i'm not dead let's have dinner

Can you imagine

The Inner Circle having dinner, and then Feyre or someone goes “Well, I guess it’s only a matter of time before the bond snap for Nesta, right?" 

And Nesta says, "it had already snapped" 

And everyone goes WHAT 

And Nesta just says, deadpan, "well, I felt it ages ago, but over my dead body I would let some stupid bound decide who I end up with, so I just ignored" 

And everyone just stares at her and Cassian just stand there, utterly shocked, having a mental breakdown 

Let's have dinner.
  • The Woman: I'm not hungry, let's have dinner.
  • The Woman: Bored in a hotel. Join me. Let's have dinner.
  • The Woman: John's blog is HILARIOUS. I think he likes you more than I do. Let's have dinner.
  • The Woman: I can see Tower Bridge and the moon from my room. Work out we're I am and join me.
  • The Woman: I saw you in the street today. You didn't see me.
  • The Woman: You do know the hat actually suits you, don't you?
  • The Woman: Oh for God's sake, let's have dinner.
  • The Woman: I like your funny hat.
  • The Woman: I'm in Egypt talking to an idiot. Get on a plane, let's have dinner.
  • The Woman: You looked sexy on Crimewatch.
  • The Woman: Even you have got to eat. Let's have dinner.
  • The Woman: BBC 1 right now. You'll laugh.
  • The Woman: I'm thinking of sending you a Christmas present.
  • The Woman: Mantelpiece.
  • The Woman: I'm not dead. Let's have dinner.
  • Sherlock: Happy New Year.
  • The Woman: Goodbye Mr Holmes.

ravenisthegem  asked:

Alright alright so I saw that post of yours that was an imagine your otp and it was that ad that was like "I'm a 28yr old felon and I'll pretend to be your boyfriend to disappoint your parents on thanksgiving if you let me have your food" I want to try to write it but I'm brain dead. Would you happen to have headcanons for that? :)

For those who don’t know, we are referring to this post

Okay, so Steve answers the ad because he’s desperate, okay?  His mom and all of his friends won’t get off his case about dating ever since his ex dumped him, and he finally snaps one day and accidentally blurts out that he already has a (non-existent) boyfriend. 

Of course, Sarah Rogers insists that Steve bring him to Thanksgiving dinner. 

Steve stumbles upon the ad by chance, and the guy sounds a little insane, but he lives in the same neighborhood Steve is in, so he sets up a meeting with him in a well-known coffeeshop, so if Steve is attacked, there would be plenty of witnesses. 

So Steve’s nervously waiting in the crowded shop when a guy around his age walks in, and Steve is surprised that this is the man from the ad because he’s actually well put together and quite handsome. 

At first, Tony’s in disbelief that Steve had answered his ad because the man is gorgeous and after a few minutes of conversation, it’s obvious that Steve is smart, but whatever.  Okay, Tony could do this.  They spend the rest of the day just getting to know each other, and for a while, they both forget that this is actually for pretend. 

So they get to Steve’s mom’s house for dinner, and they’re immediately bombarded with hugs and kisses and questions upon questions about how they met and how long they’ve been dating, etc. etc. Steve is super embarrassed, but Tony thinks it’s actually really cute. 

And idk, Sarah warms up to Tony right away, and most of Steve’s friends seem to like him too, but Bucky is the one that remains unconvinced, just because up until a few days ago, he had no idea that Tony was even in Steve’s life.  And hmmmmm maybe they ask Tony what he does for a living, and he accidentally lets it slip that he’s the son of the CEO of Stark Industries, and everyone’s all wide-eyed because wtf?  How can you just casually drop that?  And Steve asks if they can be excused for a moment and they hide out in his old room and Tony admits that he isn’t actually poor or a criminal or anything like that–his dad just got really pissed at him and disowned him, and Tony didn’t feel like spending Thanksgiving by himself.