i'm not crying ; ;


– Star Wars Insider #81, Ask the Master Q&A, by Pablo Hidalgo


Legit canon is, when they have an extra important message to get through, they say, SO I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR THE OLD FOGIES IN THE RETIREMENT HOME, this is a thing that has been approved of by the Jedi Council.  In canon.



the first video i watched of mark was the 8 million subscriber reaction video. that video had been recommended for me and i just couldn’t think. who is this guy? why is he crying? i’m glad i clicked on it because i finally saw how much he cares about his fans. my first markiplier video made me bawl my eyes out and i’m so damn happy it did. for that point on, i would see this amazing guy blossom and change for himself and for the better. i never thought that he would have so much influence on me as a person. mark had made me discover so many good things. he made me realize that self respect and care is so important for you. he made me realize that i am important and that i should live life to the fullest. what’s most important is that he told each and every one to be strong and i’m just can’t thank him enough for staying strong himself. mark, you have helped so many people with so many things. you have been the one to create amazing videos with amazing people every single day. you give us so much back and we try so hard to give you back. thank you so much for making me a better person and for providing videos for people who need it. keep on being that goofy person you are. change yourself everyday. make those videos. keep on going, mark.

A doodle of today’s chapter…what a beautiful ending for these two, but i’m still crying over the fact that they are D E A D and gone T__T

can you believe it? i actually made it to 4k+ followers! i’m as shocked as you all. i just want to thank everyone for following me through the random fandom changes. you guys are really the best and i look forward to all the new followers i get from this day on! ♥ i’m such a lucky girl and i’ve made it this far thanks to all my lovely followers. you guys deserve all the credit. now that’s move on from all the mushy stuff lol. also since when did half of the people i follow follow me back. i must be in the twilight zone.

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