks like he’s about to cry. His hands are gripping bunch of papers and notepads and he take a small step towards Jimin.

• “Get. Out!”

• “Please Jimin, I’m so sorry about yesterday, but it wasn’t like that at all! I really just wanted to apologize and ask you to tutor me again!” He nervously shifts on his feet.

• Jimin barks. “Really, that’s why your mouth was all over mine, right? As a peace offering!”

• Jungkook looks hurt now, big eyes staring at Jimin. “No. I just- okay. Okay. I just wanted to kiss you. I wasn’t thinking about it – only thought I had was how pretty you are,” Jimin laughs again, but Jungkook continues. “That is… that is why I couldn’t stand you studying with me. I think you’re too pretty and I – I don’t know why, but I think I like you.”

• Jimin glares at him, judgingly. “Nice try, you prick. Please, leave now…”

• “No. No, I didn’t tell anybody, but I’m not that bad with math,” claims Jungkook hurriedly. “I was just… trying to… I’m not good at this, it’s awkward!”

• “Oh god Jungkook, just…” Jimin’s about to say something, but Jungkook shoves all of those papers and notebooks in his face. “Look!” he says. “These are all those exercises I was practicing for last month. Just – look over them, I’m not lying!”

• With raised eyebrow, Jimin flips through few pages and his eyes jump over scribbled notes in corners of the pages like: “Jimin said A = 1,5! Remember this!!!” or “Solve this like Jimin – his way is better!”

• Jungkook’s not lying; dozens of pages are all filled with equations, numbers and notes. Jimin looks at him, confused. “What—“

• “Sorry Jimin. I don’t know why but I just… I guess I like you. Like I know it’s weird. You’re Jihyun’s older bro, but – trust me – in no way I meant to disrespect you yesterday!” Jungkook watches his shoes and slowly turns towards the door. “That’s all – I’m sorry – I get why you don’t like me…”

• Jimin thinks for a second, then walks over to Jungkook and grabs his hand. Younger male looks at him, surprised.

• “You’re a really stupid kid, you know?” Jimin stares at him but there’s no anger in his face. “You can’t act like this if you want someone to like you.”

• Jungkook doesn’t know what else to do, so he just nods.

• “I will start to tutor you again,” says Jimin and Jungkook smiles.

• “Really?!”

• “And we could maybe work on your behavior towards your crush, don’t you think?” Jimin gently grabs Jungkook’s other hand too, smiling nervously.

• On his following exam (month later) Jungkook achieves a “C” with ease. Jihyun facepalms over his excited rambling and watches him, as Jungkook types a text to Jimin.

• “Was this all really necessary? If you liked my brother, you could’ve just told me earlier…” he whines. Jungkook just punches his arm as he grins over his phone, now reading a response from Jimin. “I’m proud of you, brat ♥

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><b></b> Historically Accurate Angelica<b>: *was married before she even met Hamilton and loved him like a little brother*<p/><b><b></b> Historically Accurate Alexander and Laurens<b>: *wrote to each other very much like lovers. not to mention a majority of their letters were burnt or written over*<p/><b><b></b> Lin Manuel Miranda<b>: ... I'll just write it as if Angelica was in love with Hamilton! And the only Lams I'll put in is intense staring and one line.<p/></p><p/></p>
  • what I say: I'm fine

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Do you like to think Even has siblings? Do you think they get along well with Even and Isak?

you wanna know my biggest secret wishful hc is??? i want even to have twin younger siblings so badly

just one girl, one boy

and i absolutely think the boy loves isak, because isak still presents himself as this really cool, suave guy, and he probably looks up to isak and starts wearing snapbacks because of him and isak has to be really careful he doesn’t introduce him to any dirty versions of his favorite rap songs and “don’t listen to your brother, liking pop does not make you cool” and they spend a lot of time together gaming and they always challenge even to super smash bros and always end up teaming up against him and they always win and even knows they’re gonna do that every time but it’s so much fun to watch him and isak laugh at his hopelessness with nintendo games and then they’ll both make fun of even’s love of classic films and his little brother gets really excited to watch adam sandler movies with isak which even has to sit through because it’s the law, and if he made isak sit through casablanca, he can get through an hour and a half of big daddy with his boyfriend and his brother

and the girl, i think the girl is more wary of isak at first, because even is her big brother, you know, and it took her a while to warm up to sonja altogether and now suddenly there’s a boyfriend, and even is spending so much time with him and taking time away from her, and her and isak don’t really have that much in common to begin with, so at first isak has no idea what to do with her or how to win her over, so isak mostly spends time kinda squirming around her and watching her glare at him from the other end of the couch, AND HONESTLY ??? things don’t look up and for a while isak’s like “EVEN YOUR SISTER HATES ME WHAT DO I DO” and even’s just like “give her time” but then finally there comes a moment where something shifts, and it’s a moment where even’s little sister wants to go bowling with them, but even’s trying to kindly explain to her that only his friends are going bowling, and he can’t look after her while they bowl so it wouldn’t be fair, and this little girl just wants to spend time with even again so isak offers even to look after her at the bowling alley. and even gives him a ‘wtf magnus is gonna kill you’ look, but isak convinces him, and then suddenly they’re all bowling together and magnus is actually a saint with kids, this one in particular, and suddenly there’re the boys bowling with even’s little sister (and letting her win and pretending to suck even with the bumpers up) and then even’s little sister realizes isak isn’t taking her big brother away from her deliberately, and that maybe they can love him very much together, and isak is suddenly okay in her eyes and suddenly it’s like she has two big brothers

and i’m just emotional thinking about even with younger siblings ok


little bubby fondly talking about his hyungs ♡

or maybe not


You say:
Love is a temple
Love a higher law
Love is a temple
Love the higher law

You ask me to enter
But then you make me crawl

One life
But we’re not the same
We get to carry each other
Carry each other


@gwennieliz @qqueenofhades

Ok but Percy Jackson isn’t just cute or even just hot he’s ACTUALLY ATTRACTIVE BECAUSE OF HIS PERSONALITY like he’s relatable to the readers and he’s not disturbing with millions of sex jokes and he respects Annabeth and gives her credit for how badass she is and admits his faults and ACTUALLY TRIES TO IMPROVE THEM and he loves his mom and he’s just so respectful??? Like???

He had it locked on target, ready to shoot, when he was hit with the most alluring scent. It clouded his mind, shrouded him in content and he lowered his rifle, looking for where it was coming from.

Two kids were running in his direction; one was probably about 13, maybe 14, the other closer to 18. It was the 18 year old that the scent was coming from. Covered in dirt, filth, and sweat, his floppy hair matted together with mud and probably blood, Jensen could still smell omega wafting off him, even from this far away.

That is definitely not a good sign. He did not need to be lusting after a kid.

While he was distracted by the boy, he was hit in the back and sent to the ground by a pteranodon. He thanked whoever was watching him from up in the sky that it wasn’t the one with the pointy beak, because he’d be dead already. His rifle was knocked out of his hands when he was hit, so he had nothing but his bare hands to keep the hybrid from biting him. It’s wasn’t convenient, but it was the best he could do.

The stupid kid’s scent threw off his game and he wanted it back, dammit.

Then the animal was hit off him with his own rifle, and then shot three times by Sam Ferris. She helped him up and handed him his gun with a muttered, “We have to find my boys.” He nodded, silent. She wasn’t one to take any kind of gratitude.


“Boys!” she yelled back, running past Jensen toward the scent that fucked with his head in the first place. He closed his eyes, willing it to go away. He did not want to be scent compatible with Samantha Ferris’ nephew. She would literally chew him up and spit him out. They’d been at each other’s throats all day; she practically led him through the island trying to find the boys, and she’d previously only ran the park. She had absolutely no field work with dinosaurs or anything, and yet she completely had him in her palm.

His only consolation was the fact that she was an alpha; older only by 10 years, but she was a wiser alpha than Jensen. If the way she killed the hybrid told him anything, it was that she could kick his ass to hell and back.

He made his way to Sam and the two boys slowly. He didn’t actually want to be near them longer than he had to because the scent was going to kill him. But he had to make sure they got away safely.

“C’mon,” he said, slipping his thumbs into his belt and trying to assert himself to make them listen. “We gotta get inside, now.”

“Alright, boys, let’s follow Jensen,” Sam said, pulling them with her behind Jensen.

He’d managed to study the kids long enough to assess the situation. The 18 year old was an omega, but he was shrouding himself in suppressants, either to hide his status, or to keep himself from going to heat. The latter was more likely, but the former was also just as possible. The kid was tall and lanky with wiry muscle, from what Jensen could tell, and he held himself like an alpha. Like nature made him something he wasn’t; like he was uncomfortable in his own skin.

The younger kid had not yet shown signs of his nature yet. He’s still too young to be able to figure out, but he holds himself like a beta. He could still come out as either alpha or omega, they’d have to wait and see.

“You kids did good,” Jensen said, once they’d made it into the park vehicle. “I don’t know how you did it on your own, but you’re good.”

The younger kid spoke up, said, “Thanks, Mr….uh….”

“Jensen. Call me Jensen, kid.”

“Jensen,” the kid said, and then, “Colin. I’m Colin. And this is my big brother Jared.” He pointed to the sulking omega sitting right behind Sam. He had his arms folded, hair in his face, and he looked like he hated the world. Jensen wouldn’t blame him if he did. “Can we stay with you, Jensen?”

I’m not letting your older brother out of my sight, kid, he hated himself for thinking. The kid is probably a minor, and Jensen’s 26. Raw from the Navy and from spending the last year bonding with velociraptors. Almost dying more times than he can even count. He can’t taint a kid barely 18. But the scent is overwhelming; the kid had to have noticed by now that Jensen smells different than other alphas. That there’s something there he hadn’t been near before.

He had to have.

“Yeah, kid, you guys can stay with me.”

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chia, you know speak spanish? and nina you know the languages that your mommies speak (the both) and which you like more? forgive my bad english i'm not pretty sure if its ok, I love you girls

Chiara: But sometimes it’s a little confused…

((There’re some words that sound exactly the same in both languages even tho the meaning it’s different uvu I just love when they say “Pronto?” instead of “Si?” or another word when answering the phone♥))

Second rehearsal with this pit orchestra. Maestro still hasn’t asked my name or addressed me as anything but “you.” Been putting up with his garbage conducting for about three and a half cumulative hours and I’m still sight reading like a champion. We get to a new part in the score that I haven’t yet played. It’s fast, loud, accented. Cool. Maestro looks at me BEFORE I EVEN PLAY and says “it’s ok if you can’t quite get it right, it can sound a little messy and it’ll be fine.” I’m sorry, what? I pick up my horn, nail it the first time. Get out of my face.

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¿And you know something my dear? Be weak like you is a problem in the actual society :^( ¿you know why? :'C because you are occupying the place of someone that can do pretty much more than you ;) so please do a favor for this platform and close this shit, and grow up a little bit and stop watching a show just because is the only way that you can be happy. And one one more last thing you manage to be more annoying and disgusting that the original amethyst, fake fat ugly and disgusting little shit

i’m so moved, i’m crying.

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OK,now I'm not getting it, when someone give,THE MINIMAL quality,that doesn't even matter for your life,and it also can helps you,about him,you deny it,but when someone actually send a message deconstructing him,in a way that even not helps you,you thanks them?Be a little wise,even if he did horrible things,he is human,and have its own qualities,even IF,he is a horrible person,I'm sorry but I love both of your content(even if you think that his content isn't content)and just put a END TO THIS

You mean about the last ask? It wasn’t even insulting him
Yes his “Content” wasn’t even his. He MADE MONEY OFF MY ART. Get it through your skull.
When I Began doing ADC, I was literally struggling to EAT, he NEVER asked permission nor from me or Steph, he didn’t add any content value, and he made A TON OF MONEY OFF IT. But ye SCREW THE ARTIST. SCREW THE CONTENT CREATORS WHO WORK THEIR ASS OFF RIGHT??
I was CLOSE to just leave adc after realising he was making money off his reactions. I Spend 6 up to 18 hours in ONE update, how the heck do you expect me to feel to work so hard on something when later some asshole came, didn’t ask for my permission and makes so much profit OFF MY ART? Reactions videos are TOO EASY to make.
So yea I will end it once people like you stop defending him. I’m even condemning people who advocate for violence

So yes I am thanking the other asker because they CARE about content creators

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Hi! I have a question because I'm little confused and, if you can't answer it, it's fine but thank you in advance for taking the time to at least look at it. Ok so I've been questioning my gender again recently (I've identified as agender for like 2 years) and I was thinking the other day about agenderflux and agenderfluid (or even just genderfluid) and I was wondering how to tell the difference between feeling masculine/feminine and feeling female/male/other?? 💙💙💙

It’s all a big soupy mess for some of us! YOU are not a mess, mind you. You are a beautiful amazing creation. Gender is messy and hard to talk about.

It’s hard to put words to who we are. It’s hard to wrap most of us up into a single word. Words are for conceptualizing things. Words are for compartmentalising things, and we humans are sooooo hard to fit into compartments. I would try different words on and see how they feel. I wouldn’t worry so much about telling the difference between categories or differentiating which is which or what is what. I would just run around being your free self. Concentrate on enjoying your life and the rest of what you need to know will become clear before too long💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

I don’t know what to say about all these pictures of Sans with a glowing penis…… Why. just Why. xD
everytime I see a pic like this, I just can’t take it seriously.
to me, if he really had this “thing”, he would only make stupid things with it like… idk, being a lamp. yeah.
and then he would probably make an epilepsy because of it xD
but Hey, I’m not juging. do whatever you like. (even if drawing a skeleton with a glowing penis is a liiiittle weird. Just a little.)

I’m sorry the quality is terrible… I draw with my 3ds (and as you can see, the quality is bad) and I make the animation with my phone so… I don’t use very professional stuff xD but you get the idea-