i'm not cool

She took me out to karaoke at the bar. It was fun, but… I decided to order a drink. All they had was beer and wine. I didn’t want to look like an idiot for not knowing what was on the menu, so I ordered the one thing I saw with the word ‘wine’ beside it and ended up with a fucking rosé. I don’t know anything about alcohol culture, but I suspect that anything called “rosé” is probably considered pretty lame.

All the same, she said she was glad I came out and that she was excited to see me after breakfast for the class she’s teaching my campers in the garden. I may have accidentally said “you’re so fucking cool” because I drank a shitty rosé, a shitty beer, and a cider. She lives in Ohio, though, and said she could visit me when I am back in Indiana! I gave her a copy of 'Annihilation’ by Jeff Vandermeer and she promised to read it…. we talked loudly about horror novels and Stephen King while people tried to have relaxing massages nearby.



Let’s do that weird thing where I give you a face to put to the url and we can commence the comments about how frickin YOUNG i look and how i never SMILE in pictures and dammit why is my head always tilted funny and my eyes are… UUGH.

But I like my hair, so that’s okay.

  • 2011 me:wow i sure do love danisnotonfire and amazingphil
  • 2013 me:dan nd phil are okay i guess... pretty cool... i'm not like obsessed with them or anything..... haha that would be embarrassing and weird... nope..... not obsessed... n o p e
  • 2015 me:@ dan and phil turn on ur location and fight m e