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why the hell do I love kurotsuki so much? like why do I constantly whisper to myself ’this is the greatest ship ever’

I have a lot of casual ships, I barely have any notps, I have a small amount of genuine otps and then within this otp section, is kurootsukki which FILLS ME WITH THE BURNING FLAMES OF A THOUSAND SUNS and I just genuinely think to myself- why?

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tbh i think bryan made a mistake: amazon knew this is probably the perfect time to start working on s4. the actors are available and willing to get back to work, they could ride the cancellation hype and generate even more buzz and interest, and maybe a new perspective to the show would have been an interesting change. bryan was still going to stay as executive producer, so he could still keep the quality he wanted. but in 1-2 years things are going to be completely different and 1/2

the actors too busy to come back (especially mads who turned down so many roles for hannibal, but is clearly in high demand), and even bryan might want to move on and not go back to work on it anymore. just my opinion tho.

Bryan did what he thought was best. He didn’t want to make the mistake of having to write the scripts in a hurry like he did in season 1. He wants to do the show right and keep the quality of the show at its best. 

It’s a disappointing situation all around and yeah, it sucks. It just does. But don’t be mad at Bryan for wanting to keep the quality of Hannibal. He didn’t think it would be good for the show so he didn’t accept a deal with them. 

But, Amazon isn’t the only network out there. And there’s always a chance that in year they might reconsider.

Also, Mads loves this show. Yeah, he’s had to turn down other offers, but that doesn’t mean Hannibal is holding him back (I’ve see A LOT of people talk about that, and y’all are off your rockers). Mads likes Hannibal. Mads likes being in Hannibal. He enjoys this show. And he’s fucking applauded for his work on this show. He’s gained an even bigger fanbase because of this show. He’s now better known in the states because of this show. 

He may have had to turn down other offers, but that’s because he wants to be on Hannibal. He likes working with Hugh and Bryan and respects the direction and the writing and everything put into Hannibal. Mads is a grown man and can make his own decisions and knows what he’s doing. 

I don’t want to read any more complaints about Mads being held back by Hannibal. He’s not. If anything, he’s getting more recognition for his work on Hannibal.

tldr; Bryan is awesome. Mads is awesome. Hannibal is awesome. Still waiting on a network in shining white armor to rescue us.