i'm not delusional you are


Free folk and kneelers are more alike than not.

Alys Karstark and Val + parallels (requested by anonymous)

Paul I will literally pay you to try, cause the fact that you think a lackluster Fashionista with a short man complex can actually win in a fight against a trained marine twice their size is hilarious and I would very much like to see the results, you poor delusional bastard

  • Astrid: Hiccup, stop talking and let me look at your throat. Your sick, just admit it-
  • Hiccup: *slurred* M'not sick. Just warmer then normal and my throat hurts. Doesn't mean I'm- *COUGH COUGH*
  • Astrid: You're delusional.
  • Hiccup: I luv you.
  • Astrid: Well while I appreciate it-
  • Hiccup: You're so pwetty and bwave...
  • Astrid: Hiccup, shut your mouth, and open it.

I hope after that scene of Clarke in front of the rover in which she’s wearing all back there’s a little pause and Bellamy Blake comes out from behind a rover or hell even a tree. Then Clarke will be like “They’re coming” and we’ll get shot of the spaceship coming back down.

( I know this probably won’t happen but I’m in denial about the separation until I see it next episode)

letter to a gemini from a leo
  • I keep getting so close, then you shut the door. I can feel us connecting again and then suddenly it stops. Our hearts will be beating and then I sigh because I know that I heard yours stop. I know that you're right for me. If only you could realize that I'm right for you. Call it unrequited love, but I say you just haven't let me prove myself again. You loved me once and all I want you to do is love me again. I know that I betrayed you and I know that I cut you where you bleed most. I'm so sorry. I see you with everyone else, but I know that you're not really happy. You can tell me that I'm being delusional and maybe a part of me is, but I say it'd be foolish to not realize that you're doing the same. All you're doing is replacing me with various restocks and I've tried doing the same. The reality is we're the originals and you can't beat that. Still, I keep writing things to say to you and then deleting it, knowing you won't ever hear me. I guess that just makes me a sad girl because I know our words would be beautiful if you would just turn on your heart again.
  • -Leo

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When camila introduced I'll never be the same she said it was "really special" to her 😭😭😭 and the lyrics "I'm a sucker for the way that you move" it's so beautiful and I'm so delusional af I'm crying, she killed her performances 😩

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Hi can you do some analysis or collection of chanbaek moments in VLive cause i watch again their vlive videos and I think there are so many chanbaek moments but not that noticeable (or I'm just being delulu).. Please..Thank you😙


Honestly I love seeing moments from the v app because v app is where they can just do what they want, it’s for the fans so they can act more themselves. On reality shows, people tend to act differently so they can be more likable to appeal to more people. Of course I’m not saying they act fake but people usually tend to act more when a camera is around or if people are watching. ALSO if it’s on a certain show there’s not much time to act the way you want because there are certain things that have to be done. So watching a v live thing is refreshing because it’s them acting in their usual environment. 

In the v lives when there are moments Chanyeol and Baekhyun are quite interactive. Of course I know it’s because they’re good friends but I just love how they “flirt”, always seem to be in their own little world, support each other, skinship, and just show chemistry and happiness. 

This is the exo 5th anniversary v live where basically they were talking about Baekhyun’s most recent station (?) song and Chanyeol suddenly started saying the title of it and then looked back at Baekhyun and then Baekhyun had the sweetest smile ;-;



Jikook stares!!

Don’t you just love the way Jungkook stares at his Jimin Hyung 😍

Or Jimin staring at his cute little dongsaeng ~

Or the way they stare at each other ~kyaaaaaaa~

This is just one of the reasons why I ship Jikook. They’re like a romantic K-drama but in real life!! I mean, after seeing this for almost 3 years, How can you NOT ship them?!!!!! 

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Oh my god. I'd never actually seen one of those stans who genuinely hates misha, hate the wives, think they manipulated J2 into marrrying them and faking their pregnancies, etc.... Like... I'd always heard they were a thing that existed. But I never really believed it until that hate message you just got telling you to go f yourself. Like... Their blog is just a big ball of delusional hate. How tf do ppl like that even exist? I'm so weirded out rn

You said it…delusional is what they are
Let’s not waste our time on them
Let’s focus on good things :)


“The first thing he asked me to do was to identify pirate ringleaders on the island; organizers.”

#max doing piratey things #with her pirate friends