i'm not crying it's just otp in my eye


[Hyukjae: ✓ | D-day! Donghae ✓

It’s D-day!!! Eunhae reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back babies, 1 year and 9 months waiting is officially over!!! Let’s party with babies first win together! ! ! ! ! ! !


                              I… came to Seidou to find the place where I belong.
                                 Please don’t disappoint me… Miyuki-senpai.
                                                    Interesting! I like you!

“Everything is some level of probably.  Nothing is a promise.” -Carlos the Scientist, Condos

I promise I will find a way back.” -Carlos the Scientist, Old Oak Doors Part B


The ichihime moment reminds me so much of “It’s all in your eyes” naruhina moment 😍

My babies can understand each other’s thoughts just by looking into each other’s eyes. So cuute 😚❤️

Last time he left he couldn't look her in the face

That would’ve made it too hard, he was trying to put all his bonds aside


He’s not running away, he doesn’t have to try and feel nothing. He can look her in the eyes (AND HAVE PHYSICAL CONTACT) and tell her that he’ll see her soon. Not just come back, but. see. her.

And this time when he thanks her it’s a thing of hope, not heartbreak.

talking about miyuki having a bubble butt with @anophiles made me think about lots of things but mostly about

• kuramochi having a thing for said butt, and after three years he still ask himself how someone can have such pretty round butt

• kuramochi ((gently)) slapping miyuki’s butt whenever he pass by him

• miyuki being hella annoyed by it at first because “what the hell??” and not getting mochi’s love for his butt because it’s just a butt

• it doesn’t matter where they are or if they are standing up/sitting/laying down whenever they are kissing or hugging sooner or later at least one of kuramochi’s hands will travel south and rest on miyuki’s butt ((sometimes even groping it))

• kuramochi biting the butt and resulting in miyuki making a very embarrassing and surprised noise ((“ffs, did you really just bite me there??”))before kicking him and banning him from sex for the night

• miyuki laying down on his stomach on his bed while studying or going through a scoreboard while kuramochi is laying on his side most likely playing a game on his phone and his free hand resting on miyuki’s butt as he drum his fingers on it.
miyuki glaring at him “are you done? someone is trying to get shit done here” and mochi just looks at him super confused ‘cause he didn’t even realize what he was doing and miyuki just roll his eyes at him

• kuramochi using miyuki’s butt as pillow

• kuramochi commenting on how nice his butt is and miyuki jokingly asking him “are you sure you aren’t with me just ‘cause of my ass?”

just mochi having a thing for miyuki’s bubble butt ㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ

this is hella long and i’m so sorry i’m just having lots of feelings about those two nerds

“Please Cas,” Dean begged as he had the Angel pinned against the wall. “You have to do it now. We’re almost out of time. I can feel the Mark taking over; I can’t keep control for much longer. Please Cas … kill me.” Dean pressed an Angel Blade into Castiel’s hand, a single tear slipping down his face.

Castiel held the blade loosely, eyes burning with tears he didn’t know how to shed. “I can’t Dean. I’m sorry, but I … care about you far too much to do that. I-I love you. I love you Dean Winchester. Don’t make me do something I’d spend the rest of my life regretting.” Castiel spoke softly, his voice barely more than a shaky whisper. “Please don’t make me.”

Dean’s eyes flashed black as a rage filled his entire being. He fisted his hands in Castiel’s coat; slamming him into the wall again and again. “DO IT!! DO IT NOW!!” Dean shouted, body trembling in rage and fear.

Castiel lifted the Angel Blade above Dean’s back. “I’m sorry Dean.” Castiel closed his eyes and with a choked sob, drove the blade into Dean’s heart.