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anyway considering they’re literally the two POV characters I probably don’t pay enough attention to tris and noa

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alright my loves, gather round. Get comfy. Cause this might end up being a little lengthy


Now, before I start, I would just like to say that I am in no way talking about specific people. But if you do, do one of these things, then I am 100% talking about you. 

Ok so we all love Scomiche right? Even if you don’t ship it, you have to admit that there’s something special between those two. 

BUT Scomiche fanfiction becomes a problem when the writers themselves start to become problematic. For example:

  • Making Alex out to be this mean, cruel, jealous person when in reality he is an absolute sweetheart. 

Now, I admit, before I joined tumblr I used to think that way. But some lovely pentaholics have shown me the light. Ok so not only is it rude to Alex to portray him in this way in your fanfics but you’re also hurting your chances of Scott becoming comfortable about telling his relationship with other people by doing this. And NO he is not “in the way of scomiche”. If you haven’t been listening, Scott and Mitch have stated multiple times that they are just friends. I don’t know about you, but I surely would not tell people, who I thought were loving and accepting, about my relationship if I thought they were gonna react the way that some people have been reacting with Alex. And don’t give me that “omg it’s just fiction” b*ll crap. Yes, it is fiction, but I’m pretty sure sooner or later Alex or Scott will find this stuff and I know it would just break their heart to think that some people actually feel that way about their relationship. And, once again, you’re hurting the fandoms chances of Scott ever feeling like he can be comfortable about his relationships with us. And it just makes me sad to know that he doesn’t trust us. 

  • Travis

 Ahh Travis. We all know him, right? The person who abused Mitch verbally/physically and was the reason that Mitch became depressed and lost all that weight. The man who the whole fandom hates. But here’s the kicker: All of that is Bull sh*t :D . Wow. Amazing right? 

Alright. So I know for a fact that Travis reads some of the fanfics where he is portrayed as a sadistic, hateful, awful, abusing person. He reads it and I know it makes him sad. His poetry truly breaks my heart. 

You know what, let’s step away from fanfiction for a little bit. Ok so if you know Travis’s tumblr or Twitter or Insta. That DOES NOT give you the right to pass it out to other people in this fandom. Nor does it give you the right to send him hateful messages and just making this whole thing worse. If you hate Travis and think he destroyed Mitch’s life, that’s cool! You’re entitled to your WRONG opinion. But you keep that opinion to yourself. You do not post a tweet or a tumblr post about it because “you needed to let your rage out”. Because honestly, I’m sure some of the pentaholics will chew you out for it. That’s beside the point though . You honestly don’t need to post anything about Travis unless you have some Cold Hard Facts. And I mean real facts. Not something that “someone told you”  or “something you read”. Because sweety I can tell you right now, most of that is point blank wrong. Because in reality, Travis is a very sweet and talented person. and all the fanfiction in the world couldn’t change that. 

  • Mitch

Oh, Mitch. Our sunshine. Our angel from above. Our life-giver. Our s*xy kitten with the impeccable sense of fashion and a delicious, confident attitude to match. Well..that is until the fanfic writers get involved. 

Yeah..writing him as depressed or anorexic or “broken” or the person who hates himself…. Needs to stop. Like now.    I was ok with it the first time I read it. But it just keeps happening over and over and over.  I’m starting to think that people in this fandom actually feel that way about him. Mitch can tell you himself that he is not any of those things. He is a flawless queen who is a tremendous activist for body positivity. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mitch any happier with himself and the way his life is right now than the way he is right now. So please please stop portraying him as the sad character that you think he is. Because once again. I’m sure Mitch will see it and just feel bad. Wouldn’t you hate to make Mitch feel bad about himself? I know I would. God, that would just about traumatize me. 

Well that’s all I wanted to say. sorry it ended up being so long. But I realllyyy needed to get all of this off of my chest. 

Rant Over.

 Bye lovelies ^-^

anonymous asked:

ARE YOU OKAY?! I just saw your last post. I am kind of worried. Are you alright??

I’m okay no worries!!! I’ve been just super tired recently because I haven’t been sleeping well and then my mom decided to be an ass and I just ended up crying because of that ;v; I’m alright otherwise, just feeling tired and sad. Sorry for worrying you nonnie but thank you for caring <3