i'm not crying just raining on my face


Wells Fargo’s new ad features a lesbian couple adopting a deaf child. The couple is played by an actual lesbian couple, and the girl is actually deaf. 

“’We thought it was really important that it be very real and authentic and true,’ Moldafsky [the chief marketing officer] said.”

Visibility all day! Thanks, Wells Fargo! 

(I’m not crying, it’s just raining inside of the office, on only my face…)

Finding out that Rhys had known about the him and Feyre being mates for 3 FUCKING MONTHS, and had still let Feyre sleep/stay with Tamlin. And then finding out that he was willing for Feyre to marry Tamlin, even if it broke him; he only wanted her to be happy. Me:

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Matt calls Elektra “sweetie” when she’s hurt and i am definitely for sure not crying no it is just raining very hard on my face yes that’s it


Elektra is in pain and whimpers “Matthew” and oh it’s fine i can totally survive being STABBED IN THE FUCKING HEART

don’t even get me started on Matt praying while holding her hand