i'm not even half way in yet

Just saying, Norman liking all these Caryl pictures, and talking about Daryl “getting over that wall” and finding love in his interviews, and saying that he adores Melissa… all reminds me of the way Andy was acting during 6a. Before Richonne went canon. He was being super obvious and transparent about it and he even went as far as saying, “you’ll see a much happier Rick Grimes in the second half of season six”. NR’s not being quite that obvious (yet) but he is - not to sound too TD-ish here – kinda, sorta supporting Caryl by liking/reposting all these edits. And it just seems reminiscent of how excited AL was before Richonne happened.



I have a lot of mix feelings about this comic and I’m not even half way through with it yet! 

First off is the fact that Riddler’s using brute force to stop the Flash when he knows Flash’s powers include faster healing. Honestly, I don’t like the idea of Riddler in a fist battle. It doesn’t seem like his style at all. At the same time, we’ve seen in many other comics that he holds a lot of pent up aggression for the world and the people in it and maybe this is his way to let loose.

I will say that the dialogue is spot on, even if his riddles are used more as add ons than intertwine in his speech. I love how he tells Flash to accept his compliment as he beats the crap out of him. And that it shows that he takes great pride in his line of work. Only going after those who provide him with a challenge.

Gosh I have so many more things I want to say, like how we now know where he makes his money if he’s not robbing banks. But that’s for another time~


So different and yet so alike. Two sides of the same coin.

  • half the Malec fandom: but why do they have to get into all that drama .5 seconds after they first kissed???!!! they haven't even had their first date yet!!!
  • me: yeah, because not dealing with the issue until they had been in a committed relationship for months ended so well