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Hi, yes, this is a picture of Priya swimming across the pond, captured precisely between my “Oh my god, this is hilarious, look at her swimming” mental state and my “OH SHIT THERE’S A DEER, SHE IS TRYING TO SWIM AT THE DEER, GOD PRIYA NO” mental state.


sometimes season three is too perfect.

One of the Wound Meme prompts gave me an idea for what might be the most fucked up Metalocalypse scene I’ve ever conceived so I’ll just throw that on the pile I guess.

I like Overwatch cause it’s a Mad Max AU where only a big swath of Australia is a desolated post-apocalyptic wasteland and the rest of the world is pretty ok, so the Mad Max type characters get taken out of that traumatic setting and then they just… enjoy modern amenities? shower? get medical attention? go to theme parks? eat fast food? make friends?? distrust the nice gleaming clean cities and peaceful friendly locales?? but reluctantly get won over by how nice everything is

they don’t even know what to do with that kind of ease, it’s soothing

anonymous asked:

Yeah, the lack of redaction is my biggest confusion. If I'm reading things correctly, this kind of birth certificate should not exist. An unredacted informational birth certificate isn't a thing! If you're authorized to get a certified copy, you see everything. If you're not, you get a redacted informational copy. I'm not going to fixate on it, but.... I don't get it.

all the anons whining about how faking a birth certificate is ILLEGAL

okay yeah and it’s illegal to give out the non-redacted copy to random people