i'm not alone!!!!

Everything sucks, and one of the things that is really pulling me through right now is that Big Bang comes back on Monday.  So, everyone who has ever given me a hard time for liking that show can go suck an egg.  I can’t make busy people be there for me all the time, but I can make Sheldon and Amy be there for me.  I just need to put on a video. Or write a story. Or look at some fan art.

You know what breaks my heart? Kids who were always told that they were too smart and used to be overachievers but now they have depression and anxiety and other mental illnesses and can’t recover because the bar was always too high for them and they just sit and suffer silently watching everyone else get on with life while trying to be what they used to and trying not to commit suicide but they can’t talk about it because “You’re smart you’re gonna figure it out yourself ” .
Nothing is more disappointing than knowing that no one will help you as you sink deeper and deeper into darkness and believing that all your high hopes and dreams will remain dreams forever.
I feel you kids. You are not alone .

A part of me wants to get better.
The other part wants to die.

psychic: *reads my mind*
my brain: so the boys come up to my apartment and i’m wearing a robe. i’m ONLY wearing a robe. and i say “why don’t you come into my boudoir and watch me do a monologue?” and they say “where’s the bed” and i say “this is the bed right here” and they say “can we sit on the bed?” and i say “sure but these are expensive japanese linen” and they say “but they’re not even soft.” and i say, “sometimes, things that are expensive…are worse.”
psychic: what the fuck