i'm not crying. it's just raining on my face


Okay so correct me if I’m wrong… but if you would ever find yourself being the girlfriend of this, magnificent, human being would it or would it not be full of candid pictures of the both of you?
Like imagine all the beautiful pictures he would take of you. While you’re talking a walk, sleeping, on the couch in his sweaters, and even polaroids during your most intimate moments. Like while he was away doing what he loves he’d have a stash of polaroids in his luggage of your body in euphoria. He loves remembering what you look like when you’re not worried about who’s watching you. With your hair down or in a messy bun. And, of course, you’d also take pictures of him (like the one on the right). You guys would be so happy and smiley around each other cause those photos, those memories, would only belong to you both.
“Let me see that smile, baby.”
“But I just woke up.”
“So? You’re still the most spectacular person I’ve had the pleasure to be with.“
Of course you smile because you’d do anything for the man you love.
“Fuck babygirl moan my name you look so fucking good underneath me.”
And you moan his name and takes his opportunity to take a picture as you both climax together.

Season 3 Tsukishima Kei Moon Phrases Project

The starting of Tsukishima Kei life like the moon phase 

new moon - Tsukkishima Kei’s born

waning gibbous - Child!Kei and his brother,Akiteru

third quarter - kid!Kei meet Yamaguchi

waning crescent

 - Kei and Yamaguchi are friend

-Kei had been proud when his brother get to enter Karasuno and play volleyball

new moon - The truth unravel as Kei’s discover about his brother’s lie.

waxing crescent - Kei’s in high school joined tha Karasuno’s volleyball club and meet some new people 

first quarter 

- Practice match with Nekoma and Fukurodani and learned some useful thing

”Volleyball is just a club,”-Kei

“But once that moment arrives for you,that’s the moment you’ll be hooked on volleyball,”-Bokuto

waxing gibbous 

- Before the Spring High-Miyagi Prefecture Representative Playoffs,Akiteru gave Kei’s a sport glasses

-Yamaguchi improved into a better Pinch Server 

Full moon - Kei block Ushijima spike 

“I’ve been waiting for this,”-Kei

“But once that moment arrives for you,that’s the moment you’ll be hooked on volleyball,”

The full moon rises