i'm not even a fan of benedict's

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I'm just curious-why don't you like Benedict Cumberbatch?

Oh so many reasons.

First let me say that I was never a fan.  I think he’s overrated.  I did like Sherlock in the beginning, but season three made me massively angry.  But the more I hear about him the more I don’t like him, and don’t want to watch anything with him in it because I don’t even want to see him.  

He supports whitewashing.  At least twice (Khan and Dr Strange) he’s accepted roles that are supposed to be POCs and argued about why it’s okay.  He’s not hurting for money.  He has a position of power and could say ‘no’ and make it clear that it’s important to make sure a POC gets the role but he doesn’t care.

His portrayal of a trans character is just as bad.  

He makes gross comments about how many women he’s slept with.

He’s classist and condescending to people growing up without the privileges he’s had.

His comments about autism are insulting, as are his comments about people being ‘lazy’ when speculating about Sherlock or Alan Turing being autistic (yet he can talk about Frankenstein’s monster being autistic, and autism being ‘man child, the mental capacity of an 18 month old.)

He shows disdain for fandom/his fans.

I want to be able to play trailer-bound fatties in a Judd Apatow comedy

In America I could play everything from trailer-trash to Harvard-educated

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Why do you hate Benedict Cumberbatch and Jennifer Lawrence? I mean, I get not liking them or thinking they're overrated, but calling them pieces of trash is a pretty harsh thing so I was wondering if I missed out on something (although tbh I already know a few things Jennifer Lawrence has done that has made me judge her so hard). Feel free to answer this privately! I'm just curious haha.

Oh man Jennifer Lawrence’s sheet of flaws is so long i can use that as a red carpet but Benedict Cumberbatch has a special spot in my heart for disdain. Please keep in mind I don’t mind at all that his fans love him as much as they do, i too like problematic celebrities as well (like Sean Bean, he’s a violent douche who probably beats his wife and i wont defend him even if i like his acting).

The reason why I dislike everyone’s Cumberbatch is because he’s extremely classist. and not just like “Wow i’m rich, dont touch me peasant” classist but it really dances on borderline racist at times. 

-”I’m a Prince of Wales Trust ambassador, so I’m all about giving youth an education, a voice and a chance to not take the wrong road. But those eejits saying they’re doing it for socio-political reasons? Fuck off, no you’re not, you’re on a jolly and you’re getting away with it. It makes me want to belt them, make them lame for a bit so they’re dependent on other people’s mercy… It’s very hard for me to talk about it, because I came from an incredibly privileged bubble so the minute I open my mouth I can sense the comeback of, ‘What the fuck do you know?’ And that’s fair. But my sympathy is with the people who do know what they’re talking about, who have been brought up on estates and live morally decent, contributing lives and who have seen opportunists destroying all their work.

which basically means. “How dare those poor people complain and riot, they dont have a good reason to! And I know i have no place to criticize them because i’m rich but i’m criticizing them because i’m rich. And oh the poor rich people who never heavy handedly oppressed them, what about their feelings?” despite the fact that the working class in the UK pay taxes too??? And are hardworking and productive? And that last i checked those “good” rich people are still comfortably safe in their estates?

He also. Complains. Alot. about how. People keep putting him in Posh roles. When that’s what he is. and if he really didn’t like it. Maybe he can give it to someone else who does and may not have had that oppurtunity?

He also idealized the Victorian era NOT because of its art, literature, romanticism and aesthetic. But because: “Everyone was held in their place, but what was honourable about it was that there was a duty of care from the top down”

Of all the things to love about that Era, Why THAT???? Of All things??? Why???

I also did not approve of the fact that he felt like portraying a “kind slave-owner” was his contribution to the people his family subjugated and enslaved in their history? He still got paid alot for that role (it felt like he used his pity/shame to get this job or that he was entitled to that role?) Like I’m not quite sure what the whole point of that was unless he donated what he earned from that role to some charity organization like Kim Yu Na did? Or to the descendents of the slaves that were on his family’s plantation? 

I also didnt like how he kinda didn’t approve Johnny Lee Miller (elementary’s sherlock) to play the role of Sherlock. A mix of Moffat and Cumberbatch and Freeman pride, they think they own Doyle’s character all of a sudden? He told the guy:  “I did say [to Jonny], ‘Well, I’d prefer you didn’t do it but you’ve got a kid to feed, a nice house in LA and a wife to keep in good clothes.’ When you get used to a certain standard of living and they waft a paycheck at you, what are you going to do?” I also find it kinda insulting cuz Miller does a FANTASTIC JOB and tbh, Miller’s Career wasnt as steady as his, but this came off so backhanded i cringed when i heard it. A guy obscenely rich and born into wealth like Cumberbatch shouldn’t be saying that to Miller who does need the job and who’s acting skills Cumberbatch even PERFORMED with knows is great! Miller was even nice enough to ask cumberbatch for his opinion, you’d think a friend would be like “Yeah it sucks we’re rivals but this great!” But no he says “Well they’re paying you so your doing it for the money right? 

And then there’s the whole role with Kahn from Star trek which i’m like. *facepalm* about. White washing is nothing new, but really he and Jennifer lawrence pretty much excuse it. Which I guess i cant blame them TOO much because white privelage is something they benefit from and this is a career (even tho money is no problem for them now). But I’d wish they’d atleast call out on it. Because POC get really NO roles open to it, and the fact that these two who Tumblr and young people all over idolize think its okay makes me wanna gag when my heroes Lucy Liu, John Cho, and George Takei actively put their careers on the line to call this crap out.

He’s a talented actor, but tbh isn’t that to be expected from a guy who had the best schooling available and incredibly affluential parents? yes he works hard I’m sure but that leg up, you’d think he’d learn a lil humility or grace towards those who don’t have that level of privelage?

Oh wow this was long. Sorry! ;A; remember people can love problematic people. But he and jlaw really rubs me the wrong way.

Dean's "I'm done" face master post

“I don’t ship Destiel”

“I didn’t even like Meg”

“I was watching Supernatural yesterday! It was that episode where Sam and Dean were on a hunting trip”

“Rob Benedict, Osric Chau, Richard Speight Jr. & Matt Cohen shouldn’t even be at conventions”

“I forgot the pie”

“Cut your hair Jared”

“I don’t like Misha Collins”

are people starting to compare us who love benedict cumberbatch to people who love justin bieber? like, seriously? if benedict ever started spitting at his fans, DROVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE ETC., WELL, ANYTHING THAT MADE HIM A BAD ROLE MODEL, i would definitely stop supporting him even how much i still love his work, and that’s what today’s fans of justin bieber DON’T DO.

there is a HUGE difference in both the fanbases AND the actual person we look up to, well, at least from my point of view.

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I'm becoming less and less a fan of Benedict's by the day. I could care less what the article says, why even agree to do that photo shoot? The pictures alone are just going to piss people off.

Darling, I totally understand if you felt offended by the article, yeah. I guess many fans must have even felt betrayed by him. I was confused at first too(by the ‘girls chasing Benedict’ pic). The article and the photoshoot can make readers think all the Cumberbatch fans crazy and insane.

Frankly speaking, though, after reading the whole article I now think Benedict said nothing offensive or confusing about his fans. He still seems to find fans’ reactions amusing and is obviously enjoying them. He said he even flirts with the internet memes. (Do I remember right? I hope so) And his quotes are alright, rather cute. I believe he must have thought the concept of the photoshoot was funny. There’s no way he knew beforehand how the whole article would be written.

I just think it would be better if the writer wasn’t so obsessed with describing how some fans react horribly to Benedict. It’s just a part of this fandom and EVERY fandom has the more frantic side, not just Cumber-fandom, and we all know how we were happy and excited for Benedict when we heard about his engagement. I guess the writer probably rather thinks the fame and success of Benedict Cumberbatch is still sudden and unbelievable to the world ‘cause he spent so many years struggling as a not-so-famous actor.

And I really hope the media stop trying to rub ‘how his fans are insane’ into his face. Stop reading fan fics or showing fan arts to him. The Sherlock fandom is famous for its insanity, but the insanity is mostly hilarious and fun and make us endure the long hiatus. It’s not something gross and laughable.

Sorry for my long rambling answer. And sorry again if it’s difficult to understand my awkward English. I’m hiding at work and doing this hahaha….

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Hello, do you happen to know why will there be no q&a recording? could we perhaps ask them so so much to release it? I mean even BAFTAs released Benedict's full speech after many fans asked them about it! :) And if it is totally hopeless could you please make some post about q&a with some interesting or cute details. I know you've been live tweeting but tweets are too short :) it would be so great. So sorry if I'm being insolent and asking too much. Thank you for everything you do for us..

I’ve posted a full transcript http://www.benedictcumberbatch.co.uk/interviews/benedict-cumberbatch-qa-starfury-events/

No video can be released for contractual reasons apparently

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does benedict cumberbatch always wear the same clothes to fan stuff. because during the 2 australia panels and when he went to japan I'm almost positive he wore the same thing. am I wrong?

100% true. Benedict is in fact allergic to any shirt that is not chambray. 

He has a couple of those blue shirts, take a closer look at the buttons. :)

i know i don’t usually blog about mr. cumberbatch, but i’d just like to point out the obvious and say you can be a fan of his and not be attracted to him. even if you are attracted to him, don’t let that article make you feel bad it was just complete sexist trash. never stop you writing/blogging/drawing/tweeting about what you love

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god, he's so pro gay community that I'm afraid he's getting out of the closet any minute... not as if that would change anything, actually haha

Well, you don’t need to be gay to be pro gay community. Because it’s not “being pro gay community”, it’s being pro human rights. Seeing Benedict talking so passionately about it makes me even prouder to be his fan, which, sadly, it shouldn’t. It’s really sad that seeing somebody respect people makes us happy and proud, it shouldn’t be like this. Respecting each other should be something as easy and important as breathing.

My Summary of the Elementary Con Today

• Got my picture taken with Ben. Honestly, he was SO lovely!! I managed to say “hey” to him, asked him how he was (he was fine, if you were wondering) & he told me he hoped I have a nice weekend. I told him I’d see him again later while he was signing stuff. We weren’t allowed to hug him but he did put his arm around me and y’know what? I’m counting it!!

• Saw Jonathan (Anderson) walk past me I when I was sitting outside the main hall doors waiting on my photo with Ben coming out. I was dying to yell “One of us! One of us!!” at him! Got to see the last couple of minutes of his Q&A after I saw Ben again and he got asked about the whole Sherlock/Anderson shipping!

• Unfortunately, I couldn’t hand the fanbook I’d made to Ben personally because of the amount of people there but I did put it on the table next to where he was. I got my picture with him signed and the Father got the Sherlock series one DVD signed (he said “Hello” to Ben after I forbid him to lol) I did tell Ben just before I was rushed away about the fanbook and he thanked me for it.

• Just before I went into the last few minutes of Jonathan’s Q&A, Lars passed us! I was thinking “Please don’t blackmail me, CAM!!!” :P Before Ben’s Q&A started, Lars got given some apples and started juggling them - highly amusing!

• Also saw a little glimpse of Louise, who was signing at another table across the room from where Ben was. She’s tiny! Awww.

• Ben’s Q&A… OMFG. I honestly love this man more than words can say! He’s exactly how he is in interviews on tv and everything. Absolutely amazing. I sat there in awe of him. He mentioned that there’s something else he’s working on but he was being such a little torment about it! (Dammit!!!) Ben also got given a “Cumbercookie” by a fan but sadly couldn’t eat it as he said he’s on a diet, so he handed it out around everybody in the front row - and some sweets he got given too! Legend.

• Before Ben’s Q&A we got told that he was just about to walk into the main hall after doing his autograph session and he’d just seen all the fan gifts he got given - we got told that he thanked us for them all and making today awesome for him. (You’re welcome, Benny!!)

• Everybody came out again at the end of Ben’s Q&A. Arwel, Patrick, Lars, Louise and Ben (where the hell did Jonathan go I wonder?)

• Even though it seemed like Ben (poor baby!) was a bit tired today, he was an absolute trooper! He’d been in the same room from 9:30 this morning to 5 this afternoon taking pics and signing for us all. (I personally felt a bit bad for him during the auto session, being behind that table for 4 hours possibly without a break) Bless him!

• Unlike other “big names”, I bet they wouldn’t have given up their entire Sunday to spend it seeing their fans - but Ben did and that’s one of the many, MANY reasons why I love him so so so much. He adores the fans! Absolute legend.

• Finally, I’ve got to say that… Yes. All the rumours are TRUE!! Ben is absolutely lovely, even more gorgeous in the flesh and he smells fucking amazing.

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Literally just read that the name for Benedict's fans should be "Ben-addicts". The most awesome fandom name ever lol.

This is really a nice name! I honestly think it’s better than all the cumbersomething ones, even if I really don’t care about this thing.