i'm not an artist nor i know how to draw

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Dear Orlando Fox. I am a beginner artist, and would like to know if you had any tips on making my sketches look better. I must admit i'm not a very skilled artist, nor am I good one at that, but I would appreciate it greatly if you could give me some pointers as to improving myself as an artist. Regards, Anon.


Being I still remember a bit of how I started drawing more constantly, I would say to first get a firm grasp of your favorite subject matters. Drawing in itself is a great enjoyment, yes, but having a particular thing TO draw is key as well. Do you like? People? Plants? Animals? Anything that applies to you, I’d say grab some references (or watch from real life) and get to making attempts at drawing just that!

I recall when I first started drawing that I would draw characters from my favorite cartoon shows on TV. (Perry the Platypus, Scooby Doo, Brian Griffin, etc.) It was also from there I realized I had big admiration for anthropomorphic animal characters and the rest is history!

Not everyone is great at drawing when they first start out. And even then, all beginning artists show potential to become even better with lots of practice. And how to practice? Drawing and sketching a LOT.

And please know, even on days if you feel like your art isn’t at it’s best, keep drawing. Even on bad art days, any show of attempts is improvement (and you could even get better at drawing on days where you feel like you can’t)!

Take these sketches I did today during school this morning as example!

External image

I’m not fully satisfied with a good chunk of these (and most likely because not all are full bodies of anything). As relieved as I get to still be able to draw a good headshot of a character, it’s days like today where I don’t think I can get a body right that I become frustrated. As an attempt to resolve this, I will take a break from drawing for a good hour or two before attempting to doodle somewhere again, but I do not give up entirely.

When I came back to a pen/pencil and paper to draw something- anything- again, I started getting (what I think to be) better results. (And I drew these in a more ‘organized’ state specifically to provide another set of sketches for this ask!) -

External image

Bodies are still fairly wonky to me, but I still had fun with it! Also, as you may notice on the right half of this sheet, I dedicated more to drawing with focus on the body than necessarily the face/expression to include. Focusing yourself and sketching one particular body feature on a character can go a long way in improving your art, let alone making your sketches look better.

(and the fact that I’ve barely gotten six hours of sleep in the past 48 hours or so probably has to do with it, but SHH. :’D)


But, “unfortunately”, this all takes time to improve yourself upon! Really, just relax and pace yourself and draw whatever you please! The more you adjust to making lines and scratches with a pencil in your hand, the more you’ll find out what works best for you! <3