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My two biggest concerns for season two of Wynonna Earp:

  • that Waverly will come out as gay instead of bisexual and the fandom declares it bi erasure, even though her current character arc is set up in a way that it could also be a lesbian who realizes it in her twenties
  • that Wynonna will continue to be a little unsure between Doc and Dolls, since she isn’t actually dating either of them by the end of the season and deeply cares for them both, and the fandom acts like this comes out of nowhere

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What program do you use and what brushes do you use for coloring and such??

I use Painttool sai. My brushes change all the time because I have commitment issues u - u.

These are the ones I currently use

^This one right here is my sketching tool (that I dont use too much anymore, but I still come back to sometimes. recently I’ve been using the marker tool to sketch - with any settings, it doesnt really matter)

When I do my line arts I’m not too picky. My line arts are generally really shitty and rushed because I just end up painting over them when I’m doing my clean up so I don’t worry too much. Same thing with colouring. Whatever gets the colours in the shape I dont really care too much about that. (some times I don’t even use a line art and just go straight to colouring and whatnot cause I’m lazy)

^For my shading I just use the marker tool with more or less these settings. I change them based on how dark I want a certain area, but this is the basic settings for that brush. after I finish blocking in where I want to look shady I go over with reverse opacity to soften the edges.

^^^Finally my most important and loved brush that Is really just the brush tool with the blending and persistence all the way up. When I finish colouring/shading I combine them all into one layer and use it to paint over my lines and fix proportions and all that garbage. Basically my art would look like shit without it.

(hope this helped. After I get moved into my new house and get my drawing space all fixed up, I’m going to try doing live streams and I can maybe explain my process better)

i’m watching im3 with someone and i have portuguese subtitles on for the first time and they translated tony’s “heartbreaker” armor to “broken heart” instead and i’m so emo over this like he says “hey, Broken Heart, help Red Snapper out” i can’t believe that mistake in translation enhanced my general im3 experience by 9000000% i’ll never forget this

I tend to to make up weird outfits while drawing

i keep accidentally adopting small children in multiplayer games???

the other day i was playing minecraft annihilation on shotbow and this kid (on blue; i was on green) comes over all chat asking if anyone could tell him why his fps was suddenly so bad. i’m no computer scientist but i know some basic fixes. so i teach him how to defrag his hard drive and clear his registry and another person teaches him how a system restore works. i played a couple more matches and he just followed me around like a lost puppy? it was kinda endearing tbh

and then there’s the literal ten year old who added me on overwatch and threw me into a group before i knew he was ten. he’s a genji main, go figure, but he also liked to talk about how zenyatta was super cool bc he heals and fights. i played with him a lot bc he took to me like i was a big sister or something? he thought it was SO COOL that i went to college and still played games. it’s been a few weeks since i’ve seen him online and i hope he’s okay. maybe he got grounded

and then a few years ago back in the heyday of minez i wound up the second in command of this eleven year old’s anti-bandit clan because i was the most reliable healer on US_03_Public. people used to be jerks to him bc he was a kid in a multiplayer game but i always stuck up for him. the clan buckled from within after some double agents sold him out to bandits. the kid’s probably in high school now; i wonder how he’s doing

but seriously. small children flock to me in games. do i just give off a mother hen aura or something?

Scrolling through my Tumblr dash today and wondering:
a) did a few people change their blog names and I not notice?
b) is Tumblr mobile making new friends for me again like a helicopter parent concerned I don’t socialize enough?
c) have I been sleep following peeps again?


Jace and Simon in the Season 2B trailer