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Hinata attempts to give her Uchiha Sweetheart a sweet surprise. Sasuke is very, very bad at those.

Hinata was seeing another man.

Sasuke, who had come to the realization a few hours ago (she’d been asleep beside him, in their futon. She’d looked so beautiful), began preparing their first shared meal of the day with a quiet devestation. She’d been sneaking around lately, brushing aside telling him where she’d gone and what she’d been doing. Men’s items had shown up, albeit breifly- a bottle of colonge (neither of her team mate’s wore that), a formal men’s tie (a pattern and colour her father would never wear).

Of course she bought gifts for him. Hinata was a wonderful woman; sweet, and kind, and loving. God, had the world always been so bleak? No matter where he looked, from the sun streaming through their kitchen window, from her preparing the tea beside him; it was like there was a mist of grey over everything. Nothing cheery to his eyes. Nothing bright.

Hinata turned to him, and Sasuke wondered if this was it; if this was how it ended; in the morning, before breakfast.

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EQ: It’s rather boring most days, especially now that I just work on one floor. I go around in a circle a few times at random times at night after quiet hours. Making sure ponies are respecting others sleeping and the like.

If there are any arguments, noise complaints or upcoming events I’ll go to specific ponies rooms to settle things or pass along news. 

This is my response to the prompt of ‘gifts’. It took me 65 minutes, and I was able to get it to 1471 words~

I felt the need to write something Zen x MC, so here it is~

You had been dating Zen for almost year by this point, and every day it felt like a brand new experience, just like those first few days you’d spent with one another… But with your anniversary approaching, Zen had wanted to make that one day different and unique.

Except… What would he do, to make your one year anniversary even more perfect than the rest of your time together?

He went and asked everyone in the RFA what they thought he should do.

Jaehee had suggested getting you tickets to one of his shows, but… he did that anyway. The best seats too! Front row, right near where he did most of his performances, just so that he could smile at you whenever he was on stage!

Jumin had suggested taking you out to some sort of expensive restaurant. The thing is… It was far out of both yours and Zen’s combined budgets, and he didn’t like the fact that Jumin had offered to pay, because that would make it a gift from Jumin, not from himself.

Yoosung, sweet little Yoosung, started gushing about how Zen could take you out to a café somewhere, and then you could go on a romantic moon-lit stroll, but… Well, the two of you knew first-hand that Zen’s fans were relentless when they realised that Zen was out in public. He couldn’t risk ruining the anniversary because of his fans…

Seven just went on about his typical nonsense about space stations and Honey Buddha Chips… But honestly, who would go to that guy for relationship advice?

It was thankfully V who was able to give Zen the best idea… In Zen’s words, “V has saved his life yet again!” The photographer had said that he should get you something which would make the night memorable, and make sure that he gave it to you in a place of significance to the two of you. He then said that maybe he could get you something to show your love for each other, and maybe have it be a keepsake of sorts which you could always have with you for the rest of your life.

It was that which made the idea finally come to Zen’s head…

He was going to get you the best gift you had ever got in your life (besides him, of course).

The day of your anniversary was quick to arrive, and Zen had woke up early – 4am for that matter – so that he could make sure that your morning was perfect. His main gift was being given to you tonight, on the roof of the very building that the two of you lived in because of that being where the two of you had quite the emotional confession to one another. It wasn’t a love confession that day (because after all, that came a few days later after Zen had saved you from the hacker), but rather a confession about how nice the first day of actually meeting each other was. That day… meant a lot to Zen.

That was the day that he truly knew that he was in love with you.

First things first though… Zen needed to get back to his preparations. It was vital that he never found your most important gift, so that went securely into his pocket and was not to leave until that night.

His first minor gift was breakfast in bed, so he decided to make you your favourite breakfast once the time reached 6:30. He had to make sure that his meal was absolutely perfect, so he took his time and paid attention to every little detail of the meal. Even down to the plating, he had to make sure that it was perfect for his princess.

Before he took it in to you though, he went and took a photo of the food… He wanted to remember this day too, so that if it went really well… He’d be able to take inspiration for years to come.

Also, he went and grabbed hold of a bag which he had been able to keep hidden from you for a good few days now… He’d bought you some new clothes which he knew that you had been admiring recently, but claimed that you “weren’t earning enough with your current job to afford them”. He had secretly been saving money so that he could splash out on you on an occasion such as this… These clothes also felt really comfortable, so he was excited to see the look on your face when he gave them to you.

Seeing you happier than normal was worth missing a day of rehearsals… Even though his current director was completely aware of it being your anniversary today, and had given him the day off… He liked to think that he was being big and rebellious doing this sort of thing, just to build up his excitement.

So, he went into the bedroom and smiled at your sleeping form. You were so… Beautiful… And what’s more, you were his… His princess, his maiden, his one true love…

“Hey, babe… It’s time you woke up…” He sat down beside you on the bed as you began to stir, and placed the tray of food on the bedside table. For a few moments, you yawned and stretched, before sitting up and rubbing your eyes. “Good morning, princess…” He pressed a kiss to your cheek, before he went and gave you the food which he had prepared. “Happy anniversary~”

“Anni… Anniver- what now?! Anniversary?!” Your eyes were wide in surprise, and then you looked between him and the food. “Today’s our anniversary?!”

Zen grinned, and wrapped his arms around your shoulders. “Well, tomorrow is the one year anniversary for the day which the RFA hosted its party with you as the planner and organiser, and if you remember, we confessed our love after I saved you from the bomb and the hacker…” He then pressed a kiss to your lips, and laughed quietly. “Love you, babe…”

You then found yourself blushing, before leaning forward and pressing a kiss to your boyfriend’s cheek. “Zen… I’m so sorry that I forgot… I would have got you something otherwise!”

“That doesn’t matter… Your happiness is the perfect gift…” And so would be the ideal reaction to his final gift…

Once you had ate (and both you and Zen had resisted ‘the beast’ coming out the whole time because apparently you looked adorable and sexy as you ate the meal) Zen then stopped you from getting out of bed, and retrieved the bag of clothes which he had bought for you.

“Surprise, babe~” He sang, before he stood up and stretched his arms. “I’ll be waiting in the lounge for you, so that we can watch some films and maybe some of my musicals together… By the way, you need to make sure that you’re wearing some of what’s in that bag this evening.”

Once Zen had left the room, you reached into the bag, and you felt your cheeks warming up and a smile forming on your face as you pulled out what was in it. “Zen… You’re so sweet…” You held the clothes close to your chest, and laughed quietly. “I can’t believe how lovely this is… I’m definitely going to have to make up for this.

That evening, to say that Zen was jumpy was an understatement. He had turned off the film which the two of you were watching once the credits began to roll, before he led you out onto the roof of the building. He then took hold of your hands, and smiled at you. Even though he was a brilliant actor, he was finding it difficult to hide his anxiety – it was clearly obvious to you, after all…

Soon enough, Zen gazed at the sky and sighed. “The skies are clear, just like the first time that I took you up here…”

You nodded, and leaned your head on his shoulder. “Yep… At least you’re not using crutches this time, Hyun…” A bright blush formed on Zen’s face at the use of his actual name, and he began to stutter. You began giggling at that reaction, before pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“B- Baaaaabe, don’t do this to me, not before I can give you your final gift!” He was highly flustered as he then reached into his pocket and took a deep breath. “Hey… Are you ready for this?” He then took hold of one of your hands, and waited for you to nod.

Once he got the response he wanted, he showed you what he was holding on to. Your eyes widened, before looking between the item and Zen. “A- A ring?!”

“Yeah… It’s a ring. A- Actually… an engagement ring. Babe… Will you marry me?”

Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 11)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+ Recommended you’ve played at least one of Zen’s, Yoosung’s, or Seven’s routes.

Ping. Behind you on the bed, your phone lights up with a new notification. Dammit. You can’t read it from here, but you know it’s about 1:30 in the morning. The notification will be from Yoosung, spouting nonsense again about how he, Jaehee, and Zen are robots programmed and brainwashed by Seven and V. So this is it, then. All your efforts to remain friendly but emotionally distant with Zen are ultimately worthless. You knew it as soon as the 12:30am chatroom hadn’t shown up as it did when you spoke to Zen and reached the eleventh day, but had still held out some small hope that maybe you were wrong…

Unknown will be at your door in a few hours, then. Time to get ready for the reset. This Arabic workbook you’ve been studying from isn’t that great; you should get a different one next time. There’s no need to buy the TOEIC practice books over again… but you should probably get that English-to-Arabic dictionary again on the next loop. It’s been helping you keep up with your English while you study Arabic.

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my major at uni is multimedia so one of the things we’re learning is how to produce a movie and i keep thinking about Park Do Kyung from Another Miss Oh

one day, we had to learn how to record sounds and then, a few days after, i rewatched a random episode and i saw him with his recording stuff:

it reminded me so much of what we’ve done. this is nothing but it felt special to me, since that drama means a lot for me 

also, today, a professional came to talk about production and said that sound effects engineer was “a beautiful job”. i feel so happy that this drama succeeded in showing us how right she is. sounds and silence were a huge part of the story and i loved how beautiful that job was portrayed 

Vincent wasn’t one to consume his own stash, quite frankly he avoided the use of any drug in his system. Addiction terrified him, he knew if it became a habit, well, there’s no knowing what he would do. Today was one of the few days he would make the exception. Call it a reckless impulse, an erratic self inflicted indulgence, he just needed to forget, to numb the pain from yet another cracked rib that made him wince with every inhale that filled his lungs. Of course, it was no pain killer, but it distracted him, and gave him the euphoria he craved so desperately; ironically numb, and free. 

He sat in a graffiti painted toilet cubicle in some run down club, chopping away with a blade of a razor into a fine line before he rolled up a note. With his left hand covering the left nostril he took a heavy inhale through the right. A sharp pain rushed through his nose, his brain immediately feeling light. He sniffed a couple times more to stop the running. A dizziness washed over him but soon passed, in replacement a great surge of energy accelerated every nerve which made his head roll back against the solid wall behind him; a smile curved on his lips and a sigh was given in relief. What he enjoyed the most was the way adrenaline started to pump from his heart throughout every vein in his body, he could feel his own heart leaping in a dance that quickened in pace every second.

He staggered out of the cubicle and out of the door way, his hand wiping his nose before he found a spot unoccupied by anyone else. The sudden feeling of invincibility and power washed over him as he sat, observing everyone else get pissed out of their skulls like some slow motion movie. There was something calming about watching them move. There was one that stood out above them all, he wasn’t sure why - but he seemed fixated on every movement that person made. Until they noticed him. He hoped the other did not recognise his face from somewhere, and they would turn their gaze back to the one that occupied them. Unfortunately, they must have did - because the person started to walk straight toward his direction. In his self-absorbed condition he failed to understand the person could also have just wanted him to stop staring at them. 

Taking a deep breath in through his nose he added slowly. “Look, if you’re here for the good shit, I’m all out,” he lied, “So how about you go piss off some other dealer.” 


You have seen the last of me

I may do another edit using this song it fits Anthy really well I think?

Just a few days before it all ends. One more year of safety, one last year at the top of the pyramid. It seems so far away, but soon enough I’ll be walking across that stage and leaving so many friends that I may never see again and that truly is terrifying. I feel like there are people I did not get enough time with. I would do anything for a few more minutes with them; anything for another laugh with all of us together. But they grow, and I will grow as well and we may grow apart. Nobody said growing up was easy. But until now, I didn’t know quite how difficult it would really be.
—  senior year (via fraagmented)
School/Summer Problems

Beginning of school year: its another brand new start and everything this year is going to be amazing!!!

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The first day of summer vacation: Yes, finally I can relax and do whatever I want!!!

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A few days later…    I’m bored. i have nobody to talk to and nothing to do. I’m ready for school so I can see all my friends again!!!

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💕 📖 (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

💕 Tumblr friends

@lunarian-sim I literally talk every day to her, about sims, nonsims, everything. Our conversations usually exist of rambles about what we want to do with out stories. ^^ Other than her you can say there are a few simblrs I talk a lot with through comments, but rarely messages! (But.. I don’t bite, Airi is my proof, you can safely message me.)

And I recently made a follow forever and I consider mutuals as tumblr friends!

Thank you alllll lovelies for asking, this was the last one!

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It's so cool to see you meet up with all these awesome people, I hope you're having loads of fun travelling!!💕 What places do you still want to visit? :)

aaah it’s definitely so cool meeting everyone 💗💗💗thank you so much i’m definitely having an awesome time ah i don’t want it to end!! i wanna try to head up to edinburg in a few days maybe but sadly i’m going home this week so i’ll have to come back to europe another time to see everything else i’d like to see ✨💖


because there were a few last minute dropouts i was offered the chance to do another card for the @kyluxtarot project. this time it’s the page of pentacles.

i struggled quite a bit while trying to come up with a concept for the card but i finally settled on young academy!hux studying plans of the death star in the hopes that one day he’ll be given the chance to build something even greater. (and deadlier.)

(sometimes dreams will come true.)

upright meanings of the card are: manifestation of dreams, motivation to achieve a goal, careful planning and a pragmatic approach, financial opportunity, strong sense of responsibility.

reversed meanings of the card are: lack of progress and planning, short-term focus, inaction, laziness and complacency, full of own importance.


jon snow + favourite book moments ≣ 1/?

He thought Ygritte might try to run, but she only stood there, waiting, looking at him. “You never killed a woman before, did you?” When he shook his head, she said, “We die the same as men. But you don’t need to do it. Mance would take you, I know he would. There’s secret ways. Them crows would never catch us.”
“I’m as much a crow as they are,” Jon said.
She nodded, resigned. “Will you burn me, after?”
“I can’t. The smoke might be seen.”
“That’s so.” She shrugged. “Well, there’s worse places to end up than the belly of a shadowcat.”
He pulled Longclaw over a shoulder. “Aren’t you afraid?”
“Last night I was,” she admitted. “But now the sun’s up.

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Napoleon literally brought back slavery, how gross do you have to be not to see that as a sign of evil?

Oh my god… I should have known better than try and argue for contextualisation of history on Tumblr of all places. Of course people on here don’t understand nuances and how important it is to contextualise history in order to have a good understanding of it.

Who said it was okay to bring back slavery in the colonies? Nobody. And certainly not me. It is actually something I brought up in another post I made about him a few days back as a questionable policy of his; you can look up in my “Napoleon Bonaparte” tag and you will find it easily.

That being said, what people like you fail to understand is that CONTEXT MATTERS and so does historical context. If you fail to properly contextualise history then your understanding of it will always be false. Slavery is something that has existed in one form or another (what was serfdom if not slavery in disguise?) in every human civilization and nobody argues that it was okay - and certainly not me. It’s something we all carry and must remember in order to not repeat the mistakes of the past. What is argued however is that value dissonance is a thing and this is why you cannot hold people who were alive in the XVIIIth century to the standard and values we have gained and know are right today. You simply can’t look at history through XXIst century lenses or you will never properly understand it nor learn the lessons out of it that need to be learned and remembered, you will only be sitting in a position of false superiority instead.

When Revolutionary France abolished slavery in 1794 I don’t think you quite understand how radical and indeed revolutionary that was. Plenty of policies and beliefs that were held by revolutionary France where virtually unheard of, why do you think the monarchies surrounding it where so threatened by it? Equal rights for all? Abolition of privileges? All those things were threatening the status quo and had to be crushed in order for them to retain the power they didn’t want to give up. The point is, none of the absolute monarchies (or oligarchy in the case of Britain) who were surrounding France were any better. They didn’t KNOW better. Britain (touted as the “good guys” by those who want to paint a manichean picture of the era) only abolished slavery in the entirety the Empire in 1833. Over 15 years after Napoleon was exiled to St Helena.

Nobody is saying that all of Napoleon’s policies were good. What is argued is that by the standard of the times he lived in and ruled in, a lot of those policies he made (freeing the jews when they were confined in ghettos everywhere else, writing the civil code, promoting a meritocracy) were stepping stones toward pogress and enlightenment which eventually led us to where we are. People didn’t wake up one day and realise that slavery was bad or that women were equal, people and history are more complicated than that. It is an ever evolving march instead. Nobody argue it was good, we just argue that it should be contextualised.

You speak of a sign of “evil” as if history was a Holywood movie with easily identifiable bad guys and good guys, but you can’t. Real life isn’t a movie, and just because those events took place centuries before any of us were born doesn’t make it any less real. I do not argue that Napoleon was a hero, I argue that he was a leader of his time who should and need to be judged according to the values of his time and according to those he was far more enlightened than the large majority of the monarch that surrounded him.

So next time you want to call me gross, maybe you should look up the subject you are talking about in more depth than a few posts you have seen on tumblr and randomly decided to get offended at without bothering to try and gain any sort of true understanding of it first.

Levi Week | Day 5: Winter

These days are dark and the nights are cold
People acting like they lost their soul
And everywhere I go I see another person like me
Trying to make it all feel like home

Another night another section of epoxy. I realize it’s going to take -at least- a week to do this mod. Given cure time and a full time job, I can only do a section a day… and it’s proving a little more tedious than I’d hopped. Rather than a whole tine in one go I’m having to build a base and get s few shapes in… let that cure then continue with the length and curving. But I’m already pretty impressed, if I do say so myself. Like I said, Roke’s structure just lends itself perfectly to the crown.
I’ve picked out some new hands for him. Not going full Nosgothic on him… so he gets to keep all his fingers and toes… but I do want my boy to sport some claws. So I’ll be ordering him a set of Iplehouse EID fantasy hands… now the question is just what skin tone would be the best match?

I’ve reached another followers goal once again. As a token of appreciation I finally make follow forever after few months not doing so, taking this chance I want to thank everyone for making my dash beautiful. I have deep admiration on each and single of everyone of you; thank you for everything once again. Continue making my days beautiful and inspired everyone; I love you guys.
This name is not on alphabetic orders. Too much trouble.

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Once again, thank you everyone for making my dash a wonderful place fill with beautiful graphics and posts. Almost everyone list here are my blogroll, I hope I don’t forget anyone.