i'm not even a fan of benedict's

A little update!

I’ll be in London from Monday till Friday, so I won’t be on Tumblr as much as usual (if even at all), and I’m not sure how much fan art I will have time to draw either, cause we have a lot of things planned (e.g I bought tickets for me and my mom to see “Hamlet” with Benedict Cumberbatch, which I’ve been waiting to see for a little over a year, and I’m SO FREAKING EXCITED!! ;D)

Would you guys be interest in some London inspired fan art of Mark? Oh, and btw, I really don’t want to be all “me, me, me”, but if you would like to support me a little while I’m gone, you could reblog some of my recent/old fan art or maybe send me an ask telling me what you like most about my stuff, or even what you dont like. It would be awesome to come back to an inbox booming with inspiration, haha! ;D

It’s always such a joy to draw fan art for you guys, but it’s also nice to have a little break, and go on an adventure! See you all again very soon!!