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more onesie drawings. i thought to myself “oh yeah cuddling in onesies is pretty damn cute” but like…i also can’t stop laughing that neji’s in a penguin onesie…

co-creds to matchaball for the onesie brainstorming ofc 

@vote-for-pietro, look what you made me do

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h-hey umm so if you want to could you maybe write a thominho fic with minho as a jock trying to protect cute, nerdy thomas from bullies.. I mean you totally don't have to or anything but ya know just if you have time or something..

omg you are the teeniest baby yes i can do this for you sweet angel kisses(踱踱)

fic prompts are always open!

It isnt the first time Minhos noticed him.

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Thanks @agricolaesumusfor the prompt! It was lots of fun and made my heart warm~ I, ah, didnt use the sentence exactly, but the general idea is the same! Hope you enjoy! <3

(written for these ridiculous sentence prompts!)

Im sorry that I got way into playing house and I kissed you passionately

Nico stepped out of Cabin 13 an hour before breakfast. Early morning or late night were really the only times Camp Half-Blood was peaceful. If Nico came out any other time, some camper or another was bound to try to get him to participate in camp activities. (He didnt mind archery or sparring or even sculpting weird shit out of clay, but climbing up a wall of lava? Not exactly Nicos idea of a good time.)

In the mornings, though. There was a thin layer of mist in the air. The sun hadnt fully come up, so the sky was still dim and gray. There was a stillness in the air, disturbed only by the occasional satyr running about getting things ready for the day. Yes, Nico much preferred Camp Half-Blood like this. Nobody screaming with laughter. No idiotic practical jokes being pulled (Leo Valdez and the Stoll brothers were a bad mix). Just peace and quiet.

Will liked to call him an old man for hating noisy people as much as he did. Will was technically right, since Nico was born about eighty years ago, but Nico still hated it because Nico wanted Will to want to date him, and nobody wanted to date an old man.

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ok story time. like 2 weekends ago i met this boy at a frat party and he was p sober but him n his friends came in w/ us to the party and we talked a good amount and then he had 2 go do frat stuff.. but he asked for my # and i gave it to him. and like he gave me his jacket later that night when we saw him again n he shared his fries even tho i was a hot mess. anyway then he added me on snapchat like halfway thru that week and i got so happy and he like snapchatted me twice then just stopped responding :( and then ok this weekend i was at his school again and i asked if his frat was throwing down and he was like yea come through. and then we kinda talked and met up and then he just didnt even come into the party he got us into?? and then he texted an hour later when i was already gone asking where i was… and then we kinda talked a little but idk he just stopped responding again. AND THEN he texted me yesterday randomly just being like sorry i was a dick and bailed i had stuff to deal w/.. so i responded and i was like it’s nbd but it was so cute u know?? and then we like actually had a good convo but he just stopped responding again :( and then today, to make things worse, his snap story was like him n this girl in a field w some fucking horse????? like who is this boy why is he doing this