i'm not cute yet


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco


the struggles of waiting for 5vixx to come visit him 


… while an unhelpful boyfriend member offers no support…

And just when I think it’s OTP heaven…

OT3 makes its appearance!

What can Jun-kun and all the rest of us do but join in the merriment?

└ According to Sakurai Sho, the first thing Jun does upon waking is…

*cough* And how might you have known that Sho-kun? *cough* *cough*.

Cr: VS Arashi 17.11.2016 Opening Talk

You’re suddenly fine

I’ve realised being a teenager is a piece of work…

Having a crush on that kid

Stressing about school.

Not meeting deadlines

Having a crush on that other kid 

Stressing more about exams

Having a crush on that same kid

Somebody else likes that kid too, they’re prettier than you.

Insecurities grow

Exams come closer

Insecurities get bigger

then….you’re suddenly fine

You realise everything about life is great

Someone ruins it 

Parents don’t understand you

Nobody understands you

You feel moody and nobody can brighten that mood up

then…you’re suddenly fine

Wake me up when my teenage years are through.


Kingdom of Lugunica Royal Election Participant, Emilia - エミリア

Perks of being my girlfriend: Sad Edition

1) you will get cute handmade gifts because I have no money and that’s all I can afford

2) I’ll give you massages all the time always because I have too many lotions and I don’t want them to expire

3) shit ton of cereal because I love it and that’s always the first on my grocery list

4) good laugh from witnessing my 3am breakdowns over fluffy cows and that cute dog we saw on our walk earlier

5) shit ton of baths with or without me in them (you’re preference) and full range access to my collection of bath bombs and bubble bars

6) full range access to my makeup as long as I get to give you a makeover sometimes

7) daily sleepovers consisting of movies (preferably Tim burton 😏), cookies (only 6 at a time cuz all I have is a toaster oven), cuddles with my cats (as long as you get their consent), and maybe mayyyyybe a few makeout sessions if I’m lucky

8) guided snorkeling trips because I know a little too much about the ocean to be deemed healthy

9) did I mention massages??

10) *crying* please


A throwback to a few of the Spartan relatives that I got to meet when I picked her up:
1. La-Min-So’s Sweet Lady “Nita” (her aunt, 13yo at the time!) 2. La-Min-So’s Count On Me “Felix” (Nita’s son) 3. Puppy Mela’s Iza (Sparta’s mother)
4. La-Min-So’s O-bla-di O-bla-da “Nomi” (Nita’s granddaughter) 5. DK N Ch N vCh La-Min-So’s Bliss of the Meadow “Nikki” (Sparta’s half-sister)
6. Baby “Ace” La-Min-So’s Ladies Knight (Nikki’s son, now also NJW-15 and DK PL Ch) and 7. The Baby Spartacus herself!