i'm not drooling.... so not drooling

I feel like, with Magnus being the dork he is and that crazy hair of his, he definitely gets it in his mouth sometimes. And, like, at one point, he just wipes it without looking and someone Alex points out “you got drool in your hair,” like the new “you drool in your sleep”


“I wanted to have something to express that’s unique and is worth being paid attention to, and I knew that if I was given the opportunity, I could add something. With the music thing, at a certain point, I thought, I don’t know if there’s anything I can add. I was playing genres, and I could make songs that are in these genres. But with acting, I continue to feel like maybe there is something, and I’m still searching for it. And there’s also the opposite of that — you also have to acknowledge the chance you don’t have it. And that’s a real fear. That’s one of the things that keeps the engine going. What else is there? Do you have more?" 

Oscar Isaac on why he ended up favoring acting over music.


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Who else remember this gem? *fans self* Wow.

I hate practically falling in love with anyone who’s really good at their instrument

SAMUEL DRAKE, Nathan Drake’s older and hot brother  ♡

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I went to Japan Expo friday, and got to commission the awesome Cartoonzy !! (tumblr : @cartoonsinthemorning. check it out !!)

It was my first time asking for a commission, and I could not be happier ! :D

also @chyww look at this. look at how beautiful this is and try telling me billford isn’t real. (yes i’m in too deep)