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Hi! Can you share with us a list of your most favorite DM/HP fics? They can be any genre, length or type. Thank you and I hope you have a lovely day :)

Choosing these was so incredibly difficult!!! But also incredibly fun. I love every single one of these fics with all of my heart, so I’m going to refrain from commenting on the recs this time because I think that much flailing might actually break me (plus, it would just be me saying I WOULD DIE FOR THIS FIC over and over again. I don’t want to bore you guys). Just be aware that I 100% insist you read ALL OF THESE. I tried to hit various genres, lengths, and tropes :)

They are in no particular order, and PLEASE for the love of God do not ask me to put them in one. 

Top 25 Favorite Drarry Fics

Tales From the Special Branch Series by @femmequixotic (630K so far)- 
When Gawain Robards asks him to form Special Branch seven-four-alpha, Harry Potter knows they’ll have to work outside the confines of the law–even though they are the law. 

What We Pretend We Can’t See by gyzym (131K)- Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought.

Turn by Saras_Girl (306.5K)- One good turn always deserves another. Apparently.

Mental by sara_holmes (186.5K)- Harry has had quite enough of sharing his mind with someone else, thankyouverymuch. A miscast Legilimecy spell says otherwise.

Here’s the Pencil, Make It Work by ignatiustrout (49.5K)- Harry thinks “Why is Malfoy working in a coffee shop in muggle London?” is a much simpler question than, “Are you going to accept that auror offer and, if you don’t, what will you do?”

The Miseducation of Draco Malfoy by @magpiefngrl (37.5K)- Zacharias Smith writes a tell-all about the D.A. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are not happy about it.

Strange Bathfellows by @bixgirl1 (27.5K)- It started with a bath. Or a potions accident. Or maybe it started before that, but who can tell anymore. Featuring: Uncomfortable wanking, more comfortable wanking, mutual wanking, bath sharing, inappropriate betting, secret shagging, those secrets at Hogwarts that everyone knows, and oblivious Harry who knows one thing: he’s falling in love.

Ligabus Filium by @tessacrowley (43K)- It should be careful, deliberate, but it isn’t. Like every other part of their relationship, it happens gradually and then all at once, before they even realize it. And when the little blue threads bind them together, there’s no going back. BDSM.

Secrets by Vorabiza (395.5K)- Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side. 

All Our Secrets Laid Bare by @firethesound (149.5K)- Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.

Right Hand Red by @lqtraintracks (73K)- Harry felt Malfoy’s breath on his lips as they came together over the bottle, hands firmly planted on the floor as though they each needed their familiar soil, refusing to cross into enemy territory. Except that Malfoy no longer felt like his enemy. Malfoy felt inevitable.

How to Handle an Enemy by who_la_hoop (7.5K)- Everyone knows that it’s no fun playing truth or dare with a Slytherin. But add a little Veritaserum, a scheming duo of Slytherin girls and surprising things can be revealed. Particularly about the fine line between love and hate…

Any Instrument by @dictacontrion (131K)- Draco Malfoy wouldn’t go back to England for anything less than an exceptional case. Being asked to figure out why Harry Potter can’t control his magic might be exceptional enough to qualify.

Headlights in the Snow by Saras_Girl (71.5K)- What’s big and purple and smells like tea? Harry is about to find out.

The Critiquer by dysonrules (24K)- When Harry submits his cock photo to a renowned Cock Critiquer and gets a terrible review, he decides to take a photography class to hopefully improve his skills.

Two Weeks by @shiftylinguini (22K)- If Harry had to guess which out of he or his Auror Partner, and tentative new friend, Draco Malfoy, would turn out to have Veela ancestry, his answer would be: neither, because that is ridiculous. Finding out the answer is actually him, and that his Veela heritage is wreaking havoc on his ability to work, sleep, and above all be in the same room as Malfoy, is a surprise to say the least. But this is fine. Harry’s been through worse, and he can just sit this one out, regardless of how much his body is screaming for the one person he doesn’t want to ask for help. Can’t he?

Group Chat by @jadepresley (1.9K)- A screenshot of a group chat conversation between Draco, Harry, Ron, Pansy, Hermione and Theo. 

Good Company by Greenflares (8K)- With Hermione and Ron always together, Harry’s return to Hogwarts to complete his education isn’t exactly fun. Somehow, it’s his unlikely friendship with Malfoy that keeps him sane.

A Convenient Impracticality by @firethesound (38.5K)- Somehow Harry ends up agreeing to a fake relationship with his ex-nemesis-turned-friendly-acquaintance-with-benefits, except for some reason it involves an awful lot of actual dating and, sadly, not much sex. Confused? Harry is too, but when has anything with Draco Malfoy ever been as straightforward as it seems?

The Heart’s Honest Truth by @bixgirl1 and @carpemermaidtales (16K)- “Don’t you think I would have gone to Pomfrey if I thought she could help me?”
“Then what can I do?”
“I nee—” Malfoy broke off with a soft grunt and a pained expression. He took a shaky breath and tried again, his voice wobbling. “Will you touch me, Potter?”
Draco is cursed to speak in questions. Well…Spelled, thanks to the stupidly improper archival practices of the fourth century. Harry Potter is there to save the day, but Draco isn’t going to give in to his help so easily. Fortunately, the method of saving might be more satisfactory than Draco expected this time.

Rough Magic by birdsofshore (28K)- Malfoy’s magic has run wild. But though wild magic is unpredictable and greatly feared, Harry’s damned if he’s going to let Malfoy rot in St Mungo’s while they work out what to do with him.

Big Dick, Come Quick by Calanthe (Download link!) (204.5K)- Draco’s got a theory. About sex. And after much searching for the right candidate, it appears that only Harry Potter, his life long enemy, can help him test it out.

Waiting by an Open Door by @femmequixotic and @noeeon​ (29.5K)- Draco starts following Potterwatch secretly during the War. He wishes Potter would come save him too. But that sort of thing only happens in fairy tales, and Malfoys don’t get fairy tale endings, do they?

Edible Smudges and Insufferable Potters (and Insufferable Smudges and Edible Potters) by faithwood (2K)- I’m embarrassed to say that the title summarises the fic perfectly. But let me try something else: All Draco wants to do is study. That’s what libraries are for. Study History of Magic, that is. Not Potter.

Running on Air by eleventy7 (75K)- Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.


You asked it as if nothing else mattered to you.

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I'm a girl in 9th grade, and I've had a crush on another girl in 10th grade. We've known each other for 4 years and we've been best friends since day one. Now, she started being home-schooled recently and I really miss her (even if she only lives a few streets away), and I had no clue what her sexuality was until a month ago. She's pan. And she's an absolutely angel. So, a few hours ago, I asked her out after finally building up the courage to do so. She's my girlfriend now, and I'm so happy

this is the purest ask i’ve ever gotten thank you so much for sharing and i hope u two have a long and happy relationsHIP !!!!

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Hi :) I've been following you for like forever. I think your art is amazing and it really gives me lots of inspiration to paint. I always wanted to create my own comic and now finally after years I have some good ideas but tbh I'm a little lost about how should I bring it to another level from just few ideas. Do you have any tips on how to work on your story? And how long it took you from idea to the point you started drawing Carciphona?

Hi! Thank you for writing : D I’m glad you like my art!

Even though I do try to become better, at the end of the day I do everything I do mostly for fun so I don’t have proper knowledge to back it up. Everything I can answer is based on my experience, right or wrong, but I’ll try my best to theorize what I think is the right answer for you.

I started the comic not because I thought I was ready; I just thought it’d be fun to draw the comic and I already had some material (keyword some). In these 12 years of drawing Carciphona, even in the recent years, long after I’ve started the comic, I’ve made some pretty major changes that made the story and plot almost unrecognizable compared to before.

The gist of my advice is just don’t worry about reaching a goal or next level for your story, that’s a really objective way to think about creativity and it usually makes you worry more than be creative.Even if you can’t come up with anything, you needn’t feel lost, just don’t write anything. It’s not always time to write or create. Think over what your world is for now and wait. When you know your story better, you will have more questions that will lead to more ideas for your story, just like how you won’t know you need to learn anatomy until you’ve actually drawn something and then saw the gaping hole in your knowledge about anatomy.

This to me is immersion and I only like writing when I feel immersed in what I am working with. Immersion takes time, so no matter how hard you work, it’s inevitable that you will have to give your story idea months or years to really feel natural for you to work with, and this is probably why you are feeling “lost” now–because you don’t really know your world and character all that well yet to be curious about its unknowns, and you want to move forward but you cannot. It’s likely that instead of patiently waiting for that understanding and then expanding on what you already have, you’d want to make your world more exciting by adding details like more races of people/creatures, more characters, more locations etc. This is a lot easier to do as you can see tons of characters created with little context on a daily basis, but if you force it to become more complex this way just to satisfy your standard, you are most likely going to come up with a story that is unrelatable, irrelevant and not believable (ie. character’s actions feel arbitrary instead of natural, the world consists of races and groups of characters that have no relation with each other or with the world from which they came).

I enjoy the slower method of waiting to feel immersed with my characters and world over time, and then being able to naturally continue the story by asking myself questions with that unconscious understanding of how the world and the characters are like. I think it’s important to think of your story in an inquisitive manner rather than authoritative manner. Rather than tell your world/your characters what they are, ask your characters/your world, why it is the way it is. What is the reason for certain cities to be so much more guarded or prosperous compared to others? what do they have that others don’t? Why do the characters feel so willing to travel instead of staying home? What does that say about the climate of society and civilian life, and maybe the lack of attachment they feel towards home and loved ones? who are these loved ones and what are their lives like, even if they will never appear in the story? Asking questions in this manner makes you explore the background which grounds the world and makes it the way it is–the “why” and “how”–rather than making up random facts and characters just like filler–the “what”. It makes it so that your world and their events, and your characters and their lives, exist within the context of the people and things that surround them, rather than just existing because you willed it. This makes for a solid foundation by giving you lots of gaps of information to fill and be creative about, all with information relevant and reasonable to your world. By working like this, I’ve never hit a wall with my writing in the sense that I am out of things to do with my world; I might have days or months where I cannot solve one puzzle about my story world, but I know it is not a loss of direction as much as simply another aspect of my world that will eventually make sense to me as I understand my story more in time.

good luck!

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Rachel has a hoodie. ADC Chara has a hoodie. cLEARLY THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON Yeah, no. That anon's crazy. Stop trying to inject Undertale and ADC into an original thing, people! This kind of thing is why I'm nervous about uploading my own original comic on another site; most of my followers know me for Undertale so I'm afraid of people doing this exact thing. I've already had someone tell me one character looks like what they think the Green SOUL to look, which is kinda ":/"

And the green Soul doesn’t even have a canon design, i swear these people…

But yeah, remember that “tumblr you’re killing art” I reblogged a few days ago? It’s exactly what I’m talking about, people need to support new ideas, and not bash them as soon as someone wants to come up with something else.

 It’s really nerve wrecking trying to stand out as an artist just with  fanart alone. :/  

One thing is to know that you can’t please everyone and accept criticism, but it doesn’t mean that you should sit back and not get the chance to show your ideas entirely, or having people shove their ideas down your throat. Like the only reason I’m not going to stop it’s because at least a large amount of people do seem to care, but a good amount are just being like this and it’s quite discouraring. 

All I say is, don’t be afraid to show the world what you want! And please, people be more considerate. 

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Hello! I'm the sick anon from a few days ago - I recovered! If it's possible to ask for another request (ignore if not), how about the RFA + Saeran + Vanderwood (why not?) go bowling? What kind of crazy shenanigans would happen? (I'm also really happy to see your blog growing - hopefully it gets even bigger!)

good to hear from you again, anon, and I’m glad you’re doing better! now, about your request, well… I had a solid idea of what I wanted to do but it got lost and I don’t know what happened lol. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. 

ohhh~ thanks for the encouraging words by the way! it’s gotten big enough to make us question our entire existence just like zen in this request like rlly guys are you lost? but we love you anyways mwah~

- Admin Cat Mom.

mmkay before we start we’re gonna put these goofballs in teams because that’s gonna make things ten times more interesting:

  • Team Alpha Super Awesome Cool Honey Buddha Squadron: Yoosung, Seven, Saeran, Vanderwood.
  • Team ‘we’re not naming the team as your fur ball, Jumin’: Zen, Jumin, Jaehee, V.

I think you can pretty much guess who named each team.


  • probably something like this.
  • puppy tried his best leave him alone.
  • wants to die, he’s a college student how is he supposed to pay for that?
  • swears he’s good!! he just… needs a bit of warm up, that’s all.
  • the one (1) time he strikes he does a silly victory dance and starts jumping in excitement.
  • one of his shoes ends up who knows where.
  • most likely hitting someone in the face.
  • what in the world… did you do with your legs, boy? what were you trying to reach? the sun? 
  • throwing yourself into the sun sounds like the perfect solution for the disasters you’re causing, though, we can’t blame you.
  • but please tie your laces properly next time.


  • and boy does he deliver.
  • does the weirdest poses while somehow managing to get high scores.
  • is all over yoosung the entire time, hugs and screams and ridiculous “secret” handshakes to celebrate even when their balls land in the gutter.
  • and actually poor thing tried to hug everyone on his team but saeran gave him the cold shoulder and vanderwood took out their taser.
  • gets bored after a while and starts messing with everyone.
  • hacks the system, now the scoring screens are filled with cats.
  • zen is now sneezing and yelling and questioning his existence.


  • bonds with vanderwood and makes fun of everyone.
  • “what do you mean you can’t smoke in here?”
  • is annoyed, even the act of lifting the ball is bothersome to him.
  • maybe he doesn’t feel like playing this dumb game stop staring at him for fuck’s sake.
  • “the hell are you looking at?”
  • death stares, lots of death stares.
  • is actually embarrassed of his poor bowling skills.
  • “there are just too many people here can we please go home now”
  • he only agreed to go because seven promised him ice cream.
  • and instead of ice cream he has a vanderwood and ugly shoes.


  • wonders why they’re there in the first place.
  • knows like half of these people.
  • turns out most of them are fucking hilarious.
  • narcissist rat man won’t stop whining and sneezing lmao why is no one immortalizing this moment on a camera.
  • no worries fam seven’s got you covered.
  • scary lady aka jaehee seems like quite the contestant, the only one worthy of their time for that matter.
  • and the place is literally crumbling down thanks to crybaby #2.
  • anyways, when it comes to the actual bowling part, they look like a majestic fairy??
  • their hair looks fantastic and shiny, they’ve taken off their signature jacket, their posture is excellent and to sum it up vanderwood is a blessing to this world.


  • he’s supposed to be doing this with his girlfriend.
  • and why does he have to be in the same team as mr. trust fund kid.
  • ~more whining~
  • sort of good at bowling, knows what he’s doing.
  • girls around them start staring and whispering because of cOURSE he’s bragging and showing off his muscles, of course.
  • takes pleasure in making fun of jumin at first until he makes it his goal to surpass his scores because there’s no way in hell he can be this good?
  • again, honey, you’re on the same team.
  • before we know it, they start bickering over nonsense.
  • is having the worst of times.


  • oh my oh my what is this commoners’ leisure activity he’s never played before and is now deeply interested in.
  • gets himself his own pair of bowling shoes, and a ball which has a kitten printed in it… yeah, that’s elizabeth the 3rd.
  • he also read books and did research beforehand like did you think this man would attend such a physically demanding event without careful and well thought out preparation? please.
  • does the granny style at some point.
  • the kind of guy to bowl a strike while looking completely clueless.
  • but when he gets the hang of it, he gets so cocky.
  • his winning smirk is priceless.
  • tries to teach zen his ways despite being mocked because he’s got a forgiving and generous soul.


  • feels awkward at first because she doesn’t want to be there?? with her boss?? may god have mercy on her soul.
  • her ball falls in the gutter a few times, she’s so awkward and people are staring oh god it’s kind of a her-first-RFA-party situation all over again.
  • after warming up a little and getting used to it, though… oh boy.
  • she’s enjoying this.
  • aces every shot.
  • everyone’s scared.
  • no one can defeat her, unbeatable, she’s queen.
  • stress? what is stress? stress is for the weak, stress has finally left her sacred body and she’s finally reached that mental peace she’s yearned for years.
  • is so into it she almost calls jumin a sucker.
  • honey, you’re on the same team.


  • is not very good at it.
  • doesn’t even care.
  • to be honest he’s just there to have a good laugh.
  • puts the minimal effort when it’s his turn, prefers sitting in the back to enjoy the show because everyone is so goddamn Extra, all he’s missing is some popcorn.
  • part of him is happy to see them bonding and having fun though.
  • cheers for ALL of them like a proud dad no matter their final result.
  • “goddamn it, v” that was yoosung.
  • laughs and shakes his head because he’s grown so accustomed to his people and their usual bullshit, after all that’s why he loves them all.

← Part 1

“Tooru,” Hajime whispers, his voice low and soothing. “Hey, don’t cry.”

Tooru sniffles, still refusing to open his eyes, and he feels Hajime’s thumbs brush away his tears. Hajime leans in and presses a kiss to each of Tooru’s eyelids, his breaths warm and gentle on Tooru’s skin. Tooru takes a deep breath, letting it out and shuddering a bit.

Hajime pulls him in right to his chest, squeezing tight.

He’s warm, and Tooru feels safe in his arms. He feels his shoulders relax, the tension from before leaving his body. He takes a few slow breaths, finding that his breathing calms down the more he tries to match it to Hajime’s.

“It’s okay,” Hajime says, kissing the top of Tooru’s head. “I’m right here.”

Right here.

Tooru opens his eyes to look up at Hajime, who is smiling down at him.

“I’m not going anywhere-”

The bus lurches, and Tooru jerks himself up and out of his thoughts. Just in time too, as his bus pulls up to his stop so he grabs his bag, running off. All of his thoughts are still swimming around in his head, all mixed up and muddled as he makes his way back to his flat, looking down at the cracked sidewalk as he goes.

No, Hajime didn’t go anywhere…

It’s Tooru that left.

He tightens his grip on his backpack as he walks, the memory leaving him with a bitter taste in his mouth. He remembers the way that Hajime used to comfort him. He can almost feel the warmth of his skin, smell his scent…

Tooru’s stomach twists as he tries to push that thought away. All it does is hurt now, knowing that Hajime is so far away - especially because he was the one who chose to go.

He decided that he needed space to get over this, over his feelings, over Hajime. Because yes, they were close, but Hajime never loved him in the way that Tooru had always hoped for.

So, is it working?

No, not really.

Tooru is happy to get home at least. His new job here is fine, just something basic, but it’s enough to pay for his bills. He has his flat too. A small flat, but it’s his.

This is his new life, now.

He drops his bag on the floor of his apartment, flopping out on the couch. He’s been gone an entire week now and still hasn’t found the courage to call anyone back home - not even a text message. He feels like an extremely big coward, but even the thought of turning on his phone and reading the messages he’s been dodging makes him feel like throwing up.

He’s so scared as to what they’re going to say.

Makki, Mattsun… Hajime…

But they deserve better than this. They deserve better than Tooru, who ignores all their calls and turns off text notifications because he’s too scared to read them. Too scared to deal with the fallout of what he did.

Tentatively, Tooru reaches for his bag, stretching over and just managing to snag it without falling over. He digs around for his phone, pulling it out and unlocking it.

He thumbs over to his text messages, hovering over the first conversation.

He doesn’t even need to look to know it’s Hajime. Hajime’s been texting him multiple times a day since he’s gone - between calls, too - and he misses him… He misses him so badly… Hearing his voice would be so, so good… But… No. Not Hajime. Not first.

Tooru swallows down the bile he can feel rising in his throat, instead clicking on one of the other conversations that pops up. He skims through a few of the messages he sees from Mattsun. Mostly asking how Tooru is, wanting to know if he’s okay. But also just… updates. A message telling him something funny that happened that day. Another assuring Tooru that he’d visited Hajime that day and that he was doing alright, all things considered.

Mattsun… might be a good place to start.

Part 3  →

i made another oc i’m sorry HEK

she’s called Hanami Dango, based off of the japanese mochi by the same name because i’m an uncreative toot!

i really love the colours of the sweet, and i realized a few days ago that i could actually make an oc based off them, so I got around to drawing her out today c:

 i’ll do a full body when i’m not ill weh 

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Did Sam just admit to being gay on Twitter? I'm all discombobulated. Is this it? Is he out? If that's his truth then good for him. I'll still be a fan. Doesn't matter one way or another. It would be nice to finally put an end to the guessing.

Ya know, I deleted my Twitter a few days ago. Lucky for you, someone sent it to me, otherwise 🤷🏻‍♀️. Believe whatever floats your boat dear, but do you really think he’d come out of the closet on Twitter, after going to such enormous lengths to hide it for the past fours years, just because he needed a clever comeback to an asshole on the day of the most anticipated Outlander episode ever?

I’m sure it was not a personal declaration.

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Yo! I really, really, really love the rec list you did - I'm currently reading through it, and you have great taste, so thank you for that. But I've read almost all of them by now which means I'll be finished in a few days, and I'll probably painfully die when that happens, so what I'm asking is if you could do another rec list soon? (please please please?) x

I don’t have a list planned out, but check out my rec list tag for great rec lists and pairing: drarry tag for fics I’ve rec’d before.

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I'm taking a creative writing course at university and need to submit my final portfolio (25,000 words of my novel) in a few months' time. I'm also hoping to finish the whole thing soon and start the process of getting it published. Thing is, I've become so depressed (doctor appointment this week, don't worry) that I've lost all will to write. I'll get up in the morning and KNOW that I should go and write, and I want to do anything but. Afraid I'm not good enough, how much work I have to do etc.

I have my battles with depression as well. Sometimes I panic when I wake up, because I rather sleep than face another day of work. Sometimes writing is exhausting. Sometimes I get stuck with one paragraph and I can’t write past it. 

When I find myself in this situation, I write longhand.

I grab a nice pen, a notebook, and I find a comfortable spot where I can doodle and daydream until words start flowing. It’s funny how our brain works when we write by hand. It’s not that easy to erase, so we are forced to move on with the story. There’s no distraction, because, let’s be honest, internet is amazing, but it’s also a curse. Or an addiction. Also, the computer screen causes anxiety… especially Word and Scrivener with their blank page facing you like judging your lack of focus. Paper is nicer.

Originally posted by ofallingstar

So, try longhand, it may help you through. 

During the editing phase, give yourself small goals and small rewards everyday. Take lots of breaks, like every twenty minutes. Turn off the internet. And respect your pace.        

Monster Heart

A late, late entry for Ectober Day 6 because I am bad with deadlines. Decided to do ‘Shipwreck,’ with a bit of a sci-fi/horror theme. Warnings for squicky alien biotechnology. 

Computers aren’t known for their sympathy. Just efficiency. 

The shipboard AI pitilessly shocks Valerie back into consciousness like it’s turning on just another machine. Her whole body locks rigid like a muscle spasm, heart pounding and drowning in stims as her mouth gasps agape with a throat that can’t scream and intake oxygen at the same time. 

Eventually, the agony subsides and she slumps in the cockpit’s heavy-gee couch, body and brain swimming in exhaustion and a chemical cocktail sharpening her nerves into a raw razor. Training helps her keep her last meal down instead of getting into her helmet. The suit would eventually clean it, but never thoroughly enough to get rid of the smell.

MAD-E pipes up in that calm, motherly voice its programmers thought was soothing. “Welcome Back, Lieutenant Gray!” 

Valerie is unsoothed.

Keep reading

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Oooh! For the prompt list, so many possible bkdk feels to choose from, how about 85 and/or 87?

(Doing 85 because another person asked for 87, so I can do them both!)

85: “I will never apologize for saving your life, even if it costs me my own.”

[This story is an epilogue to Prompt 59]

“I love you, Kacchan.”

“I know.”

“I really do.”

“I know.

Bakugo shifted his weight, but Midoriya’s arms only wrapped around him tighter.

“I love you—”

“I heard you the first twenty-seven times,” he griped, looking over his shoulder to snap at Midoriya, embracing him from behind as they lied together on the bed.

Midoriya propped himself up to stare at Bakugo in a somewhat contemplative way, as if he couldn’t quite process his words.

“…Were you really counting?” he asked.

“No. Now shut up.”

Bakugo rolled back onto his side, facing away from Midoriya. He heard the subtle sound of amused snickering in his ear as Midoriya’s hands traced mindless patterns into the curves of Bakugo’s chest.

“You’re a terrible liar, Kacchan.”

Read the rest of this story on AO3!

  • sophie : seriously like the weirdest feeling is when you eat pure artificial shit for a few days and you feel wrong . and the only way to cure it is to eat something natural / fresh and then it goes away
  • agatha : sophie , i once ate gushers for 3 days with only coke in between and my body just wanted more gushers . do you think i'm dying ?
  • sophie : aggie i love you with my entire heart but you absolutely terrify me

here’s some mau draws while i work on the giveaway pieces in the next few days/weeks ❤

also just to let you guys know i’ve read all the comments on the giveaway and you guys are really nice ;x; i want to draw stuff for everyone but i don’t really have the capacity to do so.

but well knowing myself i would probably have another giveaway in the next half a year for so idk :3

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Hello! I'm a different anon here ^^ I was wondering, since you're half Korean, what do you think about the moment in which Jungkook said "let's go, baby" to Jimin? I don't know if you've already talked about this before and I know this moment happened a few weeks ago, but I would really like to know what you think about it! :)

Hello anon! Ahhhhh the ICONIC aegiyah scene!! Anon I will scream about that moment forever. Kookmin are in love. They’re in love and they’re married. No arguments allowed! I actually responded anonymously to another blog I follow since everyone (including myself) was freaking out that day, and I guess I submitted anonymously because I didn’t want my inbox blowing up lol! I can’t find the post I submitted but basically here’s a recap because, as I said before, I can talk about that moment forever! My cousin actually calls his girlfriend aegiyah when they’re having a private conversation as a really cute pet name so there you go anon! Jikook is THAT couple that is so cute it makes you cringe and scream at the same time, but in the best way possible. I have never, and most likely will never, see a relationship like jikook’s: a hyung that is adorable like a maknae and a maknae that acts and looks like the hyung! All I have to say is that…kookmin are indeed married lol! Not only is their relationship dynamic that of a couple in a serious relationship, but more importantly, as a fandom, it is now confirmed that jikook are indeed into pet names! Jk calling jimin baby and speaking in banmal was just so hot and so bad for my poor heart. Their relationship is truly special. There are no words to describe how their relationship went from hyung and dongsaeng, to something a little more if you know what I mean( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º). To this day I refuse to get over that moment. It happened, and kookmin is real. that is all. Have a nice day anon<3