i'm not an alpha either

At y'all

It’s michael’s Chu characters. He does whatever the fuck he wants with them and so does the rest of the team that owns the characters. He’s not here to please everyone. Did everyone like it that tracer was gay? No. Did he give a fuck? No. It’s not bc you’re shitting on people’s ships that he’s suddenly going to say “maybe this thing I want to do isn’t worth it and I should force this thing in so I can please a few people” like grow up

Let’s face it, we all have internet/real life friends like the TOME gang (Terrain of Magical Expertise by Christopher Niosi/ @kirbopher check it out on YouTube).

The Alpha: The shy, nice one that encourages others and worries about them even if they’re on the other side of the planet. (Protect the cinnamon roll at all costs)

The Flamegirl: The confident one that likes all their goofy weird friends despite their weirdness. (Sometimes also likes to take part in the weirdness themself!)

The Nylocke: The one that just LOVES to have fun with their friends online and just wants everybody to have a good ol’ time! (But of course, they have some things they, don’t necessary like to talk about on their end)

The Kirbopher: The one that always looks for a fight, it doesn’t matter where they are FIGHT ME IRL!!! (Nobody can really take them seriously)

The Gamecrazed: The one that doesn’t talk a lot, but still cares for their friends, sticking up for them from time to time. (Prefers to keep things to themselves to not worry their friends).

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A Beta!Derek cross-hatching study.

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