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Fellow UK cold urticaria folks, my friend @waistdeepinthoughtforever has given me some excellent advice for keeping cooler in summer that don’t involve ice, fans, wet towels, large temperature changes or anything else that may trigger a reaction! She lives in India so is used to hot weather!

- cut down on meat and eggs because they raise your body temperature (through metabolism)
- eat lots of vegetables with a high water content
- keep your blinds shut during the day and only open them at sunset
- avoid sitting on your bed if you can, sitting on an uncarpeted floor is best
- take lukewarm showers twice a day, or as lukewarm as you can tolerate without a reaction
- try to stay indoors during the day (and definitely between 11-3) as much as possible
- if you do go out, wear loose clothing made of natural materials and a scarf
- drink a lot of water

I know there’s a ton of pressure on women to be cheerful and whatnot, but I am so done with the glorification of negativity and cold bitterness. I’ve been cold, I’ve been bitter, and I’ve been negative. I’ve been ✨  misunderstood ✨ , and I’ve given in to the glorification as a means of self-preservation. And I’ve been all of those things on a regular basis, for years. But what I’ve realized since getting out of such behavior patterns and attitudes is that clinging to those things for strength was nothing more than a glorification of unhealthiness. I wasn’t overcoming stereotypes – I was deeply depressed (and often blind to the fact). Yes, we live in a difficult and deeply unjust and miserable world. Yes, there are tons of reasons to be angry. We NEED to be angry at the state of the world and we need to act and push others to act. But being /constantly/ angry is tiring and being constantly negative is immature. Yes everyone functions differently, and I /understand/, but I am so done. Being around dark things drags me down, and I am done. Be angry, act, but try to make things better. Strength is trying to rise above the negativity of the world. Strength is fighting to be better by being kind. Overcoming sexist stereotypes is sometimes not being afraid to be warm and soft and “feminine” if that’s what you want to be. I’m done with the rest of it. I’ve been dark and cynical and frigid and ✨  strong ✨  but all it did was give power to the things that were actually dragging me down and feeding the shiny darkness. I’ve given a decade of my life to it, and I’m done. 

Len’s Hands

Welp… I don’t want to admit how much time I put into studying Len’s hands and gif-ing them. And yet there’s so much more I could say than even made it into this post, but ah, here’s some analysis of Captain Cold and what his hands say about him, and mostly it’s just a lot of gifs of his hands okay?

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First commission for 2014 (which was actually the last commission for 2013) is Deep Space Nine’s Weyoun, in control of his little world.  My client was very fond of the view of Weyoun as rather childish, despite what he is working to do.  In his mind, things may look slightly more like this, though with the Founders in control of even more, of course ;)

(title comes from The Birthday Massacre’s “Blue”)

Ich bin ein Berliner

Merlin thought Harry mad the first time he saw the young agent diving head-first into a fray.

In East Berlin, where so much danger surrounded them and where freedom of speech and free-thinking were condemned by the Soviet occupation, Harry took bold steps that should have gotten him killed. They certainly would have been the end of a lesser man. Soviet-controlled and definitely filled with people dying to get to the West, East Berlin wasn’t just an important part of Harry’s infiltration and info-gathering mission; it was a place devoid of all the finer things in life he’d come to enjoy in London.

A fight breaking out in an electronik bar–underground clubs built by desperate East Berliners that craved Western music and its influence–forced Harry to break his calm, collected, somewhat-subdued mission persona, and end the fight swiftly at the cost of being seen as either an extraordinary fighter, or a spy. The KGB had eyes out for spies from the Allied side of the wall and from neighbouring England, but Harry’s ability to blend into any sort of white-dominated country was both a blessing and a curse.

Merlin ‘seeing’ the fight was a misnomer in of itself; the technology hadn’t yet been created which would allow Merlin to visually see the fight, whether by security cameras or by the glasses he would eventually invent, but he was given audio of the entire thing via the buttons on Harry’s shirt collar. Tiny recording devices which, by espionage standards in 1983, still left something to be desired. He got the jist of the argument beforehand and Harry’s retaliatory words immediately after it started, but Merlin was most interested in what he’d record minutes later as Harry ended the fight with a sharp punch. The sound of breaking bones was clearly audible, as well as the injured man’s grunt of pain as he went down.

Harry spoke in unaccented German, a skill he’d learned as a young man even before joining Kingsman, and which he polished upon learning of his destination only a year into his tenure as a knight. He stated, rather emphatically, that the man whose face was currently shattered and whose time as a petty thief and manhandler of women was at an end, was nothing more than an animal.

Ein geschlagener hund, he’d called him. A beaten dog. The words came out abrupt and somewhat coarse, as German sounded to Merlin’s English-trained ears. His own brogueish accent, often compared to a rough-and-tumble Scotsman of the old Highlander days, didn’t sound as nearly angry as Harry’s spat-out German.

Harry didn’t defend people who simply didn’t deserve it, but the manhandling of women–and the occasional man–and poor treatment of those below the social norm put him at a bit of a stalemate with some of the other knights, and endeared him further to Merlin. None at Kingsman wanted Harry’s cover to be blown, or the mission to be compromised simply because of Harry’s inability to let a slighted person’s plight be ignored, but it was simply not in Harry’s nature to allow it to continue when he had the ability to stop it.

Alanna couldn’t fully bring herself to hate winter anymore. She couldn’t bring herself to like it either, but that’s a different thing entirely.

Winter was still a season of inactivity, a season of restlessness and irritability. It was still the season of breath taking cold, of weather that made her miserable. But now, it was also the season of home.

Winter was the season she was least called upon by her king, and subsequently when she spent the most time at the Swoop. It was the season George was the least busy as well. Winter meant long evenings in their study, laughing and talking in leisure. It meant knowing she would both go to sleep and wake up by his side for weeks at a time, something that was a luxury in sweeter weather. Winter was the only season that her children became used to her presence, enough that they would forget she was there and just be themselves. Most frozen nights she slept warmed by them, their hot little bodies pressed close to hers, keeping cold air at bay. Sometimes (ofttimes) she would lean over and bury her nose in each child’s hair, reveling in how perfect they smelled. She could look at George in those moments, and know he was thinking exactly the same.

Alanna was never quite certain whether she had made a truce with winter or it had made one with her, but either way, it had became a season that she couldn’t hate any more.

Signs as Pearl Jam lyrics
  • Aries: She seems to be stronger, but what they want her to be is weak
  • Taurus: All the love that she had was just wood that she burned
  • Cancer: Nothing as it seems, the little that he needs, it's home.
  • Gemini: Its like his thoughts are too big for his size
  • Leo: I will stare the sun down till my eyes go blind.
  • Virgo: I'm in the fire but I'm still cold. Nothing works for me anymore.
  • Libra: So I’ll just lie alone and wait for the dream, where I’m not ugly and you’re looking at me.
  • Scorpio: It doesn't hurt, when I bleed but memories, they eat me.
  • Sagittarius: I will feel alive as long as I am free.
  • Capricorn: Can you feel this world with your heart and not your brain?
  • Aquarius: It's getting harder to find an approach and a way to live, are we getting something out of this all-encompassing trip?
  • Pisces : Wait for signs, believe in lies to get by, it's divine.

so this morning i dropped in on @iwanttoplayguitar while the streaming of some awesome painting was going on! (^ O^) (i love visiting streams! <3) and myself and @crackedverbosity were there! we were talking about candy and chocolate and tea~ and the idea that Hux probably likes really bitter tea, like that damnable gunpowder green stuff! UGG! (>  A<) (i’m a supertaster, so i can’t even eat arugula without puking.) then later, while i was sitting in a dark, empty, movie theater earlier today - staring at the glow of my Tumblr app - i started to think about how many sugar cubes it would take to make gunpowder green tea drinkable to me… and this is what came into my head! (O wO);;; i hope to makes you feel warm and snuggly! <3

Imagine having a snowball fight with Woozi and Seventeen.

BONUS: After an hour of playing, everyone is exhausted but you and Woozi are still throwing snowballs at each other. Seeing this, the other members of Seventeen end up leaving you two to be in your world as they go back indoor to warm up.

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